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Bellamy: Previously on "The 100"...

Clarke: Something's coming. Something unlike anything we've seen before. The wave of radiation will kill everything in its path.

Raven: We didn't treat her.

Abby: Her body's rejecting the radiation on its own. There's only one variable that separates Luna from the others.

Clarke: Nightblood.

Clarke: I should be going to the island to make Nightblood.

Monty: If Jaha's right and Becca created Nightblood there, they'll find her records. Then all they have to do is reverse engineer it from Luna, and everyone lives.

Clarke: If they can get it done before the radiation gets here.

Monty: Then, I guess we'd better finish the ship.

Roan: They told us that you have a Nightblood.

Kane: NIghtblood helps metabolise radiation. We're investigating ways to create it for everyone, so we can all survive.

Echo: Roan wants you alive, come quietly.

Octavia: That'll happen.

Illian: Skaikru made me murder my entire family.

Roan: We're bringing you home. Your ship is shelter from Praimfaya, so I intend to take it.

Raven: Computer, show me the radiation detection software available for the drone fleet in VHDL.

Jackson: God, Becca was good. Nightblood was designed to help the human body not reject the AI and protect it against radiation emitted from the device. That's why it saved Luna.

Abby: That's why it'll save us all. If we can figure out how she made these cells combine.

Jackson: Looks like Becca was experimenting with perfluorochemicals, oxygenators, the building block of artificial blood.

Abby: I know what they are Jackson, but I'm not seeing that here.

Jackson: Abby, what if we came all this way for nothing? What if we can't figure it out?

Abby: We can do this, Jackson. We know that Becca figured it out. Luna's proof of that. If it's not in the database, we reverse engineer it from Luna's blood.

[High-pitched sound, Raven gasps in pain]

Abby: I need a new sample. Where's Luna?

Jackson: She's sleeping, and we should let her. We've taken too much already. Her body needs time-

Abby: We don't have time! Wait! You're right, I'm sorry. Help me re-run the molecular valence test on sample 7.

Jackson: Copy that.

Jackson: Abby, listen to this. According to the record, Becca first developed what we know as Nightblood for the Eligius Mining Company.

Abby: Mining?

Jackson: Long duration space missions. Criminals were put into hypersleep and given Nightblood to protect against solar radiation.

Abby: Hmm. Nice of her to share that with our ancestors on the Ark. I don't understand. The Nightblood protein chains are broken. How does she get them to bind to the blood cells?

Jackson: I thought you hated molecular biology.

[Choking sounds]

Abby: Raven! She's seizing. Okay!

Jackson: Grab her neck.

Abby: Okay! Okay! On her side, on her side!

Jackson: I got it, I got it.

Abby: I have a Reaper stick in my bag, get it. Hurry! Okay, baby. Okay, honey. Hold her.

Jackson: I got her.

Abby: Okay. Oh, you're okay.


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