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For all its faults, Earth is really beautiful.
Jasper admiring Earth for the last time

The Other Side is the eleventh episode of the fourth season of The 100.[1] It is the fifty-sixth episode of the series overall.

Clarke faces the consequences of her fateful choice, and Bellamy races to save one of his own.


Inside the Second Dawn Bunker, Bellamy Blake is arguing with Jaha and Clarke Griffin. He is furious at both of them for stealing the bunker and more notably for leaving his sister outside. Abby enters and asks about Kane. Jaha explains to her that Bellamy is the only person that his search party found. After hearing this, Abby wants to contact Kane. However, Jaha explains that the radiation's levels are exponentially rising and contacting anyone on the outside will be risky. Despite this, Abby still insists on using her radio to contact Kane.

Abby is able to contact Octavia. Octavia informs them that she is the winner of the conclave and explains her decision to share the bunker. However, the situation doesn't look good since it appears that Skaikru stole the bunker. After speaking with Octavia, Bellamy insists that he's going to open the bunker. He informs everyone that if they plan to stop him, they'll have to kill him. He runs for the hatch, but a guard electrocutes him.

Meanwhile, at Becca's lab, Raven is talking to Becca. Raven then thinks she sees a shadow walking by and someone talking, but Becca tells her to focus. She then finds her solution but suddenly starts to suffer a nose bleed. Raven then drops to the floor and begins to seize. Just as she passes out, she sees Sinclair and he extends his hand to her.

In Arkadia, Monty is walking around in a hazmat suit and warning everyone to leave for the bunker. Harper is getting sick and so are others as they continue to party. Suddenly, Riley falls to the ground and passes out. Monty tries to save him but Jasper stops him saying that this is what Riley wanted. Monty is upset and decides he's leaving for the bunker tonight. Monty leaves and Jasper notes that Riley did not suffer. He realizes that they all can die peacefully in the same fashion as Riley.

Back in the bunker, Clarke tells Jaha that their decision to lock the bunker's door is wrong. Jaha then asks if it's worth it to open the hatch. Abby says no but also says that she's not able to live with herself for it. Jaha then tells Clarke that she's stronger than her mother and that they'll figure everything out. He also mentions that they need someone to guard the door and Clarke says that she knows the right person.

Seconds later, Clarke is walking with John Murphy, and he says that no one will get by him. They arrive at Bellamy's holding cell and Murphy takes the key from Miller. Clarke then gives Murphy a taser just in case Bellamy gets out of line. Murphy walks into the cell and sees Bellamy with bloody wrists as he attempts to escape from his handcuffs. Murphy tries to talk some sense into him and says that his imprisonment will only last a few days. Bellamy responds that Octavia will be dead in a few days, and Murphy leaves.

Back at Becca's lab, Raven wakes up and sees Becca with duct tape over her mouth and tied to a chair. Raven then sees Sinclair and embraces him. Sinclair then tells her that he didn't die just for her to kill herself. He encourages Raven by saying that she is much stronger than that. Sinclair convinces her to discontinue the plan to go to space and try to find a solution instead and Raven agrees with a smile.

Meanwhile, at Arkadia, Monty is trying to convince Harper to leave with him for the bunker. However, Harper is very resistant and insists on staying. Monty then encourages her by saying that she's a fighter and should not give up. He then says that he loves her, but she tells him she doesn't love him. She elaborates by saying that she doesn't love him enough to live for him and she is not worth dying for. She then leaves and cries to herself.

Back in Polis, Indra is talking to Octavia and saying they should break the bunker door to open. Octavia also says that Skaikru stole the bunker and they're not her people anymore. Echo enters and says that everyone will find out about Skaikru's betrayal. However, Octavia calls out Echo for cheating during the conclave and reminds her that Roan banished her from the Ice Nation. Octavia then negotiates with Echo, saying that she wants her to honor Roan's wish. She wants Echo's people to join her in the bunker when Bellamy opens the hatch. Echo reluctantly accepts the deal.

Meanwhile, at Becca's lab, Sinclair and Raven are discussing how to free her mind of A.L.I.E.'s remnants. They both realize that a "reboot" may be possible, but it requires her heart to stop. Raven then mentions that it may be possible if she's in a freezing state. Becca then tries convincing her to pursue the space walk, but Sinclair wants her to go survive in the bunker. It's a rough tug-of-war, but Raven decides to choose life and sides with Sinclair.

Back inside the bunker, Abby arrives to treat Bellamy's wounds. Bellamy then convinces Abby to help him escape. Abby suddenly yells for Murphy to help her, but it's a trap. Murphy runs inside and Bellamy knocks him unconscious. Abby then tells Bellamy he will need to get past Jaha to get to the door. Bellamy then picks up the taser and says that he will get through the door or die trying. Abby also injects Murphy with a sedative to keep him unconscious.

In Polis, a Grounder enters the temple to inform Octavia of the end of the black rain. He also tells Octavia and Indra that the clans are coming. He asks if they should stop them, but Octavia tells him no and to let them come.

Back inside the Second Dawn bunker, Abby enters Jaha's office and insists that they open the bunker door. Jaha doesn't understand since he's seen Abby make tough decisions before, but Abby tells him that they're not on the Ark anymore. She then pulls a needle out and sedates Jaha. He passes out and Bellamy is able to enter. He promises to Abby that he won't let anything happen to Clarke. Abby then gets on a computer and realizes that it takes two people to open the door. She tells Bellamy to get into position.

Moments later, Clarke goes to Bellamy's cell, and she finds an unconscious Murphy. She starts running to stop Bellamy and pulls a gun on him. She then fires a shot at the ceiling and says that she's doing what she has to do. He then tells her that he needs to open the door, but Clarke believes that they're saving the human race. Bellamy then tells her that she'll have to kill him, but Clarke can't pull the trigger. Bellamy opens the door, embraces Octavia and tells her that he loves her.

Afterward, the clans show up and Octavia begins to explain that they're all one clan. She then pulls out a sword and points it at Echo. Echo is confused since she believes she has a deal with Octavia. However, Octavia reminds her that she said she will save Echo's people, but not Echo herself. Echo then grabs her things and begins to walk out. Indra also mocks her by saying that her banishment won't last too long.

Back at Becca's lab, Sinclair and Raven are working on her freezing solution. Sinclair mentions that her pulse is dangerously low. Raven thanks Sinclair for his help and he tells her that she did it not him. Raven submerges herself into the ice cold water and her heart rate continues to drop. She then puts her hand to the glass containing the water and Sinclair does the same. Raven then blacks out as she flatlines.

At Arkadia, Monty approaches Jasper and tries to get him to leave. However, Jasper is staring in amazement at how red the sky is. Monty then realizes Jasper has overdosed after drinking too much of a hallucinogen. Jasper then sits down and wants Monty to not worry about him. Monty attempts to get Jasper to vomit up the drugs, but it doesn't work. Jasper begins to fade out of consciousness while Monty watches helplessly. Monty then tells Jasper that he loves him as Jasper dies in his arms.

Monty wants to find Harper before he leaves. He runs into the hangar bay where everyone is dead. Harper, dressed in a hazmat suit, calls out to Monty and they embrace. She then says that she loves him and they leave.

Back at Becca's lab, Raven wakes up as her heart rate fluctuates wildly. She needs to reach the defibrillator before she dies. She crawls out of the water tank, gets to the defibrillator, and manages to save herself just in time. Raven is alive again and her heart rate is back to normal. She then picks up her radio and sends a message that she's alive.

Finally, at the Second Dawn bunker, Jaha shows clear disapproval that he needs to share Second Dawn bunker with everyone. Octavia tells him that Skaikru will occupy 100 beds in the bunker. This puts Jaha in a greater state of disbelief and he begins to stare off with a desperate look on his face.



Guest Starring


  • Ben Sullivan as Riley
  • Alex Pangburn as Hayes
  • Alyson Bath as Bree
  • Ryan W. MacDonald as Flamekeeper Scout
  • Jojo Ahenkorah as Costa


Jasper Jordan: "No pain. No suffering. If we get the dose right, we can all go out like this."
Harper McIntyre: "When?"
Jasper Jordan: "While we still can. Tonight."
Harper McIntyre: "Tonight."
All: "Tonight."
Raven Reyes: "What's wrong?"
Jacapo Sinclair: "What's wrong? I didn't die so you could kill yourself."
Raven Reyes: "I'm not killing myself. I'm -- I'm dying. There's a difference."
Jacapo Sinclair: "The Raven Reyes I know doesn't quit. She keeps fighting."
Raven Reyes: "What's happening to my brain isn't something you can fight."
Jacapo Sinclair: "How do you know? Have you tried? Before you junk this beautiful mind on a whim, let's say we look under the hood first? Kick the tires. I'm guessing there's still a few good miles in there."
Raven Reyes: "Ok."
Raven Reyes: "Using an electromagnetic pulse to get A.L.I.E. out of my head was like shutting down a computer by pulling the plug."
Jacapo Sinclair: "Part of the code is still in your head."
Raven Reyes: "Exactly, which is why I'm Super Raven. And about to be super dead."
Jacapo Sinclair: "Unless we can purge the code, stop the damage from getting worse, give your brain time to repair itself. How would you do it to a computer?"
Raven Reyes: "Purge the residual code? Simple. Just reboot it."
Becca Franco: "The human brain is not a computer."
Jacapo Sinclair: "No kidding. That's why your code is killing her. Now listen to me. You'd have to stop your heart long enough for all electrical activity in your brain to stop, too."
Becca Franco: "15 minutes. She'll be brain dead long before she can get her heart started again."
Raven Reyes: "Not if I was frozen. Well, not frozen. But just really damn cold."
Becca Franco: "Raven, the suit is ready. It's T-minus now and counting. Let's go for a walk in the stars."
Jacapo Sinclair: "She's not going to space to die. She's going in the bunker to live."
Becca Franco: "Even if this idea doesn't kill you, you will just be normal again."
Jacapo Sinclair: "She was never normal."
Becca Franco: "Maybe not, but with me in her brain, she's Da Vinci, Einstein, Mozart."
Jacapo Sinclair: "And I choose Raven Reyes over those 3 hacks any day and twice on Sunday."
Becca Franco: "Enough. Raven, what makes you think that the future will be any different than the past? Even if you live, the pain will still be with you."
Raven Reyes: "I don't choose pain. I choose life. Let's get to work."
Jacapo Sinclair: "If this works, you'll wake up, and we'll both be gone."
Raven Reyes: "You're always with me."
Jasper Jordan: "For all its faults, Earth is really beautiful."
Raven Reyes: "This is Raven Reyes... and I'm alive."

Notes and Trivia

Body Count

Behind the Scenes

  • This is the first episode in the series to be directed by one of the cast members.
  • This is Henry Ian Cusick's first time directing a TV episode.[3]
  • This episode marks the third time Jasper's death was written. Early versions of the scripts for Pilot and Perverse Instantiation (Part 2) had Jasper dying in those episodes.



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