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Jaha: Previously on 'The 100'...

Raven: Part of ALIE's code is still in my head.

Abby: Heightened mental ability, hallucinations, it's all connected.

Becca: Raven.

Raven: Becca?

Jasper: Make no mistake - you choose to stay and you're choosing death. Ok, then. I guess we have nothing to lose.

Clarke: The only thing that's inevitable is Praimfaya. In 6 days, anyone who is not in this bunker will be dead.

Roan: Fighting a war is a bad way to decide who gets to survive.

Indra: A Conclave.

Roan: One champion per clan, and whoever wins gets the Bunker.

Kane: You don't have to kill all 12 warriors.

Octavia: I just have to kill the last one.

Gaia: Octavia kom Skaikru is victorious.

Octavia: Skaikru will not take the Bunker alone. We will share it. We are one Clan.

Bellamy: What the hell did you do?

Jaha: If only one Clan can survive, it might as well be ours.

Bellamy: Clarke, you agreed to this?

Clarke: We did what we had to do.

Indra: Skaikru have betrayed us all.

Scene 1 - Bunker

Bellamy: How could you do this? There were only four warriors left. Octavia was one of them. She might have won.

Jaha: And she might not have.

Clarke: Bellamy, you're right. She had a chance. But Luna was in the final four as well, which means there is an even better chance of nobody getting into this Bunker, of nobody surviving the end of the human race. Can you understand that?

Bellamy: Yeah, I-I can understand it. You did what you think you had to do, like always. But you can't-you can't expect me to stay down here not knowing what happened to my sister.

Jaha: We're not opening that door, son.

Bellamy: You know what? I must have missed the election that made you Chancellor again.

[Door opens. Abby enters]

Abby: I was setting up the Infirmary, and I heard people in the corridor. Is it over? Did we win?

Bellamy: We don't know.

Abby: Where's Marcus?

Jaha: He was in the tower. We sent some people for him, Bellamy, and Octavia. Bellamy was the only one we could get in time. I'm sorry.

Abby: Give me your radio. Marcus has his.

Jaha: The walkies are no good down here.

[Clarke open table containing communication devices]

Jaha: Clarke.

Clarke: I'm letting them say good-bye.

Jaha: I understand your need to know, but I promise you there is nothing but more pain on the other side of that radio. The radiation levels have become critical, so people outside are already feeling the effects. Once they realize that we took this Bunker, it'll be chaos, and if we open that door, we let that chaos inside.

Abby: I understand. Now, get the hell out of my way.

Bellamy: The walkies are set to 21.5 megahertz.


Octavia: Can anyone-


Octavia: Can anyone hear me? Over. This is Octavia. Cna anyone hear me, damn it?

Bellamy: O, it's me. You ok?

Octavia: I'm alive. I won. Bell, what the hell did you do?

Bellamy: It wasn't me. But I'll fix it.

Indra: We don't have much time.

Octavia: Listen to me. When I won, I decided to share the Bunker with everyone. A hundred from each Clan. Kane is out there buying us time, helping them select their people, and Gaia somehow convinced the Scouts to lock down the Temple. But if anybody finds out that Skaikru stole the Bunker, we're all dead.

Bellamy: Copy that. I'm on my way.

[Door opens. Miller and other guards enter]

Jaha: Turn off the radio.

Abby: Thelonious, we can save them.

Bellamy: O, I'm gonna need some time.

Octavia: Wait. What? Bellamy, they don't have t-

[Radio becomes unplugged]

Octavia: Bellamy?

Bellamy: Did you hear her? The Grounders are listening to her now, but they won't be for much longer. I am opening that door.

Jaha: I'm sorry, but right now, our people are safe. We cannot risk that.

Bellamy: To stop me, you're gonna have to kill me.

Miller: Come on, Bellamy. It doesn't have to be like this.

[Bellamy pushes Guard over and rushes toward door. Guard and Miller hold him back. Bellamy pushes Guard away. Miller tazes Bellamy]

Bellamy: Aah! Uhh!

[Bellamy gasping]

Intro Music

Scene 2 - Becca's Lab

Raven: Whose crazy idea was it to turn an IVA suit into an EVA suit?

Becca: Yours. You can't blame a figment of your imagination.

Man: [Whisper] Reyes.

Becca: What's wrong?

Raven: Nothing. IVA suits are designed for controlled temperatures, controlled environments, controlled pressures. You know what has none of those?

Becca: Space.

Raven: Bingo. Not gonna be a long spacewalk if I have nothing to protect myself against solar radiation.

Becca: Think, Raven. What can you use? It's a science problem, like any other. The last one you'll ever have to solve. After this, there'll be no more pain, no more loss. While your friends are stuck in a Bunker, you'll be floating, wrapped up in stars. Hell, you want to go to the Moon? We can do that, too.

Man: [Whisper] Don't listen to her.

Becca: Raven. Focus.

Raven: Yeah. Sorry. Ok. I'm focused. Ok, I can do this. This wiring is insulated with PTFE.

Becca: Teflon coating. Yes. Brilliant.

Raven: I can strip it and melt it down and use it as sealant for the joints.

Becca: Pliable and radiation-proof. Why didn't I think of that?

[Raven nose starts bleeding]

Raven: Not again.

Becca: That's the third time today. Get the seizure kit.

[Raven falls and starts seizing]

[Sinclair approaches and holds Raven's hand]

[Raven passes out]

Scene 3 - Arkadia

[Dance music playing]

[Indistinct chatter]

[Monty has a hazmat suit on]

Monty: Jasper.

Jasper: Masquerade ball? Nice.

Monty: You think this is a joke? Radiation levels are almost in the red. Why do you think everyone's getting sick? No more drugs.

[Harper coughing]

Monty: Harper, are you ok?

Harper: I'm fine.

Monty: You're not fine. None of you are. We need to leave for the Bunker tonight or we won't make it. I was only able to make three suits, but I can take seven in the Rover.

Hayes: Hey! Somebody! We need help!

Monty: What now?

[Riley is laying unmoving on the ground]

Monty: Riley?

Man: He's not breathing.

Monty: Riley!

[Indistinct coversation]

Jasper: Black rain strikes again.

Monty: No radiation burns. It wasn't black rain. He's overdosing on your damn Jobi Tea.

Jasper: Let him go, Monty.

Monty: Move!

[Monty starts CPR]

Monty: Come on, Riley. Come on. Harper, get the Med Kit out of the Rover.

Harper: Ok.

[Harper starts to run away but Jasper holds her back]

Jasper: Look at him. Look at his face. He's at peace.

[Jasper pulls Monty away and leans over Riley]

Monty: What's the matter with you? Harper, is this what we saved him for? This isn't happening.

[Jasper holds Monty back again]

Jasper: This is what he wanted. Would it be better if he melted from the inside when the death wave comes?

Monty: The death wave comes in two days. You'll all be dead tomorrow. I'm leaving tonight.

[Monty walks away]

[Jasper leans over Riley]

Jasper: No pain. No suffering. If we get the dose right, we can all go out like this.

Harper: When?

[Jasper stands up]

Jasper: While we still can. Tonight.

Girl: Tonight.

Everyone: Tonight.

Scene 4 - Bunker

Jaha: We did the right thing, Clarke.

Clarke: Yesterday, we were right. Today, we have to live with being wrong.

Abby: We're back on the Ark. Killing our own people so that-so that we can live. Locking them up.

Jaha: Bellamy's sister is out there. He would do anything to open that door. Do you think that's a risk we should take?

Abby: No, but unlike you, I hate myself for it.

Jaha: How we feel about ourselves is irrelevant, Abby. We all have done thing to save our people. Unconscionable things. We've put our people first. That is how we live with ourselves.

[Abby opens door and exits]

Jaha: Your Mother is strong. You are stronger. It won't always be like this, Clarke. You'll see. Bellamy will go free as soon as the death wave passes, ok?

Clarke: Ok.

Jaha: Good. In the meantime, Bellamy has a lot of friends in the Guard. We need to put someone on his door that wants to survive more than be liked.

Clarke: I think I know someone like that.

Scene 5 - Bunker

Murphy: They're just gonna keep him locked up for five years?

Clarke: Of course not.

Murphy: Clarke, this is his sister we're talking about. I think we both know he's never just gonna let that go.

Clarke: Look, all I need to know from you is-

Murphy: Don't worry about it. I'm with you. No one's opening that hatch as long as I'm in here with Emori. Need a selfish bastard, I'm your man.

Bellamy: Aah! No!

Clarke: How's he doing?

Bellamy: Get me out of here!

Miller: How do you think he's doing?

[Bellamy grunting]



Murphy: We'll take it from here.

[Murphy holds hand out]


[Miller looks at Clarke]

[Clarke nods]

[Miller hands Murphy keys]

Miller: This'll go well.

[Miller and Guard walk away]


Murphy: You'll talk to him?

Clarke: Yeah.

Bellamy: Aah! Uuh.


Bellamy: Let me out!

Clarke: I'll relieve you in six hours.

[Clarke gives Murphy a taser]

Murphy: All right.

[Clarke walks away]

Bellamy: Help me!

[Murphy opens door and enters]

Bellamy: Uhh.

[Bellamy's wrists are bloody where he has fought agains the chains around them]

[Bellamy groaning]

[Murphy walks up to Bellamy]

Bellamy: Ahh!

Murphy: Bellamy, what the hell are you doing? You're just hurting yourself.

Bellamy: Murphy. Murphy. Untie me. Please.

Murphy: I can't do that. Look, I'm-I'm sorry about your sister-

Bellamy: You let me go!

Murphy: Hey, I can't, ok?

[Bellamy groaning]

Murphy: Ok, I can't. We can't open that hatch. So stop doing this to yourself before I call medical and knock your ass out.

Bellamy: You haven't changed. You only care about yourself.

Murphy: You're wrong. Look, this is only gonna be for a few days.

Bellamy: She'll be dead in a few days!

Murphy: Yeah. I'm sorry.

[Murphy leaves]

Bellamy: Aah! Murphy! Let me out!

Scene 6 - Becca's Lab

Raven: Sinclair. Becca, where is he? Are you ok?

[Raven sees Becca is tied up and duct tape over her mouth]

Sinclair: She's not as smart as she thinks.

Raven: Sinclair. It was you.

[Raven and Sinclair hug]

Raven: What's wrong?

Sinclar: What's wrong? I didn't die so you could kill yourself.

Raven: I'm not killing myself. I'm-I'm dying. There's a difference.

Sinclair: The Raven Reyes I know doesn't quit. She keeps fighting.

Raven: What's happening to my brain isn't something you can fight.

Sinclair: How do you know? Have you tried? Before you junk this beautiful mind on a whim, what do you say we look under the hood first? Kick the tires. I'm guessing there's still a few good miles in there.

Raven: Ok.

Scene 7 - Arkadia


[Indistinct chatter]

Monty: I added a filter so that the inside air is breathable. This one shows the air in Hanger Bay. It'll spike with the death wave. But everyone here will be dead by then anyway.

Harper: Oh, Monty.

Monty: It's already happening, Harper. You're getting sick. If you come with me tongiht, you'll get better. The Bunker is safe.

Harper: Then you should go there. Now while you still can.

[Harper sighs]

Monty: I'm not leaving without you.

Harper: Well, I'm staying. It's my choice. But I don't want to watch you die.

Monty: You and Jasper are my family. You're all I have left. We can face anything together. You're a fighter. You don't give up. That's why I love you.

Harper: But I don't love you.

[Harper pulls away]

Monty: Harper-

Harper: Do I have to spell it out for you? You're not enough to make me want to live, and I am not worth dying for. Save yourself. Let the rest of us go.

[Harper leaves Rover]

[Harper starts crying. Harper exhales. Harper walks away from the Rover]

Scene 8 - Polis

Indra: They've made their choice, Octavia. We have to find another way in.

Octavia: There is no other way. This one stayed hidden for hundred years.

Indra: Then we should break it open.

Octavia: Then it won't protect anyone. Bellamy will find a way.

Indra: The black rain is keeping the Clans at bay for now. But when it stops and they find out what your people did...

[Echo sneaks in the shadows]

Octavia: They stole the Bunker. They're not my people anymore.

[Echo emerges with a sword pointed at Octavia and Indra]

Echo: I wondered why Kane was stalling.

[Indra retaliates]

Octavia: Indra, no.

[Octavia blocks Indra]

[Indra and Echo lower their weapons]

Echo: Skaikru dishonors us all yet again. When the people find out, you'll pay for this in blood.

Octavia: Skaikru wasn't the only Clan that showed dishonor at the Conclave. Was it? I knew you were disguised as a warrior on the battlefield, and I know Roan caught you. I even know that he banished you for it.

Indra: Is this true?

Octavia: If the Scouts check the Blue Cliff warrior's body, they'll find Azgeda arrows.

Indra: And Roan did not have a bow. Azgeda broke the rules. They should not have a place in this Bunker.

Octavia: Wonkru, Indra. I will not banish an entire Clan because of one person's sins.

Echo: What do you want?

Octavia: Only for you to honor your King by joining me. If you do, when Bellamy opens that door, my decision will stand. Azgeda will survive Praimfaya.

Echo: Your plan is to wait? To hope Bellamy comes to your rescue?

Octavia: Yes.

Echo: Knowing how he feels about you...

[Echo sheathes her sword]

Echo: I'd say that's a good plan.

Scene 9 - Becca's Lab

Raven: Using an electromagnetic pulse to get ALIE out of my head was like shutting down a computer by pulling the plug.

Sinclair: Part of the code is still in your head.

Raven: Exactly, which is why I'm super Raven and about to be super dead.

Sinclair: Unless we can purge the code, stop the damage from getting worse, give your brain time to repair itself. How would you do it to a computer?

Raven: Purge the residual code?

[Sinclair nods]

Raven: Simple. Just reboot it.

Becca: The human brain is not a computer.

Sinclair: No kidding. That's why your code is killing her. Now, listen to me. You'd have to stop your heart long enough for all electrical activity in your brain to stop, too.

Becca: Fifteen minutes. She'll be brain dead long before she can get her heart started again.

Raven: Not if I was frozen. Well, not frozen. Just really damn cold.

Becca: Raven, the suit is almost ready. It's t-minus now and counting. Let's go for a walk in the stars.

Sinclair: She's not going to space to die. She's going in the Bunker to live.

Becca: Even if this idea doesn't kill you, you will just be normal again.

Sinclair: She was never normal.

Becca: Maybe not, but with me in her brain, she's Da Vinci, Einstein, Mozart.

Sinclair: And I choose Raven Reyes over those three hacks any day and twice on Sunday.

Becca: Enough. Raven, what make you think that the future will be any different than the past? Even if you live, the pain will still be with you.

Raven: I don't choose pain. I choose life. Let's get to work.

Scene 10 - Bunker

[Murphy is sleeping outside of Bellamy's cell]

[Abby approaches]

Abby: John? John.

Murphy: Uh! I wasn't asleep.

Abby: I'm here to treat Bellamy's wounds.

Murphy: Try not to kill this one.

[Murphy unlocks door]

[Abby enters]

Murphy: I'm here if you need me.

[Murphy closes door]

Bellamy: It's about time. I didn't do this to my wrists for fun.

Abby: You want me to help you open the door.

Bellamy: Abby, I saw your face when you heard my sister's voice on the radio. Kane's out there.

Abby: You don't think I know that?

Bellamy: Do better today than we did yesterday. That's what he told me. That's how we deserve to survive.

Abby: John? I need you.

[Murphy opens and goes through the door]

Abby: Come quick. John, get in here.

[Murphy sees that Bellamy is gone]

[Bellamy jumps Murphy from behind and puts him in a headlock]

[Bellamy and Murphy grunting]

[Murphy passes out]

[Bellamy panting]

[Abby checks on Murphy]

Bellamy: He'll be fine.

Abby: He's not our problem. The airlock control is in the main office. So is Jaha. You have a plan for that, too?

Bellamy: Yeah.

[Bellamy picks up Murphy's taser]

Bellamy: Open the damn door or die trying.

[Abby injects Murphy with sleeping syrum]

Scene 11 - Bunker

[Clarke opens Dorm door and enters. Clarke sees Niylah asleep and turns away from her]

Niylah: So many empty beds to choose from. I guess we weren't all your people after all.

Clarke: Niylah-

Niylah: Just get in.

[Clarke gets into bed with Niylah]

Clarke: If I open the door...and everyone in this Bunker dies...who will run the hydroponic farm or the air scrubbers or the water recycler?

Niylah: No one.

Clarke: This isn't about saving my people.

[Clarke starts crying]

Clarke: It's about saving the human race.

Scene 12 - Polis

[Man enters]

[Echo coughs]

Man: The rain has stopped. The Clans are coming. Should we stop them?

Octavia: No. Let them come.

[Man bows his head and leaves]

Octavia: It's time to face the music.

Scene 13 - Bunker

[Knock on door]

Jaha: Yes?

[Door opens]

Abby: Can I talk to you for a minute?

Jaha: Of course. Please come in.

[Abby enters]

Abby: I think we should open the door.

Jaha: This is about Kane.

Abby: No. If we choose to save our lives over the people outside, what does that make us?

Jaha: Survivors. Abby, I don't understand. You've made decisions like this before. This is the exact predicament you faced with Jake. Why is this any different?

Abby: We were on the Ark. We thought we were saving the human race. But now-

Jaha: What? Now we actually are. Those people outside will kill us if we open that door. All of us, starting with Clarke. Are you really willing to let your daughter die? I am sorry for your loss, Abby. Marcus was a good man.

[Abby injects Jaha with sleeping syrum]

Jaha: Uhh!

[Jaha groans and falls]

Abby: He still is.

[Abby opens side door and Bellamy enters]

[Bellamy sees Jaha on the ground]

Bellamy: Abby, I promise you, Octavia won't let anything happen to Clarke, and neither will I.

Abby: Let's do this. It takes two people to open the doors - one from above and one from here. Get into position. Now.

[Clarke approaches Bellamy's cell]

Clarke: Murphy?

[Clarke enters cell. Clarke finds Murphy unconscious. Clarke checks Murphy for a pulse]

Clarke: The door.

[Clarke runs out of the room]

Bellamy: Come on, Abby. Come on.

[Clarke grabs pistol from unconcious Guard. Clarke sees Bellamy at the inner door. Bellamy sees Clarke running up the ramp]

[Abby unlocks inner door]

[Bellamy opens inner door and enters]

Clarke: Bellamy, stop.

[Clarke points the pistol at Bellamy]

Bellamy: We don't have time for this. The radiation is getting worse and people are dying up there.

[Bellamy makes a move towards the hatch door. Clarke fires the pistol at the ceiling above Bellamy. Bellamy pulls back from the Hatch and stops]

Bellamy: Clarke, what are you doing?

Clarke: What I have to, like always. Now, get away from the door.

Bellamy: No. This isn't like shutting the Dropship door or pulling the lever in Mount Weather or the City of Light. We knew what we were stopping then. Now we know nothing.

[Clarke starts crying]

Clarke: We know that if that door stays shut, the human race survives. Please.

Bellamy: You're gonna have to make it a kill shot. It's the only way you're gonna stop me.

[Clarke lowers the pistol]

[Bellamy opens hatch door]

[Octavia pants]

[Bellamy exits Bunker]

[Octavia and Bellamy hug]

Octavia: Oh, I knew you'd come through.

Bellamy: I love you so much.

[Clan Leaders enter from Polis]

Indra: Octavia, they're here.

[Octavia and Bellamy pull away]

Octavia: We are One Clan. And this is our home.

[Octavia grabs Indra's sword and puts it to Echo's throat]

Octavia: Everyone except you.

Echo: We had a deal. You said-

Octavia: I said your people would live. I didn't say anything about you. You can tell them we stole the Bunker if you want, but the door's open now, so...

Indra: Be thankful knowing your banishment will be short.

Echo: Praimfaya awaits.

[Echo leaves]

Octavia: Welcome home.

Scene 14 - Becca's Lab

[Raven shudders]

Sinclair: The water's cold enough. Your pulse is already dangerously slow. Tell me again how you're gonna drop the electrical current to restart your heart once it stops.

Raven: A live wire on a timer set to go off fifteen minutes after I flatline. I rigged it to deliver the exact same charge as the defibrillator in the emergency med kit in the rocket.

Sinclair: Analog. I like it.

Raven: Heh heh.

Becca: I don't. Why not rig a toaster to drop in the water? It's grotesque. A waster of your talent, Raven.

Raven: You know what else is a waste of my talent? Dying.

Sinclair: The murmur's still with us. Shocking your heart could put you into cardiac arrest. If that happens, you'll need to shock it again with the defibrillator.

Raven: Relax, Chief. It's time to take another chance on a zero-g mechanic with a heart defect.

Sinclair: One last thing. Everyone has a life instinct. You'll panic; self-preservation will kick in. How do you overcome that?

Raven: By being awesome.

Sinclair: I'm serious.

Raven: I know. It's ok. Here's the takeaway. You have to be willing to die to really live. I am.

Sinclair: If this works, you'll wake up, and we'll both be gone.

Raven: You're always with me. Thank you.

Sinclair: You did this, Reyes, not me, not her. It was in you all along.

Becca: It is not too late to change your mind.

[Raven looks at Sinclair and nods. Sinclair nods back]

[Raven puts oxygen mask on and goes under the water]

[Raven groaning]

[Raven puts her hand against the glass. Sinclair places his hand on the other side of the glass]

[Raven begins to lose consciousness and her hand falls. Sinclair and Becca walk away]

[Raven's heart flat lines]

Scene 15 - Arkadia

Monty: There you are. I've been looking everywhere.

Jasper: You shouldn't be here, Monty.

Monty: Non of us should be here. You know why that Moon's red?

Jasper: It's really red? I though I was tripping already.

Monty: It's from the death wave. Radioactive ash in the air. If we leave now, I can make two trips to Polis before it gets here. That should be enough for everyone who wants-

Jasper: I am leaving now. For all its faults...Earth is really beautiful.

[Monty looks and and sees Jasper's empty cup]

Monty: How much Jobi tea did you drink?

Jasper: Just the right amount.

Monty: What did you do?

Jasper: You weren't supposed to find out like this, Monty.

Monty: Find out what?

[Monty drops Jasper's cup]

Monty: What did you do?

[Monty takes off his helmet]

Monty: Answer me!

Jasper: No. Don't take that off. Not for me. Don't take that off.

Monty: No. This is not making-

Jasper: No. You need to let us go.

Monty: Yeah. Like hell I do. Get off-

Jasper: Just go!

Monty: Get off or I will never forgive you. Do you hear me? Just come on!

Jasper: Don't say that. Don't live with that. No. No, say-say you love me.

Monty: Don't do this to me. Please.

Jasper: [Whispering] Say you love me or you'll regret it, Monty.

[Monty reaches his hand into Jasper's mouth to try and make him throw up]

[Jasper muffled speech]

[Jasper shoves Monty away]

Jasper: This is unsanitary.

Monty: Open your mouth.

Jasper: Uhh! No!

Monty: I'm just trying to help you!

[Jasper chuckles and waves Monty away]

Monty: This isn't a joke. This is real, you idiot. Let me help you.

Jasper: [Whispering] It's ok. See you on the other side.

Monty: No.

[Jasper kisses Monty's hand]

[Jasper's head falls back against the wall]

Monty: No. Just stay with me. Stay with me.

[Jasper's breathing slow and then stops]

Monty: Hey. Jasper. Jasper! Jasper...I love you.

[Monty starts crying]

Monty: I love you. Jasper. Jas-Jasper.

[Jasper's head falls to the side]

Monty: Oh, no. No. Jasper. No.

[Monty leans Jasper against the wall and lets go]

Monty: Let us go. Oh, God.

[Monty leaves]

[Monty see the other people have overdosed and lie throughout the room]

Monty: Harper!

[Echoing] Harper...

[Monty searches frantically for Harper]

Monty: No. Harper.

Woman: Monty.

[Harper stands in a suit by the Rover]

[Monty and Harper hug]

[Harper starts crying]

Harper: I love you.

Scene 16 - Becca's Lab

[High-pitched beep]

[Raven gets zapped]


[Raven gasps]

[Raven falls out of tank]

[Raven starts crawling across the floor]

Raven: Uhh! Can't die. Uhh! Come on.

[Raven groaning]

[Raven puts on AKG patches]

[Electric shock]

[Raven's heart flatlines]

[Raven gasps]


[Raven panting]

[Raven reaches for walkie-talkie]

[Walkie Talkie beeps]

Raven: This is Raven Reyes...and I'm alive.

Scene 17 - Bunker

Kane: This facility won't run itself.

Abby: We'll need to prioritize Doctors and Engineers.

Kane: All right. Of course we go for Raven.

Jaha: You call this justice?

Octavia: I call this making things right, thanks to my brother.

Jaha: You let this happen. How many of us have to die?

Indra: You're lucky it's not all of you.

Jaha: Lucky?

Kane: We have 100 spots. The other clans have all...have all chosen their survivors. We have to do the same.

Jaha: 100. We have over 4 times that.

Octavia: A pain that all clans feel.

Jaha: Is this what you wanted?

Clarke: No one wanted this.

Octavia: Want's got nothing to do with this. Skaikru gets 100 beds, same as everybody else. Bellamy gets one of them. The rest is up to you. The death wave comes in 24 hours. You've got 12 to decide.

[Octavia and Indra leave]