• Hi there, 

    It seems we're back here, I have blocked you until Totally Tinkerbell comes back (most likely the end of the month), and we can see what to actually do about you. I warned you, and you clearly did not listen. You need to follow the rules.


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    • Hi Mason.

      I just got informed about this ban by Bugthe, so I came to take a look at this ban. And I have a few questions.

      Most notably, why did you block someone untill I came back? You have the authority to execute bans, you're expected to use that authority and not use it to delay and move the matter over to another admin. This is exactly the reason why this wikia has several admins, so that not each admin is involved in each little discussion.

      However now that I'm here...

      Since it's become a bit unclear as to what exactly happened, can you give me an overview of some links as to why you executed the ban. Because you should always clarify that so that anyone not involved can always refference. So next time instead of saying 'I warned you, and you clearly did not listen' try something like 'You did not follow policy X and Y, and therefore I'm giving you a ban/block of X days'

      Just post the reason down below, so that I can get an overview. Thanks.

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    • Well this all happened around the start of June. Basically SkyZy felt like she was being harassed by Bugthe, and she asked me to do something about it. I talked to him, and I thought we had a clear understanding, but he kept on doing it, so I had to take action. He did not follow chat policies, since he was constantly harassing and targeting SkyZy. Finally I had to make a final decision. I blocked him until September of 2030. 


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    • Okay, so Skyzy's involvement in all this does changes things.

      Firstly, considering the nature of my working relationship with SkyZy at this point, her accusations are to be kept an eye on. She falsely accused me of censorship not that long ago, so I'm not just going to take her word on it. Can you maybe provide me the link to where she was presumably harassed?

      Secondly, Skyzy did the right thing not to give out a ban/block on a situation she was involved in, but you could have handled that situation right? I don't really see the need in calling in a third admin.

      Thirdly, can you tell me exactly what you had told this user the first time you warned him, and what they did afterwards to break that agreement? Because I find banning someone for 14 years very harsh. I always like to assume people can change, and I prefer to give them a chance to return to the wikia in a time sooner than the next decade :p

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    • To give a bit of background, the start of the problems arose because Bugthe continued to add biased POV and did not understand how to write NPOV. I (along with several other contributors) spent over a week correcting their edits and explaining in significant detail what was wrong with their edits. They not only disagreed with the NPOV policy and refused to follow it, but they also were completely disrespectful and antagonistic toward anyone who tried to explain to them what they were doing wrong. They continued making bad edits and bickering with other contributors who disagreed with them. According to our wiki policy, that would normally result in a block but I didn't want anyone to be able to make any claims against me for it so I held off and asked Panorama to step in.

      They continued to follow around after me, harassing me in comments on threads and demanded that I not be allowed to edit on any page they had made edits on (which by that point were a good portion of the pages that I NORMALLY work on anyway). They started editing on pages that I had made edits on, so according to their own wiki rules, I could no longer edit those pages, either. They were basically running roughshod over the wiki, adding subjective and biased POV and removing significant portions of content and that's when Panorama finally blocked them.

      It took two weeks of me and two other contributors to clean up the mess they left behind.

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    • Hello Skyzy.

      While I read the above statemet, and took a look at the info, I don't think you needed to interfere in this discussion between me and Mason. As one of the people involved in the original dispute, your information here is biased. Considering this all seemed to originate with someone adding biased POV, I'm sure you'll understand when I say that you should stay out of this matter.

      Because not only is Bugthe not here to speak for themself, but the information you provided is not neutral either. You only linked the things that you did right. And while I appreciate the cleaning up you clearly did, I don't have the links of the places where he was being disrespectful and antagonistic so at this point it's just accusations, as they would say in court.

      While your testimony is appreciated, and I know you just want to clarify things, I will need facts and I honestly can not look through this entire wikia based on your accusations. I can not look at this case in a neutral way untill I have all the information. So either that information comes from Mason or from you, Skyzy.

      Then I can confirm or deny the grounds for Bugthe's ban, and then we can hopefully all move on from this.

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    • Okay so I did almost the entire day of digging through this situation, and I have come to some conclusion. 

      NOTE : I did this investigation because several members of the community told me their were concerned for the wikia in my absence.

      - First of all, Mason I must say I have been let down by your ability to handle this situation. I know it's not fun to settle disputes like this, but as an admin this is part of the job. It gets even harder when other admins are involved, but staying neutral is key. And I do feel like you forgot about that sometimes, favouring the word of another admin over the facts. I would like to advise you to be careful about this, otherwise people in the community might start to feel like you won't listen to them anyways. Seeing as the job of an admin requires to listen to the community, that's a problem. So consider this a warning.

      - Secondly, Skyzy, while I appreciate your professionalism I can not say that you are having a lot of grounds to make accusations off. Refering to the 'Ark' page situation, the fact that a user edited something you edited first is circumstantial at best, since you were on the wikia before them and you've edited pretty much every page before them. Also, referring to the 'bossy' situation, I see no reason why you would assume that Bossy was about you. If you did think that, then I conclude that it was a misunderstanding. 

      Combining the fact that the offenses were minor offenses blown out of proportion by a member of the wikia who previously has made false accusations, and the fact that the admin who was to settle this argument made errors in dealing with it, I have decided to fix things in the following way :

      • Bugthe's ban has been removed by me. They do not deserve a 14-year ban, and I think the time they have spend enduring this battle was enough to learn from. They will be kept an eye on like any other member who was previously banned. Any further accusations to this user will be send to me, and I will handle them neutrally if this happens.
      • Skyzy, consider this your last warning. This is not the first time you've accused people on things blown out of proportions. Meanwhile the entire wikia knows you don't even want to be a part of the fandom anymore. And while everyone is free to be on this wikia (even if it's to hate on the show), everyone's not free to cause trouble and stir up arguements like you have. If you have any more accusations to make, I hope they have FACTUAL evidence. If there's another accusation without truth, I will demote you as an admin. 
      • Panorama500, I hope you can learn from this situation so that you understand how important neutrality is. I know you were thrown into the deep with this one, but keeping the wikia in mind is the most important thing to do at any time. If there is any more questions from you regarding this matter, I'm glad to adress them.

      As of now this case is closed. 

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    • Taya

      I'm still adjusting into adminship, and I am learning how to properly react, to these situations. Thank you for taking your time to go over my mistakes, and where I can learn from them.


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    • Panorama500 wrote:

      I'm still adjusting into adminship, and I am learning how to properly react, to these situations. Thank you for taking your time to go over my mistakes, and where I can learn from them.


      You're welcome. I totally know this wasn't exactly a easy christening of your admin duties. Everyone makes mistakes. It's important what you take away from them.

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    • A FANDOM user
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