• In the past episode we saw some people stepping up as the leader of their people. Clarke showed her mom that she knows the Mountain Men and she knows what's best for their people. Abby realised her daughter isn't a little girl anymore and authority does not come by power, it comes by knowledge.

    That said we also had a change for the worse, where Cage Wallace crashed his father's authority and took over in a terrible way that can only be described as a coup d'etat (taking over power). Lots of coups, lots of powerstruggles. How do you feel about this?

    Also, with the news that Dante will be working with the people he had always supported, The Sky People, what do you think will be the playout of the next few episodes ?

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    • "Abby realised her daughter isn't a little girl anymore and authority does not come by power, it comes by knowledge." - I must respectfully disagree. While it may not be a typical situation, what with dealing with forging an alliance with a local tribe and trying to rescue captive friends, the whole dynamic between Clarke and Abby is a stereotypical parent-child dispute. In short:

      Abby: "You are MY daughter and will do as I say as long as you live under my roof!

      Clarke: "Screw you! I'm a big girl now!"

      That said, I hope they will be able to come to an agreement before the season is over. Each needs to acknowledge and respect the fact that each knows things the other doesw not. Clarke has a more realistic grip on how Grounders and Mountain Men are, while Abby has more experience with the leadership role, and could teach Clarke a lot about that, if she'll take the time to listen.

      Now, as for Dante & Cage, considering the small population inside Mt Weather (in the episode that ran Feb 4th, Maya said 382 inhabitants; I presume not including the 47 Sky People), I get the impression that the "We must do whatever it takes...WILL do whatever it takes, to keep our people alive, so we can return to the fresh air of outside." attitude has been around longer than Dante has. The difference here is Dante does draw a line that he won't cross, while Cage defines "whatever it takes" as "whatever it takes, bar nothing". Also, a few episodes back, Dante had threatened Cage that if he (Dante) found out Cage was involved with Tsing's project, then Cage would not take over the presidency when his time came. By now, Cage has to see that position as his birthright, something that is owed to him. And he will do "whatever it takes" to ensure he gets what is "rightfully" his.

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    • That quote came from a review i've read, it's not my own words :p

      But yeah, it's how you picture it. I do kinda see Clarke's power and strenght being in the fact that she has been through everything in S1. She has like, a whole season (a month?) advance so in that way her knowledge about the grounders is an advance to Abby's rather handed-down-here's-the-chancellors-pin power. Like... the chancellor is a good leader for the ark but I personally think that it's not a good way to appoint the leader based on that. I think on the ground it's definetly important to take in the factor of knowledge.

      Yes I do think that there is 2 different opinions in what the "religion" is in MW. Jason explained the religion on the ark was "getting to the ground"-centered , and alike it's probably "getting outside"-centered in MW. But there's different interpretations and Cage just has the wrong one...

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    • Clarke is a strong character. She escaped from the mountain men, made a pact with the grounders and led the 100 in the ground. Abby should know that her daughter is capable. Abby's ego is getting in front of her decisions. If she wanted to protect her daughter, she shouldnt have send her  to the ground in the first place.

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    • I like to think as clark as the leader she has done a lot to keep the remaning 100 safe.she has proven her self.she is the reason so many people made it.

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    • Lizziemotyl wrote:
      I like to think as clark as the leader she has done a lot to keep the remaning 100 safe.she has proven her self.she is the reason so many people made it.

      That, in my opinion, is also why the Grounders see her as the leader of the Sky People. Even if some of them hate her for killing their warriors in that firestorm around the dropship, many understand it was a battle and these things happen. Clarke kept her people alive in battle. They can respect that.

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    • I think Clare functioned best in a leadership role when she was partnered up with Bellamy. Really, they both brought out the best leadership qualities in each other.

      I think Abby may soften a bit to Clarke's position now that Lexa's influence is gone (no more letting villages go up in a blast), & Clarke will have to turn to the usual suspects for aid (e.g. Bellamy, Jasper, & now Maya).

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    • Clare was good in leadership with bellamy

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    • Clarke, though possessing many good leadership qualities, is far from ready to lead her race or be Chancellor (not that Abby should be either).

      Clarke is too headstrong, impulsive and yes, even arrogant in many ways and can act like a petulant child at times. She didn't even give Abby a chance to lead them when Abby asked Clarke to trust she knows what's right for them. Clarke instantly didn't believe her, did her own thing anyway, then completely undermined her mother's position as chancellor.

      Clarke is too much of an autocratic/dictator type of leader at this point from what has been displayed so far and several of the choices she has made have been with completely selfish motivations. e.g. Not giving Finn over to the Grounders; wiping out level 5 at Mount Weather to save her people; not warning the village of TongDc about the incoming missile but getting her mother out of there.

      Personally, I think Season 3 will show us Clarke still has some growing to do to be a truly great leader (I would argue NOONE is a great leader under 20years old, you don't have the life experience). Indeed, much of the show seems to be Clarke seeing the way others lead and learning from it. Kane, Jaha, Abby, Anya, Lexa, Dante, Indra, etc all have different strengths and weaknesses as leaders. If the show lasts, I would expect Clarke to start reaching her true leadership potential around mid season 4.

      For the arkers and remaining humans, I think the leader they need *right now* is Kane. Abby is too irrational and emotional to be a good chancellor.

      Marcus, on the other hand, has come a long way from early season 1 where he was too emotionless and ruthless. His mistake with the 300 on the ark has weighed on him and he has been more consultative now and knows exactly what it takes to lead. He already had many good leadership qualities in season 1 and could see Jaha's weaknesses (as Jaha could see Kane's).

      For me, I'd like to see Kane as Chancellor in Season 3, Abby return to being Chief Medical Officer (good doctor, poor leader), whilst Clarke and Bellamy's leadership journeys and responsibilities increase gradually over time.

      Also, I think Clarke would have a much harder time controlling Kane than she would her mother. Clarke is still at a stage where she needs someone to  be able to reign her in.

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    • Speaking of leaders, they seem to have completely assassinated Jaha's character in season 2.

      In season 1, he was an inspiring leader who, yes, had made some mistakes, but seemed to really genuinely care for his people and was willing to sacrifice himself on multiple occassions to save them (e.g. going into section 17, staying behind later on whilst the others got away, etc). He was the loyal captain who would go down with his ship.

      In late season 2, Jaha has become this crazed man who puts his own survival above everything else. He sacrificed someone else pushing them out of the boat to save his own skin. 

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