• Last season, there was an episode discussion posted after each episode aired, so I guess we'll be doing the same this season. Discuss away!

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    • Okay, so many things to discuss!

      Amazing performances by Marie (Octavia), Jess (Niylah) and Eliza (Clarke) for the female badasses of the show. Also props to Bob (Bellamy), Richard (Murphy) and Devon (Jasper). Say what you want about Jasper, but Devon potrayed him amazingly. The whole thing was just very real. 

      In regards of storyline I'm so excited to see the Ice Nation (Azgeda) in full scale. Also, Lexa will be back in the next episode so I'm expecting more grounder culture. This episode set that up perfect with the Trig spoken in this episode, as well as the trading post, giving us a surprising amount of insight in grounder culture.

      Furthermore, loved the Abby/Raven stuff. Really gave me S1 feels (Abby pulled the 'I need a mechanic' card again)

      Also subtle lovelife mentions - Linctavia to be a big ship this episode. But the end of Wicken, the mention of Miller's boyfriend. Even Jasper and Maya were remembered. And Bellamy has found someone in the time that has past, which I like. 

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    • I think the Azgeda warriors scratch up their faces with a knife or something, b/c some of the marks on their faces look to perfect to be battle scars.

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    • I absolutely adored the scene in the RV where they were all singing and having a good time (despite Jasper being totally wasted and broken). You could just tell that Bellamy was trying really, really hard not to join in, haha. But I guess he had to hold up his (not-so) hardfaced leader facade. 

      Now that Wick is out of the picture, I hope that Raven stays single. I'd like to see the show have some women and men who aren't being set up to be in a relationship. 

      I also was pleasantly surprised by Gina and Bellamy. The Iliad was cute - I have to admit. But, unfortunately, she's only been listed for two episodes. . . . I think I have a pretty good idea what that means. I just really don't want any heartbreak for Bellamy, but that's probably too much to ask. 

      Also, that whole "if you get too close you'll melt her" (or something along those lines) from Jasper to Bellamy about Gina. Yeesh. There was a lot of resentment going on this episode (Raven and Abby, Jasper and Bellamy, Octavia and Lincoln), and rightfully so. 

      Overall the episode didn't have a whole lot going on, it seemed, but I enjoyed it all the same because it caught us up somewhat with where they have been during the three month time jump.

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    • I thought we were supposed to get a map soon? I'm going to have a really hard time keeping all those Sector numbers straight.

      I did not like Abby in this episode. She was somehow worse than Jasper.

      Linctavia for the win!

      And I have all sorts of thoughts on ALIE. My favorite storyline so far is the Murphy and ALIE storyline (still don't care too much about Jaha).

      Least favorite: the Wanheda storyline hopefully wraps up quick or gets more interesting.

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    • Clarke is getting on my nerves. If Clarke makes it to the ice nation than thats just to predictable 

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    • I have a feeling that this season is either going to rock or burn in hell. I hope it's the former.

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    • Season one had a certain thing to it. Season 2 took away that thing

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    • Moneytree33! wrote:
      Season one had a certain thing to it. Season 2 took away that thing

      Personally, I liked Season 2 better. However, I do find myself missing how the way things used to be in Season 1. That being said, I wouldn't change anything that happened in the first two seasons, despite being less pleased with some plot lines and more interested in others. 

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    • Skyzy wrote:
      I thought we were supposed to get a map soon? I'm going to have a really hard time keeping all those Sector numbers straight.

      As soon as I get my hands on the screencaps from the episode I'm gonna try to figure out the map & add it to the Arkadia page. In the meantime, maybe check in with some of the writers. They just might send it to you :p

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    • Moneytree33! wrote: Season one had a certain thing to it. Season 2 took away that thing

      If the show did not incorporate the Grounders in the second half of season 1, there would not have been a 2.

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    • I agree with all the above comments, but I must say, we were SO DISAPPOINTED by S03E01. We'd been so impatient to get back into The 100 coz we loved first 2 seasons. Our main comment was LAME. We will give it a few more weeks - but the action is going to be replaced with the usual relationship-love-drizzle, then what can I say? Hope it picks up!

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    • I have to say that I really, really enjoyed the first episode of the third season of the 100. Of course, it was quite slow paced - BUT - I loved that because that is the calm before the storm. It was so interesting to see how they built up that society, how they progressed what happened and how they deal with what we saw in the previous seasons. I loved the Rover scene, loved the little details such as Jasper having Mayas IPod or Finns necklace hanging in the Rover. Clarkes entrance - WOW. I out myself as one who loves the red hair (well we are going to lose that in the next episode anyway) and it was great to see that she learned Trigedaslang! We are FINALLY getting to know the Ice Nation (Azgeda) and I couldn't be more excited about how that storyline progresses. I am very intrigued about the Jaha/Murphy/A.L.I.E. storyline which just keeps getting weirder and weirder. Seeing Jasper deal with the reapercussions of losing Maya, seeing Raven deal with her leg etc. was, in my opinion, great to see. The only scene I wasn`t sold on was Shawn Mendes. Hear me out on this. I don't hate him. Absolutely not. But this was just such an CW thing to do, such a teeny moment, which we just didn`t need. I thought we turned our back on that at the end of Season 1. But anyway, I loved that episode and I could not be more excited about Lexa returning next episode. I would give it a 7/10 because it (of course) has its flaws, but it still played out very well as a first episode. :)

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    • My appreciation for this episode was that there was a three month time jump yet they didn't spend the entire episode telling us everything that has happened and catching us up. There were brief, necessary moments but for the most part, they stayed away from that particular level of first seasonal episode hell.

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    • it was a good season opener, did well introducing everything/one plot-wise. it felt a bit, um, packed, too, but i guess that's to be expected. they have a lot of storylines going. definitely isn't my favorite episode, but it was pretty good!

      the promo for episode 2 looked really great, though.

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    • I enjoyed Shawn's song, but the dialogue about the bracelet was kind of cheesy. They could have just had somebody ask him to play the piano and sing because they missed hearing music. Or somebody awhile ago suggested that he was cornered by Grounders and tried to sing to impress them so they'd let him go. I liked that idea.

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    • I agree about the Shawn Mendes scene. Great song, fit the show, fit the montage, even fit the moment, but they did not integrate it into the show properly with the braclet scene. I really enjoyed the finale. I didn't expect an explosive season opener, but rather just us kind of settling back in and getting a feel as to where Camp Jaha and all our characters are at. 

      It's kind of like the beginning of Season 4 of The Walking Dead, or even the first episode of Game of Thrones. It might not immediatly tie you in, but rather it's just introducing you. Well, let's hope that's what it is anyway. I really want a great season, I love this show so much.

      I'm nervous that the Monty/Jasper conflict is going to end horribly. And I mean, HORRIBLY. Tensions were so high in this episode. I'm afriad one of them will kill the other, Jasper willingly, Monty probably in self defence. Or God forbid both of them die. I know they can't, but I wish they could be friends like they used to be. Their friendship was one of the hopeful and positive things in the show, and now it's been destroyed. I don't think there's any way for them to come back from what happened at Mount Weather.

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