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    I wanted to point you to our policies and layout guides because I've had to revert a few of your edits because they do not match the layout on other pages and because important content was removed. Please be more cautious of your edits and try not to add unnecessary formatting or remove good content.

    Also, there were only 350 Mountain Men left alive at the time of the irradiation of Mount Weather.

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    • Hey! The only formatting change I made was on Octavia's. I just copied what was on Clarke's page because the writing was all in red, whereas on everyone else' it was 'normal' (I removed the ,

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      • He says it's 381 people at the 34:10 mark
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    • 381 people were the total amount of Mountain Men alive in Season Two. He's including the full population, not the actual number killed by Clarke, Bellamy, and Monty.

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