• Hi Omega!

    Just a kind reminder that episode stills have a special filename.

    It goes PromoDescriptionEpisode. Just to keep that in mind if you wanna upload episode stills for later. Also, in uploading episode stills it's also expected you upload them to the character galleries. I've done that in your place now.

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    • My bad. Sorry about that. For extra pictures (like screenshots from the episode), does it follow that order? Or do I just describe what's happening in the picture/who's in it?

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    • No other pictures can just be named by thei description, tho an episode title is always handy. We just add 'Promo' so we know that it's official episode stills'¬†:)

      Also, cropped pictures (for character infoboxes) should have CharacternameCrop as their filename. You can also add the seasonnumber (CharacternameCropS#)

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    • A FANDOM user
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