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Guard: Come on! 

Gabriel: What is this?

Guard: Up. Come.

Gabriel: Where are we going? Look, my friends-- what happened to them?

Guard: Doubt they'd call you a friend since you got them captured. 

Gabriel: No, no, no, no, no! Echo! Hope! I'm sorry! 

Anders: Dr. Santiago. Come. Please. Miraculous, isn't it? A gift from those who have transcended, or so we believe. Lorenza, we can proceed. 

Gabriel: Transcended?

Anders: The shepherd teaches us that winning the last war brings upon the final evolution of a species. I thought Orlando would have taught you that. He hanged himself in the cabin. It appears we need to rethink our penal system. We lost 25 disciples thanks to you and yours. I just sent the others off to Nakara, but I thought that you might like to say good-bye. 

Gabriel: I'm sure hope and Echo would, too. 

Anders: We have different plans for them. Please. 

Gabriel: Death is life. Is Nakara your heaven?

Anders: He left that out, too, did he? No, we don't believe in heaven, doctor. Like I said, we believe in transcendence. 

Gabriel: Transcendence through the stone?

Anders: Correct. From the little we've gathered about you from Octavia, I believe that you can help us get there. 

Gabriel: Really? And why would I help you?

Anders: Because you don't want to be executed. 

Gabriel: I don't want my friends to be executed either. 

Anders: Well, that's up to them. You've been studying the stone for 150 years. We've been doing so for nearly 1,000, and still, its true power remains locked away. I would like you to help us unlock it. We'll share our knowledge, you'll share yours, and all you have to do is say, "yes," and tell us everything you know about Clarke Griffin. 

Gabriel: Clarke? What does Clarke have to do with any of this?

Anders: She's the key to eveything. Join our cipher team and you'll understand why. 

Gabriel: Do I get a robe?


Emori: Rise and shine, errand boy. The dark commander needs his breakfast. No one else is allowed to talk to him, and if you wait too long, someone might. Last thing we need is for him to get into someone else's head. 

Murphy: Fine. I'm going. Should have gone with Indra, though. She got to go looking for our friends while we're stuck here babysitting the fanatics. 

Emori: Indra left us in charge because the faithful follow us both. 

Murphy: You're not worried about our friends? 

Emori: Well, our friends can take care of themselves. I have to get back to work. 

Murphy: Well, clearly you're not worried about the missing guns, or you wouldn't still be planning this little party of yours. 

Emori: It's not a party. it's a reunification ceremony. 

Murphy: Right. 

Emori: Kaylee's dream of unifying the children of Gabriel with their families-- it's the key to real peace, and I'm worried that you'll be late for it. 

Murphy: Me? No. No way. This is your deal, Kaylee Prime. And if I could, I would be talking you out of it. 

Emori: Look, Daniel supported it, too. I need you there for the people who favor him. The road out of hell is paved with good deeds, John. You're not going to hell. 

Murphy: Fine. I will be there right after I bring Sheidheda his pound of flesh. 

Emori: Ah! Refreshments. Thank you for reminding me. 

Murphy: You like this. Being the queen of the castle, being worshipped. 

Emori: Don't be ridiculous. Besides, you've worshipped me for years. 


Jackson: This one's interesting. What is it?

Madi: I don't know. Something dangerous?

Jackson: Are you sure? It's kind of beautiful. Who are they?

Madi: I don't know. 

Jackson: Do you always draw pictures of people you don't know?

Madi: No, lately, I guess. Does that mean I'm crazy or something?

Jackson: Well, first of all, no. You're not crazy. And second of all, we don't like that term. But you did have a panic attack yesterday with Indra. Let's get back to what's really bothering you. Do you play soccer, Madi?

Madi: No. My parents never let me. Too afraid I'd scrape a knee and they'd see my blood. 

Jackson: And when the Fleimkepas came, they hid you? So... when Bellamy asked you to take the flame, how did that make you feel?

Madi: I was scared... but I had to do it to save Clarke. 

Jackson: That's what Bellamy told you, but that doesn't make it right, even if it was true. So when Indra asked you to be the commander again, it brought all that back up? Madi... you have been through a lot, and you are so strong, but you gotta cut yourself some slack. Okay? You're not the commander anymore, so you dont have to take it all on your shoulders. Right?

Madi: Right. 

Jackson: And do you mind if I hang onto this?

Madi: Do you mind if I go play soccer?

Jackson: You'd be crazy not to. 

Madi: Thanks, Dr. Jackson. 

Jackson: Another session tomorrow, right?

Madi: Right!

Emori: Great. You're here. Saves me a stop. Madi looks better.

Jackson: Yeah. 

Emori: Come here. I've got almost all of the DNA samples from the children of Gabriel. 

Jackson: That's great, but maybe we should talk about why you're doing this instead of doing it. 

Emori: Ha! Oh, you really are in shrink mode today, aren't you?

Jackson: You're parents left you out to die, Emori, just like the children of Gabriel. 

Emori: If I can give these people peace, and, yes, heal myself at the same time, how is that a bad thing?

Murphy: Maybe he can do a better job talking you out of it than I did. 

Emori: He can't! 

Murphy: Yeah, yeah. 

Emori: I'll get you the rest of the DNA. You get me the names of their parents. 


Girl: Blessed is Daniel. I'd be happy to take it to him, my lord. 

Murphy: I would be, too, believe me. 

Sheidheda: Indra has a new serving boy. Not hungry, serving boy. Be gone. 

Murphy: My plans exactly. Must suck going from the penthouse to the outhouse. I'm enjoying it, though. Comfortable bed. Jo juice flowing from the taps. 

Sheidheda: Indra must trust you to send you in here with me.

Murphy: Oh, trust me? No one trusts me. 

Sheidheda: She does, or she wouldn't have told you who I was. 

Murphy: What are you talking about, Russ?

Sheidheda: That's why you're scared. I can feel it. You don't need to be. 

Murphy: Well, fear's always worked pretty well for me, so...

Sheidheda: Being feared works better. Sit, please. I'll teach you how to play chess. It'll be nice to have a conversation with someone in which I don't have to pretend to be a hand-wringing fool. 

Murphy: Well, as much fun as that sounds, I've got things to do. 

Sheidheda: I saved you from being burned alive. One game. I'll tell you what. If you win, i'll give you what you want most of all. 

Murphy: And what is that exactly? Enlighten me, please. 

Sheidheda: A chance to be a hero. 

Murphy: Yeah, you don't know me very well. 

Sheidheda: I know you went into that tavern to save a child at great risk to yourself. Were you scared when they were preparing you to burn, as scared as you are right now?

Murphy: I'm not scared. 

Sheidheda: Good. Then let's play.

Murphy: How can you make me a hero? I don't care about that. I just assume it means you know something bad is about to happen. 

Sheidheda: Bad depends on your perspective. But from your perspective, yes. Something bad is about to happen. Your move. 

Murphy: And if I lose?

Sheidheda: Only losers think like that, John. But the answer is people will die. No rush. It's not as if lives depend on it. The queen's gambit. Aggresive. 

Murphy: Shut up and move. Please. 


Bellamy: What's wrong? Can't handle finally being forced to tap?

Echo: Took you three years. 

Bellamy: Come back. Murphy wants a shot at the title. You can coach him on my weaknesses.

Echo: I don't think you have any. 

Bellamy: No. Everybody has their weaknesses. My sister is mine. 

Echo: Your sister is your strength. The reason why you won't give up until we get back down there. So what's my weakness?

Bellamy: Ha! Yours is tricky. Now, you don't talk about yourself much, and you're a shapeshifter. Loyalty. Loyalty is your weakness.

Echo: Loyalty is not a weakness.

Bellamy: It is when it causes you to do something you know you shouldn't. 

Echo: Nearly killing Octavia... betraying you at Mount Weather.

Bellamy: Echo. Echo, we've all done bad things, some of them to each other. But we are a team now. A unit. That's the reason we'll get back to the ground. Think you could be loyal to us?

Echo: I'd like that. Bellamy, this isn't real. As soon as we get back to the ground, all of this--


Octavia: I miss him, too. 

Echo: I don't wanna talk. 

Octavia: I know you're in pain, Echo. I feel it. 

Echo: So, what? Are we friends now? I'm the monster from Hope's bedtime stories, remember?

Octavia: Echo, we've all done things we wish we could take back. When Lincoln died, I beat my brother. He let me... because he thought I needed it. I wish I could take that moment back. I wish I'd hugged him instead. 

Echo: Let go of me. Let go of me. 

Octavia: No. No. No way. No. Echo, it's not your fault. I've been there. It's not your fault. You're my family, too. 


Hope: Echo! 

Diyoza: Echo the one who taught you to fight?

Hope: No. My father did that. 

Diyoza: Did he now?

Hope: Dev. A disciple prisoner who showed up six months after you left. 

Diyoza: I suppose I should be grateful for that. 

Hope: He was a good man. 

Diyoza: Was?

Hope: Next time this door opens, we attack from each side. 

Diyoza: They'll come in hot and with numbers. Bad plan.

Hope: Okay. Then tell me how the hell you got out the last time.

Diyoza: That's dishes, young lady. 

Hope: Mom, I'm serious. How did you do it?

Diyoza: I ripped a man's jugular out with my teeth, then scooped his eye out and used it on the retinal scanner. It won't work again. I was on my way to Octavia and then back to Skyring. Why did you come here?

Hope: To save you. 

Diyoza: I know your heart was in the right place, but--

Hope: But?

Diyoza: But you're my child! It's not your job to rescue me. I was coming for you. And now you're gonna rot in here with me until they execute us, but hey, at least we get to die together. 

Hope: You're just mad because I turned out to be a killer like you.


Nelson: So what's your endgame, Nikki?

Nikki: Well, gee, Nelson, I don't know. Does revenge count?

Nelson: You lost your husband. I'm sorry about that. But the children of Gabriel have a mission, and it does not involve getting innocent people killed. 

Nikki: Don't kid yourself, honey. There's no innocent people at the end of the world. I don't care what planet you're standing on. Look, you've had it rough. But from where I sit, your mission is over. You said Russell is dead and so are Daniel and Kaylee. What does death to Primes mean if there are no more Primes to make dead? Join us. A little deprogramming, some revenge. We'll split this place 50/50, but I get the palace. What do you say? Partners?

Emori: Nelson! There you are. 

Nikki: Well, look at you! All perky and pretty. I guess Raven knew you'd bounce right back, huh? Or is it palace life that's giving you that glow?

Emori: We're in the palace to maintain peace. That's all. 

Nikki: Oh! Well, you are doing a bang-up job. My offer's good till lunch. 

Emori: Mind if I sit?

Nelson: Why would I mind? I'm not here. 

Emori: Wait--

Nelson: Don't touch me, Prime! My people are watching. What the hell do you want?

Emori: What I want is to help your people. All of them. Not just the children of Gabriel. And I know you do, too. 

Nelson: You know nothing about me. 

Emori: I know how you feel, cause I felt it, too. 

Nelson: You better get to the point. 

Emori: When I was a child on Earth, people like me were seen as a stain on the bloodline. They called us Frikdreina, not Nulls, but it's the same thing. I know what it's like to be thrown out like garbage by the people who should love you the most. 

Nelson: I'm still waiting on that point. 

Emori: I would give anything for the chance to see them again,  ask them why, show them how wrong they were about me. 

Nelson: I don't give a damn about any of that. 

Emori: Then why are you still here? Go back to whatever cave you lived in. 

Nelson: I'm done living in caves. This is my home. 

Emori: Yes, it is. The ceremony is this afternoon. I can reunite you with your family, Nelson. Let me do that.

Nelson: They can burn for all I care. Let's go.


Murphy: Oh, I now remember why I hate chess. 

Sheidheda: Why?

Murphy: Too much thinking. Make your move.

Sheidheda: Somewhere else you need to be?

Murphy: Somebody else I need to not disappoint.

Sheidheda: Ah, yes. The frikdreina.

Murphy: That's it? Twenty minutes for that? You could have taken my castle. 

Sheidheda: Oh, I'll get it soon enough. Must be hard settling for one woman, when as a God you could have as many as you want.

Murphy: You don't know Emori.

Sheidheda: Perhaps not, but from what I've seen, she's taking a liking to being worshipped. 

Murphy: What about you?

Sheidheda: What about me what?

Murphy: I mean, I assume you don't like women very much, but then again, how could you? Mother gave you up to fight in the conclave and become commander, then there's the whole Lexa thing. Knowing that she is everybody's favorite when they hated you. Then again, she did unite the clans.

Sheidheda: I united the clans!

Murphy: Please. The only people you united were the flamekeepers who banded together to kill you.

Sheidheda: They killed me because they were afraid of my ideas. Just like they killed Lexa. But don't worry. I won't let that happen again.

Murphy: Again. So that is what you want, to be back in power, big man?

Sheidheda: Well done, John. You just figured out what Indra knew the moment she realized I was alive. So much for the queen's gambit. There are leaders, and there are followers. How you respond to the loss of your queen will tell me what you are.

Murphy: Well, I'm gonna tell you right now. The answer's C, none of the above.

Sheidheda: A rebel, then. Is that what you think?

Murphy: I do what I have to to survive, yeah.

Sheidheda: Then why are you here? Playing chess with a man who could kill you more ways than can be counted in order to satisfy an inner need to be loved is not the move of a survivor.

Murphy: Let's just play the game.

Sheidheda: Chess is more than a game, John. It's strategy and uncertainty governed by choices. Avenging your queen. Predictable.

Murphy: Enough with the chess metaphors! If anything happens to Emori--

Sheidheda: Before you threaten me, think carefully. I like you, John. You amuse me. But a real survivor would choose to stay on my good side in the off chance I escape this cage and take my rightful place on the throne. Are you willing to bet against that? If you knew what I was planning, I don't think you would be.

Murphy: Tell me what it is, and I'll decide. 

Sheidheda: Win the game... and I will.


Diyoza: What else did Gabriel tell you? I take it he said I was a killer. I'm asking how much do you know. 

Hope: It doesn't matter.

Diyoza: It does to me.

Hope: He said you were a navy seal and a decorated hero who saved thousands of lives in the Battle of San Francisco before becoming a freedom fighter.

Diyoza: You mean terrorist? He said terrorist, right?

Hope: What difference does it make?

Diyoza: All the difference. God, I hate that you know that.

Hope: You weren't gonna tell me?

Diyoza: Sure, eventually, when you were old enough.

Hope: I'm 25.

Diyoza: To me, you're not. From the first time you looked at me with those big brown eyes, you only saw mommy. But other people, they see a killer, a mass murderer, a terrorist. I knew if you ever looked at me like that, my heart would break into 1,000 pieces.

Hope: I don't. Now I know you were trying to do the right thing.

Diyoza: Doing the right thing the wrong way isn't doing the right thing. I know that now. Innocent people died from my right thing. Civilians. Children. And for what? Nothing! Earth is gone. Blown up. Twice. You can thank your real father for that, by the way.

Hope: You never mentioned my father before.

Diyoza: How much do you want to know?

Hope: Everything.

Diyoza: He was a psychopath and a cold-blooded killer. I had sex with him to get him on my side in an uprising on the mining ship. Not my best decision, but it led to the best thing that ever happened to me. And youre right. The last thing I want is for you to follow in my footsteps. Everyone I ever loved was killed fighting in wars, some that didn't need to be fought, and I'm not gonna let that happen to you.

Hope: So, what, we stay here? Do nothing? I trained for 15 years under two disciples. The last five of them were with Echo. I did that to save you and Aunty O.

Diyoza: Hell of a job you did.

Hope: You're alive, aren't you? So is she.

Diyoza: Sure, until we're not!

Hope: If they want to kill us, then let them tr--

Diyoza: Hope, don't be stupid. What are we gonna do? Take on an entire army?

Hope: If we have to. With Octavia, Echo, you, and me, I like our chances.

Diyoza: You say you're not a child. Stop talking like one. You want to take on an army? Tell you what... put me on my ass, and I'll let you. Hell, I'll even help you. Go ahead. Take your best shot.

Hope: I don't want to hurt you.

Diyoza: It's okay. I can take it. Come on. Is that all you got? Come on, little one. Next time that door opens, we gotta attack, right? Are we having fun yet? Violence and rage will only destroy your soul. Revenge is a game with no winners. And we've lost too much already.

Hope: Just disappeared. Just like that, you were gone. Out of nowhere. Just gone. All I want to do is go back to the way things were, but we can't. They took my mommy away. They took my mommy.

Diyoza: I know, little one. That's why I can't lose you again. I can't... and I won't.


Octavia: Something's different. There's plenty of cells, but they put us together. They're feeding us. We have blankets. Why?

Echo: Do you know why Azgeda warriors scarred their own faces?

Octavia: Echo?

Echo: We do it to symbolize that the pain is over. The wound is healed, so that we never forget.

Octavia: Sit down and let me call you a--

Echo: No. Orlando told us that all they care about is their last war. They want us to fight with them. That's why it's different. We're not prisoners. We're recruits. We're ready to fight with you!

Octavia: Please, this is crazy.


Echo: This is how my people show they're ready to go to war.

Anders: I'm glad to hear that. Do the rest of you agree with Echo?

Octavia: All right. Free us, and we'll fight your war. 

Anders: The last war will free us all, Miss Blake. Training starts tomorrow. We'll make disciples of you yet.


Madi: It's pretty cool what you've done here.

Emori: Now all we need is John. Welcome. I'm glad you came.

Paula: May I ask? Our boy...

Emori: Not everyone is here yet, but I am sure he will be. Jeremiah, please show Nelson's parents to their table.

Zahir: If it's not too much trouble, I think I might feel better about this with Daniel Prime's blessing.

Emori: Daniel will be here momentarily. You know how he is with time. 


Sheidheda: You're less confident now. Perhaps that's because you've seen how this ends.

Murphy: It's not over yet. Most dangerous when I'm cornered. 

Sheidheda: That makes two of us. Check. 

Murphy: Why? You could have won with your queen. That was the checkmate move. You just want to keep me here.

Sheidheda: Kaylee's always been too soft. Only Daniel's words hold water with the true fanatics. Without him, your frikdreina's ceremony will almost certainly fail. If you make a sound, I'll kill you. Checkmate.


Nelson: This was a bad idea.

Emori: And yet, you're here. If I had the chance, I'd have come, too.

Nelson: So how do we do it?

Emori: I already have. Don't be mad. I know you said no, but I took your glass and I matched your DNA because I hoped you'd change your mind. Your parents are here if you want to meet them. They're nervous, too. Come on. Paula? Zahir? This is your son Nelson.

Paula: Sachin. That's what we called you. It means pure.

Zahir: No. We did the right thing. You are an abomination. All of you are!

Emori: Guards! Guards! Zahir, stop! 


Sheidheda: You can call for help now.

Murphy: Help! Guards, let me out of here! 


Nikki: Isn't this a lovely party?

Emori: What the hell are you doing?

Nikki: Shut up! Partners?

Nelson: I'm with you. And so are my people.

Nikki: Good choice. All cogs get guns.

Emori: Nelson, don't do this.

Nelson: You did this, and now you get to die for it, Kaylee Prime.

Nikki: Woah! Slow down, cowboy. First we make demands, and then we get to kill people. There's no need to rush the good stuff.


Gabriel: I've been entering codes for three months and I'm losing my mind. How do you stand it?

Man: I know it's not exciting, but good science takes time.

Gabriel: This isn't science. It's trial and error. How long has it been since you found a new function?

Man: It was before I joined the team, before I was born, actually, but it was a good one. The ten digit code that allows us to harness the power of what you call the anomaly.

Hayden: Hold the work. Someone's coming through.

Gabriel: From where?

Hayden: Looks like Nakara. We need some disciples in here.

Clarke: Don't move!

Gabriel: Clarke. They've been waiting for you.

Clarke: Gabriel?

Gabriel: It's good to see you.

Raven: Where are the others? Bellamy? Octavia? Echo?

Gabriel: Octavia and Echo are here. But I'm sorry. Bellamy's dead.


Anders: From the ashes, through the bridge the shepherd will rise.

Bill: You again?

Anders: Anders, my shepherd.

Bill: Please call me Bill.

Anders: Bill.

Bill: If you've woken me this early, I suspect you have news. Have we cracked the code? Has the war begun?

Anders: No, not yet, sir. But... we have the key.