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The Old Man and the Anomaly[1] is the eighth episode of Season Six of The 100. It is the seventy-ninth episode of the series overall.

MURPHY MAKES AN OFFER – Octavia and Diyoza make their way to the mysterious anomaly in search of the Old Man. Meanwhile, Murphy has an offer for Emori.


In the woods, Octavia and Diyoza are following "Xavier" as he leads them towards the anomaly. As they get closer, they come across Gabriel's secret hiding place. Inside, they notice a picture of Josephine. Xavier asks them to leave their weapons there. Suddenly, Octavia starts hallucinating, acting as if she doesn't recognize them. Xavier holds her dying arm and says that he knows what she is going through - getting memories of things she doesn't understand. While Xavier is calming Octavia down, Diyoza notices a Mind Drive scar on his neck and suspects that he might be "The Old Man," Gabriel. She asks him about it and he admits that he is in fact Gabriel.

Gabriel tells Octavia and Diyoza that the only reason he still has the Mind Drive is because he has no one to remove it. He had trained a young man named Eduardo on how to remove it. However when Xavier, a Nightblood was born just when Gabriel was about to die of old age, Eduardo saw it as a sign to bring Gabriel back. Gabriel was so angry at Eduardo for bringing him back that he killed him instantly. Since no one else knew about it, Gabriel decided to assume Xavier's identity. His followers, the Children of Gabriel assumed that he had either died or abandoned them. Octavia sympathizes with him, saying that Gabriel didn't really abandon his people; he was just afraid to lead them. Right after that, she starts hallucinating again, where she sees Bellamy.

As they get closer to the anomaly, Gabriel keeps getting hallucinations of Josephine. They arrive at the anomaly which looks like a huge, swirly energy storm. Diyoza starts getting hallucinations in which she sees her future daughter Hope. Hope holds Diyoza's hand and asks her to come with her into the Anomaly. Gabriel warns Diyoza against it because no one has ever come back after going inside. However, Diyoza is so drawn to her daughter that she ignores both Gabriel and Octavia. She walks into the anomaly and disappears. Octavia follows her and also gets sucked into it too, but comes out in 2 seconds, landing on Gabriel. As they lay side by side on the ground, Gabriel looks at Octavia's arm, confirming that she's been healed.

In Sanctum, Russell and Josephine are discussing how to save her body from dying now that Clarke is awake. Josie wants them to take out her Mind Drive, nuke Clarke's neural mesh with an EMP and insert her Mind Drive back. However, Russell sees this as a chance to bring Josie back in a willing host, since Abby is helping them learn how to turn anyone into a Nightblood and to restore Clarke, undoing their mistake of forcing Clarke to become a host in the first place. Josie disagrees with her father, saying that she loves Clarke's body and will do anything to keep it. She also claims that Clarke would kill them all if she ever came back. So, she decides to get rid of Clarke behind Russell's back.

Bellamy and his friends are brainstorming on how to save Clarke. Echo says they need Raven to remove Josie's Mind Drive but it could be too late by the time Raven returns from the mothership. Jordan asks about saving Delilah but Bellamy and Madi don't think she's alive and they don't have enough time. Madi, under Sheidheda's influence, suggests killing one of the Primes like Miranda. Sanctumites would suspect that she was killed by the Children of Gabriel and while they're all together, Madi and her group would swoop in and kill all the Primes. Bellamy disagrees, but Echo agrees with Madi, but cautions that they must be willing to kill any other Sanctum residents who come after them. Since Murphy betrayed them, they agree not to tell him or Emori about their plan.

At the machine shop, Emori is confronting Murphy for being okay with what the Primes have done. Murphy admits that he did it for immortality. He goes down on one knee and proposes to Emori using the Mind Drives he got from Josie. He explains that the Primes would turn them into Nightbloods, then use the Mind Drives to make them live forever. He asks Emori if she wants to be with him forever. Before Emori can respond, Josephine walks in and asks her and Ryker to remove Clarke from her body. Murphy is shocked to learn that Clarke is still alive. Nevertheless, he agrees to Josie's plan. Ryker is surprised that they would agree to that but Josie tells him that they want immortality, which he takes for granted.

Emori agrees to help build the EMP. To get one of the key components they need, she goes to Bellamy to ask for one of the radiation shock collars. She refuses to tell Bellamy what she needs it for. However, she feels guilty and reveals that Clarke is alive inside Josie and they're building an EMP to kill her. Bellamy already knows but had been keeping it a secret from Emori because she's close with Murphy. Bellamy, Echo and Emori come up with a plan to save Clarke. They call for Madi but notice that she's missing. Meanwhile, Madi sneaks up on Miranda and kills her.

Back at the machine shop, Emori and Ryker finish building the EMP and are preparing for the surgery to remove Josie's Mind Drive. Afraid that they might not bring her back, Josie starts threatening them. She says that Jade has orders to kill Murphy and Emori. She also threatens Ryker by revealing that Jade has a letter for Russell, revealing that it was Ryker who betrayed the other Primes by letting Gabriel escape. Emori secretly grabs the EMP and runs away with it.

On realizing that Emori has escaped with the EMP, Josie and Murphy chase after her on motorcycles. They catch her in the fields but it turns out to be a setup. Bellamy and Echo appear from the bushes to Emori's defense. Josie says they won't be able to pull it off in time because they have no one to perform the surgery; they won't be allowed to do it in Sanctum and they can't escape. Bellamy reveals that they have plans to have their neurosurgeon, Jackson perform the operation. They intent to use the EMP to turn off the radiation shield and perform the surgery in one of the outposts Russell gave them. When Emori tries to run with the EMP, Josie grabs Murphy and threatens to kill him if she doesn't surrender.

Their plans to wait for Jackson are jeopardized when the Primes sound an alarm after discovering that Miranda Prime is dead. They need to escape as soon as possible. Murphy tells them that they don't need Jackson. He tells them to leave Sanctum and look for Gabriel. Echo volunteers to return to the palace to rescue their friends. Emori tells Murphy that she would love him forever even if it means they're about to die. She then turns on the EMP, after which Josie cuts Murphy in retaliation. Bellamy grabs Josie and drags her across the radiation shield. Emori starts attending to a bleeding Murphy before they're both captured by Jade.

Back in the palace, everyone has gathered after Miranda's death. Madi sees it as an opportunity to kill more Primes. When Jordan notices Madi about to stab Priya with a knife, he jumps in to save her but Madi accidentally stabs him instead. While everyone else suspects the Children of Gabriel, Russell says that it was the group from Earth that killed Miranda. Priya wonders why the Earth group would turn against them since Jordan just saved her. At that point, Ryker reveals that they did it because Russell "murdered" Clarke to bring Josephine back. The other Primes are angry that Russell brought Josephine back before it was her turn. Jade brings in Emori and Murphy and reveals that Bellamy has escaped with Josie. Russell orders her to get guns and lead other guards to hunt Bellamy down and bring Josie back.

Meanwhile at the mothership, Abby is preparing to make a Nightblood serum to bring Kane back. Simone has convinced a Sanctum Guard named Gavin to sacrifice himself to be Kane's host for the glory of the Primes. After figuring out what they are up to, Raven confronts Abby about it. Raven says that she would never murder someone, just to bring back someone she loves. Simone says that it is not murder if they volunteer. Before Raven can talk Gavin out of it, Simone injects him with a drug that wipes his mind. Abby asks Raven to do the required spacewalk to complete the Nightblood serum, but Raven refuses. Abby decides to do it herself but Raven knows that it would kill her because Abby's body is weak. Since Gavin is already dead, Raven reluctantly agrees to do the spacewalk, but only to save Abby. Later, Abby give the Nightblood serum to Simone.

Abby's plan to make Nightblood and bring Kane back is a success. After waking up in Gavin's body, Kane is glad to be reunited with Abby. When he goes in to hug her, he notices his original body, dead, in another bed. He soon realizes that he is in someone else's body. He asks Abby what she did, but Abby defends her choice by saying that she did it to save him.



Guest Starring



Charmaine Diyoza (pointing a gun at Xavier): "You look pretty good for an old man. (to Octavia) Say hi to Gabriel."
Gabriel Santiago: "You saw the scar. I would ask about yours, but uh, the story of how you slashed your own throat was big news before we left Earth." (Gabriel begins leaving)
Charmaine Diyoza: "Where do you think you're going?"
Gabriel Santiago: "To the Anomaly as planned. Time to find out what it wants with you. Oh, about the gun, if you bring it, you'll most likely kill all of us, yourself and the baby included. It's up to you."
Charmaine Diyoza (to Octavia after lowering the gun): "Come on."
John Murphy: "Emori, I love you, and look, I know I've never been perfect or even close for that matter, but you make me want to be, and we've been through so much and survived so much. So what do you say? Think you can love me forever?"
Jordan Green: "What about Delilah? If Clarke's still alive, then she could be too. You only care about Clarke."
Bellamy Blake: "That's not true, but we will worry about Clarke first."
Charmaine Diyoza: "How about we pass the time by you telling us how someone dedicated to the destruction of the immortal Primes took a new body? I mean dying sucks -- I get it -- but not being willing to die for your cause makes you a coward where I come from."
Gabriel Santiago: "I left Sanctum, but Sanctum didn't leave me."
Charmaine Diyoza: "What the hell does that mean?"
Gabriel Santiago: "It means I still had the Drive in my head but no one to remove it. I eventually taught someone -- Eduardo, a Null infant rescued from the Offering Grove. I loved him like a son. Unfortunately, once he learned to perform the procedure, he refused."
Charmaine Diyoza: "Why?"
Gabriel Santiago: "By then, Xavier was born. He had the blood. Eduardo believed it was a sign, a free-born host. I thought I convinced him otherwise, but when my last body died, he finally wiped Xavier and brought me back."
Josephine Lightbourne (hallucination): "He loved you too much to lose you. I know the feeling."
Gabriel Santiago: "Once I resurrected and realized what he did, I killed him in a fit of rage and assumed Xavier's identity out of shame."
Charmaine Diyoza: "No one else knew. That's why they think you abandoned them."
Octavia Blake: "They were right. He's a coward."
Charmaine Diyoza (hearing children laughing): "Did you hear that?"
Gabriel Santiago (as Octavia collapses in his arms) "Hey, hey."
Octavia Blake: "You didn't abandon your people. You were just afraid to lead them."
Gabriel Santiago: "I was trying to take down a system dedicated to the worship of false gods."
Josephine Lightbourne (hallucination): "A system you helped create."
Gabriel Santiago: "I became a false god all over again. Understand? (Octavia hums in agreement) Good. Come on. You don't have much longer, and we still got a ways to go."
Josephine Lightbourne: "Either you let Murphy die in a doomed attempt to save her, starting a war with my father. Or we stay friends and live happily ever after. Take a minute to think it over."

Notes and Trivia

  • This episode was the mid-season finale of Season Six and went on a two week break.
  • The title is a reference to Ernest Hemingway's novella "The Old Man and the Sea."
  • This is Clarke’s third episode where she does not appear.

Body Count

Behind the Scenes

  • Clarke was originally supposed to appear, but it seems her scenes were cut.
  • Ivana admitted in a interview during the scene where she was following her character's daughter inside the Anomaly she was picturing her late brother Filip instead since The 100 was his favorite show. [1]



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