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The Garden is the second episode of the seventh season of The 100. It is the eighty-sixth episode of the series overall.

MYSTERIOUS PAST – Echo and Gabriel learn more about Hope and her mysterious past.


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Guest Starring


  • Darren Moore as Orlando
  • Nevis Unipan as Young Hope (10 yrs old)
  • Amber Taylor as Young Hope (6 yrs old)
  • Elizabeth Truman as Baby Hope


Echo: "A Mind Drive? How?"
Gabriel Santiago: "Eligius III was here. We're on Planet Beta."
Hope Diyoza: "Skyring's better."
Gabriel Santiago: "Everyone on the Eligius mission got one. Becca Franko designed the Mind -- I mean Memory Drives to be a data retrieval system so the mothership crew could determine what happened if they returned to find a mission team dead, you know, like a -- like a airplane black box. Russell and I reverse-engineered the tech to hold an entire mind."
Hope Diyoza: "Wait. That'll play his memories?"
Gabriel Santiago: "Yeah."
Echo (as Gabriel removes a Mind Drive from his computer): "Josephine?"
Gabriel Santiago: "Yeah. I needed to make sure she was really gone."
Gabriel Santiago: "Becca? God, I had a crush on her."
Becca Franko: "I envy you. You are going on the greatest adventure in the history of history. Lightbourne, that pompous ass, thinks that Alpha is the one. He's afraid that Beta is too far from the black hole relative to the others, but if you ask me, time dilation is sexy as hell. You'll get to the future faster. Don't go anywhere."
Gabriel Santiago: "The black hole. Of course. That's why time is so accelerated here."

Notes and Trivia

  • As Hope with Gabriel and Echo appears on the water surface Hope's face markings are gone, due to being washed off.
  • Hope reveals that the people who kidnapped Bellamy are known as the Disciples and that their leader is Anders, the "he" that she had mentioned in "The Blood of Sanctum."
    • Hope also reveals that she did not stab Octavia but instead injected her with a locator tag which pulled her through the Anomaly. She had to put it deep to prevent Octavia from arriving on the other side inside out.
  • Hope reveals that Octavia was on Skyring for ten years, six of which she spent trying to reach the Anomaly.
  • Its revealed that Gabriel had kept Josephine Lightbourne's Mind Drive. He checks the Mind Drive using a computer tablet on Skyring to confirm that she is really gone.
  • This episode is Bellamy Blake’s third and Clarke Griffin’s fourth episode where they did not appear.
    • It is also only the second episode of the entire series in which Eliza Taylor doesn't appear.
  • Unlike Mission Team Alpha, Mission Team Beta crashed on Skyring and only Doctor Colin Benson survived the crash.
  • The hallucination Hope had of Octavia in "From the Ashes" is revealed to be a memory of the night the Disciples found Octavia, Hope and Diyoza on Skyring.
  • According to Becca Franko, the Eligius mission planets are in close proximity to a black hole which would explain the time dilation. Time slows down the closer an object is to a black hole, meaning that centuries can pass in the rest of the universe while only seconds pass for that object.  The closer the object is, the greater the time dilation. Becca states that Russell Lightbourne was concerned about Planet Beta being too far from the black hole relative to the other planets which would explain why time is faster there.
  • Skyring is Planet Beta from the Eligius III mission and it's suggested that the presence of the Anomaly on two planets selected for the mission is not a coincidence.
    • It's also suggested that Bardo is another Eligius planet and that the Disciples are descendants of one of the other mission teams.
  • This episode does not contain not a single on-screen death either human or otherwise. However, the corpses of Hope's friend Dev, Doctor Colin Benson and one of the Disciples are discovered on Skyring and the fate of Mission Team Beta is mentioned. In addition, the corpses of several other people are seen dug up by the insane prisoner alongside Colin and Dev's, presumably other prisoners who didn't survive.
  • This episode featured the most fewest characters, which make it first episode to have fewest characters (beside young Hope) on the show, only 7 characters appear.
  • Though Becca Franko's full name has been previously given in "Sanctum" and "Nevermind" on a book spine and a newspaper article respectively, it is mentioned out loud here for the first time by Gabriel Santiago while talking about the Memory Drives.

Body Count

Behind the Scenes

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