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The Queen's Gambit is the seventh episode of the seventh season of The 100. It is the ninety-first episode of the series overall.

LINDSEY MORGAN DIRECTS THE EPISODE - Emori tries to heal Sanctum's old familial wounds while Echo, Octavia and Diyoza struggle with new ones.


After turning in himself and his friends, Gabriel is brought from his cell to the stone room on Bardo . Gabriel watches Anders  send Orlando's wrapped-up body through the Anomaly Stone to Nakara. When Gabriel asks Anders if Nakara is their heaven, the latter explains that they don't believe in heaven or hell, only transcendence through the stone. While Gabriel has studied the stone for 150 years, Anders reveals that the disciples have been analyzing it for over a thousand years. Due to Gabriel's knowledge about Clarke, who is believed to be the key to the stone, Anders gives Gabriel the option to join them in unlocking the stone's power or be executed. Gabriel accepts Anders's offer and joins the code-breaking team.

In a flashback, Echo remembers her time on the ring with Bellamy. He told her that her weakness was loyalty because it caused her to do things that she knew were wrong. Echo says that "this isn't real", but they end up sharing a kiss.

Echo is revealed to be sharing a cell on Bardo with Octavia, who has had a past feud with her. Seeing her Azgeda cellmate grieve, Octavia explains how they've all done things they regret, revealing the time when she beat up Bellamy after Lincoln's death. Echo eventually accepts Octavia's hug.

Hope and Diyoza , her mother, are also sharing a cell. Hope wants to escape by attacking, but Diyoza tells her that it's pointless. While Hope has lived for 25 years, Diyoza saw her only weeks ago at the age of 10 due to the time dilation between Skyring/Penance and Bardo. Hope has also learned about Diyoza's past as a terrorist/freedom fighter. Diyoza expresses her pain over the fact that Hope will no longer look at her as just her mother. Diyoza challenges Hope to a fight, hoping to reset her scopes, and easily overpowers her daughter and pulls her to the ground in a hug.

Echo realizes that they are being treated well becuase the Disciples want them to fight in their "war to end all wars". Echo scars her face and covers it with blood, a sign that an Azgeda warrior is prepared for battle. She tells her captors that she is ready to fight and the four of them are released. Anders says that their training to become Disciples will start the next day.

3 months later (in Bardo time), while Gabriel is studying the stone with other members of the code-breaking team, someone appears to be entering the stone room from Nakara. It is quickly revealed to be Clarke, along with RavenMillerJordan, and Niylah. Gabriel tells Clarke that Bellamy is dead while the other members of the code-breaking team mutter "the key".

Anders is seen going in the elevator to Level 13, the Sepulcher Chamber. He mutters "From the ashes, through the bridge the Shepherd  will rise" - very similar to the Second Dawn and later the Grounders's "from the ashes we will rise". Anders then opens a cryogenic chamber with what appears to be "William Cadogan" written on it. Bill Cadogan, founder of the Second Dawn, awakens from it. It is assumed that he is the Shepherd and has been woken up periodically by the First Disciple to educate him on their progress in unlocking the Anomaly stone. Anders explains to him that "the key" has arrived.

Back in SanctumEmori, masquerading as Kaylee Prime, plans to hold a reunification ceremony where children deemed as nulls and cast out during Oblation can meet their biological parents who still live in Sanctum. Jackson later suggests that this event is Emori's attempt to heal the pain that she has from being cast out as a Frikdreina when she was a child.

Jackson has a meeting with Madi to uncover what led to her panic attack the previous day when Indra asked her to stand before Wonkru as their commander. He reassures her that she isn't crazy despite her likely Flame -induced drawings of unknown people that she describes as "something dangerous". He uncovers Madi's sadness, due to never being able to live a normal childhood, in order to keep her nightblood a secret from the flamekeeper scouts. Madi explains that she was scared when Bellamy asked her to take the Flame in order to save Clarke. When Indra asked her to become the commander again, it "brought all that back up", leading to a breakdown. Jackson advises her to "cut herself some slack" and go have fun as a kid, keeping her book of drawings presumably for observation.

Still assuming the identity of Daniel PrimeMurphy visits Sheidheda, who is pretending to be Russell Prime. He brings him food provided by a member of the Faithful, unbeknownst to the fact that she had hidden a note in the cookie reading "Unification Ceremony Today". Sheidheda realizes that Murphy knows who he really is. Murphy plays a game of chess with Sheidheda in hopes of winning and learning what the dark commander's next plan is. Murphy expresses that he doesn't want to be a hero and even brings up Sheidheda's insecurities about being seen as inferior to Lexa. It is later revealed that the chess game was a distraction so that Emori's reunification ceremony would fail without Daniel Prime being present.

Nelson is seen brokering a deal with Nikki to supposedly align the Children of Gabriel with the Eligius prisoners. Emori asks Nelson if he will attend the reunification ceremony to meet his parents. When he says no, she takes his cup in order to match the DNA with his biological parents.

At the reunification ceremony, Nelson's mother is happy to meet him. His father expresses that he would feel more comfortable with Daniel Prime's blessing, but Murphy is currently being held up by Sheidheda, who is pinning him against the chess board. Nelson's father claims that they "did the right thing" and attempts to strangle Nelson, who stabs his father in self-defense. The ceremony goes up in chaos when Nikki and the Eligius prisoners storm in with the stolen guns. Nelson wants to kill Emori, but Nikki tells him to make demands first and then "get to kill people".



Guest Starring


  • Adam Lolacher as Jeremiah
  • Miles Chalmers as Zev
  • Stephanie Izsak as Hayden
  • Britt Irvin as Alyssa
  • Yee Jee Tso as Cameron
  • Deni DeLory as Paula
  • Michael Benyaer as Zahir
  • Dylan Kingwell as Luca
  • Chris Bradford as Luca's Father
  • Leah Hennessey as Luca's Mother
  • Sean Quan as Rex
  • AJ Simmons as Female Cipher Tech
  • Alan Mak as Male Cipher Tech
  • Tina Grant as Lorenza (credited as Stone Conductor)


John Murphy: "You like this. Being the queen of the castle, being worshipped."
Emori: "Don't be ridiculous. 'Sides, you've worshipped me for years."
Emori: "Come here. I've got almost all the DNA samples from the Children of Gabriel."
Eric Jackson: "That's great, but maybe we should talk about why you're doing this instead of doing it."
Emori: "Ha. Oh, you really are in shrink mode today, aren't you?"
Eric Jackson: "Your parents left you out to die, Emori, just like the Children of Gabriel."
Emori: "If I can give these people peace and, yes, heal myself at the same time, how is that a bad thing?"
John Murphy: "Maybe he can do a better job talking you out of it than I did."
Emori: (to Murphy) "He can't."
John Murphy: "Yeah, yeah."
Emori: (to Jackson) "I'll get you the rest of the DNA. You get me the names of their parents."
Charmaine Diyoza: "Violence and rage will only destroy your soul. Revenge is a game with no winners. And we've lost too much already."
Echo: "Do you know why Azgeda warriors scar their own faces?"
Octavia Blake: "Echo?"
Echo: "We do it to symbolize that the pain is over, the wound is healed, so that we never forget."
Octavia Blake: "Sit down. Let me get---"
Echo: "No. Orlando told us that all they care about is their last war. They want us to fight with them. That's why it's different. We're not prisoners. We're recruits. (pounds on door) We're ready to fight with you!"
Octavia Blake: "Please. This is crazy."
Echo: "This is how my people show we're ready to go to war."
Anders: "I'm glad to hear that. Do the rest of you agree with Echo?"
Octavia Blake: "Alright. Free us and we'll fight your war."
Anders: "The Last War will free us all, Miss Blake. Training starts tomorrow. We'll make Disciples of you yet."
Nikki: "Isn't this a lovely party."
Emori: "What the hell are you doing?"
Anders: "From the ashes, through the Bridge, the Shepherd will rise."
Bill Cadogan: "You again."
Anders: "Anders, my Shepherd."
Bill Cadogan: "Please, call me Bill."
Anders: "Bill."
Bill Cadogan: "If you've woken me this early, I suspect you have news. Have we cracked the code? Has the war begun?"
Anders: "No, not yet sir. But... we have the Key."

Notes and Trivia

  • This is the first and only episode directed by starring cast member Lindsey Morgan.
  • The title may refer to a popular chess opening of the same name. It is an aggressive play by white designed to control the middle of the board and put black on the defensive.
    • As noted by Sheidheda, Murphy attempts this move during their game but he ultimately fails.
  • Orlando is revealed to have committed suicide by hanging. His body is sent to Nakara after Gabriel says a few words over it.
    • Its also revealed that the amount of information that Orlando didn't reveal about the Disciples and their religion is enough to surprise Anders when talking with Gabriel.
  • Madi reveals that her parents and the Flamekeepers had hidden the fact that she was a Nightblood before the Second Nuclear Apocalypse.
  • Bellamy and the Ark reappear in flashbacks to Spacekru's six years in space.
  • Anders mentions in this episode that 25 Disciples were killed in the present without counting Orlando and the 6 Disciples killed by Dev and Bellamy in the past.
  • Bill Cadogan is revealed to be the Shepherd of Disciple mythology and alive, having been kept in a cryopod in the Disciple facility.
    • His full name is shown to be William Cadogan which is on the pod along with the Second Dawn's symbol.
  • The picture outside of the room holding Cadogan's cryopod has a tower that appears to be the Polis tower pre-Apocalypse.
  • At least three months pass on Bardo between the end of "Nakara" and the end of this episode. Gabriel Santiago mentions working with the Disciples on the Anomaly Stone for three months without success.

Body Count

  • Zahir (stabbed by Nelson in self-defense)

Behind the Scenes

  • Lindsey Morgan mentioned that 12 minutes of footage had to be cut from the episode.
    • This would explain why Jason Diaz was credited in the opening credits.



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