• Hey! Sorry to bother you. I'm new in this wikia but i've always watched your discussions and i should say i really like your opinions. So, could you please tell me what you think about Clarke's decision to not evacuate the village? What do you think about dark Clarke? And how do you think the others will react if they find out that Clarke knew?

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    • I'll start off by saying that I'm glad that you enjoy reading my opinions.

      I do believe Clarke could have evacuated Tondc. She could have taken a couple people at a time, came back, waited 5-10 minutes and then took a couple more people out of the village. It might have ended up being suspicious but I still think it could have been done. Also, Clarke did tell Lexa to start a fire as a distraction. If a fire was started it would not be suspicious that people were evacuating Tondc. They would have had to leave to avoid getting hurt by the fire.

      Also, I'm not a big fan of the dark Clarke. I liked her better when she was more compassionate. She was a better leader then, too. I hope Clarke eventually goes back to her more caring self.

      If the Grounders found out Clarke knew then they may want her dead for not warning them about the missile and the other Clans might want to leave the Coalition.

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    • I agree with you. But let me add something more.

      I know that Clarke and Lexa made a cold-hearted decision. I should say that i was disappointed with Lexa, but i don't have the same feelings about Clarke. I was definitely sad to watch these dramatic, emotional moments in 2x12 and in 2x13 and it was definitely painful to watch Clarke make this decision, but i was happy for one thing. Yes i know this decision was cold, but i was happy to see her questioning Lexa and trying to find a solution. I was happy that she didn't want her people to die. And i also believe that after that she will come back(she will not be exactly like season 1 Clarke but still......).

      Now i want to ask you, what do you believe about Abby and the final scene with her and Clarke in 2x12(when she realised that Clarke knew)?

      Many fans say that "Abby is a hypocrite", "what mother would speak and ignore her child like that". Let me first tell you that Abby especially in season 1, was one of my favourite characters. Now she is kinda on the background. I don't know what you think, but i don't thing Abby was being a hypocrite. She was being a mother. Honestly, what would you do if you found out that your own daughter is responsible for the deaths of these people? Would you say to her "it's ok dear, don't worry"? No i don't think you would. I think Abby is going to take Clarke out of this darkness. And their final scene in 2x12 was so emotional. One of the best moments in this show. Great acting. And i was also happy to see that Clarke felt the disappointment of her mother and she then realised what she has done.

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    • ^Well, I can understand why Abby was upset with Clarke, however, she did not handle the situation right. Yes, Clarke could have done something more to save those people, or at least tried to. Though, Clarke is suffering from PTSD after killing the boy she loved and she's a little messed up in the head right now, so Abby should not have yelled at her right then and there. If Abby wanted to talk about it with Clarke she should have done it AFTER the war ended and not 5 minutes after the missile exploded everything. It was not the right time and place to discuss it at all. Also, Abby could have yelled less. Once again, Clarke did the wrong thing, however, Abby only made the situation worse by yelling at her.

      Also, in a way, Abby was being a hypocrite. Abby was one of the people who agreed to The Culling, which killed 320 innocent people. Did Clarke scream in Abby's face for that? No, she didn't. I thought it was interesting how Kane brought The Culling up when he and Abby were trapped underground after the missile hit. Kane seemed to understand that what Clarke did was the same thing as the other Ark citizens did when it came to The Culling.

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    • Yes, i liked that Kane told Abby that Clarke has learned these ways from them and they are responsible for hundreds of deaths too. Kane has evolved so much as a character. ¬†

      Did you watch the new episode? What are your thoughts for this episode?

      Oh, and something else i wanted to ask. Am i bothering you? I just find your opinios very objective and you seem like an interesting person to discuss about this subjects

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    • Yeah, I did see the new episode. It was great! I posted my thoughts about it in the 'Bodyguard of Lies- Discussion' forum post.

      And don't worry, you're not bothering me at all. I like sharing my opinions with people.

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