• Just as an FYI, when you mass edit articles without reviewing the changes, it's caused a lot of the quotes now be incorrect as well as episode titles. (I had to replace the entire quote section on the Abby page). Please be more cautious in the future.

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    • Jw but why are you linking Abby on her own page. Seems kinda counter-intuitive, especially since you hate pointless work.

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    • Most quotes are updated first on the Episode page and then copy/pasted over to the various character pages, meaning the names already have brackets and it's more work to remove them than to leave them. When a page links to itself, it bolds the name, as is done (and desired) in the quote sections on the Character pages.

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    • Why do we need quotes? They're subjective and pointless. If you need to use one to highlight a particular character trait or event, surely it can be used in the article itself. Not to mention, once again, it's unencyclopaedic.

      And of course it's more work to remove them, but they're ugly and pointless and I don't see how it's actually a positive. It just makes the whole thing seem lazy.

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    • Really? I'm not even sure how to respond to that. Have you ever been to IMDB or any other wikia for a TV show or movie?

      Quotes are a highly important part of the viewing experiencing and help provide direct and visible references for things that happen in the show.

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    • Fruipit wrote:
      Not to mention, once again, it's unencyclopaedic.

      You keep on using that word and I'm not too certain you know what it means. An encyclopedia is a reference book to easily assist you with looking up information. So far, your template suggestion would obscure basic information (like episode titles), your quotes suggestion would remove supporting evidence from important articles (like the the timeline or body count), your subheading suggestion would introduce bad grammar and formatting, and your "in-universe" proposal would turn objective, informative summaries into a convoluted and subjective retelling of a story we all already watched onscreen.

      It might be helpful if you spent some time reading through the articles on here and getting a feel for how everything is set up before making sweeping suggestions and unnecessary changes that require more work and maintenance just because you (and only you) think this wikia is lazy, ugly, and pointless and you're bored and on vacation.

      At this point, I'm not sure if you're trolling or being genuine.

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    • A FANDOM user
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