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    What did you think of this past episode? How do you feel about Clarke's truce with Lexa? Who else cried over Lincoln? 

    I personally have grown to like Lexa, a lot. She seems reasonable and fair, but mostly she is a badass female character. Yay! I'd also like to point out the lack of... sass? I missed Murphy or Raven this episode, idk why but something seemed missing. What I didn't mis was Monty Green saving the day. Is there anything he can't do, along with his oceans 11-team. Miller does make an excellent thief, and his father David is one caring papa...

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    • Pretty decent episode, and solid build up to the finale. I liked what they did with Lincoln. Even though a part of me knew he was not going to die given the little screen time we have had with him this season, it was still really cool to see the Abby pull out the stun stick and save him.

      I am growing on Lexa though. I like that she wasn't as brutal as Anya during their first encounter. Speaking of Anya, would you look at that. It may not be a family connection, but there was something there between the two, Anya being the mentor and all. And in that case, would this mean that Anya was above Indra and Gustus? Just given that she taught the commander. Regardless, dont want to dig too deep into that conversation.

      Mount Weather stuff was awesome to see too. As soon as Jasper told Harper to keep watch, I knew something bad was going to happen. Also cool to see that yet another female character is pulling the strings, as Cage kinds seems like Tsing's bitch. Dante staring at that flower though to me is a clear indication that he beginning to look into what Cage and Tsing are saying, which is defeinitly scary. 

      Only beef with this episode is that I felt like they had time to spend more time with Finn, but other than that it was a good episode. Excited to see the finale! 

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    • it was a very good episode no surprise!

      first, I love the fact that characters take a beating every episode, the way Lincoln threw himself at the three of them (Clarke, Bellamy, and Octavia) that's pretty cool, means they don't want to portray the kids as being physically superior!

      I think am the only one who was on the lookout when I saw Cage and Wallace take that stroll outside, I was expecting Cage to trap his dad outside, probably kill him and take over, or Cage proving a point and staying a little longer to have the radiation effects, and force his dad to get one of the 47 and get bone marrow, and ultimately bend his morals to save his son.

      I love when Jasper acts a bit smartly, FINALLY he woke up from delusions, and took action in his own hands, loved the team work!

      who thought I'd hate Jaha in this episode, he was acting strange, and out of fear, quite understandable since he was met with hostility from the get go, but loved Abby's reaction by locking him up! suffice to say: I love their dynamic :p

      I also liked how the healer bounced to snap Finn's neck, I knew he wouldn't kill him, but it was justice imo, Finn needed to know the sorrow he caused those grounders.

      Lincoln is back, am glad he's human again, missed raven and Murphy too!

      Lexa seems badass, she's fair yet fierce! I think I see a future forher and Kane (just kidding :p )

      next time peeps :)

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    • Regarding Jaha, I think the events of the past few episodes are getting to him. He made a solo-trip from outer space, landed in a desert, was brutally dragged to grounder territory, where he was again not handled nicely (not to mention the psychological game the grouders played).And then he finds his people in trouble again, and he feels like he's the only one who sees the danger. This resembles Clarke in mount weather a lot, if you ask me. But while Clarke found an unexpected ally in Anya, I think Jaha is not willing to do that. He doesn't trust anyone, and I'm sure he's going to protest against an alliation with the grounders.

      Yeah I did like all the dropship scenes too. The way Nyko responded to Finn, but the at the same time he was so startled by the ascept of CPR that I feel sorry for him. If he had known that, he could have saved a lot more people. That and loosing a lot of people by Finn's doing I think must be very hard on the though guy. i'm also glad Lincoln is back. I think this is the fist time Lincoln has actually had more then 2 lines of text, aside from all the growling he previously did :p

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    • My thoughts on the episode:

      1. Ricky Whittle was the best actor throughout the entire episode. His portrayal of the Reaper side of Lincoln was just brilliant.

      2. Lexa seems like a cool Grounder, but I hope she ends up not killing Finn like she originally said she would. And I hope Lexa sticks around instead of dying quickly like Tristan and Anya did.

      3. Jasper and his crew (Miller, Harper, and Monty) working together was really awesome. Hope Harper lives, though, because she's one of my favorite minor characters.

      4. Glad that Clarke told Finn that he's fixable. It shows that she still cares about him and that there is hope for Flarke in the future (if he doesn't die in the next episode).

      5. Dante is defiantly one of the better Mountain Men. He didn't want the 47 to be harmed even though it meant he would never see the outside again. However, what confuses me is that he is more than willing to kill Grounders in order to survive inside a mountain, but won't harm the 47 in order to survive on Earth. Because wouldn't somebody who is willing to drain hundreds of people of their blood and turn some of them into cannibals just to survive inside Mt. Weather be more than willing to kill 47 people to survive on Earth? Either way, glad he doesn't think like that because it would suck if all the Delinquents died so that the Mt. Men could live.

      5. Question: if the Mountain Men were able to survive on Earth permanently would they wipe out all of the Grounder clans? They wouldn't need them anymore because they would then be immune to radiation.

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    • If you ask me, the Mountain Men don't stand a chance. 47 deliquents to 380 mountain men inside is already an 1/8 ratio. Sure, mount weather has food and some technology. But Grounders know the woods (which would be the playing field) and the Sky People have medecine (or at least CPR) and technology.

      So for ow, i'd advise the mountain men to stay nicely put. FYI : It's questionable if Harper even survived (we're talking about a very risky procedure here).

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    • So for ow, i'd advise the mountain men to stay nicely put. FYI : It's questionable if Harper even survived (we're talking about a very risky procedure here).

      That's true, but my hope is that somebody rescues her before Tsing and Cage manage to finish the procedure.

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    • I think the damage is already done. I didn't see much sedativeness, she would have lost a lot of blood by the time someone came to save her. If she passed out (most likely, due to the pain), she'd be in even more danger and she could very well die. If that were to be the case, it'd be really hard on Jasper.

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