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Scene 1 - Sanctum Palace

Murphy: Of course, we'll kneel. Was there ever even a question?

[Murphy and Emori are kneeling to Sheidheda]

Wonkru Guard: These are yours.

[Wonkru Guard drops a bag on the floor]

Murphy: Ah. Why do I get the feeling this is goodbye?

Sheidheda: The palace is mine now. So is the farmhouse. For you, that--

Emori: We'll take the machine shop.

Murphy: You need a mechanic to run the reactor. She's your girl. Besides, you wouldn't want your favorite chess partner to live in a tent would you?

Sheidheda: Fine. Go. Who's next?

[Murphy and Emori get up of their knees]

Wonkru Guard(In Trigedasleng): The Children of Gabriel and the Eligius Prisoners, commander.

[The Children of Gabriel and the Eligius Prisoners walk in the palace.]

Emori(To Nelson): Kneel so that you can fight another day.

Nikki(To Murphy): Good. I still get to kill you.

[The Children of Gabriel and the Eligius Prisoners stand before Sheidheda]

Sheidheda: Convicts, Children of Gabriel, welcome to the new Sanctum. things have changed quickly, but the future is full of promise, and to reap the benefits of this bright, new day, I ask only that you take a knee to show your loyalty. A simple gesture that binds you to a contract with a single rule: If at any time you do anything that I deem disloyal, you die.

Nikki: And if we refuse?

Sheidheda: You die.

Nikki: In that case, the killers and the thieves of Eligius Exploration Ship Number 4 are at your service.

[The Eligius Prisoners kneel to Sheidheda]

Sheidheda: Nelson.

Nelson: My name is Sachin. My people and I swore an oath. Better to die free than worship at the feet of false gods. I will not kneel tonight or ever.

Sheidheda: Does this man speak for all of you? Surely some here would prefer to live. One small genuflection, and life goes on, one Sanctum under me for the benefit of all. You stand by your principles and your people stand by you. Those are the qualities of a true leader.

[The Children of Gabriel refuse to kneel]

[Sheidheda takes a gun and kills every Child of Gabriel except Nelson]

Sheidheda: There is only one leader in Sanctum. Kneel before him or die.

Nelson: life.

[Sheidheda points a gun at Nelson]

Sachin: AAAAH!!!!

[Sheidheda shoots Nelson in the head]

Intro Music

Scene 2 - Bardo: Anomaly Stone Room

[Cadogan stares at the Anomaly Stone]

Cadogan: We were so close.

Gabriel: Bill, I know you're upset.

Cadogan: Upset? Why would I be upset, just because were back to square one randomly entering codes? You told me Clarke had the key.

Gabriel: Actually, Octavia's memories did that. You just never saw the moment The Flame came out.

Cadogan: You let me believe it never did.

[Door sounds and opens as Bellamy enters]

Bellamy: My Shepherd, may I have a moment?

Cadogan: Of course. Everybody out.

Gabriel(To Bellamy): You look good in white.

Cadogan: Lock him up with the others

Disciple Soldier: Let's go. Move it.

[Disciple Soldier pushes Gabriel]

[Disciple Soldier escort Gabriel out of the room]

Cadogan: You're wondering what will happen to your friends.

Bellamy: Yes, my shepherd.

Cadogan: Join me, please.

[Bellamy and Cadogan sit down at a table]

Cadogan: Mm. Broth. I'd have killed for this during my time on the mountain.

Bellamy: I heard about First Disciple Anders. I assume you two were close. I'm very sorry.

Cadogan: Close? I met him twice. I usually only meet the First Disciple once when they come to wake me every 20 years to say there's been no progress to the Last War. Anders woke me twice. The second time we had found the Key. So, yes, I suppose, I mean, comparatively speaking, we were close, but that's not what you meant, is it? You were testing me to see if I live by the same code that I expect of my Disciples.

Bellamy: Yes, forgive me.

Cadogan: I don't want to cause you any more pain Bellamy, but your friends have to pay for what they've done. Their crimes go beyond Anders. Dozens of Disciples are dead because of them.

Bellamy: What if there was a way to fix The Flame?

Cadogan: Bellamy.

Bellamy: With the technology you have here, it could be possible.

Cadogan: And you'll help me get it as long as I don't harm your friends?

[Bellamy sighs]

Cadogan: Don't be ashamed. The path is new to you. I've walked it for centuries, and it's still hard.

Cadogan: You remind me of my son Reese. He went in search of The Flame. I never saw him again. I think my daughter killed him. I'll never know for sure

Bellamy: Well, if I can get The Flame and your daughter really is in there, you can find out.

Cadogan: Alright, If you can get it and if we can repair it and if it contains the code to the last war, your friends will be absolved.

Scene 3 - Bardo: Raven and Echo's cell

[Door sounds]

[Bellamy enters Raven and Echo's cell]

[Raven and Echo stand up]

Bellamy: It's so good to see both of you. Echo, your face.

Raven: Tell us this is a joke. These clothes, the way you betrayed us to Cadogan. Tell us this is part of some plan.

Bellamy: Keep your voice down, they are listening, and we don't have much time.

Raven: Here's the part where you tell us how screwed we are.

Bellamy: Very, you're to be executed. There is one thing that can stop it, The Flame.

Raven: The Flame you told Cadogan we destroyed?

Bellamy: We believe it can be repaired.

Echo: We?

Raven: I don't know where it is.

Bellamy: Raven, you were there. Who took it after it came out of Madi?

Raven: I don't know, and if I did, I wouldn't tell you.

[Bellamy walks to the door and knocks on it, opening it]

Bellamy(To Disciple Guards): Take this one to M-Cap.

[Two Disciple Guards enter the cell to take Raven]

Echo: Bellamy, no!

Raven: Get off me. Don't touch me.

[Raven is taken by the guards out of the cell]

Raven(To Bellamy): So much for family.

Disciple Guard: Move.

[Cell door closes]

Echo: Who the hell are you?

Bellamy: I'm the man you love.

Echo: The man I love would not be okay with torturing Raven!

Bellamy: It's not torture.

Echo: It is if you fight it. I know these people, Bellamy. I trained for five years to pass as one. Then I spent another three months and I actually became one, all so I could save you and then avenge you.

Bellamy: I'm sorry you went through that.

Echo: Are you? Because it looks to me while I was out there doing everything I could to get to you, you were forgetting me, forgetting your friends, who your family is. I scarred my own face to remind myself of who I was and where I came from so I wouldn't lose myself while I let them play with my mind. You've lost yourself, Bellamy. This isn't you!

Bellamy: I'm trying to save all of you.

Echo: And what happens if you can't find The Flame? You're just going to stand by and watch as they execute us?

Bellamy: You know I don't want that.

Echo: That's not what I asked!

Bellamy: What do you do when you believe in something with all your heart that people you love think it's crazy?

Echo: I don't know. Watch us all die, I suppose. Is this thing you believe in really that important? Is it more important than us?

Bellamy: Yes. The end of war, no more senseless death or killing. The Shepherd can deliver us there, Echo. All of us, for all mankind.

[Bellamy knocks on the door, opening it, and walks out the cell]

[Bellamy looks back at Echo before the door closes]

Scene 4 - Sanctum Palace

[Wonkru Guards carry the bodies of The Children of Gabriel out the palace]

Knight(In Trigedasleng): That was the last of them, commander. Everyone else has taken a knee

Sheidheda(In Trigedasleng): Everyone you can find you mean?

[Knight nods]

Sheidheda(In Trigedasleng): Continue the search for Madi of Shallow Valley and the other cowards. Today, they hide. Tomorrow, they'll want revenge. We can't have that.

[Indra carries a body across the palace]

Sheidheda: Isn't that right Indra?

Indra: Excuse me?

Sheidheda: Oh, you heard me. You heard everything

Sheidheda(To Knight): What about her daughter?

Knight: Gaia. she's among the missing.

[Indra walks towards Sheidheda and Knight]

Knight: We believe she's in the woods with a group led by Clarke Griffin. They're armed and extremely dangerous. Indra led a search party to find her. I was on it. There's no sign of them, but we did see this.

[Knight gives Sheidheda Madi's sketchbook]

[Sheidheda opens the sketchbook to a drawing of the Anomaly Stone]

Sheidheda(In Trigedasleng): I saw this when I had The Flame.

Indra: Why do you have Madi's book? We have a deal. I kneel to you, the child is spared.

Sheidheda: Well, that was before she went into hiding with my enemies. Are you my enemy, Indra?

Indra: No.

Sheidheda: Tell me where she is.

Indra: I don't know

Sheidheda: Have Trikru clean up this mess.

[Sheidheda closes the book]

Sheidheda(To Nikki): You, convict. Come.

[Nikki walks towards Sheidheda]

[Indra walks over to Sachin's body]

Indra(In Trigedasleng): Your fight is over.

[Indra notices that Luca is alive with his eyes open]

Indra(Whispering): Play dead.

[Luca closes his eyes pretending to be dead]

[Indra carries Luca outside the palace]

Scene 5 - Sanctum Refuge Area

Murphy(Whispering): The coast is clear. You can come out now.

[Jeremiah peeks out of another room]

Murphy: It's ok.

[Jeremiah followed by others come out the other room]

Murphy: We got clothing and medical supplies. Jackson said to only change the grossest bandages. Prioritize the antibiotics. Highest fevers only, you understand?

Trey: There's no food.

Murphy: We're working on that. Jackson's getting us some bread.

Trey: Maybe we should just kneel.

Murphy: What? No. Trey, everybody down there, including you lost people at Sheidheda's big debut. He knows that. You're scared, but if he let's you live, eventually that fear's gonna turn into anger, you're gonna want revenge and rightfully so. He will kill you to prevent that.

Trey: What are we supposed to do? We can't just hide down there forever.

Murphy: We are working on that, too, I promise.

Jeremiah: And we trust you. Come on, Trey. Let's pass this stuff out.

[Trey takes the supplies and walks off]

[Jeremiah lays his hand on Murphy's shoulder]

Jeremiah: I was right to believe in you.

[Jeremiah goes off into the other room and closes the door]

Emori: I'm proud of you, too.

Murphy: Yeah? What for? Trey's right. Hoping that we survive long enough for our friends to come save us is not a plan.

[Murphy walks up the stairs to Emori]

Murphy: You're smiling?

Emori: Sorry. It's're not worried about yourself, and I find that...incredibly sexy.

Murphy: Hm. Behavior that greatly increases our risk of death is sexy to you?

[Emori takes Murphy's shirt off]

Emori: Who knew?

Murphy: Yeah.

[Murphy tackles Emori onto the bed]

Emori: Ooh!

Murphy: Oh, ow.

Emori: It's no castle. Haha.

Murphy: No. Even a cave...garage, with you all of them are castles

[Before Murphy and Emori can kiss someone knocks on the door]

Emori: Is it Jackson again?

Murphy: I don't think so. Stay here.

[Murphy goes down the stairs with his shirt back on]

[Murphy takes a peek through the door window]

[Murphy opens the door for Indra who has Luca's body in a wheelbarrow]

[Indra enters the room]

Murphy: Indra. What the hell is that? What've you got?

[Emori comes down the stairs as Murphy closes the door]

Indra: Sheidheda slaughtered The Children of Gabriel.

Murphy: They didn't kneel.

Emori: All of them?

[Indra uncovers Luca]

Indra: Almost all.

Murphy: Hey, hey. It's ok.

Murphy: It's ok. I got you, kid. Come on, come on.

[Murphy helps Luca out the wheelbarrow]

Emori: Hey.

Indra: Can you protect him?

Murphy: I think we know a place.

Emori(To Luca): You're safe now. Come on. Ok

[Emori take Luca to the hiding Sanctumites]

Indra: There's more. Sheidheda's looking for Madi. If he finds her, he'll kill you, too.

Murphy: Yeah, trust me, I'm aware.

Indra: Do you have any weapons?

Murphy: Nuclear Reactor count?

[Indra throws pieces of cloth in the wheelbarrow]

[Murphy opens the door for Indra]

Indra: I'm proud of you, Murphy.

Murphy: Yeah, get in line.

[Indra leaves the room with the wheelbarrow]

[Murphy closes and locks the door]

Scene 6 - Sanctum Reactor

[Emori enters the code to the reactor room and takes Luca inside with the hiding Sanctumites and Madi]

Emori: Ok. Here we go.

[Emori and Luca enter the reactor]

[Madi walks up to Luca and Emori]

Madi: What happened?

Emori: It's not his blood.

Emori(Jeremiah): Take him to the decon shower, clean him up.

[Jeremiah takes Luca to the shower]

Emori(To Madi): Don't push him to talk. Yesterday he lost his biological parents, and today his people were killed.

Madi: What can I do for him?

Emori: Just be there, be his friend.

[Madi walks away from Emori]

[Emori notices Nikki on the surveillance cameras]

Scene 7 - Sanctum Refuge Area

[Someone knocks on the door]

[Murphy walks to the door]

Murphy: Indra?

Nikki(Whispering): No, but she said you could hide me.

[Murphy picks up a crowbar from a shelf]

[Murphy opens the door]

Murphy: Did she now? Because I think Indra knows me better than that. Hiding people from a one-eyed mass-murdering dictator, not really a survivor's move

[Nikki points a loaded gun at Murphy]

Nikki: Neither is not inviting me in. drop it.

[Murphy drops the crowbar as he is forced to move back by Nikki]

Nikki: Sheidheda asked me to follow her. I'm so glad it led me here. Open the reactor door

Murphy: I don't know the code

Nikki: First one goes in your leg.

[Nikki points the gun at Murphy's leg]

Murphy: Fine, easy, easy! Ok, ok, ok.

Nikki: 1...

Murphy: Don't shoot.

Nikki: Two...

[Nikki moves the gun to Murphy's head as he enters the reactor code]

[Reactor door opens]

Nikki: Hands where I can see them.

[Nikki follows Murphy into the reactor with his hands up]

Nikki: Nice and slow.

[Nikki sees Madi as she comes out of another room]

Nikki: Jackpot.

[Emori knocks Nikki out with a crowbar]

Murphy: Hey. How'd I look on camera?

Emori: Oh, good. She followed Indra.

Murphy: Yeah. you know, I'm starting to miss being a live coward.

Scene 8 - Bardo: Jordan and Hope's cell

[Hope lies on her mattress in sadness]

Jordan: It might help to uh, talk about it.

Hope: We're not friends, why would I talk to you?

Jordan: Good question, maybe because I'm the only one here...or maybe because you don't have any friends, which I can totally relate too. I was raised alone on a spaceship. You were raised alone on a planet. We've both heard stories about all the people we're now surrounded by, but they're not our friends.

[Hope sheds a tear]

Hope: When I was 10, the people here abducted my mom and Octavia. I was left alone, and a man, a prisoner came, and he was my friend. He raised me. He trained me, we--. We were gonna rescue them. I got him killed because I was too scared to kill, and I vowed never to make that same mistake again...and I didn't...up until the moment I killed my own mother, so do you still think we're the same?

Jordan: Your mom died a hero.

Hope: You weren't there.

Jordan: She saved everyone here, but I doubt that's why she did it.

[Hope gets up from her mattress]

Hope: You were not there!

Jordan: She did it to save you.

[Jordan goes over to Hope's mattress to comfort her]

Hope: I wish she hadn't.

[Hope inhales]

Jordan: She didn't do it to save your life, Hope. She did it to save your soul.

Hope(Sobbing): I...

Jordan: Hey. It's ok.

[Hope goes in to hug Jordan]

Hope(Sobbing): Oh, why?

Jordan: I don't know.

[Hope continues crying]

Jordan: I know.

Hope: Oh, it hurts.

Jordan: Let it out.

[Hope continues crying]

Scene 9 - Clarke and Octavia's cell

Octavia: (Chuckles)

Clarke: Something funny? Because I don't see anything humorous about this.

Octavia: I'm smiling because I realized, I finally understand you.

Clarke: Really? How so?

Octavia: You have Madi, I have Hope. I'd do anything to keep her safe.

Clarke: How long were you on Penance?

Octavia: We call it Skyring. 10 years. Good ones.

[Octavia looks down at the floor]

Clarke: What?

Octavia: A couple of days ago, she was just our little girl. Now she's messed up like the rest of us.

[Octavia sheds a tear as Clarke goes over to her mattress]

[Door opens as Bellamy enters through with two guards]

Clarke: You need backup to talk to us now?

Bellamy(to guards): It's ok.

[The two Disciple Guards leave the cell]

[Clarke walks over to Bellamy as the cell door closes]

Clarke: It's about time. I have been racking my brain, trying to figure out how telling Cadogan about the Flame helps us. You know what I've come up with? It doesn't.

Bellamy: I couldn't lie to him.

Octavia: Really? Why not?

Bellamy: I had an experience, something that changed me to my core.

{Flashback to Bellamy on Etherea}

Bellamy: Something that explains why we're still here and where we're going.

[Flashback: Bellamy and Doucette sit on the side of a mountain]

Bellamy: It came to me in a vision. Mom was there. The Shepherd led me to her, and there was a light, and I was beautiful, and warm, and peaceful, and I chose it.

[Flashback: Bellamy sees a vision of Aurora in a cave]

Bellamy: And when I opened my eyes, the storm had passed, just like that.

[Bellamy and Doucette look outside their cave]

{Flashback ends}

Clarke: Bellamy--

Bellamy: Clarke, I...I know how this sounds, but it's real. A war is coming, the last war we will ever fight. Win it, and we become the light.

Clarke: Is that what the cult leader told you?

Octavia: Did he tell you what happens if we lose?

Bellamy: We won't.

Octavia: We turn into crystal, wiped out, like Medusa turning people into stone. It's the end of everything.

Bellamy: Not everything, just us. If I told you that the AI that destroyed the Earth was storming our minds in a city of light, would that be any more believable? What about a group of astronauts turning into gods by transferring their minds into the bodies of their own followers in order to live forever?

Clarke: Ok. Yes. We've seen our share of crazy, but that doesn't change the fact that fighting some war to become the light is as ridiculous as the clothes your wearing.

Bellamy: There's one way to find out. Tell me where The Flame is.

Clarke: No.

Bellamy: Yesterday, you were offering it up in exchange for safe passage.

Clarke: Yesterday, I was bluffing! I made a deal to save my friends knowing damn well I had no intention of following through with it. Today, I'm standing in front of my best friend, who I thought was dead, and I don't even recognize him.

Bellamy: Clarke, I am the same person who brought you back from the dead, who refused to give up on you. There is so much more at stake here than you know, and I know you don't believe in transcendence, but I'm telling you it's real, and I am asking you to believe in me.

Clarke: Even if you're right, even if everything you're saying is true, I will not help that man start his war.

Bellamy: Tell me where The Flame is.

Octavia: Or what?

Bellamy: Dozens of Disciples are dead, including First Disciple Anders.

Clarke: Yes, and every one of them has tried to keep us from saving our friends.

Bellamy: And now, I am trying to save you, all of you! Clarke, if you don't tell me where it is, they will execute all of you. Please, let me help.

Clarke: Go float yourself.

[Bellamy sighs]

Bellamy: Guards.

[Door opens as the guards enter]

Bellamy: Take this one to M-Cap.

Clarke: What?!

[Guards grab Clarke and take her out the cell]

Guards: Come on. Let's go.

Octavia: Hey, wait.

[Bellamy holds Octavia back]

Octavia: Bellamy, what are you doing?

Bellamy: What I have to do.

[Bellamy leaves the cell with the door closing behind him]

[Bellamy watches the guards take Clarke to M-Cap]

[Doucette comes behind Bellamy]

Bellamy: They all hate me.

Doucette: They don't know what we know.

[Bellamy turns around]

Doucette: When we transcend, they will understand.

[Doucette touches Bellamy's shoulder]

Doucette: For all mankind.

Bellamy: For all mankind.

Scene 10 - Sanctum Reactor

[Nikki is tied up and gagged in the reactor when she wakes up from unconsciousness]

[Nikki screams loudly trying to get out]

Emori: Our guest is awake.

Murphy: Yeah, and she snores worse than you do.

Emori(To Refugees): Hey, it's ok, she can't hurt anyone.

Murphy(To Nikki): You know, actually, I've been wondering about something. Do you think Hatch would've kneeled? I bet he would've. I think he would've even made Sheidheda think he was working for him. He wouldn't have actually done the work, though, would he?

[Nikki grunts]

Murphy: Yeah, that's what I thought.

[Nikki continues grunting]

Murphy: See that patch over there?

[Nikki turns around]

Murphy: Hatch and I welded that into place. See, he already knew he was gonna die. All his men were down, and Raven, in one of her more questionable moments, that I nevertheless respect, locked me in here with him. She didn't think he was going to finish the job once he knew, but he did. You know why? To save you. That's what he said. Now[ahem]if you don't stop freaking out, we are gonna have to hold you in the core, where the radiation from the reactor that he helped keep from melting down will eventually kill you. His sacrifice will be worthless. His sacrifice will be worthless. Personally, I don't wanna see that happen. Do you?

[Nikki continues staring at Murphy]

Murphy: Good. Look. When this is all over, we'll drink to him in the tavern, ok?

[Nikki nods]

Murphy: Ok.

[Murphy walks out the reactor]

[Emori slow claps for Murphy]

Murphy: Alright, I'm awesome.

Scene 11 - Bardo: M-Cap

[Clarke screams while in the M-Cap chair]

Shoanna: Apologies, my Shepherd, but the neural link won't engage with her fighting like this.

Cadogan: Keep trying.

Shoanna: Clarke, tell us where The Flame is.

[Clarke continues screaming]

Shoanna: Sir, she's dangerously close to hemorrhaging.

Bellamy: Sir, I don't think she knows.

Cadogan: She does, or she wouldn't be fighting.

Cadogan: Turn it off.

[M-Cap turns off]

Cadogan: I'm sorry Bellamy. You did what you could.

Cadogan(To Doucette): Send the first of her friends to Penance

[Door opens]

Clarke: Wait, I'll take you to it, but only once all my friends are safe.

Cadogan: Done. Bellamy.

[Cadogan walks out the door]

Bellamy: It didn't have to be like this.

[Clarke sheds a tear]

Clarke: Yes, it did.

[Bellamy walks out the door before it closes]

Scene 12 - Sanctum Palace

[Indra cleans blood off the floor]

[Sheidheda walks across the blood while Indra is cleaning]

Sheidheda: Let the others do that, Indra.

Indra: You ordered Trikru to clean up the blood. I'm Trikru.

Sheidheda: Don't remind me. When you're done clean yourself up. The festivities are about to begin.

Knight: Heda, for you.

[Knight takes off a blanket from a chair made from bones]

Sheidheda: Oh, my, Knight.

[Sheidheda touches around the bones of the chair]

Sheidheda: It's perfect.

[Sheidheda sits in the chair]

Knight: There's more, heda. Bring it in.

[Two of Sheidheda's minions bring in the Anomaly Stone and place it on its stand]

Knight: Saved the best for last. The convict you had follow Indra has gone missing. Fortunately, I took it upon myself to have that convict followed.

Scene 13 - Sanctum Reactor

[Madi offers Luca a piece of bread]

[Luca softly shakes his head]

[Madi closes the napkin before others can take the bread]

Madi: Fine, then we won't eat either. After the death wave, I didn't eat for more than two weeks

Sanctum Child: Death wave?

Madi: A wave of radioactive fire taller than any tree. The fire jumped our valley. The radiation didn't. Everyone I knew died.

[Luca sheds a tear]

Madi: My parents. I was alone for 58 days. I still dream about it sometimes...but Clarke helped me through it. Friends can be good at that, too.

[Luca takes the bread from Madi's napkin and she shares it with two other Sanctumite children]

[Murphy and Emori notice Madi and her friends]

Murphy: I wish I knew you as a kid.

Emori: How about we go back upstairs and finish what we started?

[Murphy nods as the computer sounds]

Emori: John.

[Sheidheda and his minions show up at the Sanctum refuge area door]

Murphy: You think they have engine troubles? Here.

[Murphy gives Emori a gun]

Emori: What?

Murphy: Stay here.

Emori: No, I'm coming with you. He'll expect to see both of us.

Murphy: So we got in a fight. You went for a walk. Don't worry, I'll sell it.

Emori: What if you don't? You'll be on the wrong side of the door.

Murphy: You'll be on the right side.

[Murphy and Emori hug]

Murphy: I've got this.

[Murphy and Emori let go]

Murphy: I'm coming back.

[Murphy goes to answer the door]

[Emori checks the surveillance camera]

Scene 14 - Sanctum Refuge Area

[Sheidheda knocks on the door]

[Murphy opens the door]

Murphy: Oh, thank God you're back. I--. Hm. You're not Emori.

Sheidheda: May we come in?

[Sheidheda and his minions enter the refuge area]

Murphy: It's a little late.

[Sheidheda and his minions look around the room]

[Indra follows behind Sheidheda's minions]

Indra: He knows.

Murphy: Yeah, I figured.

[Sheidheda notices the reactor door]

Sheidheda: Hmm.

Sheidheda(To Murphy): Open it.

Murphy: What, the reactor?

[Sheidheda walks to Murphy]

Sheidheda: I like you, John, but our relationship's at a crossroads. Open that door, and you and your Frikdriena girlfriend live.

Murphy: I told you not to call her that.

Emori(On Intercom): Hey, cyclops.

[Sheidheda looks at the camera]

Emori(Quietly): Yeah, that's right.

Emori(On Intercom): If anything happens to John, I blow the reactor. If you try to come in here, guess what. I blow the reactor.

Knight: They're bluffing, heda.

Murphy: Are they? Everyone in there knows that they're dead the second that door opens. In life, that's called having nothing to lose. In chess, I believe that's called a...stalemate.

Sheidheda: Game's not over yet, John.

[Sheidheda faces the camera]

Sheidheda: King takes Knight!

[Sheidheda and his minions escort Murphy out the refuge area]

Sheidheda: Stay here, wait them out. When the door opens, kill them all

[Indra opens the door]

[Murphy and Sheidheda leave followed by Indra and the rest of Sheidheda's minions]

Scene 15 - Bardo: Anomaly Stone Room

[Clarke's friends are handcuffed on one side of the room]

[Door opens]

[Cadogan, Bellamy, Doucette, and Clarke enter the room]

[Clarke notices her friends in handcuffs]

Clarke: Why are they still restrained? We had a deal.

Raven: Clarke, what is this? What deal?

Clarke: He releases all of us, and I take him to The Flame.

Cadogan: You'll forgive me if I have trust issues where you're concerned.

Cadogan(To Doucette): Release their restraints one at a time.

Cadogan(To Clarke's friends): Any violence will be met with lethal force.

[Doucette takes off Miller's handcuffs]

Bellamy: No one is getting violent. It's a good thing. You're being released

Doucette: Helmet on to protect your memory.

Miller: You good with this?

[Clarke nods]

[The Anomaly opens]

Soldier: Helmet on.

[Miller puts on his helmet as he prepares to go into The Anomaly]

Soldier: Let's go.

[Doucette skips releasing Raven]

Doucette(To Raven): Not you.

Doucette(To Echo): Hands up.

[Doucette releases Echo]

Echo: Sending the fighters first, is that it?

Doucette: Can't be too careful.

Soldier: Move it.

[Echo and Bellamy shoot looks at each other]

[Doucette continues freeing Clarke's friends]

Soldier: Let's go.

[Echo walks towards the Anomaly]

Soldier: Go ahead. Step through..

Soldier: Next.

[Jordan puts his helmet on and walks through The Anomaly]

[Cadogan turns off The Anomaly before Raven can be sent through]

Clarke: What are you doing?

Cadogan: Ensuring you keep your part of the deal.

Raven: He didn't send them to Sanctum.

Cadogan: Correct, and thank you for demonstrating why I didn't send you with them.

Gabriel: We know how the stone works.

Cadogan: Also correct.

Clarke: Where are they?

Cadogan: They're safe as I promised they would be. I said nothing about releasing them to Sanctum

[Clarke turns to Bellamy]

Clarke: You knew about this?

Cadogan: He doesn't know where they are, only I do. I told you, Clarke. I don't trust you. I do, however, trust the love you have for your friends, and once I have The Key and the Last War begins, they'll all be freed, at which point each of you will be welcome to fight alongside us, and if you choose not to, well, we'll save you anyway. That is what we mean, when we say, "for all mankind."

[Raven and Gabriel look at each other]

Scene 16 - Sanctum Palace

[Murphy plays chess with Sheidheda with his hands bound with a rope]

Murphy: Your move, my liege.

[The Anomaly opens in the palace]

Man: Something's coming through.

[Clarke, Raven, Cadogan, Gabriel, and Doucette appear through with their helmets on]

[Clarke takes off her helmet]

Clarke: What the hell happened here?

Murphy: Oh, gee. Where to begin?

End Credits