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Take me home, Marcus. Take me to my wife. Take me to Wells.
— Jaha to Kane as he prepares to die. [src]

Thelonious Jaha was a major character in the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth seasons. He was portrayed by starring cast member Isaiah Washington and debuted in the series premiere.

Jaha was the last Chancellor of the Council that governed the Ark. As the Chancellor, Jaha had a major role on the Ark, that brought on many hard decisions and challenges, such as ending the lives of hundreds of people in order to save thousands, or choosing to stay behind on the Ark to ensure that some of humanity can return to their home planet.

At the end of the first season, Jaha was alone on the Ark in communication with survivors of the Ark's descent to Earth. In Season Two, Jaha was able to escape the Ark via an inactive nuclear missile. He ended up crash landing on Earth and survived the impact. He was captured by the Grounders and later returned to the Sky People with a message from the Commander to leave or die. Jaha took the threat seriously even though the new Chancellor on Earth, Abigail Griffin, refused to leave. He gathered a group of followers and leads them into the Dead Zone, in search of the City of Light. The group soon dwindles down until only Jaha and John Murphy remain when they make it to an island where Jaha is introduced to A.L.I.E..

Sometime after travelling to the mansion, Jaha works with A.L.I.E. to create a device that allowed her to leave. Jaha takes the "key" to the City of Light, falling under A.L.I.E.'s complete control. The two travel to Arkadia and begin to create a small following of people, eventually leading to the mostly all the residents of Arkadia and Polis joining A.L.I.E.. However, a small resistance, once led by Marcus Kane, fights back against A.L.I.E. and eventually, she is defeated after Clarke Griffin enters the City of Light and pulls A.L.I.E's killswitch. Jaha and every other chipped individual are freed.

In the fourth season, Jaha returns to Arkadia and assists with repairing Alpha Station in preparing for the looming death wave. While researching solutions, Jaha comes across a cult called the "Second Dawn", who created two bunkers to try and survive the apocalypse. He finds the location of one with Clarke and Bellamy, but it is not properly sealed. With the help of the new Flamekeeper, Jaha finds and opens the second bunker, which is located under Polis. Against the better wishes of most of them, Jaha ushered Skaikru into the bunker during the Final Conclave. Later on, with agreement from the Grounders he was forced to let the others in on the deal that each clan would hold 100 spots each, including Skaikru. Jaha made the decision to gas 364 members of Skaikru upon realising that there wasn't enough spaces. He remained in the bunker as the radioactive death wave passed.

In a flashback in the fifth season, Jaha is stabbed during Kara Cooper's attempt to takeover the hydroponic farm. Jaha dies of blood loss shortly after helping Wonkru regain control of the farm.

Early life[]

Thelonious Jaha was born on the Ark. He was the third generation of Arkers to live in space, a transitional generation, of the last surviving members of the human race. He had a son, Wells, and was friends with Jake Griffin and his family, with Clarke and Wells becoming best friends. Before becoming Chancellor of the Ark, Jaha was an engineer and supervised the redesign of sector 5. He was elected Chancellor some time before the problem with the Ark's life support system was discovered. The Council decided to keep on a "need to know" basis to avoid panic, however, when Jake attempted to go public, Abby warned Jaha hoping he would be able to convince Jake not to go through with it. Instead, Jaha and Kane had Jake floated and Clarke arrested and put into solitary confinement to ensure their silence of the problem.

In order to give the Ark time to fix the catastrophic air failure, Jaha and the Council came up with a plan to send the 100 imprisoned delinquents to Earth as well as to cull 209 people from the Ark. Just before the 100 delinquents were sent to Earth, Wells learned of the plan and set fire to the Eden Tree to get on the dropship. Before the dropship launched, Jaha was shot by an unknown assailant.

Later in "Red Queen", it was mentioned that his wife died for unknown reasons back on The Ark before "'Pilot"'.

Throughout the Series[]

In Pilot, Chancellor Jaha appears in a recorded message for the 100 delinquents that is played in the dropship on their way down to Earth. He explains their situation and their mission and offers hope and a second chance in case they happen to survive the experience.

On the Ark, it is discovered that Jaha had been shot prior to the Delinquents' dropship being launched. Abby rushes to save his life. While the Chancellor is in surgery Kane begins diplomatic procedures to become Chancellor in case Jaha does not survive. Abby is arrested by Kane for using more than the allotted medical supplies per patient. She is about to be executed for her crime but Jaha intervenes. When Abby leaves angrily with Callie Cartwig Jaha asks Kane about the Delinquents on Earth.

In Earth Skills, Jaha is introduced when he walks into the Earth Monitoring Station, still wearing his nightclothes/robes and clutching his stomach. He looks at the screens and sees that Wells' transmissions have stopped. He then realizes that they sent the delinquents down to Earth to die. Abby tries to convince him that it was the right thing, but Kane interrupts Abby and tells Jaha that the wristbands are telling the Ark that Earth is not survivable. Abby protests and tells Jaha that there is still hope.

Later, Abby is in Jaha's room, tending to his injury. He asks her why she came instead of an apprentice and she asks him about his opinion about whether or not they should cull 100 citizens. He says that it seems hopeless and the children die first. He then states that if he doesn't act, everyone will die. When Abby tells him that they have acted by sending 100 delinquents to earth, he corrects her and says that 76 kids are on Earth and that 24 kids are dead, including Wells. He tells Abby that she has no proof of Earth’s survivability and that when the end of the human race is at stake, hope is not enough. Abby protests, then leaves quickly, as Kane enters Jaha's Chambers. Jaha asks who shot him. Kane tells him that it was a janitor named Bellamy Blake. Jaha then accuses Kane of taking a part in his assassination attempt. Kane denies the accusations and calls Jaha weak then leaves

Next, we see Jaha in the council meeting. After hearing that Abby thinks that the kids are taking off their wristbands, Jaha protests, saying his son would never do that. When the vote in the council is a tie, Jaha is required to break the tie. He decides to abstain, meaning that 100 more people will have to be killed when he votes again in 10 days. He tells Abby that he needs proof by then.

In Earth Kills, Jaha is first seen watching an old soccer game with Wells, Clarke and Jake Griffin. They jokingly banter with each other about the game until Abby walks in and tells Jake something. He leaves and Jaha asks if everything is okay. Later in the episode, Jake is arrested for trying to tell the people about the oxygen levels. Clarke assumes this is because Wells told Jaha.

Next, we see Jaha at Jake's execution. He has a pained expression as Abby and Jake embrace for the last time. When Clarke and Wells run in and are held back by the guards, he says they can come forward. The Griffin family hug until Jaha says that it's time and they separate. He nods to the executioner, and Jake is floated.

In Twilight's Last Gleaming, he’s first seen entering Abby’s cell explaining how the oxygen is critical and they don’t have much more time. Since they need her in medical because everyone’s sick due to the oxygen failures, she’s getting out of her cell. And the Council has just approved Kane’s population reduction plan; they’ll begin in 12 hours. Abby is shocked and wants to wait for Raven but is shut down by him.

Afterwards, in Jaha’s chambers, he and Kane are discussing the culling, they’re apparently going to make it look as an accident. Jaha approves it but Kane will have to give the order to cut off the oxygen since Jaha’s going to be in Section 17 when the culling takes place, Kane begs Jaha not to do it but Jaha says that Kane has “a strength that’s not weakened by sentiment”, and their people will need that.

Later, still in his chambers, Jaha is going through Wells’s chess board when Abby storms in confronting him for going to die and leave Kane as the chancellor, Jaha ignores her and she tries to convince him to find another way but he’s unwaveled. Abby then asks him how is he going to tell his son that he let this people die without trying to do everything to prevent it. After that, she leaves.

Then, in the Council Room, all the Council Members are gathered with a few guards after Abby has gone public with Jake’s video and Kane reports to Jaha that there’s a crowd outside, another Council Member approaches Jaha and tells him that the people outside are sending an “emissary” to talk to Abby. Once he enters Abby sees him and recognizes him as Tor Lemkin whose daughter Reese Lemkin is a pacient of hers. He tells her that he saw her video and wants to “volunteer” for Section 17, for his daughter. After him even more people come in to volunteer. Jaha mentions that Jake was right, it will bring out the best in them, which Abby is visibly sad about.

Afterwards, Kane enters Jaha’s chambers and reports to him that more than enough people volunteered for Section 17. Jaha is leaving to Section 17 when Kane stops him and says that he doesn’t have to do it now, Jaha disagrees but Kane insists saying that Jake Griffin is gone; he is there, and that their survival depends on a leader who can inspire their people to self-sacrifice; and Kane believes he’s not that man, Jaha is.

When it’s time for the Culling, Jaha appears to have been convinced by Kane’s words and decides not to sacrifice himself. When he’s supposed to give the order for Sinclair to cut the oxygen off, he instead does it himself to not have the engineer take the burden of killing all those people. Then, when the people are dying, Jaha gives an emotional speech.

At the end of the episode, he and Abby sit and look at a window that leads to earth. Jaha notes that “we make the best decisions that we can, then we put our faith in a forgiving god”. Then, Abby sees some “flares” and they contemplate them.

In Contents Under Pressure, Jaha is first seen at Abby's Hearing. He's given up on the fate of the 100 and is the one who strips Abby of her seat in the council. When Clarke and Raven connect with them on the radio, he asks Clarke about the fate of his son. She tells him that his son is dead. Later we see him in his room, mourning the death of his son. He begins to talk to the former chancellor, Diana Sydney. She mentions that he's started Project Exodus, a program to bring the Ark back to Earth. Later, Kane feeling the guilt of "killing" the section 17 volunteers, is faced by an angry mob, which Jaha saves him from. Jaha reassures him that the choice was not only his. Jaha then holds a meeting with the station representatives. He apologizes for keeping secrets and lets them know that Earth is survivable. When accused of keeping further secrets, he tells them that he is suffering too. Pressed further, he shouts about the loss of his son. The group quiets down, and he eventually appoints Diana Sydney as a new council member. At the end of the episode, he swears Sydney in and speaks about Project Exodus to the Council. At this time, he explains that there are a lack of dropships on the Ark for all the citizens. The episode ends on this cliffhanger.

In Day Trip, Jaha is introduced talking to Clarke on the video camera, set up between Earth and The Ark. He inquires about the grounder, then asks if they'll be able to survive winter. Jaha mentions that citizens from The Ark will be coming soon. He argues the importance of looking for supplies, then goes to talk with Clarke alone. He tries to convince Clarke to talk to her mother, but she refuses. Jaha is seen later, as a hallucination of Bellamy, blaming Bellamy for the deaths he's caused. Seeing this hallucinogen and fighting it gives Bellamy the strength to face the real Jaha, which he does later, via webcam. Jaha forgives Bellamy for shooting him, then discovers that Commander Shumway had been behind his assassination attempt.

In Unity Day, on Earth, Jaha's Unity Day speech is being broadcast. Jaha says that in under 60 hours, the first ship will be launched, carrying reinforcements for the 100. He tells the 100 to stay strong, and that help is on the way. Diana notes that he cut his speech short. After the bomb explodes, Jaha looks at one of the hurt children with a stunned expression, before expressing his sympathies towards Kane and the loss of his mother. Kane realizes the bomb was meant to kill him and notes that Diana Sydney is missing. Jaha announces that he is putting the Ark on lockdown and the dropship on hold. After the power begins to go out, Jaha is seen, talking to Sinclair. Jaha says that he is lifting the lockdown in order to evacuate citizens before a complete power failure. Realizing that Kane is missing, he goes to find him and sees him freezing to death. Jaha realizes that Diana is taking the Exodus Ship for herself. When we return to the Ark Jaha is seen locked out of the ship and decides to try to keep the ship from opening. It doesn't work due to one of the workers betraying the Ark in order to go to the ground and Jaha is left on the other side, inside of the Ark that has now lost power.

Jaha was not featured in I Am Become Death, although it was mentioned that contact had been lost with the Ark.

In The Calm, Jaha is first seen after he lowered the temperature to protect the ark. It is seen that he is locked in Earth Monitoring Station, and it can’t be opened because of rubble, along with several other people. Jaha orders Kane to leave him and lead his survivors to the mess hall, since there’s where Sinclair’s re-routing the most power at. Kane refuses and opens the door to the room with help of the survivors. Jaha criticizes Kane for not following his orders, but Kane states that it was necessary. He wonders aloud what he should do now, concerning the Ark. Jaha then remains as a background character the rest of the episode.

In We Are Grounders (Part 1), Jaha is speaking to the remaining Ark citizens, telling them that they will be dead in less than 24 hours. After telling the Ark Citizens to go, he tells Kane, that he's welcome to try and find a solution, but he (Jaha) will be drinking scotch and waiting for his death.

We see Jaha later, watching a video of young Clarke and Wells. While watching, Clarke mentions the Thrusters, that keep the Ark in space. Jaha gets an idea and leaves. Near the end of the episode, Jaha walks in to see Kane and Sinclair replaying scenarios. Jaha comes in and tasks Sinclair on a plan to use the Ark as a dropship to get to earth. They begin to plan out this idea as the episode fades.

AbbyJaha 1x13

In We Are Grounders (Part 2), the Ark makes plans to go down to earth. Jaha is on Alpha Station when he finds out the launch needs to be executed from inside the operations center. While Kane makes the decision to sacrifice himself, Jaha is first and he launches the Ark to the ground. When Mecha station lands, Jaha, and Abby talk to each other and Jaha tells her to go and find their people.

In The 48, Jaha is still on the Ark (or what's left of it) and is still in contact with the people on the ground. However, the contact down creases, and Jacapo Sinclair mentions to Kane that there hasn't been contact in the past hour. In the end of the episode, we see Jaha trying to contact the people on earth. He says it has been 12 hours since last contact. He says he can no longer help and that his job is done. He is tired and looks sleep deprived. He orders Sinclair to tell Marcus and Abby that they are on their own. As long as they work together everything will be okay. He urges Sinclair to remind them to keep their people safe. Jaha then looks at the monitor with Wells' file on it, before he switches out the power. He then hears the echo of a baby crying on the Ark. Sinclair says there is still radio silence.

In Inclement Weather, Jaha makes his way through the Ark's corridors. He follows the sound of the cries and eventually walks into a room. When there is no sound of the baby he listens again, and then finds the baby in the closet behind a jammed door. After that, he starts to anyway he can to get the child to the ground. When he sees the child holding a chess piece, he gets the idea to use a rocket with an airlock to go to the ground. However, he'll have to go outside to get to it.

Jaha constructs a carrier for the baby after using his chancellor authorization code to open the airlock. After gearing up in a spacesuit, he notices a crack in the helmet. He decides to put the helmet on and prepares for his task. He then gets flown out of the airlock, before heading for the missile. The helmet breaks, and barely makes it to the missile.

When he realizes shockingly that there is no baby, he freaks out, until he sees his son Wells holding the chess piece. Jaha then realizes he has oxygen deprivation, and says he's done. When Wells mentions that his people still need him, Jaha says he did his job by getting them to the ground. He says he misses his son, and Wells guides him to the tasks he needs to fulfill to successfully launching the missile. The missile ultimately lands him in an unknown desert on Earth and Jaha exits it, kneeling to the ground and feeling the sand between his fingers.

In Many Happy Returns, Jaha at first seen unconscious in an unknown desert. A young boy named Zoran, who saw him come from the sky stumbles upon him and observes him. Jaha quickly wakes up however after Zoran takes his chess piece. Zoran then takes him back to his home, where he lives with his mother and father. Sienna, his mother is first hesitant to let him stay but allows him shelter for the time being.

As Jaha and Sienna continue speaking with each other, an unmasked Zoran walks in with a deformed face. This startles Jaha and makes Zoran run off. Sienna then explains in her village boys like Zoran would usually be killed, but she ran off with her family instead to protect her son. Later when Zoran walks back in the room, Jaha says he does not need to wear a mask in front of him. The two then bond and Jaha tells him about what the chess piece is, and even talks about Wells.

As time goes on, however, Jaha is given away by Sienna for a bounty to get a horse to reach a place called the City of Light, a place where everybody’s accepted. Zoran doesn’t want for him to go and is angry with his mother and father, however, Jaha ultimately accepts his fate and walks away with the man who attacks him with a baseball bat.

In Human Trials, he is seen very briefly in an underground complex used as a jail by the grounders. There he stumbles upon Kane, which makes Jaha say "So we meet again".

In Fog of War, him and Kane are first seen shackled in an underground train station, used as a prison for the Grounders. Kane desperately tries to break free, but Jaha says that they were kept alive for a reason, and he should be patient. Soon, Gustus, Lexa and few other Grounders arrive. Lexa is sent to watch over Kane and Jaha, and Gustus tells the two that they both have committed many crimes against their people and deserve punishment over it. Gustus drops a knife on the ground, telling them that if one of them does not kill the other, they both die. For hours they try to figure out a plan to escape, but they couldn't think of anything. Eventually, Kane picks up the knife, seemingly about to stab Jaha, but reveals that he wants Jaha to kill him for Jaha to escape. When Jaha refuses, Kane slits his arm, but Jaha and Lexa save him before he could do any more damage to himself. When Gustus returns, Jaha grabs Lexa and puts a knife to her throat, and tries to order them to take their chains off, Kane tries to stop him to no avail. However, Lexa takes down Jaha and reveals that she is the Grounder Commander and only needed information from the two. Jaha is then beat up and used to “send a message”, but the commander decides to free Kane . since he’s “desire for peace is true”. Jaha is then seen at the end of the episode arriving at the camp, telling Abby that the Grounders are coming to attack Camp Jaha, and they have two days to evacuate.

In Long Into an Abyss, Jaha is talking with Abby in the Council Room about how they need to leave the camp because the grounders will wipe them out. Abby disagrees since they will be leaving the delinquents inside Mount Weather and Kane to die, but Jaha says that “this is not our home, is theirs”. Major Byrne comes in and says that the people are on edge and a word from their chancellor would be great, Thelonious agrees and is going to talk with them but the Major tells him that Abby is still in command until a vote can be taken or she willingly transfers her authority. Abby tells Thelonious she’s not ready for that yet so both of them go talk to their people.

Once they reach the crowd, Abby confirms that the grounders are attacking, and that Jaha’s back. He says that they need to pack because they may have to leave and go to a place called the City of Light across the Dead Zone. Clarke disagrees and says they would be letting their friends inside Mount Weather to die, which prompts Jaha to say than that’s a very difficult decision to make. But Abby confirms that no decision has been made.

Later at night, Abby and Jaha are supervising the camp leaving, Thelonious thanks her for making the right choice and Clarke comes out of nowhere saying she knows how to stop the grounder attack, she says that if they eliminate the threat of the reapers they may have a chance, Jaha disagrees but at that same moment they can finally see the grounders at the distance with torches.

Afterwards, Jaha, Abby, Clarke and Finn are in the Council Room discussing Clarke’s plan to cure Lincoln, Jaha is frustrated and asks Abby to order the “exodus” and leave camp, she says no everytime he asks her so he goes up to Major Byrne and Sgt. Miller and relieves Abby from her command and orders them to put the three of them into custody until they leave camp but Abby counter-orders them. Jaha tries to motivate the Major to follow him but she and Miller follow Abby and lock him up.

In Spacewalker, he’s seen in the stockade when Abby gets Raven out of it after she put her there for punching Major Byrne. Thelonious defends her because he wants Abby to give up Finn which she doesn’t because she won’t send a child to his death. Thelonious says that they’ve sent 100 of them to the ground, but Abby notes that those were another times and another chancellor.

Later, when Kane has arrived the camp, Abby has Jaha be brought to the Council Room to speak with her and Kane for what to do with Finn. Once Kane sees he’s handcuffed he is disoriented and Jaha mentions that Abby thinks that he’s a very dangerous man, sarcastically. Abby confirms he’s been detained for treason and that she’s keeping the job until the current situation is done. Kane says that the Commander might be open to the proposal of putting Finn on trial for war crimes in the camp. Jaha agrees and tells Abby that they would at least be able to control the process and treatment of him, Abby is troubled by the decision and Jaha asks her if she still wants the job. When she gets out of the Room after several hours, she apparently was convinced by them.

In Remember Me, Kane mentions Jaha when he tells Abby that she can't keep him locked up forever and suggests Abby to pardon him, which she ignores.

In Survival of the Fittest, Kane has convinced Abby of letting him out of his cell and they’re talking about the alliance with the grounders which Jaha apparently disagrees with since he believes the grounders won’t let them live in their land. Kane thinks he’s wrong since there’s enough there for everyone and they just need to make them see that it’s in their interest to share. After that Jaha disappears from the crowd when a grounder and John Murphy fight and chaos erupts.

Later, he talks to Murphy while he is on mopping duty. He tells Murphy that he wishes to visit the grave of his son, and he is asking him as the graves are unmarked. Murphy seeing how it is more exciting than his current job goes with Thelonious to The Camp to visit Wells' grave. In the way to the dropship, Jaha mentions him that he remembers Murphy’s father, and remembers everyone he floated.

Later at night, Jaha mourns his son, and asks Murphy how close he was to him, Murphy tells him enough to be hung up for his death, and says how Clarke likely lied to him about his son's death. Jaha asks what happened to his son and Murphy tells how Wells was stabbed in the neck by a little girl with a knife she took from Murphy. Murphy blames Jaha for his death and tells him that none of the 100 would have died if he hadn’t sent them down to Earth. Jaha says that the choices he made helped his people get to the ground, and it was for the best no matter what happened, but Murphy doesn't listen.

In the dropship, Jaha tells John that they sent the 100 to earth to give them a second chance, but Murphy refuses it. Jaha notes how he and Murphy are the same since they have been betrayed by their people and suffered at the hands of grounders. Jaha repeats that “good can come out of even the darkest acts” but Murphy tells him than that’s a lie since he was supposedly pardoned and he’s still treated as dirt.

At morning, Murphy wakes up to Jaha greeting a dozen Sky People at the dropship door, and Jaha reveals that they are on a mission to the City of Light and tells Murphy to join him. At first, Murphy is hesitant, but Murphy rides along with Jaha and the rest of them.

In Rubicon, Jaha is seen with John Murphy and the rest of his people on their journey through the Dead Zone to reach the city. As they journey forward, they come across a grounder named Emori, who is trying to pull her supplies. At first, she is hostile, but Jaha tries to offer water to her. Caspian is hesitant to help her, but Jaha gives her the water anyway and she joins their group.

As they move forward a grounder with an RPG appears and Emori holds Murphy at knife point. Jaha says to surrender their supplies to them, and they listen. When Murphy wakes up Caspian and 5 others are ready to leave, but Jaha says to push forward, and so Jaha, Murphy, and the remaining group pushes forward to find the City of Light.

In Bodyguard of Lies, while John Murphy is telling a Sky Person, Harris, to keep quiet, the man talking is exploded by a mine. One sky person, shocked by what has just happened backs away and is killed by a mine as well. Jaha then tells everyone to freeze as they are in a mine field. As they await a sandstorm to pass through, they slowly make haste through the mine field. Jaha then zigzags through the sand desert. One group member, Richards, eventually loses his patience and begins running, but is stopped by Jaha, centimeters away from the mine.

When they finally pass the minefield, Jaha, Murphy and 2 others climb a sand hill as they see the lights shining in the sky, believing it to be the city. However, when they reach the top, they only come across hundreds of solar panels. Jaha in disbelief says there is more to it than what they have found, but the others aren't believing him. When Murphy throws a rock at a panel, a flying drone appears, overseeing Jaha and his people. The drone then flies off onto the ocean, where the group comes across a boat. Jaha says this is another sign, and they must push forward to find the city. The others are hesitant, but seeing no other option they ride on the boat to cross the ocean.

In Blood Must Have Blood (Part 2), John Murphy, Jaha, and the others are seen rowing their boat. One of the Sky People, Craig, complains about how they need to rest, but Jaha says to move forward. Suddenly, a sea creature of some sort attacks the boat, taking Richards. As the creature circles the boat, Jaha throws Craig into the water to save himself and Murphy. Jaha and Murphy then horrifically watch as their friend gets swallowed by the creature. After the disaster, the two manage to make it to shore, where they find a lighthouse. Jaha sees the drone again, and leaves Murphy on the shore wounded telling him he will come back for him, chasing the drone.

When Jaha finally reaches the drone, he comes across a mansion with tons of drones circling it. He enters the mansion in search of answers, and is greeted by a woman named A.L.I.E., who welcomes Jaha into her home. Jaha asks how he knows his name, but before anything Jaha discovers that the woman is a hologram. The woman then takes Jaha into her room where he comes across the same missile that he used to arrive down on earth. A.L.I.E. then says that they have a lot of work to get done.

In Wanheda (Part 1), Jaha welcomes Murphy back in A.L.I.E.'s mansion, and claims that he has found the City of Light. Murphy greets him with anger due to the fact that Jaha allowed him to stay locked up in the bunker for three months. Murphy swings a punch at Jaha but misses because his body has been weakened from living in solitaire for three months. He falls but Jaha catches him and carries him away. Later, Murphy tries to speak to Jaha but A.L.I.E. appears and notes that Jaha is meditating in the "City of Light", and therefore can't hear him. When Jaha awakes, he attempts to tell Murphy how wonderful the City of Light is, and that it doesn't even compare to the real world. Murphy isn't having it, however, and reminds Jaha that A.L.I.E. was the one who ended the world. Jaha refutes by saying she saved the world. Murphy gets frustrated and leaves the room, but A.L.I.E. assures Jaha that "he'll come around". That night, Jaha finds Murphy on the shore where they first arrived three months ago. He apologies to Murphy for keeping him locked in the bunker, but tries to justify it by saying he needed time to convert the nuclear warhead into a power source so A.L.I.E. could become mobile. Jaha then offers the stone-like object he used while meditating to Murphy as a device that will allow him to experience the City of Light. He also explains to Murphy that in the City of Light, there is no hate, pain, or envy. Murphy declines and sarcastically replies that those are the ABC's of him. Jaha tells Murphy to decide later as he hands him the device. Once Jaha sees Murphy climb aboard a boat that Emori has pulled to shore, he asks Murphy if he changed his mind. Murphy says he might. A.L.I.E. appears again, telling Jaha that she told him Murphy would come around. Jaha leaves on the boat with A.L.I.E., Emori, Murphy, and Gideon.

In Wanheda (Part 2), Jaha and A.L.I.E. are wandering around the empty City of Light. A.L.I.E. reiterates how there will be no more suffering in the City of Light and Jaha volunteers to fill the place, starting with the Sky People. Murphy's voice breaks through Jaha's mind journey to the City of Light and he opens his eyes, seated at the front of the boat that has arrived on-shore. Emori tries to unload the case containing A.L.I.E. and Gideon grabs it from her, taking it with him off the boat. Emori tells them they're going around the Dead Zone this time as they start walking. Emori's brother, Otan, asks Jaha if he has really been to the City of Light. Jaha takes Otan off on a walk while Gideon sits and thinks his way into the City of Light.

Later, after Emori kills Gideon and she and Murphy take off back to the boat with A.L.I.E.'s backpack, Otan shows up and demands the case from Murphy, taking Emori hostage. Jaha arrives as Emori asks what is going on. Murphy says that Otan "ate the damned chip" that Jaha gave him and threatens to drop the case into the water unless they let Emori go. Jaha starts proselytizing about the City of Light to Murphy and Murphy goes to drop the case in the water. Jaha and Otan give up and release Emori. Murphy throws the case far from them and into the water, leaving them running after it while he and Emori take off in the boat. Jaha is transported to the City of Light and tells A.L.I.E. they should go after them. Otan is there with them and his face is no longer disfigured. A.L.I.E. tells Jaha there is also no death in the City of Light as Gideon appears, also not disfigured and not dead.

In Hakeldama, Jaha returns to Arkadia with ALIE and Otan with the goal of convincing people to join the City of Light. He and Otan arrive at the gate and are greeted by Shawn Gillmer. Gillmer, however, refuses to let Otan enter under the orders of Chancellor Pike he then asks Otan to hand over his backpack. Otan refuses and Gillmer shoots him and ends up killing him. In Otan's final moments, Jaha tells him to go the City of Light and says that ALIE will be waiting. He then notices a very concerned Abby looking at him.

Jaha later meets with both Marcus and Abby informing them he has found the City of Light. Kane is happy to see him but is rapidly confused when Abby tells him that Otan is in there since he’s dead. They are interrupted by Hannah Green, who’s glad to see him and informs him that Chancellor Pike would like to speak with him. Jaha then speaks with Pike and requests permission to distribute his chips which Pike grants to him, as long as he doesn't interfere with Pike's plans. Jaha is seen preaching a group of Arkadians about the City of Light and it's ability to relieve pain when Raven calls him out on it. He and ALIE agree they'll need Raven since if she joins others will follow and he tells her he'll be ready when she is.

Jaha then approaches Raven who is sorting scrap metal for ammunition and offers her the key to the City of Light once more, telling her she truly has nothing to lose.

In Bitter Harvest, Jaha is seen distributing chips to more Arkadians while a concerned Abby and intrigued Jasper watch. He later offers Jasper a chip which he almost accepts before Abby intervenes. Abby asks Jaha if he would've given a chip Wells and Jaha seems confused at this. A.L.I.E. reminds Jaha that Wells is his son as Abby informs Jaha she is shutting him down. Jaha begs her not to saying that it has been so long since he thought of his son and that the City of Light will relieve pain. Abby takes his bag of chips and leaves after informing Jaha "whatever it is, it relieves more than just pain." Jaha seems somewhat distressed before ALIE reassures him. Eric Jackson who is revealed to be chipped informs the two that he will keep an eye on Abby.

In Terms and Conditions, ALIE, Raven, and Jaha are still searching for the other AI. Raven tells Jaha that she and ALIE have run the calculations and determined the debris of Polaris must have landed in the ocean. When Jaha asks her what the percentage of accuracy is Raven tells him 70 to 80% which Jaha deems as not good enough. Raven tells Jaha she can't guarantee any more accuracy than that but Jaha offers her more resources. He says they will need to increase the population of the City of Light in order to make ALIE more powerful. Raven agrees but tells him the issue is that when Abby confiscated their chips Pike took the chip maker. Jaha tells her she'll need to get it back. At first, Raven is skeptical and asks who would even consider doing something so stupid. The two then notice Jasper yelling at Sinclair in the distance and are struck with an idea.

Later, Jaha is talking to ALIE. ALIE is perplexed as to why Raven was able to resist. Jaha informs her that free will is the problem and they must override it. ALIE says she can not but Jaha informs her he may be able to.

In Fallen, Jaha is speaking with ALIE about Raven who is trying to remove the chip from her head. ALIE reassures him it will not work. She later asks him about the wristbands he sent to ground with the 100 and says that Raven may have found a way to disconnect. Jaha commands the chipped victims to find the wristband. He finds Jasper in a storage room taking the wristband and with the help of some chipped victims, he is able to chain Jasper to a bar on the wall and smash the wristband with a hammer.

He is later seen standing with Raven and Eric Jackson as Abby wakes up. He informs her she's stopped them for too long and she needs to take the chip and tell the people of Arkadia that what he is doing is safe. Abby at first refuses but when Raven slits her wrists in order to give Abby a choice. Abby begs Jaha to untie her so she can save Raven but he refuses and says she can be freed when she takes the chip. Jaha gives Abby the chip then unties her wrists when he knows she has swallowed it.

He is later seen standing with Abby as they distribute the chips to the people of Arkadia. ALIE alerts him that Jasper is taking Raven and he commands the chipped victims to pursue Jasper. As Jasper is escaping in the rover Jaha has the chipped victims shoot at him. As Jasper gets away ALIE reassures him that once Raven wakes and sees her surroundings, ALIE will locate her and the rest of her friends.

In Nevermore, he and ALIE stand in the City of Light. He reassures ALIE they will get Raven back but she informs him the situation has escalated. She tells him that with Raven's knowledge she'll understand that the second A.I can stop ALIE and they'll need to kill them all.

In Demons, Jaha arrives in Polis disguised as a grounder. He informs Ontari he knows she isn't the real commander and when she asks how, he says that John Murphy told him and reveals that Emori was chipped, Emori tells Ontari she’s Murphy’s lover so Ontari turns against Murphy but Jaha stops her from killing him since he could be useful, so she orders to lock him away. He informs her that the people will soon discover she is ruling without the wisdom of the Commander's spirit and he offers her the key to the City of Light.

In Join or Die, Jaha is revealed to have chipped Ontari and since he chipped her, every other grounder is chipped except the ones in the cross. The arkadians are there with him too. He watches as Kane and Pike arrive to Polis and orders that Pike be freed before offering him the chip. When Pike refuses to take the chip, Jaha has him locked away. He offers the same thing to Kane. When Kane refuses as well, Jaha has the guards take him. However, Abby approaches Jaha and tells him to leave Kane to her.

He later watches as Kane is nailed to a cross after refusing to give Abby information regarding Clarke. Even later, Jaha informs Kane he is running out of time and he needs an answer. Kane doesn’t break and tells Jaha to just shoot him and get it over with. Jaha, however, decides against this, saying that if he shoots Kane he won't the information he's looking for. He then turns the gun on Abby's head instead. This causes Kane to finally break and Jaha hands him the chip in delight.

In the flashbacks, Jaha, Kane and Abby meet with Pike and inform him he will be teaching Earth Skills to the Delinquents. After Wells arrest, Pike offers Jaha his condolences and tells Jaha he's taught the Delinquents nothing. Jaha informs him that he is the kids’s last hope and he needs to find a way to teach them.

In Red Sky at Morning, Jaha is standing with ALIE in the City of Light when ALIE notices an intrusion coming from Arkadia. Jaha suggests that it is either Jacapo Sinclair or Monty Green, but ALIE informs him that Sinclair is dead. Jaha tells ALIE he has a way to distract Monty and gets Hannah. The plan is almost a success until Monty deletes his mother's code refusing to have her used again him in such a way. Jaha urges ALIE to pull out of Arkadia but ALIE says it unwise since if she does the mobile backpack unit would be her sole power source. As the intruder gets inside ALIE's citadel she finally pulls from Arkadia after migrating to the Ark. Jaha informs ALIE that everything could have been destroyed today but ALIE tells him not to worry.

In Perverse Instantiation (Part 1), Jaha exits the Polis tower to greet Clarke and Roan and asks that Clarke give him the flame. When Clarke refuses and tries to run he has guards take her to the top of the tower. Jaha watches as Abby tortures Clarke in an effort to get the passphrase for ALIE 2.0. ALIE then informs Ontari that she must not let Clarke unchip her and give her the flame. Ontari complies and Jaha strikes her in the head, rendering her brain dead. Bellamy then shoots Jaha but not fatally.

In Perverse Instantiation (Part 2), Jaha is in the throne room still commanding the chipped army. In the City of Light, he informs Clarke she has nowhere to run and needs to surrender herself to ALIE. Clarke, who is with Lexa, fights back and Lexa attacks the approaching City of Light residents. Later, after Clarke terminates the City of Light, Jaha awakens in pain.

In Echoes, he and Kane are first seen going out of the Polis tower, he’s filled with remorse and blaming himself so Kane reminds him it wasn’t just him. Abby then approaches him saying that she told him to stay back with the wounded, but he ignores her and goes help the people in the streets.

Later, he is carrying the bodies of everyone which he hardly does since Bellamy shot him in the shoulder, and is treated as persona non grata, as expected. John Murphy sees this from afar and mocks him, Jaha asks help with the corpses but Murphy just blames him for the deaths and leaves.

He is then entering the building where Azgeda is located in Polis delivering Ontari’s body in a bag, Echo receives him and he says that Ontari should be with her people, Azgeda warriors take the body and Echo says in Trigedasleng how Azgeda thanks the bringer of the key, they proceed to beat him up until one of them comes saying that Skaikru is surrendering. Echo then takes him out and hands him over to his people but tells him first that she will only talk to Bellamy, Kane catches Jaha and he tells Kane she got in, revealing to be Octavia the one to be in the bag so she can kill the people inside for Abby and Clarke to save Roan.

After their plan is successful, he leaves Polis to Arkadia with Clarke and Bellamy.

In Heavy Lies the Crown, he interrupts Raven and Clarke talking because he heard Raven needed help bracing Alpha Station for something and mentions that he was an engineer before he was chancellor and that he supervised the redesign of Sector 5. Raven instead asks him how many people died in the Culling of Sector 5, Jaha responds 42 and asks her if she would like to know their names. Raven is upset and nearly leaves but Clarke stops her so Raven tells her how he made her cut her wrists and blames him for the City of Light. Jaha accepts it and says he has to live with it, so Raven grudginly accepts his help and tells him to go sort scrap.

Later, when Clarke passes by in his working area, Jaha mentions that what he’s working with won’t be needed to protect Alpha Station from a storm or grounder attacks, and asks her what they’re really doing this for. Clarke stays silent and he comforts her since he knows what it’s like to keep a secret that one will think will destroy their people, he gives her a little speech about leadership and tells her the words he told her mother after the Culling.

He’s later seen in the crowd when Clarke gives her speech after Bellamy and the others have returned from Farm Station.

In The Four Horsemen, Raven, Clarke and Bellamy are discussing Praimfaya matters when they hear the Rover being started when nobody asked for permission to use it, they get outside and apparently it was Jaha trying to use it to make a run. He gets down and reveals to know (since he’s an engineer) that they will only be able to save 100 people because they don’t have the hydrogenerator. Clarke yells at him and things get tense when he tells them that there might be a fallout shelter nearby, Raven mentions that all bunkers for the 100 were considered compromised or unviable by him, and now Mount Weather is too. He says those were government bunkers and shows them a tablet with an article of the Internet before the bombs of a doomsday cult called the Second Dawn, by the founder called Bill Cadogan. They apparently built a bunker able to sustain thousands, they couldn’t prove it existed so they didn’t consider it, but now they need it. Clarke and Bellamy agree on going to find the bunker but Raven doesn’t, Clarke tells her that she will make the list if the bunker isn’t there so Raven grudgingly accepts and they go.

While they’re traveling, Clarke sees a video of the “bunker’s” founder giving a speech and saying “from the ashes we will rise” but she says it isn’t enough. Jaha mentions that the Second Dawn in the 2 years before the bombs sold off most of their real estate holdings, BUT the house where the bunker supposedly is. Bellamy thinks that Cadogan is just a fanatic and Jaha says that maybe or he was just a leader trying to do the best for his people.

Once they arrive on the night, while Clarke is away looking for the bunker, Jaha notes to Bellamy that he keeps her centered and she’s lucky to have him, but Bellamy tells him that he got it backwards. So Jaha says that he still blames himself for killing that army and tells him that he doesn’t need redemption since his intentions were pure, prompting Bellamy to say that if there is a hell, he guesses he’s gonna see him in there. Clarke interrupts them because she found something, they go down some stairs and find a skeleton sitting just by a door, the body has what appears to be the “11th seal” in his hand. Jaha notes that their faith was of 12 levels, so Clarke mentions that maybe that’s why they didn’t let him in, Bellamy then pounds on the door but no one answers. They see that the door doesn’t have a handle and Jaha confirms it was made to be open from the inside, so they try to make the door open with the Rover’s rope and succeed. When they enter the bunker they’re shocked to see dozens of bodies and confirm that the bunker wasn’t properly sealed and it won’t save anyone.

In A Lie Guarded, he’s seen sleeping on a mattress in the middle of a lake. Jasper sees him from afar when he suddenly wakes up and Jasper mocks him saying that he got floated, Clarke is talking to Riley when she hears the commotion and goes over there, laughs a little and tells everyone to go back to work.

Later, he’s working when Monty decides to go public with Clarke’s list and when a man is confronting her for putting Bellamy in the list, Jaha appears and says that of course he (Bellamy) and Clarke should be included, since strong leadership is essential for survival. He says they should consider the list shredded and proposes the idea of holding a lottery, but they have to work for it. Everyone agrees and goes to help him with the radiation shield but when Jaha’s going with them Clarke confronts him saying that the lottery is risky and they could end up with no doctors or engineers. Jaha says that the people need to have something to fight for, because you can’t tell people they have no value. Clarke says that she didn’t say that but he says that’s what they heard, so Clarke says she hopes he’s right but he laughs it off and leaves.

He doesn’t appear in the The Tinder Box, but he’s mentioned to have found the rover where Bellamy and Stevens where to be empty.

In We Will Rise, he arrives to Arkadia after Ilian burned down Alpha Station when Jasper comes and asks him (about the rain) how they know is not black rain. Jaha states that it will be colorless and because of the pain, chaos and death. Jasper tells him to cheer up and that once he accepts there’s no other way he will be happy, Jaha still says they will find a way so Jasper quotes Dr. Seuss and leaves. After that, Jaha reveals to have the 11th seal of the Second Dawn in his hand.

Later, he’s in the hangar bay, in the bar area, (in the background, Geoff Hardy is talking about how he worked every day to give his son a spot, and that Ilian came and screwed everything up) and Monty comes to him and asks him if he’s okay with what was happening behind him, but he says they’re just blowing off steam. Monty asks if that’s what they were doing when they strung up Murphy for “killing” Wells, Jaha is visibly affected by this but says nothing. Monty then says his son would be ashamed of him, which again affects Jaha even more.

Afterwards, outside Alpha Station, Jaha is watching from afar Ilian’s about-to-be execution by Octavia with a mob-crowd surrounding her, so Jaha radioes Kane to sound the alarm of black rain because is coincidentally raining and Kane does so. Everyone rapidly leaves but Octavia, so Kane tries to convince her to put the gun down since Pike did the same thing to Lincoln, and that if she did this, she would be no better than him. Octavia breaks and runs out of Arkadia, so Jaha takes the chance and frees Ilian and he runs out of Arkadia too.

He doesn’t appear in Gimme Shelter, but Kane mentions that he and Monty counted all the people at Sector 5 and that the 200 of them where inside.

In God Complex, Jaha is with some people mourning the ones that died when the black rain came and burns their bodies. After the funeral, he hears Niylah say “from the ashes we will raise” as her grounder prayer and remembers the Second Dawn (the doomsday cult) since that was their motto. He asks her where does that come from and she says is for the people that die in a fire but she knows nothing more and tells him he should ask the Fleimkepa (Flamekeeper). Right after that, Jaha goes to talk with Kane in his office and shows him the 11th seal with the grounder motto on it and says that he has to talk with the Flamekeeper, Kane tells him that he already found the bunker but Thelonious says that since their faith was based on 12 levels and that was the 11th seal, that was a fake bunker made to prevent the real one for being overrun. He thinks there’s a reason that the cult’s motto became a grounder prayer just like he thinks there was a reason for the infinite sign to become a sacred symbol. Kane says he will reach out to Indra and Jaha will assemble a team of thinkers but they’ll travel light because Polis is a warzone (Trikru is fighting against Azgeda).

When they get there alongside Monty, Indra is there too with her army. They appear to be hostile and Jaha is hesitant but Kane remains unconcerned and goes to talk to Indra. They watch how she greets-slaps him and they talk. Then, when Indra appears to be leaving, Kane yells at her that they need to talk with Gaia since she could save them all.

When they arrive to where Gaia is, Monty notices her tattoo is like the Second Dawn logo, which makes Kane and Jaha be even more convinced of the whole thing and Gaia reveals that it adorns the crypt of the first commander, so they get ready to go there. The only problem is that it’s guarded by Azgeda, but luckily Kane has the Royal seal able to enter any Azgeda lands. So Indra grudgingly accepts and they leave. Once they get to the Azgeda entrance, Kane shows them the seal and they’re going to let them in when Indra picks up Monty’s gun and kills them all. Kane is infuriated at her but Indra says that if there is a bunker, Azgeda will never see the inside. Jaha comforts Kane saying is not their war and they enter the gate.

When they get in the temple, they see the crypt that has never been open before and Jaha tries to open it with the 11th seal, which he fails to do so Kane asks Indra to put her army at the temple which she’s reluctant about but accepts if he gives her their guns. Kane is hesitant but Jaha tells him to give her the damn guns and he does, not before mentioning to her that “jus drein jus daun” (blood must have blood) may be the end of them all.

After awhile, they still can’t open the bunker and Indra’s army appears to be struggling against Azgeda. Indra wants to leave and Kane agrees but Jaha doesn’t since they don’t have much more time before Praimfaya, and Monty agrees. After a few seconds, Monty comes up with the idea that “from the ashes we will rise” is not just a motto, but an instruction. He then proceeds to burn the seal in an ornament of fire. After it’s burned the 12th seal is revealed and Jaha unlocks the door and gets in with them. He and Kane contemplate the real bunker in good conditions and are very happy about it.

In DNR, he’s giving a speech in Arkadia to the people explaining how the bunker functions and tells everyone to pack because they’ll leave to it.

Later, Jaha approaches Jasper’s group and reminds them they need to get ready to leave. Jasper tells him that they are on it and Jaha declares that participation is not optional since is about the survival of the human race and leaves.

Afterwards, Jaha and Hardy are trying to pry open the door to get inside Jasper’s party, but they can’t. They call Jasper and he shows to be armed and doesn’t respond how many more are too, he ignores Monty and Bellamy so Jaha orders to set the charge to blow the door up. Jaha begs Jasper one last time and states that he won’t let children to die but Bellamy remarks him that he sent 100 to die, and the difference now is that they have a choice and so does him. Jaha remembers Wells for a moment and decides to stand down since they “can’t save someone if they don’t want to be saved”, as Bellamy said. Monty still disagrees with him but he orders to get everyone ready to march.

After that, he leads the 400 Arkadians on the way to Polis.

In Die All, Die Merrily, Jaha has already arrived Polis with everyone and is in the crowd where the champions are being presented from each clan to fight in the Final Conclave when Luna suddenly appears and declares that she won’t fight for her clan since they’re all dead, but that if she wins no one will survive.

He is with Kane, Bellamy and Clarke when Gaia approaches the group and tells them to hurry up and lead their people to their safe zone. Kane is leaving when Thelonious stops him and tells him that they shouldn’t risk the lives of their people on a blood sport. So Clarke reminds him that is about everyone’s lives since if Luna wins everybody dies and she’s a nightblood novitiate so she trained exactly for a Conclave. Bellamy thinks Clarke wants to cheat which Kane disagrees with since they’ll lose and die. Jaha interrupts and speaks his mind again and asks if anyone believes the grounder will accept Skaikru as the lone survivor, Kane says yes since the Conclave is sacred to them and tells Jaha to take their people to their safe zone.

At the end of the episode, after Octavia won the Conclave, she, Kane, Indra and Gaia go to the bunker after they realize Bellamy’s missing and find the guards gassed like the Mountain Men do. Inside the bunker, a drugged Bellamy wakes up next to Jaha and Clarke. It’s revealed that Jaha and Clarke took the bunker with all of Skaikru leaving the previously named and all the grounders outside since they didn’t believe Octavia would win.

In The Other Side, Jaha is discussing with an angry Bellamy alongside Clarke who is mad because they left his sister outside when Abby comes in and asks if they won and that where’s Kane, Jaha informs her about how they sent people for Bellamy, Octavia and Kane but could only bring Bellamy on time. Abby then asks for his radio to contact Kane and Jaha lies to her saying that they don’t work in the bunker, but Clarke reveals a hidden communication board under the desk to let them say goodbye. Jaha wants to talk Abby out of it since he says that the radiation is critical and people are already feeling the effects but Abby dismisses him. Abby and Bellamy pick up a signal from Octavia confirming them that she’s alive and won, which shocks Clarke and Jaha. Octavia reveals she decided to share the bunker 100 of each clan, Jaha then gets Nathan Miller and company to arrest Bellamy and throws the radio off the table, ending communication. Bellamy resists but is electro-shocked and knocked out.

Later, Thelonious, Abby and Clarke are discussing if they did the right thing and Abby compares it to the Ark, Abby says that she hates herself for it and mentions that Jaha doesn’t. He notes that how they feel about themselves doesn’t matter since they live with themselves by putting their people first, after that, Abby leaves. He comforts Clarke and tells her that Bellamy will be free from his new cell once the deathwave passes and tells her to find someone to guard Bellamy that wants to survive more than to be liked (since he’s got a lot of friends in the guard). So Clarke comes up with the idea of putting Murphy as the guard.

Still in his office, Abby visits him and tells him they should open the door, Jaha is unconvinced and tells her how she faced the same dilemma with Jake. He tries to convince her that the grounders will kill them all, starting by Clarke, and tells her he’s sorry for her loss but she drugs him out to open the airlock door so that Bellamy can open the hatch.

Once the grounders are inside, Jaha complains about how Skaikru has only a 100 spots of 400 which Octavia and Indra are annoyed about. He’s with a sad look on his face as the episode ends.

In The Chosen, at the beginning of the episode, all of Skaikru are violently taken to the rotunda by the grounders, which makes Jaha tell Bellamy that 3/4 people are going to die that day, and if he still thinks he made the right choice. Afterwards, Jaha enters the office room with Kane, Abby, Bellamy and Clarke informing Marcus that their people are scared. Kane then informs them that once Raven gets to the bunker, they’ll have all their essential personnel, leaving them with 80 people. Jaha is still frustrated and doesn’t want to send his people to die and wants to fight it, but Kane tells him than that’s a terrible idea and that they’ll hold a lottery for the remaining 80 spots. Jaha tells him it won’t work so Kane reminds him it was his idea, but Jaha tells him that their people thought that they were safe until now, so they’ll fight. Kane tells him he doesn’t like it either but says that their people have to listen to reason.

Afterwards, when Kane is informing their people about the lottery, Hardy and another one start a riot and tries to kill Niylah because they think she will take place in the Skaikru lottery. Octavia comes in and saves Niylah and tells them all to hurry up since all the other clans have chosen their survivors. Jaha begs Octavia to save them since she’s one of them, so Octavia lashes out at him since he made her hide under the floor. He begs one last time but isn’t listened.

Later, Geoff Hardy approaches him and asks him to take care of his son if he’s name’s not called in the lottery, but Jaha changes the subject and tells him that he has a plan to save all of their people and tells him to get the grounders to open the doors again and he’ll do the rest.

When Kane’s calling the names, he sees how Jaha suspiciously goes to a room, so he lets Jackson in charge for the names. When he enters the room where Jaha is, he sees that he’s loading a backpack with guns and gas grenades, which Jaha confirms is to knock-out the grounders. Thelonious explains to him that they’ll use the crops as leverage and they’ll threaten to destroy them if they don’t make room for their people, Marcus wants to stop him but Jaha remains unwaveled and shows he’s ready to fight Marcus if he needs to. He nearly leaves but Marcus stops him again and tells him that he already saved humanity which is 1100 grounders and found the bunker when no one believed in him and that if he did this, he would be taken that salvation back. Jaha is apparently convinced but asks him how they’re gonna stop their people since Hardy already convinced almost everyone and were chanting “fight” in the background, Kane doesn’t know what to respond. When Octavia arrives to the rotunda with a grounder army (since the sky people runned out of time), she sees that Jaha and Kane gassed their people and go down the stairs with gas masks. Thelonious then asks Marcus how do they choose since Hardy scattered the lottery but Kane reminds him of Clarke’s list, which Jaha knows where it is and goes to get it.

After Hardy’s picked to die in Praimfaya, Jaha picks up his son, Ethan.

In Red Queen, he’s first seen alongside Kara Cooper (a farmer) talking with Kane, Abby, Octavia and Indra about the sounds that were heard outside. He confirms that if the tower collapsed above them, there’s no way out, especially not in 5 years. Cooper declares that the hydroponic farm will only support them for 5 years and expresses her anger at Octavia for letting all the grounders in and that because of her fault they won’t be able to survive further than the 5 years, she then storms off. Thelonious tells them that Cooper knows that they may have to do population reduction again, but Octavia says that’s not an option and dismisses him.

Later, when Octavia declared half-rations, Kane sits with Thelonious and Ethan since he’s not getting along with Abby. Jaha comforts Kane and tells him that they’ll get over it and expresses his beliefs towards Clarke being the one who knocked on the door. Then, after Ethan eated all his “food”, he asks for seconds which Kane tries to give to him, but is stopped by Thelonious since he wants Ethan to get used to eating half-rations and leaves with Ethan to their room, not before thanking Kane for convincing him not to fight Octavia over the bunker. On their way, he’s stopped by Cooper who tells him that she came up with an idea about the hydroponic farm but he ignores her.

Inside the room, Jaha is reading Ethan a bedtime story (which was his son’s favorite) with Nylah when a couple of grounders come in violently, so Jaha tells Niylah and Ethan to hide under the bed. He is confused and tries to ask what’s happening to the Azgeda warrior, but he attacks him. When the warrior takes the upper-hand, Octavia, Miller, Indra and a few come in and save Jaha. Indra then confirms that Cooper took the farm with Skaikru. Octavia lets the grounder run and orders to take the people to the rotunda to protect them, Jaha is leaving but Octavia stops him since they need his help, so he says goodbye to Ethan in an emotional scene. Then, Jaha is tasked with the mission of opening the door where Skaikru is. Indra then notices blood on the bunker’s blueprints and asks him if he’s hurt but he says that it’s just a scratch. He’s plan is to go to a lower level and redirect the electricity from a generator to the door and open it. The issue is that they have to go through a level that is filled with grounders, and if they see him, he’s dead. So Octavia orders Niylah to make him look like a grounder. Disguised as a Grounder with Octavia’s company, they see a man getting killed and Octavia tries to save him but Jaha stops her since they can’t be noticed, they struggle and Octavia finds out that he’s “scratch” turned out to be a stab wound.

When they get to the generator, they are discussing about how there are too many people in the bunker. Jaha tries to do his work but is difficult because of his wound so Octavia does the work for him. When he has to connect the final wires, he refuses to do so since the Grounders outside the door are going to kill everyone inside, even the children, and that he won’t let that happen. Octavia is frustrated and he tells her to make the Grounders stand down but she tells him that she’s not a leader, but a warrior. Jaha then gives her a speech about leadership which she’s convinced about and goes to make the Grounders stand down.

When the Grounders refuse to stand down and fight her, the one that stabbed Jaha is killed by Octavia. When they finally stand down, she radios him to send the surge, which he does.

After their plan was successful, Jackson, Octavia, Abby and Marcus arrive where Jaha is and Abby tries to save him, but Thelonious tells her she can’t save him this time. Jaha then makes Octavia promise that she’ll take care of Ethan, which she does. He then asks Marcus to take him to his wife and to Wells, and his friend recites the Traveler’s Blessing. And he dies, sadly, on Kane’s hands, ending his life.

In Welcome to Bardo, Jaha collapsing after A.L.I.E.'s destruction is one of the memories viewed by Levitt through the Disciples' Memory Capture device.


Jaha is portrayed as a strict, trustworthy, organized and understanding person. Jaha has shown to be fairly wise. He is tough to those that have a problem with him. However, he cares deeply for the citizens of the Ark and is willing to put himself in danger for their safety. He tries to avoid giving himself special treatment, even allowing his son to be part of the 100, and almost becoming part of the Section 17 volunteers. He later volunteers to stay on the Ark so that the rest of his people can go to Earth.

After receiving a vision from his son telling him to descend to the ground, Jaha develops a self-centered view that only he can save their people, and rejects any other option for peace in favor of searching for the City of Light, without knowing if it truly exists. He is also willing to sacrifice others to achieve this goal, pushing Craig out of the boat and leaving Murphy behind to follow A.L.I.E.’s drone.

Once Jaha is freed from A.L.I.E., he carries a lot of guilt for what he and the others did while under her control. He seems more mellowed out and accepts the role of mentor rather than a leader, but he is still dedicated to saving the Sky People at all costs. This is shown when he relentlessly tries to find the Second Dawn Bunker, against all evidence of its existence, and is then willing to let all of the Grounders die so that they can have the bunker to themselves. However, after Kane convinces Jaha that his and Geoff Hardy’s riot would get more people killed than truly necessary, he agrees to gas his people to pacify them and choose only 100 to stay in the bunker.

A couple of months into Octavia’s rule in the bunker, Jaha has found a sense of duty in taking care of Ethan Hardy, and is shown to be more willing to co-exist with the Grounders. After Kara Cooper takes the bunker’s farm, Jaha allies himself with Octavia to save the rest of Wonkru, but only does it after the innocent Skaikru are guaranteed to be spared. His last action saves the majority of his people, but also allows him to sway Octavia to his style of leadership, where there is only the collective, and the enemies of such.

Physical Appearance[]

He has black hair and brown eyes with a dark skin tone, similar to his late son, Wells. In "Heavy Lies the Crown", Jaha can be seen bald and with a goatee.


Wells Jaha[]

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Wells was Chancellor Jaha's only son. When it appears that Wells has died, due to Bellamy and his friends forcing him to take off his wristband, the Chancellor appears to be very distressed. In "Contents Under Pressure", he learns his son has actually been killed and he hides his anguish. Later, however, he snaps at one of the family members of the Section 17 volunteers when they tell him that he doesn't understand what they're going through.

After taking the Key to the City of Light, Thelonious no longer remembers that Wells ever existed, as the Key took away the pain of his son's death and by default took away any memory of Wells so he never knows Wells was ever alive, let alone dead.

Abigail Griffin[]

Chancellor Jaha cares about Abby. They generally tend to agree, but there are times where they disagree. For example, Abby is more optimistic about the 100's chances than he is. She saved his life after he was shot by Bellamy, risking her own in the process. In return, he stopped Kane from executing her. They both care deeply for their children who are on the ground.

Marcus Kane[]

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Councilman Marcus Kane is Chancellor Jaha's second-in-command. Despite this, the two often disagree. Jaha has expressed that he thinks that Kane may have been involved somehow in the plot to kill him. But, Kane has appeared to care about Jaha, advising him not to take his own life with the 320 whose lives will be taken.

Ethan Hardy[]

Following the culling in the bunker, Thelonious took in a small boy named Ethan whose father, Geoff Hardy, had died. Thelonious cared for Ethan for 46 days until his own death. Ethan grew attached to Jaha and called him "Uncle Theo".


Season One
Episode Appearance Status
Earth SkillsAppears
Earth KillsAppears
Murphy's LawCredit Only
Twilight's Last GleamingAppears
His Sister's KeeperCredit Only
Contents Under PressureAppears
Day TripAppears
Unity DayAppears
I Am Become DeathCredit Only
The CalmAppears
We Are Grounders (Part 1)Appears
We Are Grounders (Part 2)Appears
Season Two
Episode Appearance Status
The 48Appears
Inclement WeatherAppears
ReapercussionsCredit Only
Many Happy ReturnsAppears
Human TrialsAppears
Fog of WarAppears
Long Into an AbyssAppears
Remember MeMentioned
Survival of the FittestAppears
Coup de GrâceCredit Only
Bodyguard of LiesAppears
Blood Must Have Blood (Part 1)Credit Only
Blood Must Have Blood (Part 2)Appears
Season Three
Episode Appearance Status
Wanheda (Part 1)Appears
Wanheda (Part 2)Appears
Ye Who Enter HereCredit Only
Watch the ThronesCredit Only
Bitter HarvestAppears
Terms and ConditionsAppears
Stealing FireCredit Only
Join or DieAppears
Red Sky at MorningAppears
Perverse Instantiation (Part 1)Appears
Perverse Instantiation (Part 2)Appears
Season Four
Episode Appearance Status
Heavy Lies the CrownAppears
The Four HorsemenAppears
A Lie GuardedAppears
The Tinder BoxMentioned
We Will RiseAppears
Gimme ShelterMentioned
God ComplexAppears
Die All, Die MerrilyAppears
The Other SideAppears
The ChosenAppears
PraimfayaCredit Only
Season Five
Episode Appearance Status
EdenCredit Only
Red QueenAppears
Sleeping GiantsAbsent
Pandora's BoxAbsent
Shifting SandsAbsent
Exit WoundsAbsent
Acceptable LossesAbsent
How We Get to PeaceAbsent
Sic Semper TyrannisAbsent
The Warriors WillAbsent
The Dark YearAbsent
Damocles (Part 1)Mentioned
Damocles (Part 2)Absent
Season Six
Episode Appearance Status
Red Sun RisingMentioned
The Children of GabrielAbsent
The Face Behind the GlassAbsent
The Gospel of JosephineAbsent
Memento MoriMentioned
The Old Man and the AnomalyAbsent
What You Take With YouAbsent
Ashes to AshesAbsent
Adjustment ProtocolAbsent
The Blood of SanctumAbsent
Season Seven
Episode Appearance Status
From the AshesAbsent
The GardenAbsent
False GodsAbsent
Welcome to BardoFlashback
The Queen's GambitAbsent
The FlockAbsent
A Little SacrificeAbsent
The StrangerAbsent
Blood GiantAbsent
A Sort of HomecomingAbsent
The Dying of the LightAbsent
The Last WarAbsent


Season One
Thelonious Jaha: "I cannot stress this strongly enough... Mount Weather is life."
Thelonious Jaha to Marcus Kane: "I will deal with you later."
-- Pilot

Thelonious Jaha: "Hope isn't enough. Not when the end of the human race is at stake.
Abigail Griffin: "Hope is everything, and the Chancellor I voted for, he knew that."
Thelonious Jaha: "We didn't ask for this. Ours was to be a transitional generation… Ensuring that three generations from now mankind could go home. But everything has changed, and we will either be the generation that sees the human race return to Earth, or upon whose watch it finally ends. My son is already down there. I sent him. And the truth is I don't know if he is alive or dead. But I still have hope."
Thelonious Jaha to Abigail Griffin: "You have ten days."
-- Earth Skills

Thelonious Jaha: "I lost my son!"
Thelonious Jaha: "We are on the Titanic, and there are not enough lifeboats."
-- Contents Under Pressure

Thelonious Jaha: "Godspeed, my friends. Godspeed."
Thelonious Jaha: "Hold on tight, Abby. You'll see your daughter soon. And I'll see my son."
-- We Are Grounders (Part 2)

Season Two
Wells Jaha: "You're not done yet."
Thelonious Jaha: "I am done. I am!"
Wells Jaha: "Our people still need you."
Thelonious Jaha: "No. No. I got them to the ground. I did my job."
Wells Jaha: "What would you tell me to do?"
Thelonious Jaha: "That's not fair."
Wells Jaha: "You would tell me to live. You've sacrificed so much. Your life can be more than just impossible decisions and a tragic end. You can choose to live."
-- Inclement Weather

Thelonious Jaha to Marcus Kane "So we meet again."
-- Human Trials

Thelonious Jaha: "I have a message from the Commander. Leave or die. We have two days."
-- Fog of War

Thelonious Jaha: "You weren't there Abby, I saw them. Warriors trained since childhood to fight and die for their cause. And as we speak they're marching on this Camp. And trust me when I tell you the right choice is to live so that we can come back and fight another day."
-- Long Into an Abyss

John Murphy: "Yeah, so you got a lot of blood on your hands, Chancellor. Every single one of them including your son would still be alive if you hadn't sent us down here."
Thelonious Jaha: "If I didn't send you, they would've died on the Ark with the rest of us and we would've never known that Earth was survivable. Their sacrifice is why were are here. Good can come out of even the darkest acts, John."
-- Survival of the Fittest

Season Three
John Murphy: "Ok but you do know she's the one that launched the bombs that ended the world right?"
Thelonious Jaha: "Wrong. She didn't end the world she saved it."
Thelonious Jaha: "Change your mind?"
John Murphy: "Bite me."
-- Wanheda (Part 1)

Thelonious Jaha: "She's not imaginary. She's very, very real, and she can help you. All you have to do is say yes."
John Murphy: "All you have to do is let her go."
Thelonious Jaha: "You're in a lot of pain, John. I've been there. Losing my son almost killed me. The City of Light unburned me. It made me whole. I can unburden you, John. You just simply return what's mine."
-- Wanheda (Part 2)

Thelonious Jaha: "I found the City of Light."
Marcus Kane: "Well, that's great. Isn't it?"
Abby: "Ask his friend Otan. Apparently, he's there right now."
Thelonious Jaha: "I don't blame you for doubting, Abby. I know how it sounds. But it is real and it is incredible. Everything that you worry about now, war, power, none of it matters in the City of Light."
Thelonious Jaha: "We all have pain. Some of it is physical from injuries or age. Some is mental from living with the loss of our loved ones. If you think about it, whether we fight that pain or succumb to it the result is the same. It diminishes our lives, robs us of our passions and past times and damages relationships between friends and lovers. What if I told you there's a simple way to eliminate it?"
Raven Reyes: "I'd say you're full of crap. There's no simple way to eliminate pain, and you know it."
-- Hakeldama

A.L.I.E.: "You're suggesting I coerce complicity."
Thelonious Jaha: "I'm suggesting that once we give consent to take the key tool can use be used to accomplish our mission. Saving the human race by migrating it to the City of Light and that way we can defend it from the missiles you launched a hundred years ago. You hacked their programming now it's time to hack ours. Override free will starting with Raven's and let's finish what we started."
-- Fallen

Thelonious Jaha to Ontari: "You're ruling without the wisdom of the Commander's spirit. Your people will soon figure that out. I can offer you something even more powerful than the Flame... true legacy of Bekka Pramheda, all power, all wisdom contained in one simple key. All you have to do is swallow it."
-- Demons

Thelonious Jaha: "Clarke! There's nowhere to run. It's over. The second AI can no longer protect you."
-- Perverse Instantiation (Part 2)

Season Four
Thelonious Jaha to Clarke: "Heavy lies the crown. I know the burden of keeping a secret you think is going to destroy your people."
Thelonious Jaha to Clarke: "The decisions you face just whittle you down piece."
Thelonious Jaha to Clarke: "We make the best decisions that we can with the information that we have, then hope that there's a forgiving God."
-- Heavy Lies the Crown

Clarke Griffin: "You have to know that a random lottery is risky. We could end up with no doctors, no engineers."
Thelonious Jaha: "You saw that we have to give them something to fight for. We can't tell people they have no value."
Clarke Griffin: "That's not what I said."
Thelonious Jaha: "That's what they heard. The list was pragmatic, but the people need to feel like they have a say in their fate."
-- A Lie Guarded

Thelonious Jaha: "From the ashes we will rise."
-- We Will Rise

Thelonious Jaha (to the people in Arkadia): "It won't be easy. There will be plenty of hard work to go around. But together, we have struggled. And together, we will rise."
-- DNR

Killed Victims[]

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Thelonious Jaha may be descended from The Grounder Iman Jaha.
  • He is shot in "Pilot" and is given extra blood by Dr. Abigail Griffin so he wouldn't die.
  • Camp Jaha, the drop site of Alpha Station, was named after him before it was renamed Arkadia.
  • He was the last of the Sky People to come down to Earth.
  • He was the last Chancellor of the Ark.
  • Jaha was grief stricken by his son's death. This is implied to be the reason he searched out the City of Light.
  • "Praimfaya" is the first season finale he does not appear in. "Eden" is the first season premiere he does not appear in.
  • He only appears in one episode in Season Five, "Red Queen", but the actor is also credited in "Eden."
  • He is the sixth main character to die in The 100 series. The five preceding ones are Wells Jaha, Finn Collins, Lincoln, Roan, and Jasper Jordan.
  • He is the first main character to die in Season Five, the second was Monty.
  • He is the second main character to die early in a season, the first was his son Wells.


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