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Octavia: Diyoza. Diyoza, I'm coming!  Diyoza: Do it! Make it move already! 'Oh. Look who's here. 

Octavia: What happened? Are you-- No. It's too soon. You said you were only six months.  

Diyoza: I've been here for three. What took you so long?

Octavia: I was right behind you. 

Diyoza: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. You have no idea how happy I am you're here. I thought I was gonna have to do this all alone. Now pull this little spud out, and the three of us can watch the sunset together. 

Octavia: Okay. You can do this. Just look at me and think of someplace else, a place where you're happy. 

Diyoza: Oh, not a lot of choices there. 

Octavia: Come on. You can think of someplace. 

Diyoza: I think I'm gonna pass out. 

Octavia: No way. We're doing this together. Just look at me... and... breathe. Let it go. 

Diyoza: I'm thinking of someplace.

Octavia: Good. That's good for you. 

Diyoza: Someplace-- I want to push! 

Octavia: Oh, God. It's happening. It's happening. Okay. Come on. One big one. Let's go. Yeah, good. She's coming! Good okay, one more. Come on. Yes! Oh, my... there she comes. Oh, Diyoza. She's here. She's here. 

Diyoza: Oh. This is Octavia, my friend. 

Octavia: Diyoza? Oh, God. Here. Here. It worked. It worked. Just like me. Thank you, Bell.  _______________________________________

Hope: Welcome to Skyring. 

Echo: Creative. 

Hope: I named it when I was three. What do you expect? 

Gabriel: She remembers. 

Echo: My gun-- I lost it coming through. 

Gabriel: Let's hope you don't need it. 

Echo: Hope, slow down. Where are you going? What is this place? Did you live here? 

Hope: Octavia said you were smart. Where is it? 

Echo: Hope, what are you doing? 

Gabriel: Interesting taste in toys. 

Hope: That's not mine. 

Echo: Is this your house, or isn't it? 

Hope: I was with you on Sanctum for, what, a day? Given the time differential, I haven't been here for hundreds of years. 

Gabriel: It's incredible. 

Echo: Enough! We need answers, starting with where the hell is Bellamy? 

Hope: Once they got here, they used the bridge to take him to Bardo. 

Gabriel: Bardo?

Echo: They? 

Hope: Yes. The next stop. They are the disciples, the guys that were chasing us in the woods. Anders said if I tagged Octavia,  they would let my mother live. 

Gabriel: And Anders is? 

Hope: Head of the disciples. Now. I'm gonna go to Bardo and make sure he kept his word. 

Echo: Hey! You traded Diyoza's life for Octavia's?

Hope: No. I was not trying to kill her. I told you. It was a locator tag. I didn't have a choice. She understood. 

Echo: She understood?

Hope: Yes. My mother, my responsibility. 

Gabriel: You said they used the bridge. Well, I'm assuming that's what we call the anamoly, a bridge between worlds. Is there a way to control it here, too? 

Hope: Yes. She's standing on it. 

(They enter a bunker that is located under the floor)

Gabriel: I don't believe it. 

Hope: I used to play down here as a kid. Little did I know it was a bridge to the stars. 

Gabriel: 'C.B.'

Echo: So how do we get to Bardo? 

Hope: 'Trust Bellamy.'

Gabriel: Of course. You have the code. 

Hope: A friend on the inside gave it to me. No, no, no. The code, it's washed away. We're not going anywhere. 


Octavia: Shh. Work with me here. Here. Ahh! How'd Bellamy do this?  Oh, god.

Diyoza: Looks like she figured out that milk doesn't come from a pinky. 

Octavia: Should you be walking around? 

Diyoza: Well, I just squeezed something the size of a watermelon out of something the size of a grape. I'll survive. Hi. Hello, little person. Sorry mama conked out on you back there. It'll never happen again. 

Octavia: How did this happen? I left seconds after you but got here months later. Explain. 

Diyoza: Do I look like Einstein to you? Near as I can figure time between here and Sanctum doesn't square up. The good news is you can be here for years, and no one would miss you. I mean, no one would miss you anyway, so... 

Octavia: Thanks, and the bad news is? 

Diyoza: The bad news is there's no way off. On second thought, there's no bad news. Look at this place. I've had time to scout. As far as I can tell, there are no threats. There's plenty of food, water, we have shelter. When you told me to think of someplace that makes me happy, it's here. That's why the anomoly called us. Thank God we didn't cut your arm off, by the way. 

Octavia: I can't stay here. 

Diyoza: Where are you going? 

Octavia: To the anomoly. Where do you think? 


Hope: Trust me when I tell you it is too deep. The dive will kill you. 

Echo: How long did you expect us to stay? 

Hope: What is it about Bellamy that has otherwise sensible women willing to die for him? Octavia tried for six years to get back to her brother. 

Echo: You were here for six years?  Hope: I was here for twenty years. She was here for ten, six of them spent trying to reach the pretty light at the bottom of the lake. 

Gabriel: Hey. I think I can read this. 

Hope: Let's hope you learn faster. 

Gabriel: Once it dries, I'll use the charcoal to bring out the indentations in the paper. Now tell me about the code. 

Hope: Told you. It operates the bridge. 

Gabriel: Right. Like the, uh, one on Octavia's back. 

Hope: No. That was for me. From what I gather, every mind has it's own unique code. They call it a-- a biometric--

Gabriel: Signature. Heh. A consciousness code. Of course. 

Hope: When you put mind in on Sanctum, you pulled me over. 

Gabriel: And sent Octavia to the other side. 

Hope: No. I did that. You can pull someone through by entering in their code, or you can tag them with a tracker. It's got to be in deep, or they could end up inside out or something. 

Echo: That's why you stabbed her. 

Hope: Yeah. 

Echo: Tell me the truth. Did you know they were taking Bellamy, too? 

Hope: No. Of course not. No. Octavia loves him. I made a deal to save my mother. The plan was for me to jump back in, rescue her and Aunty O, and kill anyone who got in my way. 

Echo: Oh, so you're a killer, are you? You got training, I'll give you that, but you're no killer. Don't worry. I'm here now, and if they have Bellamy, then kill them all sounds about right. 

Gabriel: We'd have to get there for that, and we are not going anywhere, not with this anyway. 

Echo: Looks like we're swimming to the anomoly after all. 

Hope: I told you. It's not an anomoly. It's a bridge, a transit system. The one on Sanctum leads here, and the one under the lake leads to Bardo. 

Gabriel: The stones are connected. Each one must have a unique code. 

Echo: Glad that's exciting for you, but we're still stuck here. It's warm. There's someone here. Bellamy? 

Hope: I told you. He's not here. 

Man: Get out of my house! Hope, I'm sorry. I'll come back for you! 

Hope: He called the doll Hope. 

Echo: The numbers on his arm were counting down.  Hope: It's how long he's a prisoner here. Five years. That is how long I expect us to stay. 


Gabriel: You said prisoners. You don't mean this is a prison? 

Hope: I did mean. Skyring is the place where they send people to atone for their sins. Okay. This garden is one of his. We have to start planting soon if we want to harvest before winter.  Come on. We need to find him. 

Echo: Slow down! What are you talking about? 

Hope: From the looks of our new friend, he's surviving on jellies alone. Eating like that, he won't make it five years, and we need him to. 

Gabriel: Why?

Hope: Because he's our way to Bardo. When the timer on his arm hits zero, the disciples come for him. 

Gabriel: Right, and you think they'll take us, too? 

Hope: Of course not. No. We kill them, take their suits, jump to Bardo. 

Echo: There she goes talking about killing again. 

Hope: What is the matter? Are you afraid? You know, Octavia might not have liked you, but she did say you were brave. 

Echo: You have to be out of your mind if you think I'm waiting five years. 

Hope: Funny, she said that, too. 


Octavia: Ugh. 120. Ohh. I was under for 120 seconds, and it's still not long enough. 

Diyoza: Shh. Hope just fell asleep. 

Octavia: Sorry. Maybe if I used heavier rocks to pull me down faster. 

Diyoza: Do that, and you'll be too far down to come back up when survival instincts kick in. During my SEALs training--

Octavia: No more stories about SEALs training. I'm at two minutes. If I get to three, I'll be at the glow. 

Diyoza: Holding your breath is not the hardest part. 

Octavia: Ohh. Here we go. 

Diyoza: The twenty meters, if you don't equalize right, your eardrums burst. Go deeper, an untrained diver like you, blood vessels burst in your trachea, your lungs fill with fluid. I mean, you might make it to the other side, but you just won't know it.   Three years. Every day you try it, and every day you fail. It'd be boring if it wasn't so depressing. This is our life now. Stop torturing yourself... and me. Yesterday, Hope came up with a name for the planet, but guess who was underwater when she did. 

Octavia: So what's our planet called? 

Diyoza: Skyring. 

Octavia: Of course it is. 


Echo: Not bad for a prison. 

Gabriel: Nah. Isolation is the prison, like solitary. Now depending on the time dilation relative to Bardo, you could serve a twenty year sentence here on a weekend. It's efficent. 

Echo: I take it you've dealt with these prisoners before. 

Hope: One, yes. 

Echo: Dangerous? 

Hope: It depends. Everyone on Bardo is raised to be a disciple. Every single one of them is a warrior, not like the flower children who worshiped you. Fortunately, they send people here who aren't pulling their own weight, not devout enough, not strong enough. If everything I've heard about you two is true, we can take him. All right. Be quiet. We're close. 

Echo: Who taught you how to track?

Hope: The girl you stabbed and kicked over a cliff. 

Echo: It's a little more complicated than that. 

Gabriel: Sounds like a good story. 

Hope: You just heard it. The spy stabbed her boyfriend's sister and kicked her over a cliff. He went through here. 

Echo: I liked you better without a memory. What is this?

Gabriel: I have no idea. Looks like he dug up the dead so he could have company. 

Hope: Dev. 

Man: Leave us alone! I didn't invite them here, I swear it. I didn't invite you. 

Gabriel: Isolation madness. 

Man: Broke into our house. I tried to save Hope. I tried, but I couldn't. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.  

Hope: Hey. I'm Hope. I grew up here. 

Gabriel: Wait. 

Hope: No, no, no. Damn it. I told you we need him. 

Gabriel: Maybe we don't. 

Echo: C-O-L. Colonel? Military? 

Gabriel: Colin, last name Benson. C.B. It was on the wall near the stone. 

Echo: A mind drive? How? 

Gabriel: Eligius III was here. We're on planet Beta. 

Hope: Skyring's better. 


Gabriel: Everyone on the Eligius mission got one. Becca Franko designed the mind-- I mean, memory drives to be a data retrieval system so the mothership crew could determine what happened if they returned to find a mission team dead, you know, like a-- like a airplane black box. Russell and I reverse-engineered their tech to hold an entire mind. 

Hope: Wait. That'll play his memories?

Gabriel: Yeah. 

Echo: Josephine?

Gabriel: Yeah. I needed to make sure she was really gone. Just-- just wait. It's repairing corrupted data. 

Echo: So what are the odds that Eligius III randomly chose two planets connected by anomoly stones?

Gabriel: Long. I'd say it suggests that the people on Bardo descend from Eligius, as well, and if I'm right, it could mean that the species that created the stones thousands, perhaps millions of years ago, were looking for a new home, too. I mean, think about it, right? No need for spaceships or-- or cryo or mind drives. You could explore an entire universe. 

Hope: Not to point out the obvious, but if your friend here figured out how to operate the stone, he'd have used it to leave. He wouldn't be here playing chess with the dead. 

Gabriel: No, no, no. Colin was a quantum physicist, a Fields Medal winner. If anyone could figure out how to--

Becca (On video): Dr. Benson, blink if you can hear me. Dr. Benson. 

Gabriel: Becca? God, I had a crush on her. 

Becca: The procedure was a success. We'll remove the breathing tube in a moment. How do you feel? Good. The implant will start collecting your memory now. If you die out there, my face will be the first that the follow team sees. I envy you. You are going on the greatest adventure in the history of history. Lightbourne, the pompous ass, thinks that Alpha is the one. He's afraid that Beta's too far from the black hole relative to the others, but if you ask me, time dilation is sexy as hell. You'll get to the future faster. Don't go anywhere. 

Gabriel: The black hole. Of course. That's why time is so accelerated here. 

Echo: Can you fast forwards?

Gabriel: Just quiet. 

Becca: You'll be here in post-op for another hour or so until you're through recovery. 

Echo: This is gonna take a while. 

Hope: That guy out there is gonna come home. Unless we want to wind up as guests at his picnic, I think--

Echo: I'll take the first watch. 

Hope: Yeah. 

Becca: You should be able to start to drink water in about an hour or so. Don't be concerned if you still...  _______________________________________

Octavia: Nice work. Go grab me a shovel. So remember, only three seeds per hole. 

Hope: Copy that. Three. Can I bury them? 

Octavia: Mh-hmm. 

Diyoza: New plot is looking good. I want those tomatoes. Hey. Who's hungry? 

Octavia: Let me guess. We're vegan again. 

Diyoza: Only if you're not in the mood for my jellyfish etouffee. 

Hope: Jellyfish and chips. 

Diyoza: Yes. 

Octavia: I got that beat. Peanut butter and jellyfish. 

Diyoza: Jellyfish pot pie it is. Come on. Earth skills before dinner. Aunty O's gonna teach you how to sew.

Octavia: I'll be right behind you. Just finishing up with my rows.  

Hope: Mom, I want to stay and help Aunty O with the garden. 

Diyoza: That's what I like to hear. Teamwork makes the dream work. 

Octavia: That's right. Hey, what are you doing? She'll hear you. 

Hope: I'm training so I can help you save your brother. 

Octavia: My brother doesn't even know I'm gone yet. Six years for us is, like, a blink of an eye where he is. 

Hope: That means we have time for you to make me like you.  Octavia: Ow! Hope: Ooh! What is it? Octavia: I don't know. It looks--

Hope: AAH!

Diyoza: Hope! 

Octavia: Diyoza, she shouldn't be out here. 

Diyoza: Go inside now. 

Octavia: This isn't the first time something was planted here. Help me get him out of here. Hey. Easy. This is my way out. 

Diyoza: Oh, God. Here we go. 

Octavia: There's a whole suit here. This could easily add a minute to my dive. You know I'm right. 

Diyoza: You're right. It might buy you some time, but this gear's probably biometric. That means you put it on, and it lets his people know we're here, and I don't know about you, but I'd rather not face an army of guys like this. Come on. Give me a hand before Hope comes back out. 

Octavia: Stop. If there's tech in this thing, it's deader than he is. This gets me to Sanctum. I come back with our own army. Let these guys try to come. 

Diyoza: Do you hear yourself? 

Octavia: Do you? 

Diyoza: You really want to expose Hope to that-- armies, a war? 

Octavia: You're just trying to guilt me into staying. 

Diyoza: Yes, because it's the only tactic I haven't used. 

Octavia: You know I have to warn Bellamy about the Primes. 

Diyoza: What about us? Aren't we your family, too? 

Octavia: Of course you are. I'll come back, I'll bring the others.  Hope can have a real life. 

Diyoza: In the time you waited to follow me into the anomoly, I was already here for three months. When you come back, I'll be dust, and so will Hope after living alone for however long she's alive once she buries me. We had a good run, though, right?


Hope: Aunty O, wait. Don't leave. 

Octavia: I miss you already. 

Hope: I don't want to grow up without you. 

Octavia: Maybe you don't have to. We don't know how the anomoly works, right? Before you know it, I could be back with Bellamy, Clarke, and Madi. 

Hope: And Murphy? 

Octavia: Him, too. All of them. I love you, little one. Don't you ever forget it. I thought you were too mad at me to say good-bye. 

Diyoza: This isn't good-bye. You won't accept this now, but I'm probably saving your life because even with that thing on-- You want to hate me, hate me, but Hope needs you. 

Octavia: Stop making this about Hope. 

Diyoza: Fine. I need you, too. Is that what you want to hear? Your brother left you to die. Why are you so eager to run back to him? Why aren't we enough? 

Octavia: I just need to tell him I understand. Because of Hope, I understand. I need to tell him. 

Diyoza: This is your home now. 


Diyoza: Okay, how's about this one? Reading first, little one. Okay. Go ahead. School can wait. 

Octavia: Well, what are you waiting for? Plant. 

Octavia (Voiceover): Bell, I hope against hope that this letter reaches you. I need you to know that you were right. There was a darkness in me, but Diyoza helped me past that darkness. It's behind me now. I need you to know that I finally understand all you did to protect me, watch over me, love me. I wish I could see your face and hug you... and tell you that I get it now. I wish I could thank you. By the time you get this, if you get this, I'll probably be an old lady or dead. I want you to know I was happy. I have Hope. Diyoza's a pain in the ass, but I love her like I love you. Please don't worry about me. You deserve to be happy, big brother. Always yours, Octavia. 


Hope: Where did you get that? 

Echo: I found it here. 

Hope: That was not meant for you. It's my watch. 

Echo: Stay alert, Hope. He could come back at any time. 

Colin (On video): Okay. Try again. 

Gabriel: The Eligius transport crashed here. Colin was the sole survivor. He found the stone the same way we did, by tracking the radio interference. Built this cabin above it. 

Echo: What's all that? 

Gabriel: It's brilliant. He used a ground vibration sensor and a stethoscope salvaged from the wreckage to measure tiny fluctuations in the stone caused when the correct symbol was touched in the right order. 

Echo: So we have the code? 

Gabriel: No, no, not yet. There's still millions of possible combinations, but he'll get it. I'm sure of it. 

Hope: I remember when she threw this into the bridge. We still thought Sanctum was on the other side. It must have been how they knew we were here. 

Echo: Hey. Come here. Come here. We'll get them back together, whatever it takes. We'll get them all back. Colin (On video): Ok. Back to the trenches. It is the same! For, be it joy or be it sorrow, the path of its departure still is free: Man's yesterday may ne'er be-- Gabriel: Same damn poem every day. 

Hope: You must think I'm so weak. 

Echo: No. The opposite. I've seen your moves, and with teachers like Diyoza and Octavia, I wouldn't want to face you in battle. 

Hope: They didn't teach me to fight. No. My mom wouldn't allow it. No. A prisoner came here a few months after they left-- Dev. He taught me. 

Echo: The body. 

Hope: Yeah.  Colin (Over video): Okay. Let's try again. Wait. There. The Operations are in sync. Something's happening.

Gabriel: Here we go. The portal rises from the lake. Of course. Pen. I need a pen. Um... I need a pen. He did it! I need something to write with, the charcoal, a pen, anything! Be careful with that. Hey.

Man: What is this? 

Gabriel: It's okay. No one's gonna hurt you. That's a memory viewer, okay? My friend was here. Now that man just entered the code and opened the bridge. We need to rewind it so that once we see it we can open the bridge ourselves, okay? You can go home. 

Man: Too soon. I must serve my time. 

Echo: Okay. If you want to stay, you can stay. Just give us back--

Man: No! I serve the master. I am his shield and his sword for all mankind! Echo: No! ____________________________________________

Diyoza: You aced your reading, but your math... you're gonna do it again after dinner. 

Octavia: Remember this? 

Diyoza: I remember carrying your ass through the woods in it. That's me on dishes. 

Octavia: I could have made your daughter a pair of pants if you didn't rip the sleeve off. 

Diyoza: I ripped the sleeve off to save that gnarly arm of yours.  It's time to throw that damn thing away. 

Hope: That's dishes tomorrow, too. 

Diyoza: Yep. Keep her out of sight. 

Octavia: Wait. What are you doing? 

Diyoza: Please just do what I say. 

Hope: Mom? 

Octavia: Don't worry about it. Hey, hey. You're gonna be okay.  Disciples: Who are you-- Octavia or Diyoza? 

Diyoza: You speak English. Great. You just tell me what this is about. Octavia left a long time ago, right after she dropped this note. I'm alone here now.  Disciples: Search the cabin for the other one. Restrain her. 

Diyoza: Octavia, you fool! There is no hope! Come out now! 

Octavia: Go now. Get in. Hurry! I need you to stay quiet. No matter what you hear, you have to stay quiet, do you understand? I promise you mommy and Aunty O will come back for you, but right now, you shh. You be brave.  Disciples: Come out and surrender! All right! Front! On your knees. Right now! Stop resisting! Octavia: Let me go! Disciples: We don't want to hurt you. Secure them. Helmets on. Anders wants them to remember everything. On your feet! Move!

Hope: Mom! Octavia! Mom! Mom?