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Previously on "The 100"...
Clarke Blood must not have blood.
Lexa Her actions show us a promise for a new future.
Octavia Bellamy, it's a trap!
A.L.I.E. I've been looking for something for a long time. I believe that version two of my code is somewhere in the computer system of the Ark.
Raven Why did there need to be a version two? Was there something wrong with you?
Jaha No. Nothing was wrong with her.
Murphy Listen to me, Ok? I don't know anything more about Clarke, all right?
Titus Forget about Clarke. Tell me about this.
A.L.I.E. I remain certain that Becca went into space. Unfortunately, it appears that she wasn't on any of the 12 stations that made up the Ark.
Jaha But there were supposed to be 13.
A.L.I.E. Tell me more.
Jaha I wish I could. All I know is that it happened, that it was called Polaris.
Murphy Stop!
Scene 1 - Titus' Room
[Opens down to Titus place with Murphy trying to remove the cuffs]
Titus Now you've had time to think, shall we continue our conversation about this?
[shows the C.O.L chip]
Murphy I already told you everything I know the first 10 times you asked me.
Titus What you told me doesn't make any sense. How did a Sky Person come to be in possession of our most holy symbol?
Murphy Holy? It's a corporate logo.
[Titus attempt to choke Murphy]
Titus Wrong. This is the sacred symbol of the commander to whom I've dedicated my life. Now, how did you get it?
Murphy Again, Jaha gave it to me.
Titus This would be Chancellor Jaha.
Murphy Yes. He told me it was the key to the City of Light and that if I swallowed it, the woman in red would take me there.
Titus The woman who's not a woman.
Murphy Yeah. That's right. She's a computer program, but I get that's hard for you to grasp, considering you pray to garbage, no offense, obviously.
Titus Tell me more about this computer program that ended the world.
Murphy Come on. I don't have any details, Ok? On the Ark, they just told us it was countries, politics. Big surprise, they were wrong.
Scene 2 - Polaris - Flashback – 97 years earlier
[With Becca testing the new A.I chip on Polaris]
Becca Science log, day 128. The A.I. basal control module continues to malfunction.
[Becca speaks a non-English phrase]
Becca's assistant Twitching again. I thought I had that under control.
Becca The neural interface is the key to everything. If we don't crack that, then we might as well go back to the A.L.I.E. code and start again.
Assistant We can always ask her.
[Chris appears on a motoring screen]
Chris Becca, it's an emergency. I need to talk to you right now.
Becca Speak of the devil.
Chris Becca, I need to talk to you. Becca, she got through the black ice encryption...
Becca OK, Chris. Slow down.
Chris I have no idea how––
Assistant I'm locking in the signal.
Chris and now she's out of the Faraday cage. It's A.L.I.E. She got out. She's on the grid. She's cracking systems. She just got through portal security for STRATCOM in Omaha.
Assistant What is she doing?
Becca She's hacking nuclear launch codes.
Assistant Why?
Becca "Too many people." Send A.L.I.E.'s poison pill virus through the web. Do it now. Kill her.
Chris I did that 10 minutes ago. She's locked me out of everything.
Becca Chris, get to the lighthouse bunker. Do it now.
[Cole rushed inside the room]
Cole Doctors, there's a situation on the ground. 27 ICBMs have been launched from China. No one knows why, but it's real. They're headed for the United States.
Becca Open the window.
[The Earth with rockets shooting out]
Cole I've told the crew to contact their families. If there's anyone you need to talk to––
Man on intercom Commander, we finally got a hold of your wife.
Cole I'm here. Patch her through.
Emily (on phone) Cole?
Cole Emily?
Emily (on phone) I'm here.
Cole Oh, thank God. Is Sarah with you?
Emily (on phone) She's here, too. Is it true, what they're saying on the news?
Cole Yes. It's true. Hey, can you put her on the phone with us? I want her to hear my voice. Please.
Emily (on phone) Yes. Here she is.
Sarah (on phone) Daddy?
Cole Hey, baby girl.
Sarah (on phone) Poppy got me a bike. Can you teach me how to ride it?
Cole Of course. I'll teach you to ride it as soon as we–– [signal cuts off]
Intercom Signal lost.
Becca What have I done?
Scene 3 - Polis Throne Room
[Lexa addresses to the nightbloods]
Lexa We gather here on this Ascension Day to honor the Commanders that came before me, those who live on within me, as I would live on within one of you.
[shouting] [Grounders walks inside the throne room]
Semet The Flamekeeper promised we would be heard!
Lexa Titus? What is this?
Titus Something you need to hear, Heda.
[They pushes Octavia forward]
Clarke Octavia!
Semet Forgive me for intruding on this holy day, Commander. I am Semet of Trikru and I come seeking justice.
Lexa Explain yourself. Why do you hold Octavia of Skaikru prisoner?
Semet She is a prisoner of war, Commander- brought here to bear witness to the crimes of her people.
Clarke What crimes? What happened?
Titus Skaikru attacked their village. Because their warriors were lost and your people massacred the army we sent to protect you, their village were defenseless.
Semet Please Commander. I beg you. Avenge us.
Grounders Jus drain jus daun!
Titus You will show respect in this chamber!
Scene 4 - Commander's Chambers
[Lexa storms into a room]
Lexa How dare you bring me this to me on Ascension day!
Titus I did not bring this here, Heda. You did. Against my advice, you made Skaikru the 13th clan, they rejected this, murdering hundreds of your people. And yet on the very field where they died. You decided to forgive the killers. But this provocation is proof, blood must not have blood has failed. All that can stop that now is war.
Lexa Clarke?
Titus Clarke's opinion on this matter is not exactly unbiased.
Clarke Titus is right. I would do anything to save my people. You know that, but I know them. Not everyone agrees with Chancellor Pike! Kane doesn't, Octavia doesn't-
Titus Your people did not vote for Kane!
Clarke Some of them did! We need to give them time to think that they made the wrong choice and fix it!
Lexa And you really think your people will take them out themselves?
Titus If they don't, if instead, they use this time to plan for their next attack, we must act now Heda! Make an example of the 13th Clan, show the other 12 what happens when they defy you. You got them back when you killed the ice queen. But the coalition is still fragile if you don't act now-
[Lexa raised hand to quiet him]
Scene 5 - Polis Throne Room
[Lexa has her aim raise to quiet the Grounders]
Lexa Today I call upon the armies of the 12 Clans to march on Arkadia. Not to attack, but to contain. We will blockade the 13th Clan. We will keep them from the lands they wish to possess. We will give them time to take out their leaders from within. Once they rise up against them, then we will welcome them back as one of us.
Titus You heard the Commander. Send riders. Tell your armies to set up a buffer zone around Arkadia. 5 miles should be enough to keep them away from our villages. What are their orders, heda?
Lexa Any Skaikru caught across the line will be subject to a kill order.
[Both Clarke and Octavia are shocked]
Semet Heda, I do not understand, how is this vengeance?
Lexa That is not vengeance, my brother. It is justice.
Semet Skaikru killed my son, and my brother, and my wife! If the spirit of the Commander will not protect us! Then what will?
Titus You mind yourself, Semet.
Semet Death to the Commander!
[Semet and Titus fights and Titus stabs Semet killing him]
Titus Blood must have blood.
Scene 6 - Titus' Room
[Murphy tries to get the cuffs off and succeeds. He goes to open the door but it's locked. Murphy yanks the stick that holds the door of the drop ship]
Murphy This will do. "Polis"... "Polaris".
Scene 7 - Polaris - Flashback
[On Polaris with Becca injecting herself with a black liquid]
Cole Step away from your instruments right now.
Becca I own this space station, Commander. You don't give me orders.
Cole I do now, that I know the nature of your research.
Becca You told him?
Assistant The people of the Ark deserves to know what we're working on before we bring them on board. Today is Unity Day.
Cole Listen to your assistant, doc.
Becca Ok, no. Please just stay out of this Commander.
Cole 2 years, I've done everything you possibly can to keep everyone alive. Now that I find out that not only did an artificial intelligent that you designed end the world, but you're still working on it. Listen to me doctor, listen to me good. We're set to begin docking in 2 hours. 13 space stations becoming one. Possibly the greatest feat of engineering human of history. All design to ride out the nightmare that you created.
Becca I understand the stakes, Commander.
Cole Do you?
Becca Yes!
Cole Good. Then you understand there is no in hell, I'm giving up potentially genocidal A.I access what's left to the human race.
Assistant I agree with him. We can't join the Ark until that thing is-
Becca That thing is what will save us. A.L.I.E 1 didn't understand what it meant to be human, but A.L.I.E 2 will. It's designed to interface with humanity on a biological level. It will understand the value of life by coexisting with us. Okay Commander. Let me ask you this. Do you honestly believe that there are enough smart people on these 13 stations to save us? That their calculation are right? That there is enough air to last 2 centuries and enough food? A.L.I.E 2 will run all the possibilities, she'll see the mistakes before we ever make them. It will know our wants and needs because it's their wants and needs.
Assistant The code is in that crystal matrix.
Becca No... no... please! Please. Killing it is killing us.
Assistant We will need the prototypes and the systems hard drive, too.
Cole Gather it up. I'll be right back with something to float it in.
Becca Get the hell out of my lab. Get out!
Assistant Joining the Ark is our last hope. You can't stop this.
[Becca closes the door shut]
Assistant Becca! Becca!
Scene 8 - Polis
[Clarke and Octavia enter Clarke's room in Polis]
Octavia No wonder you wanted to stay.
Clarke Stop. You know why I'm here. Are you okay?
Octavia Yeah, I'm fine. I saw Indra in the crowd. Why wasn't she with Lexa?
Clarke Indra's not doing so well, Octavia. We can't deal with that right now.
Octavia Okay, so what do we do?
Clarke I have to talk to Lexa.
Octavia You just did that and came out with a kill order on all of us. That's the second time that she left us all to die.
Clarke The 12 Clans want a war. You know that. Lexa is just trying not to wipe us out.
Octavia Why am I not surprised that you are still defending her?
Clarke I'll see what I can do. Stay here.
[Clarke leaves]
Octavia Yeah, right.
[Octavia leaves]
[Lexa is meditation and Clarke walks in]
Clarke Someone tried to kill you today. How are you this calm?
Lexa You're angry about the kill order.
Clarke Yes.
Lexa How else would you have me enforce a blockade?
Clarke So when do we have to leave?
Lexa We may be drawing a line, but who's to say you can't choose to stay on this side of it?
Guard I told you she was not to be disturbed.
Clarke I know someone who might.
Titus Wanheda, blockade goes into effect at dawn. I've made arrangements for you to take one of our fastest horses.
Clarke Thank you.
Lexa Actually, I've asked Clarke to stay in Polis as my guest.
Titus Clarke, will you excuse us?
[Clarke nods and leave]
Titus On this sacred day, I beg you to remember my teachings. Love is weakness. To be Commander is to be alone.
Lexa I will not hear this again.
Titus Yes, you will! Your feelings for Clarke put both of you in danger. Your kill order must be fully enforced. If you care for Clarke, you will send her home, it is the only way she will be safe. Don't make her pay the price for your mistakes as Costia did.
Lexa My mistakes? Azgeda cut of Costia's head and delivered it to my bed, and still, I let them into my alliance! I am more than capable of separating feelings from duty!
Titus I'm sorry Lexa. I didn't mean to offend you.
Lexa Yes you did... But you also mean well. And I know that, teacher.
Titus May I make arrangement for Clarke's departure?
Lexa That's up to Clarke. I know where you stand, Titus.
[Octavia finds Indra]
Octavia I came to honor you.
Indra You waste your time. There's no honor here.
Octavia I need your council, Master Indra.
Indra Go away.
Octavia I need the woman I served as second. I need the warrior who taught me to be who I am-
Indra I said get out of here, Sky girl!
Octavia Indra, please. I'm going back to fight my own people, the people who did this to you. I'll fight my own brother if I have to, but I can't do it alone. One word from you and Trikru will-
[Indra slaps Octavia but she fight back and pins Indra on her back]
Indra Ahh! You see. Even someone as slow and as weak as you can put me on my back. I should have died on that field.
Octavia We all die. Either you can do that here, feeling sorry for yourself or you come back with me and get your revenge. The choice is yours.
Scene 9 - Titus' Room
[Titus returns to his lair finding Murphy gone. Murphy attacks him and they fight but Titus attempt to choke him. He releases him and Murphy coughs]
Murphy No. No. Hey, hey listen. I'll tell you what you want to know about the chip, ok, please, but you think it has something to do with Polaris, right? It's the space station it came down from. I could show you. Please. I could show you. Please. I'm guessing you think it's Polis because the "A" and the "R", they burned off during re-entry. You see? Okay? You see that?
Titus All I see is a man who'd say anything not to die.
Murphy That may be true, but so is this. Polaris, that's part of our story, too. It was our 13th station.
Titus My faith has got nothing to do with yours.
Murphy Trust me. I have no faith, but look. I can prove it to you. The end of the world, the mushroom cloud. That's why we had to stay in space. You guys call us sky crew, right? That's why. Polaris, as the story goes, was the only station that wouldn't join sky crew, so they blew it up.
Titus That's a novel concept. Continue.
[Murphy shows the drawing on the wall]
Murphy Anyway, I'm thinking that maybe this person, she somehow got out in time, right. Because -look- Here she is again. She's there surrounded by all those, I don't know, I don't really know what those are.
Titus The first Natblidas.
Murphy Natblidas. And there she is, this woman fell out of the sky, right? I mean that's- that's just like us.
Titus It's nothing like you.
[Titus hits Murphy unconscious with the stick and examines the drawings]
Scene 10 - Polaris - Flashback]
Cole Becca, I need you to listen to me. I just received an emergency message from the American Station. Both the Russian and Chinese are threatening to stop docking maneuvers because we have.
[Black blood is seen to be dripping down on a counter and a knife clangs on the floor]
Cole Becca, are you listening to me? Alpha station is threatening to open fire if we don't get back inline in the next 60 seconds. They will make an example of us.
Becca Commander, if you don't want them to fire, then begin the maneuvers.
[Cole and the woman appear on a screen]
Cole We've been through this. The moment we dock, your A.I infects the 12 other stations. That's not going to happen. One way or another, that thing dies today. Now open the damn door so we can float this thing and get on with saving the human race.
Becca I am saving the human race.
Assistant Becca, please. What are you doing? I know you want penance for what A.L.I.E did, but this is not the way to get it.
Becca You're right. I do have a lot to make up for. Let me save us.
[Alpha station radio] Polaris, this is Alpha station. Last warning. You have 20 seconds to comply or you will be fired upon.
Becca Tell Commander McAdams to start the maneuvers. This is his call. Not mine.
[Becca packs her briefcase with the black liquid and head to an exit]
[Alpha station radio] 10 seconds, Polaris. Begin those maneuvers.
Cole Becca! You already have the blood of billions on your hands. Is it worth risking the rest of us just to prove you're right?
Becca I'm sorry.
[Alpha station radio] 7 (seconds)-
Becca This is not what I wanted.
[Becca enters numbers on keypad, opening a door]
[Alpha station radio] 6-
[Alpha station radio] 5-
Cole Becca, what are you doing?
[Alpha station radio] 4-
Assistant She's taking the pod
[Alpha station radio] 3-
Cole As soon as it's away, initiate maneuvers.
[Alpha station radio] 2-
[Becca's escape pod is released from Polaris station, heading towards Earth]
Cole [Polaris station radio] Alpha Station, this is Polaris. We're commencing docking maneuvers.
[Alpha station radio] Negative Polaris. If we're gonna survive up here, extreme measures will be required. Let this be a lesson to all federation stations.
[Missile is launched from Alpha Station towards Polaris]
[Alpha station radio] God rest your souls. May God help ours.
[Boom!][Polaris explodes with Becca getting out in time and entering Earth Atmosphere]
Scene 11 - Polis
[Clarke looking over Polis and Octavia walks in]
Octavia She told you you could stay, didn't she? What did you say?
Clarke Nothing.
Octavia Clarke, we both know that Pike won't obey the blockade. We need to stop him before more of our people get killed.
Clarke What if I could do more for them by just staying here?
Octavia You can't, Clarke! We don't have time for this! Look. We need you. The kill order goes into effect at dawn. You have an hour to say your goodbyes. If you're not there, you're not the person I thought you were.
[Octavia walks out]
[Clarke enters Lexa's room as Lexa comes into view]
Lexa When do you leave?
Clarke Now. I'm sorry.
Lexa Don't be. You have to go back. They're your people. That's why I-- That's why you're you.
Clarke Maybe someday you and I will owe nothing more to our people.
Lexa I hope so. May we meet again.
[They handshake]
[Clarke moves forward and kisses Lexa and they have sex.]
[Clarke and Lexa are in bed. Clarke is tracing Lexa's arm tattoo.]
Clarke If Octavia and I are gonna get behind the blockade by dawn--
Lexa Shhh...
[Clarke traces Lexa's back tattoo]
Clarke This is beautiful.
Lexa I got it on my Ascension day. A circle for every Nightblida that died when the Commander chose me.
Clarke 7 circles. I thought you said there were 9 novitiates at your conclave.
Lexa There were.
Clarke What happened to number 8?
Lexa Can we talk about something else?
Clarke We don't have to talk at all.
[Clarke and Lexa kiss]
[Clarke walks into her room and sees Murphy tied up]
Clarke Murphy?
Titus He's alive.
Clarke What did you do to my friend?
Titus Your friend was caught stealing from people on their way to the Polis market.
Clarke Hey, you're okay.
Titus Please don't do that.
[Titus shows Clarke the gun he is holding]
Clarke Titus, what is this about?
Titus I'm sorry it had to come to this Clarke. Truly I am.
Clarke Look. I'm leaving right now. Octavia is waiting for me. Just let me take Murphy and we'll go.
Titus Wish I could. Lexa would never execute her duty while you live.
Clarke Hey! Titus think. She is gonna know it was you.
Titus She'll think it was him. Skaikru weapon in the hands of a Skaikru thief. She might be angry enough to declare war!
[Titus shoots at Clarke multiple times but misses. As Clarke tries to go through the door, Lexa appears]
Clarke Lexa!
[A bullet hole is seen through Lexa's shirt]
Titus Heda...
Clarke No, no!
[Lexa collapse on the floor]
Clarke Help me get her to the bed!
[Titus speaks a non-English phrase. Lexa is placed on bed]
Clarke I need something to stop the bleeding! You'll be okay. Just lie still, okay? Lie still.
Lexa [struggling] Don't be afraid.
Clarke You're gonna be fine. Just stay still.
[Titus opens a kit from his dress]
Clarke She's losing too much blood. Stay with me. What the hell is that? Titus, what are you doing? I will fix you. Just stay with me. Oh no, get away from her!
Titus Forgive me, Heda.
Lexa You will never again attempt to harm Clarke. Swear it.
Titus I swear it.
Lexa Then do your job. Serve the next as you have served me, Flamekeeper.
Clarke Hey, Heda, don't you dare give up.
Lexa I'm not. My spirit will live on.
Clarke No. I'm not letting you die.
Lexa There's nothing you can do now. The next Commander will protect you.
Clarke I don't want the next Commander. I want you.
Scene 12 - Polis Square
[Octavia is waiting for Clarke to come and she is disappointed]
Indra Octavia kom Skaikru.
[Indra and Octavia handshake and leave together]
Scene 13 - Clarke's Room
[Back to Lexa and Clarke]
Titus I'm ready, Heda.
[Titus does this ritual thing with Lexa' blood]
Lexa Clarke-
Clarke I'm here.
Lexa My fight is over.
Clarke No. No. I won't accept that.
Lexa You were right, Clarke. Life is about more than just surviving.
Clarke [tearful eyes] In peace may you leave the shore. In love may you find the next. Safe passage on your travels until our final journey on the ground. May we meet again.
[Clarke kisses Lexa goodbye]
[Lexa dies with Clarke crying, heartbroken by her side]
Titus I must complete the ritual. Please. The Commander's spirit must be passed on. This is my purpose. You must allow me to complete the task. It is what the Commander wanted.
Murphy Come on. we should go, okay?
Titus [in Trigesdasleng] Your fight is over, Lexa of Trikru. The Commander's fight goes on.
Clarke What are you doing?
[Titus turns over Lexa to reveal the infinity symbol on her neck]
Murphy The sacred symbol.
[All look at the infinity symbol]
Scene 14 - Earth - Flashback
[Becca arrives on Earth, in the now known location named Polis. Suit system states radiation level critical but she still removes her helmet. Polis tower is panned from bottom to halfway. People appears in mask.]
[Becca's suit says "Commander"]
Becca I'm here to help.
[More people in mask appear as camera pans to shows the slit in Becca's neck]
Scene 15 - Polis
[Appears with a similar slit on Lexa's neck. Titus takes a knife and reopens the scar.]
Clarke What are you doing? Oh my god.
Murphy What the hell?
[This thing with long legs gets out of Lexa's neck. Titus takes it]
Clarke What is that?
Titus Quia nunc vale
Murphy It's an A.I.
Titus Wrong. It's the spirit of the Commander.
[Titus places the chip inside a box]
[Titus picks up Lexa. Titus calls upon the guards in Trigesdasleng. Guards appear and open the door.]
Titus Let the conclave begin. The Commander is dead.
Titus May her spirit choose wisely.
[Guards lock Murphy and Clarke inside room. Murphy tries to open the door. Clarke stares at Lexa's blood on the bed.]