• Hello 948joejoe!

    I just wanted to say thank you, for you great contributions. I saw you made the Delano page, so thanks. That was on the admins to-do list but we never got around to it because of Thanksgiving weekend.

    I also saw you updated a bunch of pages which needed to be done, so that's amazing. Because of that, I'd like to ask you if you'd be interested in joining the Update Team? We really want contributors who use the update system and who are good at writing the episode summaries for every character, and you fit the bill perfectly.

    I hope you're enjoying your time on the wikia and in our community. Make sure to give feedback on the feedback forum if you'd like to see some things improve :)

    - Taya aka TotallyTinkerbell, Admin.

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    • Hi Tinker. I am enjoying my time on the wiki, and I would love to join the update team. I need to inform though that I live in Canada, and at two houses. Canada does not get CW, but one of the houses does because it goes up to over 300 channels. The other house does get CW, but thankfully Netflix Canada gets season 2 episodes so I can watch those there. If I have completely lost you in what I'm saying, I'm saying that one week I won't be able to contribute, however when I see the episode on friday of that missed week I can still fill in any missed info on the episode. 

      Other than that when I can watch it on wednsday when I can watch it, I will ready to update the pages easy. So yes, I would be willing to join the team, but I wont always be available. 

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    • You can call me Taya :)

      And that's no problem at all. In fact, I live in Europe and I don't even have access to Netflix, so there are ways around the regular CW live watching :p 

      You should read the info on the Update Team. It states that the deadline is Sunday evening, so :)

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    • Will do. Thank you! 

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    • If you're joining the team, then make sure to follow the correct procedure. You should comment on the forum, before applying to the team in the comment section of the Update Team page. That way I can link it clearly to the other admins to discuss it :)

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    • I assigned you to Finn, Lincoln and Dante. If there's anyone you'd like to do too then just let me know and I can add it in. You can also tell me if you want one of CreateElements or Theangelandthehunter's pages, since they might be doing less update team-duties because of adminship anyways.

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    • Sounds good. 

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    • A FANDOM user
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