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Bellamy Previously on "The 100"...
Clarke Luna, you're the last of your kind, the last Nightblood. Will you take it and become the next Commander?
Luna No. We take people in who are done fighting, done killing.
Ilian Skaikru made me murder my entire family. I have no one left.
Kane I'm sorry for your loss, but the chip, the technology, it affected all of us.
Roan I, King Roan of Azgeda, am caretaker of the throne, and keeper of the Flame.
Gaia [Speaking Trigedasleng] This is blasphemy.
Roan The Flame won't keep the clans at bay forever. If they unite against us-
Octavia They come for Skaikru.
Roan And the radiation comes for us all.
Woman Aah!
Raven We have to focus on riding out the radiation, finding someplace safe.
Monty That's it. We're standing in our viable solution.
Clarke How many of us will the ship sustain without a Hydro-Generator?
Raven No more than a hundred.
Act One
Bellamy Two meals a day for people working as hard as ours, we won't make any friends.

Well, if there's one thing our people understand, it's rationing.

Besides, once we close those doors, it'll be one meal a day for the next five years.

Try one meal every other day.Hunting parties are coming back with less and less.

Thanks to your friend Niylah, we're preserving more meat than ever. But it's still not enough.Without a way to make water, growing our own protein like we did on the Ark is not an option.Remember that when we're starving.
Bellamy I won't be starving because I won't be inside.
Clarke Yes, you will.
Raven Does that mean you made the list?
Clarke No. What about drinking water?

Clarke, don't change the subject.

We need to know who's gonna be on the inside of these doors when the radiation comes.
Clarke We don't need to know now.
Man on P.A. We need some medical help at the front gate. Looks like we got some sick people here.
Act Two
Soldier Do not come any closer.
Nyko Please. They need Skaikru medicine.
Bellamy Move. Stand back.
Clarke Nyko.
Miller What if it's a grounder attack like they did with Murphy?
Clarke What happened to them?
Nyko The sickness. We lost more than 40 on the way.
Bellamy Luna?
Luna Please don't turn us away because of what I did to you.
Abby Out of my way. Please let me through.
Clarke Mom. What is this?

Fever, lesions, vomiting.

It's ARS.
Bellamy What's ARS?
Abby Acute radiation sickness. When did the symptoms start?
Luna Not sure. Right before the fish started dying.
Raven The fish are dying?
Nyko Floating on the sea to the horizon in every direction.
Abby It's not contagious. Let's get them to medbay. Come on.
Raven I got you. Ok. All right. There you go.
Clarke It's already here.
Act Three
Octavia It's not safe for you here. What do you want?

I need you to handle something for me the way you handled Ambassador Rafel.

We should speak alone.
Octavia If you can't trust Indra, you can't trust me.
Roan The flame's been stolen.
Octavia How? When?
Roan Just now from my quarters while I was training.
Indra How can you be so careless?
Octavia We need to lock down this city and search everyone.
Indra We can't. If word gets out that he's lost the flame, the other clans will question his rule, Trikru loudest of all.
Roan Then I'll be forced to answer their questions with my army.
Octavia Or we can just find it. Where do I start?
Roan Whoever did this got in and out of the tower without being seen. In order to risk that, she'd have to care more about the flame than her own life.
Octavia "She"?
Roan The new flamekeeper.
Indra Perhaps you should look closer to home. You're not exactly beloved.
Roan My people want an Ice Nation king.
Indra The ambassadors don't.
Roan The ambassadors are cowards and know I'd have their heads. The keepers of the flame--fanatics. I'd do it myself, but my guards won't let me out of their sight.
Octavia I'll handle it.
Roan What's wrong? You created a killer. In the street, they're calling her Skairipa. Death from above.
Indra I'm so proud.
Roan You should be. One kill to prevent thousands, that's good politics.
Act Four
Murphy You said there'd be food here.
Emori There should be. These woods have always been good to me. Now there's not even bugs.

Well, fortunately, I'm not hungry enough for that to be upsetting yet.

I actually kind of miss Polis. They had this drink there -- sweet, made out of sheep's milk.
Emori Ontari gave this to you?
Murphy Yeah. I told you it wasn't all bad.
Emori You told me you were trying to survive.
Murphy I was.
Emori What else wasn't bad,John, sex?
Murphy Emori, I don't want to talk about this.
Emori Fine. Then let's not.
Murphy I didn't have a choice, ok? Emori. I didn't have a choice.
Emori Where are you going?
Murphy I'm gonna go to Arkadia.
Emori What? Why?
Murphy I'm a better thief than I am a hunter.
Emori I'll come with you.
Murphy No. I'll draw less attention alone. Tonight we feast.
Emori Ok.
Act Five
Clarke They're getting worse. There's got to be something we can do.
Jackson Delactivene might help, but Raven's got the meds on lockdown.
Abby Leave Raven to me. What, exactly, do the tests show?
Jackson The exposure is acute. Without treatment, there's little to no chance of recovery. It looks like the radiation is internal, ingested from irradiate fish. None of the outbreaks appear to be from airborne exposure. That's the good news.
Abby Not for them.
Luna You think I deserve this for refusing the flame?
Bellamy No one deserves to suffer. Besides, this would've happened anyway.
Abby It's worth a try.
Luna This is all that's left of my people. Can you save them?
Clarke We'll do everything we can. You have my word. Tell me something good.
Bellamy Raven's looking for us.
Raven So Luna's rig is here, and if the fish in these waters are dying, well, basically, we're screwed.
Bellamy I don't understand. A.L.I.E. said we had six months.
Raven We don't.
Clarke Well, then how long do we have?
Raven It's hard to say. Radiation is dispersed by jet stream and carried by ocean currents, so it's not an exact science, but the leading indicators are small species die-offs -- fish, insects. Based on the new data, i'd say we have... two months of survivability... maybe less.
Bellamy The Ark won't be ready.
Raven It'll be close. If we triple the man hours and work round the clock, we should be able to achieve a hard seal before the black rain comes. We just have to decide who gets to live here.
Clarke Raven, we're not talking about the list again.

Clarke, we are running out of time. We have to make a plan for the day we close the doors, drill for it, make sure only the survivors have guns, agree on protocols for dealing with the people who are pissed off they're not chosen. You asked me to be in charge of rationing, and I am doing it, but choosing who gets to live or die is your specialty. [Engine starts]

No one's scheduled to take the rover.
Bellamy Out of the vehicle.
Jaha I need to make a run.
Raven All supply runs go through me, and shouldn't you be working on the patch to sector 5?
[Engine stops]
Jaha A patch for a ship that can only save a hundred people? Why are you surprised? I am an engineer. We have no way to generate water. The harder number is 400. Can you really sentence 400 more of our own people to death?
Clarke We don't have a choice.
Jaha What if you do? What if I told you there might be a fallout shelter less than a day's drive from here, a fallout shelter built to sustain thousands?
Raven We've been through the chancellor's files. All the bunkers you considered for the hundred were listed as compromised or unviable, and now Mount Weather is, too.
Jaha Those were government bunkers. [Hands them a tablet with a news article on it]
Bellamy A doomsday cult?
Jaha That's right -- the second dawn.
Clarke They built a bunker?
Jaha Their whole theology was based on riding out the end of the world.
Raven And why didn't you consider it?
Jaha We couldn't prove it existed.
Bellamy So why are you considering it now?
Jaha Because before now, we didn't need it.
Clarke You found it, didn't you?
Jaha We can't be sure unless we check it out.
Raven No. No way. We need that rover for hauling pieces of a 3-ton patch we're build--
Clarke Yeah, but if he's right we don't need a patch.

Can I talk to you guys for a second? [Raven, Clarke and Bellamy walk away from Jaha]

Can you please remind Clarke what happened the last time Jaha went looking for salvation?
Bellamy Raven, if that bunker is real, we can save a lot more than a hundred people.
Raven If it's not, we've lost another day.
Clarke Hey, look. If it's not, I'll make the list... ok?
Raven Oh, do what you want. I've got a ship to seal. [Goes inside]
Bellamy I'll drive. [They leave with the rover]
Cadogan The end is coming. Hear me as I say it this time. The end is coming, and it's coming soon.
Jaha He gave this speech two weeks before the bombs.
Cadogan The world is dark and getting darker all the time. Everything we once trusted has turned on us-- government, religion. Even technology has become a weapon in their hands used to poison our minds. I know you're in pain. I know you're afraid, but it doesn't have to be like this. There is a way out of the darkness. I can show it to you. You can be saved. Join me. Join us, and together when the horsemen come, from the ashes, we will rise.
Clarke Please tell me you have more than this.
[Hands tablet to Jaha]
Jaha In the two years before the bombs, Cadogan sold off most of the Second Dawn's real estate holdings, generating tens of millions of dollars, but there was one thing he didn't sell.
[Hands tablet back]
Jaha I found this in his autobiography. It's his childhood home. His father built a bunker there to save his family. I think Cadogan used the church's money to expand it.
Bellamy He grew up there. Maybe he kept it for sentimental value.
Jaha Hmm. His father beat him almost daily in that house. He hated living there.
Clarke Why keep it if you're liquidating everything else?
Jaha Because that bunker is there. I can feel it.
Bellamy Guy sounds like a religious fanatic to me.
Jaha Maybe, or maybe he was just a leader willing to do whatever it took to save his people.
Act Six
Murphy [Whistles]
Miller Look who's back. Though you ran off with your...girlfriend.
Murphy You jealous, Miller? There's enough of me to go around. Of course, Bryan would probably kick my ass, so-
David You here to stay, John?
Murphy Till something better comes along, yeah.
[Murphy walks into Arkadia]
Miller Close the gate.
Man All right. Start it up.
Act Seven
Raven Already told Jackson, we can't spare anything, especially not antiradiation meds.
Abby We're talking about 7 doses.
Raven That's a quarter of our supply, Abby, a supply that has to last us for 5 years on an irradiated planet. We're gonna need every one of those pills, and you know it.
Raven You're right. We put you in charge of the supplies. It's your call, but those people-
Raven Will it work? Can you guarantee the medicine will save them? You can't because delactivene needs to be used within 24 hours of exposure. It's on the damn label.
Abby The rate of effectiveness goes down, yes, but it doesn't mean it won't work. We have to try.
Raven No.
Abby There's a child in there with them. At least give me enough for her.
Raven I'm sorry, but we can't waste our supply on a long shot.
Abby If we can save one life, would you call that a waste?
Raven Even if it worked, even if we could save them today, they'll be dead from radiation inside two months.
Abby You tell yourself that if you need to, but the radiation isn't killing that child. You are.
Raven [Sighs] [Sighs] [Sighs]
[Raven makes the blowtorch ignite and continues working]
Act Eight
Floukru Members [Coughing and wheezing]
[Murphy enters. Pills in hand] [Pills rattle]
Murphy You looking for these?
Abby Where did you g-
[Jackson approaches]
Abby Never mind.
Murphy I didn't know how many you needed, so I took it all. What are you waiting for? Go. Be Doctors.
Abby Give it to the child first, and if it works, you give it to the others.
[Abby gives Jackson the pills and he goes to work]
Abby I'm glad you're back, John. I was worried about you.
Murphy Thanks.
Adria [Moaning]
Abby Ok. It's ok. Ok? It's ok.
Luna's ok. You can trust them.
Jackson It's like food. Just put it in your mouth and take it down with the water. There you go. That's it.
Adria [Coughing]
Jackson Easy, easy, ok. I got you. I got you.
Nyko What about the others?
Jackson We'll monitor Adria closely for the next few hours. If her symptoms improve, then we'll treat the adults.
Luna Thank you.
Jackson His father got floated for stealing medicine to save him. Who knew he had it in him?
Abby I did.
Act Nine
[Grounders smash on technology left from ALIE in the streets] [Gaia walks by, dressed in an Azgeda out, she reveals that she has the Flame] [Octavia follows her] [Grounder steps in front of her]
Grounder [Speaking Trigedasleng] Where you going, Sky Girl?
Octavia [Speaking Trigedasleng] Be smart and back off.
Ilian Hey, no, no, no. [Speaking Trigedasleng] No. We're here for the tech. That's all.
Octavia What's the point?
Ilian ALIE used tech to control us. No one'll ever take over our minds again. [Speaking Trigedasleng] Follow her, see where she goes.
[Gaia enters Titus's Flame Keeper Room]
Octavia So you're the new Flamekeeper.
Gaia This is a sacred space. Leave before you get hurt.
Octavia Give me the Flame.
Gaia It does not belong to you or your red-blooded King.
Octavia I can't let you leave with it.
Octavia You don't have a choice.
[Octavia and Gaia start to fight]
Gaia and Octavia [Grunting]
[Gaia punches Octavia in the face]
Octavia Ah!
Gaia Good technique. I know it well.
[Gaia charges Octavia again, Octavia hooks her leg around Gaia's and she slams Gaia to the ground]
Octavia Uh! Yah!
[Octavia picks up her sword and prepares to kill Gaia]
Indra Stop. Put down the sword, Octavia.
Octavia She has the Flame.
Indra She's my daughter.
Octavia I'll talk to Roan. If we give him back the Flame, I can convince him to show mercy.
Indra Azgeda knows no mercy. Give me the Flame, Gaia.
Octavia It's around her neck.
Indra That's nothing, a Totem she's worn since she joined the faith. You are interfering in matters you do not understand.
Gaia Wrong. I'm a Flamekeeper. I'm honoring my faith, a faith you once believed in.
Indra Don't you question my devotion.
Gaia A devoted follower would die before giving the Flame to an unworthy King, an Azgeda King. You pervert our faith. Heda would be ashamed.
Indra I'm doing what's best for Trikru. You would understand that if you stayed and done your duty.
Gaia I was called.
Gaia My daughter was not meant to wander the Earth looking for Nightbloods. My daughter was meant to lead armies. My daughter was meant to lead our people.
Indra Looks like you found that daughter now.
Octavia Roan sent me here to kill you. If I don't come back with the Flame, he will send others.
Gaia If the spirit of the Commanders deems it my time, then so be it.
Octavia Indra, tell me what you want me to do here. Without the flame, the King is vulnerable. We will need to fight to keep him on the throne. If that's what you want me to do, I'll do it for you.
Gaia I can run.
Indra He'll find you. Don't throw your life away.
Gaia That's what you said the day I left. You still don't understand.
[Someone slams against the door]
Indra The looters.
Gaia If they find the Flame, they'll destroy it.
Looters [Shouting]
Gaia I'll take the tunnel.
Octavia Wait.
Looters [Shouting]
[The Looters break in, Ilian leads the charge]
Ilian Drop your weapons.
Gaia You're making a mistake.
Ilian We just want the tech. No one has to get hurt.
[Gaia, Indra, and Octavia drop their weapons. The Looters grab them and then restrain them]
Gaia Uh! No!
Looter Give me the pack.
Gaia No. No. Let go. Give that back. Don't. Uh...
[Ilian pulls out the Flame from Gaia's backpack]
Gaia Please. That's not tech. That's the spirit of the Commanders.
Octavia Please. Ilian, you don't have to do this.
Ilian Yes, I do. [Speaking Trigedasleng] For my Mother. Yaah!
[Ilian smashes the Flame]
Gaia Aaah!
Looters Whoo! [Cheering]
Octavia They're gone. Ohh...sorry about your necklace.
[Gaia pulls out the real Flame, safe in her pocket]
Gaia Don't be. That was a good plan. Thank you.
Indra You got what you wanted.
Gaia So did you.
[Octavia and Indra leave] [Door closes]
Octavia Indra...she's family.
Indra Roan will still want her head.
Octavia Not if he doesn't think it was her.
Act Ten
Raven [Sighs]
[Raven looks over at the medicine. The window is smashed and the medicine is gone]
Act Eleven
Luna [Speaking Trigedasleng]
Adria [Wheezing]
[Raven enters]
Murphy Hey, hey, hey.
Raven What the hell are you doing here?
Murphy Now is not a really good time.
[Raven sees the food that Murphy had stolen and had put in his backpack]
Raven Once a cockroach, always a cockroach, huh?
Murphy Seriously, Raven, not now.
Raven Oh...
Abby We only wasted one dose.
Luna [Sniffles] [Speaking Trigedasleng] Think about the waves, my love. Can you hear them? Lapping gently beneath us...we'll be with the waves soon.
Adria [Wheezes] [Gurgles]
[Adria dies]
Nyko [Speaking Trigedasleng] Your fight is over.
Luna [Crying]
[Luna kisses Adria's head]
Luna [Sobs] Ohh...ohh...ohh...
Act Twelve
Jaha Cadogan learned how to survive from his father. They hunted in these woods. Huh. This is it.
Bellamy Well, if anyone's entitled to a lucky break, we are.
Jaha You hear that? No insects. What?
Clarke Luna said the fish were dying.
Bellamy What are the things that eat the fish and bugs gonna eat now?
Clarke What happened to us deserving a lucky break? So what are we looking for?
Jaha The Bunker would have been at the lowest point.
Bellamy Anything structural. Be careful.
Jaha She's lucky to have you. Leadership is a lonely pursuit, but you-you keep her centered.
Bellamy You got it backwards.
Jaha Still blaming yourself for killing that army. You made mistakes - it's true - but your intentions were pure. Every choice you made you made to save your people...even shooting me twice. As long as that's the truth, you don't need redemption.
Bellamy You better hope so.
Jaha What's that?
Bellamy Well, if you're wrong and there is a Hell, then I guess I'll see you there.
Bellamy How many people do you have to save before you forgive yourself?
Clarke Over here.
Bellamy Huh. Stay behind me. [Panting] Watch your head. Ok. [Panting] [Exhales]
[Bellamy bends down over a skeleton. He picks up a medallion from it]
Bellamy "From the ashes we will rise." Not this guy. Hmm.
Jaha The 11th seal. Their faith was based on 12 seals. Followers could level up by unlocking them one at a time. Only those who reached level 12 could achieve salvation.
Clarke Huh. Maybe that's why they didn't let him in.
Jaha I was right.
Clarke What if they're still in there?
[Bellamy knocks on the door] [Pound, pound, pound]
Bellamy Hey! Is anyone there?
Jaha It's still sealed.
Clarke There's no locks, no handles.
Jaha That's because it was designed to be opened from the inside.
Bellamy Or from the outside by somebody with a Rover.
[Engine revving] [Rope holding the door and the Rover breaks]
Clarke What happened?
Bellamy Let's go find out.
Jaha It worked. Huh. This can't be.
[Skeletons lie everywhere throughout the room]
Bellamy It wasn't sealed. The radiation would have killed them in days. This won't save anyone.
Act Thirteen
[Octavia enters the Throne Room]
Roan Leave us.
[Guards leave] [Door closes] [Octavia sets a severed head at Roan's feet]
Octavia He was one of the Looters. You were wrong about the Flamekeeper.
Roan And the Flame?
Octavia Destroyed before I could kill him. I'm sorry.
[Roan throws the pieces of the fake Flame into the fire] [Pieces clatter]
Roan It'll be more dangerous now. More people will have to die to keep me in power, not that that bothers you, Skairipa.
Octavia People fell in line behind the Flame. Now they'll fall in line behind the sword.
Roan Let's hope Clarke finds a way to save us before they have to. Get out.
Act Fourteen
Emori [Gasps] Oh, finally.
Murphy Emori.
Emori John, what's wrong?
Murphy It looks like we may need my people, after all. There's a storm coming. When it hits, we need to be on the right side of that door.
Emori So we make ourselves useful.
Murphy Yeah. Yeah, exactly. I've already started working on Abby. Come on. I'll explain on the way.
Act Fifteen
[Clarke has written the list. For #99 she fills in Bellamy Blake]
Clarke [Sighs] [Sniffles] [Sighs]
Bellamy Mm... If I'm on that list, you're on that list.
Clarke Bellamy, I can't.
Bellamy Write it down. Write it down, or I will.
Clarke [Sniffles]
[Bellamy writes Clarke Griffin in the #100 slot]
Clarke [Sniffles] [Sighs] So what now?
Bellamy Now we put it away and hope we never have to use it.
Clarke You still have hope?
Bellamy We still breathing?
Clarke [Sniffles] [Inhales]
Bellamy Get some sleep.
[Bellamy leaves] [Clarkes walks to Medbay]
Luna [Speaking Trigedasleng] From water you were born. To water you return.
Clarke Luna?
[Luna stands up and then turned toward Clarke. Luna's ADS burns are starting to heal and she looks much better]
Abby Impossible.
Raven We didn't treat her.
Abby Your fever's down.
Nyko How?
Abby Her body's rejecting the radiation on its own. Here. Please sit down. I'd like to run some tests. Jackson.
Jackson What did you do?
Abby Nothing. There's only one variable. There's one thing that separates Luna from the others.
Clarke Nightblood. From the ashes, we will rise.