• There has been a concern on whether there is sufficient info to say 'Jaha was voted into position'. I gathered the info:

    References in S1:

    • S01E02: Abby: "the Chancellor that I voted for"
    • S01E07, Chancellor Jaha addressing the Arks representatives Says: "As of this morning, there's an open seat on the council. Mine to fill until the next election."
    • S01E07, Jaha and former Chancellor Diana conversation: "My people are angry and confused.", "Your people?" .. "My people voted you out"
    • S01E11: "So what do we tell our constituents to do now?"


    • Chancellor is the head of the government in some European countries, such as Germany. In intrview it was stated that this is part of a theme to show that the Ark multinational origins.
    • In the original script there was a cut scene in which, which it says our "elected leaders"

    Since we see that Chancellor on the Ark are voted in elections in a system with constituents. That Abby voted for jaha as Chancellor, and his predecessor was voted out by his people. And there is nothing to suggest the contrary.

    I think it's enought to substantiated that he was, or at the very least a common form of conjecture on this wiki. Any thoughts for or against stating that Jaha was voted in ?

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    • The question is who voted him in. The Council, the station reps, or the entire Ark population? Who are his "people"?

      Abby was on the Council so if only the Council decides who is to be the next Chancellor, then that's how she could vote for him.

      There is also this ambiguous dialogue from Ye Who Enter Here:
      Kane: "We've been passing the Chancellor's pin since we landed on the ground. This time, it's up to the people."
      Abby: "Well, then let's hold an election when we get back to Arkadia."

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    • It doesn't mater who voted him in, I am not trying to flash out the specifics of the Arks government system, only note in Jaha's Early history that he was voted in.

      Also your quote isn't ambiguous if you consider, S02E07:

      Byrne: "Unfortunately, sir, Dr. Griffin is still in command. Until a vote can be taken, or you willingly transfer your authority."

      Abby and the people voted in Jaha. However since they crash landed on to ground the authority was passed to Kane, then Abby and considering that their constituents has been much changed they govern with little legitimacy and need a new election.

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    • I think we have a lot more evidence to show Jaha was voted in (see all the quotes above) than for other speculation that is written as 'canon' on this wikia. (E.g. that Delano tortured Murphy – which was never shown and Murphy never indicated Delano tortured him, yet it's written as 'canon' on this wikia.) As for Kane's words, they specifically talk about "since we landed on the ground". To me, those words confirmed that on the Ark the Chancellor was decided through election.

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