The Stranger[1] is the twelfth episode of the seventh season of The 100. It is the 96th episode of the series overall.

NEW DAY – It’s a new day in Sanctum. Clarke, Octavia, Raven and Echo struggle with a new foe.

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John Murphy: "Of course we'll kneel. Was there ever any question?"
Wonkru member: "These are yours." (tosses down Murphy and Emori's clothes)
John Murphy: "Ah. Why do I get the feeling this is goodbye?"
Sheidheda: "The palace is mine now. So is the farmhouse. For you, that means --"
Emori: "We'll take the machine shop."
John Murphy: "You need a mechanic to run the reactor. She's your girl. Besides, you wouldn't want your favorite chess partner to live in a tent, would you?"
Sheidheda: "Fine. Go."
Jeremiah: "I was right to believe in you."
Raven Reyes (to Bellamy): "So much for family!"
Echo: "Who the hell are you?"
Bellamy Blake: "The man you love."
Echo: "The man I love would not be okay with torturing Raven!"
Bellamy Blake: "It's not torture."
Echo: "It is if you fight it. I know these people, Bellamy. I trained for five years to pass as one. And I spent another three months and I actually became one, all so I could save you. And then avenge you."
Bellamy Blake: "I'm sorry you went through that."
Echo: "Are you? Because it looks like while I was out there doing everything I could to get to you, you were forgetting me. Forgetting who your friends, your family is. I scarred my own face to remind myself of who I was and where I came from so I wouldn't lose myself while I let them play with my mind. You've lost yourself, Bellamy. This isn't you."
Bellamy Blake: "I'm trying to save all of you."
Echo: "And what happens if you can't find the Flame? You just gonna stand by and watch as they execute us?"
Bellamy Blake: "You know I don't want that."
Echo: "That's not what I asked!"
Bellamy Blake: "What do you do, when you believe in something with all your heart the people you love think is crazy?"
Echo: "I don't know. Watch us all die I suppose. Is this thing you believe in really that important? Is it more important than us?"
Bellamy Blake: "Yes. The end of war. No more senseless death or killing. The Shepherd can deliver us there, Echo. All of us. For all mankind."
Indra: "Do you have any weapons?"
John Murphy: "Nuclear reactor count?"
Indra: "I'm proud of you, Murphy."
John Murphy: "Yeah. Get in line."
John Murphy: "Hey. How do I look on camera?"
Emori: "Oh, good. She followed Indra?"
John Murphy: "Yeah. You know, I'm starting to miss being a live coward."
Clarke Griffin: "Is something funny? Because I don't see anything humorous about this."
Octavia Blake: "I'm smiling because I realized... I finally understand you."
Clarke Griffin: "Really? How so?"
Octavia Blake: "You have Madi, I have Hope. I'd do anything to keep her safe."
Clarke Griffin: "How long were you on Penance?"
Octavia Blake: "We call it Skyring. Ten years. Good ones."
Clarke Griffin: "What?"
Octavia Blake: "A couple of days ago she was just our little girl. Now she's messed up like the rest of us."
Clarke Griffin: "You need backup to talk to us now?"
Bellamy Blake: "It's okay." (the guards leave)
Clarke Griffin: "It's about time. I have been wracking my brain trying to figure out how you telling Cadogan the truth about the Flame helps us. You know what I've come up with? It doesn't."
Bellamy Blake: "I couldn't lie to him."
Octavia Blake: "Really? Why not?"
Bellamy Blake: "I had an experience, something that changed me to my core, something that explains why we're still here and where we're going. It came to me in a vision. Mom was there. The Shepherd led me to her and there was a light and it was beautiful and warm and peaceful and I chose it and when I opened my eyes the storm had passed just like that."
Clarke Griffin: "Bellamy--"
Bellamy Blake: "Clarke I-- I know how it sounds, but it's real. A war is coming, the last war we will ever fight. Win it and we become the light."
Clarke Griffin: "Is that what the cult leader told you?"
Octavia Blake: "Did he tell you what happens if we lose?"
Bellamy Blake: "We won't."
Octavia Blake: "We turn into crystal, wiped out like Medusa turning people into stone. It's the end of everything."
Bellamy Blake: "Not everything, just us. If I told you the AI that destroyed the Earth was storing our minds in a City of Light, would that be any more believable? What about a group of astronauts turning themselves into gods by transferring their minds into the bodies of their own followers to live forever?"
Clarke Griffin: "Ok. Yes. We've seen our share of crazy. But that doesn't change the fact that fighting some war to become the light is as ridiculous as the clothes you're wearing!"
Bellamy Blake: "There's one way to find out. Tell me where the Flame is."
Clarke Griffin: "No."
Bellamy Blake: "Clarke, yesterday you were offering it up in exchange for safe passage."
Clarke Griffin: "Yesterday, I was bluffing. I made a deal to save my friends, knowing damn well I had no intention of following through with it. Today, I'm standing in front of my best friend who I thought was dead and I don't even recognize him."
Bellamy Blake: "Clarke, I am the same person who brought you back from the dead, who refused to give up on you. There is so much more at stake here than you know and I know you don't believe in transcendence, but I'm telling you it's real and I am asking you to believe in me."
Clarke Griffin: "Even if you're right, even if everything you're saying is true, I will not help that man start his war!"
Bellamy Blake: "Tell me where the Flame is."
Octavia Blake: "Or what?"
Bellamy Blake: "Dozens of Disciples are dead, including First Disciple Anders."
Clarke Griffin: "Yes and every one of them has tried to keep us from saving our friends."
Bellamy Blake: "And now I am trying to save you, all of you. Clarke, if you don't tell me where it is, they will execute all of you. Please, let me help."
Clarke Griffin: "Go float yourself."
Bellamy Blake: "Guards! Take this one to M-Cap."
Octavia Blake: "Bellamy, what are you doing?!"
Bellamy Blake: "What I have to do."
Bellamy Blake: "They all hate me."
Doucette: "They don't know what we know. When we transcend, they will understand. For all mankind."
Bellamy Blake: "For all mankind."
John Murphy: "You know, actually, I've been wondering about something. You think Hatch would've kneeled? I bet he would've. I think he probably would've even made Sheidheda think he was working for him. He wouldn't have actually done the work, though, would he? Yeah. That's what I thought. You see that patch over there? Hatch and I welded that into place. See, he already knew he was gonna die. All his men were down and Raven, in one of her more questionable moments that I nevertheless respect, locked me in here with him. She didn't think he was gonna finish the job once he knew, but he did. You know why? (Nikki shakes her head) To save you. That's what he said. Now if you don't stop freaking out, we are gonna have to hold you in the core, where the radiation from the reactor that he helped keep from melting down will eventually kill you. His sacrifice will be worthless. Personally, I don't wanna see that happen. Do you? (Nikki shakes her head) Good. Look. When this is all over, we'll drink to him in the tavern, ok? (Nikki nods) Ok. (to Emori) Alright, I'm awesome."
Madi Griffin: "Fine. Then we won't eat either. After the death wave, I didn't eat for more than two weeks."
Lee: "Death wave?"
Madi Griffin: "A wave of radioactive fire taller than any tree. The fire jumped our valley. The radiation didn't. Everyone I knew died. My parents. I was alone for 58 days. I still dream about it sometimes... But Clarke helped me through it. Friends can be good at that, too."
Clarke Griffin: "What the hell happened here?"
John Murphy: "Gee, where to begin?"

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