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Bellamy Previously on "The 100"...
Clarke Something's coming. Something unlike anything we've seen before. The wave of radiation will kill everything in its path.
Raven We didn't treat her.
Abby Her body's rejecting the radiation on its own. There's only one variable that separates Luna from the others.
Clarke Nightblood.
Clarke I should be going to the island to make Nightblood.
Monty If Jaha's right and Becca created Nightblood there, they'll find her records. Then all they have to do is reverse engineer it from Luna, and everyone lives.
Clarke If they can get it done before the radiation gets here.
Monty Then, I guess we'd better finish the ship.
Roan They told us that you have a Nightblood.
Kane Nightblood helps metabolise radiation. We're investigating ways to create it for everyone, so we can all survive.
Echo Roan wants you alive, come quietly.
Octavia That'll happen.
Ilian Skaikru made me murder my entire family.
Roan We're bringing you home. Your ship is shelter from Praimfaya, so I intend to take it.
Raven Computer, show me the radiation detection software available for the drone fleet in VHDL.
Jackson God, Becca was good. Nightblood was designed to help the human body not reject the AI and protect it against radiation emitted from the device. That's why it saved Luna.
Abby That's why it'll save us all. If we can figure out how she made these cells combine.
Jackson Looks like Becca was experimenting with perfluorochemicals, oxygenators, the building block of artificial blood.
Abby I know what they are, Jackson, but I'm not seeing that here.
Jackson Abby, what if we came all this way for nothing? What if we can't figure it out?
Abby We can do this, Jackson. We know that Becca figured it out. Luna's proof of that. If it's not in the database, we reverse-engineer it from Luna's blood.
[High-pitched sound, Raven gasps in pain]
Abby I need a new sample. Where's Luna?
Jackson She's sleeping, and we should let her. We've taken too much already. Her body needs time-
Abby We don't have time! Wait. You're right. I'm sorry. Help me rerun the molecular valence test on sample 7.
Jackson Copy that.
Jackson Abby, listen to this. According to the record, Becca first developed what we know as Nightblood for the Eligius Mining Company.
Abby Mining?
Jackson Long duration space missions. Criminals were put into hypersleep and given Nightblood to protect against solar radiation.
Abby Hmm. Nice of her to share that with our ancestors on the Ark. I don't understand. The Nightblood protein chains are broken. How does she get them to bind to the blood cells?
Jackson I thought you hated molecular biology.
[Choking sounds]
Abby Raven! She's seizing. Okay!
Jackson Grab her neck.
Abby Okay! Okay! On her side, on her side!
Jackson I got it, I got it.
Abby I have a Reaper stick in my bag. Get it. Hurry! Okay, baby. Okay, honey. Hold her.
Jackson I got her.
Abby Okay. Oh, you're okay.
Monty All right. This is the last batch of moonshine. Feels a little light.
Niylah Your hunters are slipping. I can only dry what they bring me.
Clarke Hey, any word from Jaha? Did they find Bellamy's unit?
Monty Yeah. They're back, and we forgot to tell you.
Niylah [in Trigedasleng] Hello, my friend.
Clarke Hi. How light were we?
Niylah Always so serious. Better. Don't worry. The earth will be more generous next time. See you then.
Clarke Hey, wait. Uh... did you charge the radio that I gave you when you were here?
Niylah Yes, like you told me to.
Clarke Good.
Harper Clarke!
Clarke Octavia?
Harper She just stopped breathing.
Clarke Ok. Get her on the table now.
Harper There's a stab wound in her belly. She's soaked in blood.
Clarke Okay. First things first. 1, 2, 3, 4... Who are you? How did this happen to her?
Ilian Ilian kom Trishanakru.
Clarke 1, 2...
Ilian I was on my way home from Polis when I found her.
Clarke Okay. Get her to medical now. Getting her here saved her life. Thank you.
Clarke Hey, hey, hey, hey, shh, it's okay. It's okay. You're okay. Octavia, you've lost a lot of blood, but you're home now. I'm gonna help you.
Octavia Azgeda's coming.
Monty What's she talking about?
Clarke I...
Octavia Azgeda is coming. Army… marching.
Clarke Octavia, hey, hey, hey, stay with me.
Octavia War is here.
Clarke Take her. Go.
Monty Okay. 3, 2, 1.
Clarke Start an I.V., blood and fluids, and--and get a suture kit ready. Hey, I have to do this, but get Kane on the radio. Find out exactly what's going on.
Monty On it.
Clarke Harper, hey, look at me. Convene the guard. Miller's dad is ranking officer. If Azgeda's coming, we need to plan our defense, okay? I'll be there as soon as I can.
Harper Okay.
Clarke Niylah, I could use the help.
David Miller Okay. We station gunners along the wall. That way, we can thin their numbers before they get a chance to close the distance.
Harper And when they get close?
David Hydrazine. We buried what was left in the engines when we landed. It's being dug up right now. We're gonna pour it into the trenches.
Harper Hey, how is she?
Clarke Strong.
David Listen. All we have to do is spread it in front of the outer wall. Then when the army gets close--
Riley We light them up.
David That's right.
Monty You want to light a fire outside the ship we just spent the last month getting ready?
Clarke That's not happening. Any word from Kane?
Monty No, but Jaha found the cargo truck 12 hours out, no sign of Bellamy or Stephens.
Clarke I have to speak to Roan. Something happened, some sort of misunderstanding.
Harper Clarke, if he wanted to talk, he wouldn't be coming with his army.
Clarke Right, but there's only one way to get here from Polis. I'll ride out and meet him.
David Are you -- No, absolutely not.
Monty Actually, that might work.
Harper Monty, what are you talking about?
Monty The Ice Nation thinks they have the element of surprise, but, thanks to Octavia, we do. Pike showed us how valuable that can be.
Harper You're citing Pike?
Monty As awful as that sounds, yes.
Echo [in Trigedasleng] Halt.
Roan [in Trigedasleng] They knew we were coming. They were warned.
Echo [in Trigedasleng] There's no way Octavia survived my blade or that fall.
Clarke We need to talk.
Roan Little late for that.
Roan [in Trigedasleng] Archers! Target Wanheda!
Echo [in Trigedasleng] My king..
Monty Okay, we got their attention.
David Remember, no one fires unless fired upon. The radiation's our enemy, not the Ice Nation.
Echo Bring the prisoners.
Roan Your move, Wanheda.
Clarke Ten minutes. That's all I ask.
Echo Wait. Where's she going? What if it's a trap?
Roan It is a trap. We're already in it.
David Okay, shooters. They're moving towards the cave. Let the king go.
Harper Wait a second. Who's still targeting?
Monty Damn it, what are you doing, Riley? Your target is the army. Clarke is negotiating with their king. Stop targeting. Over. Riley, respond.
Riley Negotiating with these people is a waste of time. We have the high ground. We have the guns. We should just take them out.
Monty Negative. We stick to the plan.
Riley You really think Ice Nation gives a damn about your plan? I have a clear shot on the king.
Monty This is a tinder box. One shot, and we'll be at war. If you do this, it will be a massacre. You need to stand down right now. Riley.
Harper He shouldn't be here, not after what they did to him.
Echo Okay. The king is clear. Archers, the first gunshot you hear, loose your arrows. Infantry, on my command, scatter and climb. Kill till there's no one left.
Kane This is insane. They knew you were coming. We have thousands of rounds. You'll be the ones with no one left.
Echo Then let's hope no one shoots.
Kane What is it?
Bellamy They thought they had the element of surprise, but we did. Someone warned them.
Kane You think it was Octavia?
Bellamy She's alive.
Octavia I have to warn them.
Niylah You did. Skaikru soldiers went to meet Roan's army.
Octavia How did I get here?
Niylah A man brought you-- Trishanakru. You're lucky. If he hadn't have found you--
Octavia Ilian.
Int. Becca's Lab – Day
[Raven’s in her chair, unconscious. Abby hovers, her motherly concern aimed at this surrogate daughter. Then Raven awakens.]
Abby Raven.
[Raven sits up and looks around. As if seeing the world anew. Something’s definitely off with her…]
Raven Abby. Abby, oh, something happened.
Abby [gently] Raven, you had a seizure. We need to do a brain scan. [looking away] Jackson, she's awake.
Raven Seizure?
Abby Mm-hmm.
Raven No. No. That--
Abby Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Raven It was like my brain was operating with such-- with such intensity. It was so real, like I was space-walking again, zero G with no suit. I'm not crazy.
Abby No. No one thinks you are.
Raven Weightlessness. Abby, what happened when you tried to get the Nightblood protein to bond with Luna's DNA?
Abby The structure of the RNA fell apart. Why?
Jackson Abby, she just had a seizure.
Raven Because I think I know why Becca couldn't make it work in this lab. Computer, show me prototype Nightblood RNA binding in a zero G environment.
Abby It would work.
Computer Simulation complete.
Jackson Your hallucination told you this?
Raven Yes. When I imagined I was weightless, my neurons must have been firing faster than my conscious mind could process.
Jackson Communicating through your subconscious.
Raven Exactly.
Abby How do we simulate zero gravity in a laboratory environment?
Jackson We can't. It's impossible.
Raven It's impossible on earth. A.L.I.E. said that Becca went to space looking for a more secure environment to get away from her, but I don't think that was the reason at all. I think she went to space to make Nightblood.
Abby Raven, how does that help us? It's not as though we can go back into space.
Raven Wanna bet? Computer. Open interior blast and launch doors. Who wants to go for a ride?
Harper The wait is killing me.
Monty Relax. They should be at the cave by now. Besides, it's not like we have another option. We have to give Clarke time.
David All units, radio check. Unit One.
Soldier Unit One--check.
David Unit Two. Unit Two. Riley, where are you?
Monty Damn it. Costa, you got eyes on Riley?
Costa Went to take a leak.
Monty How long ago?
Costa I don't know. Not long.
Monty Did he leave his rifle?
Costa Negative. Took it with him. Left his radio, though.
Harper Maybe he went home.
Monty Or he's headed to that cave to execute the king of the people that made him a slave. Any other choices I'm missing?
Harper Wait. You'll never make it past that army. What are you doing?
Monty Stopping a war.
David Monty, what are you doing? Maintain your position. Repeat-- maintain your position.
Roan I suppose you think you've got us right where you want us.
Clarke Roan, we're allies. What are we doing?
Roan We had a deal. You broke it.
Clarke I broke it? You nearly killed Octavia. You're holding Bellamy and our Chancellor hostage. You marched an army here to do what, exactly? Why would you kill us when you know we're all gonna die soon, anyway?
Roan We're not here to kill you, Clarke. We're here to take your ship, a ship you restored to save your people, not mine.
Clarke That ship is a backup plan. It'll hold 100 people tops.
Roan Then you won't mind if we take it.
Clarke Hey...before you took him hostage, did Kane tell you about the Nightblood solution?
Roan He tried. Sounds to me like you're making the next Commander, also a violation of our deal.
Clarke The Flame is gone, and you know it.
Roan If Octavia is to be believed.
Clarke Roan, this isn't a conspiracy. I am doing everything I can to save all of us.
Roan No, you're not. You grieve for Lexa, yet you've learned nothing from her. She was Trikru, but she rose above loyalty to clan. You tell yourself you have, too-- the great Wanheda, the Commander of Death who says she wants to save everyone yet builds a ship for herself, for her people.
Clarke The Nightblood solution will save everyone.
Roan I don't believe in miracles.
Clarke It doesn't have to be like this.
Roan Yes, it does. The way I see it, you have two choices-- tell your shooters to stand down, give us your ship, and use whatever time we have left to find your Nightblood solution, or tell them to open fire.
Clarke We have more bullets than you have men. You'll lose.
Roan Maybe. We'll both take losses, Kane and Bellamy among them.
Clarke You think you can shake my resolve? I was willing to sacrifice my own mother to stop A.L.I.E.
Roan And I was willing to sacrifice mine to help you. Ain't we a pair? Fight it is.
Clarke Wait. What if we share it?
Azgeda warrior Look out. Skaikru!
Monty Hey, stop. I'm unarmed. I need to talk to whoever's in charge.
Bellamy Is Octavia alive?
[Monty nods]
Echo Speak.
Monty One of our people has moved out of formation. I've reason to believe he's trying to kill your king.
Echo Why are you telling me this?
Bellamy Why do you think he's telling you this? He's trying to stop a massacre.
Kane Who is it?
Monty Riley.
Bellamy Riley? He shouldn't even be here.
Monty That seems to be the consensus.
Echo [in Trigedasleng] You and you, with me. Let's go.
Kane Wait! If our snipers see archers on the move, they'll open fire. Tell her!
Monty Those are our orders.
Echo I will not allow my king to be assassinated.
Bellamy He doesn't have to be. I know Riley. Let me come with you. I can stop him.
Echo Do you think me a fool, Bellamy?
Bellamy You'd be a dead fool if you step out of this kill box without me. Use Monty's radio and let Kane tell them we're working together to find Riley, and they'll let us pass.
Kane This is Chancellor Kane.
David Sir, are you all right?
Kane Listen to me. Bellamy's working with one of theirs to find Riley. You let them through, understood?
David Copy that.
Echo [in Trigedasleng] Take off his chain.
Echo ...and put it on this one. If I'm not back before the sun goes past the trees, kill the hostages.
Bellamy So much for building trust.
Abby I've never seen anything like it. She's using a huge percentage of her brain.
Raven There's a flight simulator built into the rocket's software. Get this hair net off me so I can strap in and give her a whirl.
Abby Not yet, Raven. Keep doing what you're doing. This is important.
Jackson Computer, temporal view. Abby…
Abby I see it.
Jackson Ischemic or haemorrhagic?
Abby We don't know if it's a stroke yet.
Jackson Then what is it?
Raven There's no fuel in the tank, but we have plenty of hydrazine back in Arkadia. We can have it here in a day.
Abby Okay, Raven. I need you to slow down.
Raven Ha! Slow down? You're kidding me, right? Abby, we have a rocket. We have to go to space and make Nightblood. It's a-- it's a two-seater, by the way. I drive. You cook. Sound like a plan?
Raven What?
Abby Listen to me. Heightened mental ability, hallucinations, euphoria, headaches-- it's all connected. A.L.I.E. warned you that the EMP would cause brain damage.
Raven Jasper was right. That's why no one else got an upgrade.
Abby What are you talking about?
Raven For everyone else, Clarke pulled the master kill switch. It-- it's like shutting down a program the right way. When the EMP fried my chip, it was more like cutting the power from the OS while the ram was still full.
Abby Go on.
Raven Part of A.L.I.E.'s code is still in my head. That's why I know things I was never taught.
Abby Becca's mind was in that code. That's why you knew where the rocket was.
Raven Yes… and now I need to learn how to fly this thing.
Abby Wait. Raven, your brain scan showed evidence of a stroke. I'm afraid that if you keep pushing like this, it's just gonna make things worse.
Raven I've been through worse, Doc.
Abby Not worse than this. Raven, it could kill you.
Raven Could or... will? So, what, I survive long enough for everyone else to die? I can't do that, Abby. Even if it costs me my life... you have to let me go.
Jackson Abby, wait. Why haven't you had any symptoms? They used the EMP on you, too.
Abby Because we both know that brain trauma can induce entirely different symptoms in different people.
Jackson Still, Abby, we have to scan your brain, too.
Abby I'll let you know if I have any headaches, ok?
Bellamy That ridge gives the best sight line to the cave. That's where we'll find him.
Echo Are you really willing to kill your own man to save my king?
Bellamy Don't you get sick of it? Sides-- my man, your king. Praimfaya doesn't give a damn about what clan you're from.
Echo I'm glad you'll get a chance to say good-bye to your sister before it comes... unless we all die here today.
Bellamy If you had killed her, these chains would be around your neck.
Echo It's like Queen Nia used to say-- war makes murderers of us all.
Roan 50 spots apiece. I can live with that.
Clarke Can your people? They wanted war.
Roan I'm a king, Clarke. I don't have to ask my people what they want. The real question is, how are you gonna sell this to your people? They won't be happy about losing half their seats in the lifeboat.
Clarke We don't need to be happy. We need to survive.
Roan If Skaikru won't follow you when the time comes to close the door, Azgeda will see that it gets done.
Clarke Let's hope it never comes to that.
Roan [in Trigedasleng] We bind ourselves with blood.
Clarke [in Trigedasleng] We bind ourselves with blood.
Bellamy We should be close. Follow my lead. If he fires that gun, we'll be at war.
Echo Whatever you say.
Bellamy There. Riley! Riley, stop. Riley, you don't want to do this.
Riley Get out of here, Bellamy.
Bellamy Echo, Echo, wait. If you fire, he will. Riley, Riley, listen to me. Pulling that trigger won't end anything. Kane and Monty will be executed, and our side will open fire. It'll be a bloodbath.
Riley You're a prisoner. You're just saying what they want you to say. I know all about that.
Echo I'm done with this. Move, or I'll kill you, too.
Bellamy Riley, stand down, okay? I am begging you. I know how you feel about them, and I know what they did to you, but your life-- your life was saved for a reason, and this isn't it. Please. Don't, okay? Don't. He's listening to me, aren't you, Riley? Trust me when I tell you, if this turns into a massacre, it will never get out of your head. War made me a murderer. Don't let it happen to you.
Niylah We've searched half the ship. What makes you so sure he's still here?
Octavia You didn't see him in Polis. He was on a mission to destroy tech. It was no coincidence he found me on my way here. He used me to get in.
Niylah This whole ship is tech. Where would you go to do the most damage?
Octavia The server room. This way.
Niylah I got you.
Echo [in Trigedasleng] My king.
Clarke Bellamy, are you okay?
Bellamy No one died today.
Roan So what did we miss?
Echo Nothing, Sire.
Ilian [in Trigedasleng] For my brother. For my father. For my mother.
Octavia Ilian, no!
Bellamy So I take it we're not at war?
Roan Not today.
Octavia Whatever you do here, it won't bring your family back.
Ilian No one needs to die. You should leave.
Octavia Please. The engine room is right below us. If it blows, you'll destroy the whole ship.
Ilian That's the idea.
Bellamy And the ship?
Octavia I was a prisoner on this ship. I hate this place, but now we need it.
Clarke If we can't crack Nightblood, we'll share Arkadia, find a way for us to survive together.
Octavia Ilian, please don't do this.
Ilian Were you in the City of Light?
Octavia No.
Ilian Then you'll never understand.
Octavia No... no, Ilian.
Clarke It came from Arkadia.
Octavia Niylah. Niylah? What the hell are you doing?
Ilian Making sure you don't die.
Arkadian I don't know where he is! Freddie! I don't know. Where is he?
Bellamy I have to find my sister.
Clarke She was in medbay. How did this happen? There. There.
Bellamy O. O! O!
Arkadian Come on. Let's go. Go.
Bellamy I got you. I got you. Let's get you out of here. I got you. I got you. Okay. O. All right.
Clarke Hey, hey, hey, are you okay?
Niylah I'm okay. Help Octavia.
Clarke Okay. Monty, take Niylah.
Monty I got you.
Clarke Hey, hey, hey, it's ok.
Octavia It was Ilian. I tried to stop him.
Bellamy Clarke--
Arkadian Cover your face.
Abby Clarke? Clarke. How'd you get here? Why didn't you tell me you were coming? Honey...
Clarke You're running out of time, Mom.