• Hello Taya.

    There are few page that require a little attention, but are fully protected so no one but the admins can update them. Can you please review the need for the increased protection level on those entries.

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    • Ratings & EUC will remain admin-only. But I will try to make work of updating those like I always do during the hiatus. no worries, it'll get done.

      I'll remove the cascade protection from the admin page, as I realise it might be an issue.

      As far as the gradient goes, I know former admin User:CreateElements put a lot of hard work into that one, so I don't know if I can just open that up to be edited by other contributors. I will try to get in touch with them about this.

      The Scroll thing is still up for discussion in the suggestion forum, so unless the discussion is closed (I may have missed this though), I can't open this for editing yet.

      Can you further elaborate on why you think a template like TBA would need editing?

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    • No problem, few notes:

      • Ratings, I think that it should be clarified that those are Nielsen ratings for television viewing and doesn't necessarily reflect the show actual market share. Also please add a 'See Also' section bellow with {{NavboxTVSeries}}.
      • EUC, the table entries are lagging half season behind. And I believe that Amethystkitten have put some work into many relevant entries.

      As for the templates, the question is why they need to be fully protected in the first place, they are hardly the highest use templates or most critical (unlike the Mainpage). This prevents regular maintenance work e.g. adding TBA to category:templates, fixing errors in Scroll-1 css code which needs to be done regardless, and updating gradient syntax (btw it is a version of a very common template)

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    • I will take a look, but I thought it was mentioned that they were Nielsen ratings already. If not, it'll be added.

      As far as the EUC goes, I'm aware of this. It, along with the main page, are the working points for this hiatus. But checking everything does take time so I need to find that time before I can do something. I'd rather focus on it properly and get the job done well, than do it poorly.

      I know, protecting them seems a bit unfair to protect the templates, but this is entirely with the wikia's best interest at hart. In the past there have been instances of people with little coding knowledge editing those templates, because they were too accessible. As a result, the former admin-team and I have decided to protect them, but we are still 100% open to any suggestions about them. Just so you know, we're not in any way trying to avoid good contributions, just trying to avoid bad ones.

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    • I agree that the mainpage and some other highly visible elements should be protected (probably infobox characters too) But I don't think that those three need permanent protection still, they are about a dozen other templates with similar usage count ( including recent {{Vscroll begin}} ) should we close them for editing too against some possible future issues?

      As for suggestions, I already made one for {{CSSGradient}} a couple of month ago here. And it doesn't work as well as the standard edit\undo practice, I think.

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    • I wasn't aware that you had made a suggestion about the Gradient. I see that it's been made on Mason's wall, so I didn't know about it. You could reply to the message once more so maybe he gets notified of the fact that he hasn't replied to you, but regardless these type of suggestions belong on the suggestions forum which is something I personally check more regulary.

      On the toppic of the protected templates, I will check with the admins to see which ones we'd want to see protected and which ones not. 

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    • You can use Special:Templates for reference. What counts as high use\visibility templates on our wiki will be {{CSSGradient}} with 274 (its wrongly cataloged as non-article too) next is {{Quote3}} with 190 , next is {{Character}} (114) and then there is bunch of templates in 90-60 range.

      Btw those number doesn't necessarily correlate to harm potential, but it would make sense to semi-protect the high use ones against IPs. CSSGradient is so common because most templates use it, but unlike infoboxes or quotes, it is almost universally used with the same input, to establish our wiki theme, something that CreateElements probably should have done through Mediawiki:wikia.css along with H2 definition.

      Anyway, I don't mind dropping suggestions, (although if it is minor I probably won't bother) Is there a preference who among you should review the code?

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    • I know about Special:Templates but thanks for pointing it out.

      So far Skyzy has told me that shes in favor of keeping the Gradient template locked, and the scroll-1 should probably remain locked because it could rend all content in scrollboxes unreadable in case of a bad edit, which I agree upon. That puts it at a 2/3 majority by the admins, but if Mason disagrees we could always see what happens.

      Well all suggestions are welcome at the suggestions forum. I check it pretty often, and I trie to follow up on things too. But that's something all admins shoulder do.

      I think in terms of reviewing code, you might be best of with Skyzy. My coding skills are less than hers, so if she's willing to help you out you could talk to her.

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    • I know about Special:Templates but thanks for pointing it out.

      Hey, I learned about it only recently, each time I comeback to wikia they have a shiny new special page for me :/ Although it does give a nice overview for our purpose and useful for mobile browsing, but on daily basis I much prefer using Category:templates set to list view.

      scroll-1 should probably remain locked because it could rend all content in scrollboxes unreadable in case of a bad edit

      That going to be a REALLY bad edit and that person going to have his PC\laptop self destruct mission impossible style, so he can't hit the undo immediately ;)

      Also, any of the above templates can be used to render the whole page unreadable even break it through bad edits ..

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    • Yeah I got redirected to the Special list when I mistyped a special link once, so that's how I stumbled upon it :)

      & You don't wanna know the type of edits on templates we've occured in the past... Sometimes I just wonder if they randomly press some keys and then decide to press publish. But yeah, it has happened in the past, and yeah that is why most templates are locked. And it looks like that's how it's gonna stay.

      The only time they'd be unlocked is for a temporary time, allowing one specific user to edit one specific template upon agreement with an admin. So unless you want to proactively edit a template that way, there isn't a way the templates will be unlocked.

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    • Most articles templates aren't protected, as is the common practice and with which I strongly agree. And templates that are permanently protected, should probably use separate documentation templates so it can be updated.

      Given your concerns above IMO the only template of the three above that need to be permanently protected is CSSGradient, since it is transcluded in most other templates. And for which I linked above a suggestion and noted that it type need to be updated.

      The proactive way sound nice in theory, but it start to break down once i start PM you with minor housekeeping\fixes like: add to category or change x->y task. Which in my rather long experience with wikis it is annoying to all involved and always ends up with shortcuts\neglect.

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    • Regardless of what you deiced about the other two. Here is an updated suggestion for CSSGradientS:

      -->background-image: -o-linear-gradient({{{1}}});<!--
      -->background-image: -moz-linear-gradient({{{1}}});<!--
      -->background-image: -webkit-linear-gradient({{{1}}});<!--
      -->background-image: -ms-linear-gradient({{{1}}});<!--
      -->background-image: -khtml-linear-gradient({{{1}}});<!--
      -->background-image: linear-gradient({{{1}}});<!--
      == Usage ==
      This template, when used on other template pages, creates CSS Gradient code that should be supported across multiple browsers old and new.
      * Usage: {{t|CSSGradient|left, #000000, #556b2f, #000000}}
      * See also: [ CSS3 Gradients - W3Schools]
      [[Category:General wiki templates]]


      1. Removed superfluous includeonly tags.
      2. Placed non-browsers specific version last, no other functionally change.
      3. Improved code readability.
      4. Added basic documentation and usage info.
      5. Categorized.

      Also the template type on top need to be changed to 'Design'. Let me know if you want me to post it for Skyzy to review, as suggestion, temporarily unlock it or just update it yourself.

      Anyway those are my two cents and opinions, I have nothing more to offer on this topic.

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    • No the way the proactive thing would work is that I woudl (figuratively) give you the key to the template (i'd unlock it for you) allowing you access to make such changes, and then when you're done I'd lock it again. That is what I did with User:Amethystkitten over here. It's been done in the past.

      Would you want access like that to execute above mentioned changes? If so, just say so and I'll unlock the template for a few hours so you can do so.

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