• Hello Joe,

    I was wondering if you could meet me in the chat sometime today? Taya and I would like to discuss with your about potentially taking a position on the council for the wiki.

    Kind regards,


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    • Hurry Mr. Frodo!
      Hurry Mr. Frodo! removed this reply because:
      Since things have gotten busy for me, this comment I have made is false (for the time being)
      23:11, January 14, 2015
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    • Hi Joe :)

      Just came to check if you have had time to consider the position?

      I also just want to give a little shoutout. Seeing your name in the recent activity is a thing I like to see, because I know you do good edits.

      If you were to be wondering why the slump in activity, it is because I'm in the middle of exams personally (actually, they'll have ended in 16hours :p) so I"ve been a bit busy...

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    • Exams are coming up for me as well, and almost everything in pages have been covered and is up to date (at least for the tv show). 

      I'm going to have to deny the position. Being on the update team and the updates I am able to make is not so easy for me as is, so enforcing rulebreakers and false edits will be just as difficult, and i will be a bit busy these next few months (wont affect update team.) Thank you for the offer though. 

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