Thelonious: "I miss you, son. Every day."

Wells: "I'm always with you, Dad."

Jaha and Wells in Inclement Weather

Thelonious and Wells is the relationship between Wells and Thelonious Jaha. They are portrayed by Eli Goree and Isaiah Washington.


Thelonious Jaha is Wells Jaha's father. Wells sets fire to the last tree on The Ark before the 100 Delinquents were sent to Earth, because he wants to be with his childhood best friend, Clarke Griffin. It appears that Wells didn't know that Bellamy Blake shot his father to get on the Dropship.

Throughout the Series

Thelonious first finds out about Wells' death in Contents Under Pressure, when Clarke hesitantly tells him about it. He is very upset by it, though tries to maintain a professional attitude to give the Ark citizens hope. He later, after being accused of hiding secrets, tells the citizens that he is suffering too. When they keep pushing, he shouts about the loss of Wells.

In We Are Grounders (Part 1), he watches a video of young Wells and Clarke.

In We Are Grounders (Part 2), Jaha stays behind on the Ark so that the Sky People can go to Earth. He says that he'll be seeing Wells soon.

In Inclement Weather, Jaha carries around a baby he found in The 48. It is assumed that the baby was a replacement for Wells, as later the baby disappears and Wells is there instead. The oxygen loss is making Thelonious hallucinate. Wells tells his father not to give up since his people need him. Jaha tells Wells that he misses him making Wells say that he'll always be with him.

In Survival of the Fittest, John Murphy shows Jaha Wells' grave, whereupon Jaha kneels down and starts crying.

In Bitter Harvest, it is revealed that Jaha, due to A.L.I.E. and being in the City of Light, forgot that Wells was ever alive, let alone that he died.


Jaha (to Abby): "You'll see your daughter soon. And I'll see my son."
-- We Are Grounders (Part 2)
Wells: "What would you tell me to do?"
Jaha: "That’s not fair."
Wells: "You would tell me to live. You’ve sacrificed so much. Your life can be more than just impossible decisions and a tragic end. You can choose to live."
Jaha: "I miss you, son. Every day."
Wells "I’m always with you, dad. You can do this."
-- Inclement Weather

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