• Hello Omega.

    I see you created a page for the Ice Nation. Thanks for that.

    However I see you didn't suggest the page on the suggestion board, nor did you talk to the rest of the community about this. I'm assuming you forget, but please keep it in mind for next time.

    Good Page Non-Deletion Policy applies in this case :)

    Kind Regards, Taya

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    • I didn't think it mattered in this case. It's a page that would need to be created sooner or later since they will have a big role in S3. If it was a page that was optional (ex. something like the Art Supply Store) I would have asked, but the page was kind of necessary. Sorry about that though.

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    • I know it was necessary, but I personally was still considering making it a subpage (Grounders/Ice Nation) or a regular page.

      But I guess that's cleared out now. For important pages just check to make sure ;)

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    • Alright, no problem. :D

      Also, Jason did tweet that we would meet all Clans but get to know some more than others. So, would it be best to only create pages for the ones we learn a lot of information about, and the others would just get a subpage on the Grounders page?

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    • Well as for now there is a format on the grounder page that allows small write-ups on the clans. But indeed, in the case of the bigger clans it'd be wise to make a seperate page. I don't think we'll do subpages for grounders, since most people don't really know how subpages work apparently, and that would be a shame if people missed out on that.

      But we'll see which clans will be too big. For now let's just keep it the way it is (also for the trikru) and as we get more info we'll see)

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