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Anders: I know you've ony agreed to disciple training to get out of your cells. That's because you're blind to what's really going on. I'm about to open your eyes to the truth of our cause. 

Octavia: Where are we going?

Anders: I realize that taking things on faith is not in your nature, so I'm gonna show you what happens if we lose the last war. Surface.

Hope: You are pretty brave, taking us yourself. 

Anders: It's not bravery, Hope. You see, this elevator will stay on the surface until I signal for it to be brought down. I take it on faith that you'd rather not die today. Good. Then masks on. The particulate matter in the air is lethal to humans. It'll literally calcify you from the inside. 

Octavia: Gabriel saved us. 

Hope: Where is Gabriel?

Anders: Gabriel is no longer your concern. 

Echo: This is what you're preparing to fight?

Anders: No. The Bardoans lost their last war. This is all that is left.

Octavia: Let me get this straight. The 10-foot aliens with superior technology that built this place got genocided and turned to stone by the enemy that we're gonna fight.

Anders: Precisely. Now you know what you're training for. 

Diyoza: I do love me an unwinnable war. 


Emori: Just sit tight. I know it's scary, but we'll find a way out of this. You stay quiet, okay?

Madi: No!

Emori: Madi...

Nikki: Aren't you a spitfire? But you need to calm yourself. We're just gonna chat... for now. This thing on? Good evening, Sanctum. This is Nikki at the mic with my friend Nelson beside me. Thank you for your patience, but we have some requests. We would like to extend an invitation to Russell and Daniel Prime and Raven Reyes to meet us at the palace. You have twenty minutes to get here, or we start killing hostages. Want to take a guess who'll be first? I'll let her introduce herself. 

Emori: This is Kaylee Prime. Daniel, I don't want you to do--

Nikki: Uh-uh. What we talked about. 

Emori: Fine. I'm supposed to tell you that I'm looking at a gun pointed at my head, but I don't want you to do anything stupid. 

Murphy: Damn it. 

Jackson: Murphy, wait. You heard what she said. Don't be stupid. 

Nikki: She's brave. I'll give her that. Be a shame to have to kill her. 20 minutes. Oh. Look. Now it's 19. Tick Tock.

Jackson: We need a plan. 

Murphy: All right. Well, here is what we are working with. They have a lot of guns. Wonkru won't listen to us. I am 150 pounds wet, and you can't fight to save your life. 

Indra: Guard the door. I'm gone for half a day, and now the palace is surrounded with armed COGs and convicts?

Murphy: Where have you been?

Jackson: We have a situation.

Indra: I heard the announcement.

Murphy: I'm sure Nelson wants us Primes to tell the faithful we're full of crap. 

Indra: Or he wants to kill you. 

Murphy: Where's everyone else? They asked for Raven, too.

Indra: All we found were bodies and blood at Gabriel's camp... not our people. There was no trace of them. We left a unit in the field to keep searching, I was afraid to stay out too long, and I'm afraid I'm right, considering what I just walked in on. Gaia is with them, too, but they can take care of themselves. Obviously, you can't. 

Jackson: Nate was with them.

Murphy: We will get Nate and Gaia back, but we have 18 minutes to save Emori. 

Indra: How? We can't get them Raven.

Murphy: You're not gonna like it-- hell, I don't like it-- but we could give them me and Russell. Two out of three ain't bad. 

Indra: You want to let Sheidheda go free? That's exactly what he wants us to do. 

Murphy: It's hardly free.

Indra: It's still out of my control. 

Murphy: It'll at least buy us some time, ok, time for you to gather Wonkru for a frontal assault. I don't care if it's what he wants. I'm going in, one way or the other. I won't let her die, Indra. 

Indra: Sheidheda won't just volunteer for this. 

Murphy: Well, then I guess we'll have to persuade the bastard. 


Diyoza: Anders took us outside. Why the hell did you try and send us out there?

Levitt: It's survivable for an hour or two. I just needed time to figure something out. 

Octavia: If he was trying to kill us, he would've found easier ways to do it. 

Diyoza: And now you're our trainer? You always have so many jobs?

Levitt: I'm only involved because of my knowledge of-- from the M-CAP, and clearly, this isn't a normal situation. Anders himself will lead the training, something he never does. 

Hope: Oh, lucky us.

Levitt: He usually lets others dole out the punishment.

Diyoza: Oh, what, staying awake for 72 hours, sleeping in a mud pit, eating grass to stay alive? Please. Been there. Done that. 

Levitt: I probably shouldn't be telling you this, but-- but they'll mess with your minds, try and amp up your emotions. It's crucial that you keep control. 

Anders: These are your new training partners. For the next 12 weeks, you will eat, sleep, and train with them and with no one else. Though you four were not born in the cause, everyone has the ability within them to serve humanity. Give everything to the group. Trust in the process. Trust in each other. For all mankind. We'll start with some simple sparring. Please choose a partner. You may begin.

Hope: I was trained by a level 12. What else you got?

Anders: Orlando taught you well. It's not surprising. I was his mentor. 

Hope: Hm. It's a shame he had to die. 

Anders: It is, a loss to the cause. He was one of our best, but I believe Dev had a hand in your training, as well. Answer me, trainee. Wasn't Dev your surrogate father?

Hope: I'm not gonna talk about him with you. 

Anders: Well, then perhaps you're not ready yet. 

Echo: Are we here to talk or fight... sir?

Anders: Have you made a note of these responses, Mr. Levitt?

Levitt: Yes, sir. May I speak with you, sir? They've given me an idea. 

Anders: Of course. Octavia and Zora, slower.

Levitt: With all due respect, sir, I've seen Octavia kill more people than I've known in my life, and Diyoza and Echo were trained as elite warriors. 

Anders: Which is why we can shape them. They'll be invaluable in the last war.

Levitt: Yes, but we may not have much time. Clarke Griffin will arrive soon with the key, and the last war will start. Maybe the fastest way in is to show them what we're really about... our way of life.

Anders: I'll take it under advisement, but first, we need to break them of their bonds, or they'll keep choosing to fight for each other instead of all mankind. They need to have faith in the cause above all. Then we can bring them into the community. Begin the fear simulation.


Diyoza: Hope? If you touch her, I will kill you. Don't! Let me see her. 

Anders: She's not your baby. She's all of ours. She belongs to the cause. 

Diyoza: She's mine.

Anders: She'll be cared for, fed, bathed, comforted, and watched over...

Diyoza: No.

Anders: Not by two eyes, but by thousands.

Diyoza: No. No!

Anders: Bring her out. 

Diyoza: No! What the hell was that?

Anders: A test. And you failed, like Octavia and Hope before you. You need to give up on your selfish live, your motherly instincts.

Diyoza: I can't just turn it off like a robot.

Anders: Then you'd better learn because if you don't come over to the cause, you'll be sent back to Penance one at a time to grow old and die alone, so... I suggest you commit to the training, or you'll lose your sanity... and your life.


Sheidheda: So they took 30 people hostage? You really do have an iron grip on this place. 

Indra: We don't have time for games. Don't act so surprised. You wanted chaos, and you got it. In the meantime, my people will blow the doors off the place and come in shooting.

Sheidheda: Why don't you go play hero?

Murphy: Oh, I'm going. So are you.

Sheidheda: Why would I, hmm? As we discussed before, if these fools finally wise up, then they'll want to tear me apart, and if I survive that, then you have no reason to keep me around. It's a quick death either way.

Indra: How about a slow one right now?

Sheidheda: As much as I'd relish that, I'm going to need more.

Indra: I'll protect you from the Faithful.

Sheidheda: That's a start.

Indra: You can have back your 10 minutes a day of guarded time outside. 

Sheidheda: 30 minutes...

Indra: 20!

Sheidheda: And I want someone to play chess with, someone who understands the complexities.

Murphy: Trust me, I'm done playing with you. 

Sheidheda: Perhaps you're a more formidable opponent.

Indra: I don't play games. I'll find you someone. Do we have a deal?

Sheidheda: Mm.. Yes, but since your plan most likely leaves us dead, I have a better idea. While I was pretending to be that simpering fool, I happened upon something that might help us. 

Indra: A tunnel under the palace. It leads right into the great hall. This could work.

Sheidheda: Alyssa can show you the way. I feel like this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


Diyoza: No morning sickness. Sign me up.

Anders: No negative effects on a woman's health in any way, and we can monitor the embryos and the extracorporeal gestational systems for birth defects and correct them before they are born.

Levitt: Please. She had a heart defect?

Man: Yes. 

Levitt: But it was surgically corrected 3 weeks ago. Now she's perfect and about ready to be birthed. Let's give her some privacy. I know it must seem strange, but the fact that you gestated in your mother's body is equally as bizarre to us.

Diyoza: You did kick the hell out of my kidneys.

Anders: Exactly. In our method, none of our people are laid up for extended periods of time. Do you want to know how many embryos we have? 25, the same number of disciples that you have murdered. 

Octavia: If you need as many warrior as possible, then why don't you just hatch a larger army?

Anders: Resources. It's a limited world. 

Hope: And you can only mind-control so many at a time, so--

Diyoza: And these kids, they don't have and parents to take care of them after they're... deglopped.

Anders: The team raise the children until they're ready for the creche, and then it's everyone's job. 

Diyoza: So they don't form selfish bonds. 

Anders: Exactly. You're learning.


Anders: I understand you have learned a lot about the shepherd's journey. Who can tell me about Etherea? Hmm.

Girl: The mountain was very tall and very scary, but the shepherd was brave and wise. 

Anders: Excellent. Who else can tell me something about the shepherd's journey to enlightenment? What passage do we have in our books about it? Sean. 

Sean: I-- I don't know. 

Ms. Haggerman: Sometimes when new things happen, we get nervous. We have feelings we need to learn to control. Otherwise--

Girl: They control us. 

Ms. Haggerman: But when we feel out of control, we know what to do. Perhaps we'll have the honor of Mr. Anders leading us in our exercise. 

Anders: My pleasure. Okay. Close your eyes. Everyone. Now... take a deep breath. Hold it and let it out slowly on the count of three. 

Children: The shepherd brings us calm. The shepherd bringw us wisdom. The shepherd brings us love for all mankind. 

Anders: Now... open your eyes and breathe. Excellent. Miss Haggerman, thank you for your time. Continue working hard...

Children: For all mankind.

Hope: Oh, this is some serious brainwashing. 

Echo: These kids had it better than I ever did. 


Echo: They are watching us all of the time. You've got to try harder. 

Diyoza: She's right. Echo's the only one that passed the fear simulation, but you're the only one who almost killed Anders. 

Hope: Yeah. Wish it was real. 

Octavia: Stop. Get your anger under control, or do you want to go to Penance alone?

Hope: What do they want with us, anyway? We can already kick the disciples' asses. 

Octavia: Not the point. 

Diyoza: Single-minded devotion. Screw your friends, family. You've got to bury your love and your anger and everything else so deep they'll never find it. 

Echo: It's not that hard. 

Hope: Yeah, for you. You know, you just like having someone give you orders again so you don't have to think for yourself.

Echo: I think it's time for me to go to bed. Damn yourself if you want to, but I believe in what they're teaching, and I will not let you take me down with you.


Levitt: They're like trainers for the suits. They work with muscle contractions. Not as cool as swords, but still pretty effective. 

Octavia: We get to play with those?

Levitt: You'll be cross-trained on all of them eventually.

Hope: What is this?

Diyoza: That's a flamethrower. It'll make you smoky and crispy.

Levitt: We don't know what we'll be fighting. We have to be prepared for everything.

Echo: What's in here?

Levitt: Only level 11s and above allowed. 

Diyoza: Bioweapons?

Levitt: Not a weapon, at least not anything that we would ever use. 

Octavia: If we're gonna go all in, you're gonna have to trust us.

Levitt: After years of study, we've managed to isolate the substance that wiped out the former inhabitants of this planet.

Hope: Those crystal creatures that we saw outside?

Levitt: Yes. We call in GEM9, and the little that we have would wipe out everyone on Bardo. Now it's time to train.


Anders: This excerise is about communication and teamwork. It's very simple. The shooter will be firing blindly. They'll have to listen to their spotter to hit the small target behind me. First person who hits it wins. Please... help your partner with the blindfolds.

Echo: Are these weapons lethal?

Anders: No. Is everyone ready? Begin.

Levitt: You ok?

Octavia: Yeah.

Hope: What the hell?

Echo: I won.

Levitt: Technically, but you broke the spirit of the rules. 

Echo: Following rules isn't how you win a war. 

Anders: Perfect control. That is how we win.


Levitt: Hey. 

Octavia: What's up?

Levitt: I just wanted to check in. I know it's been rough, lots of new things.

Octavia: It's not that bad. I've had worse. 

Levitt: Oh, I know. 

Octavia: Yeah. You've seen me at my worst. 

Levitt: And best. Just keep it up. It's almost over. 

Octavia: You wouldn't come here just to tell me that.

Levitt: This last part, you have to pass it, or--

Octavia: Or we're sent to Penance, left to die one by one. Do you think we'll fail?

Levitt: No. You've come so far. You've worked hard and seem to understand our way of life, but you've got to be better at keeping your emotions under control. Right now, you're at best a level two. 

Octavia: Only a two? I think I'm better than that. What level are you?

Levitt: 11.

Octavia: Well, level 11... do you feel anything?

Levitt: No.

Octavia: How about now?

Levitt: Definitely... nothing.

Octavia: Yeah. Me, either.


Nikki: Saved by the bell. 4 minutes to spare. Where's Raven?

Murphy: She took a grou to the second compound site. They're expected back anytime.

Nikki: Don't spit in my face and tell me it's raining.

Murphy: Hey, look. I get it. If anything happened to my girl, I don't know what i would do, but I swear to you, she is coming. Since Russell and I are here, you don't need the kids anymore. Let them go. 

Nikki:n Now it's 3 minutes.

Nelson: Just enough time to end this charade. Now tell these people who you really are. 

Murphy: Where is she?

Sheidheda: Hm. Hope you have lots to say. 

Nelson: You're first.

Murphy: I'm not Daniel Lee. My name is John Murphy. Zev was right. We are not Primes.

Jeremiah: No. You saved my son with your grace. 

Nelson: Your turn.

Murphy: Stall. Indra's coming.

Emori: Ok. It's true. My name is Emori, and this is the body i was born with. The Lees are dead. 

Jeremiah: No. It's not true. They're only saving what our enemies want to hear. Have faith. Faith!

Nikki: One minute till I start shooting unless Raven shows up to take the bullets for you. 

Sheidheda: Russell had all you fools convinced he was a god.

Murphy: Where's Indra?

Sheidheda: If that guy really was a god, why was it so easy for me to kill him and take his body? I am not Russell Lightbourne. I wear his body as my host. Your Primes are gone forever. 

Zev: No. You will die for what you've done. 

Nikki: Time's up. Looks like Emori dies instead of Raven.

Murphy: Wait. Ok. It wasn't Raven's idea to use your people, ok? It was mine. It was mine.

Nikki: You're just saying that to save her life. 

Murphy: Heroing's not really my thing... but Hatch, he was a better man than me. He was a good man.

Nikki: Take his name out of your lying mouth.

Murphy: He was a true-blue hero. He saved all of us, Nikki, so think about it. If you kill these people, it's sort of like spitting all over his good work.

Indra: Weapons down now. Everyone, on your knees.

Sheidheda: You're welcome. The plan worked perfectly. 

Indra: So far. 


Hope: Echo. Hey, we need to go. 

Echo: Go where?

Hope: I have a plan. 

Echo: Plan for what?

Hope: Revenge, but we need to go before they discover what I took.

Echo: You took the flamethrower?

Hope: We need to torch the oxygen farm.

Echo: What?

Hope: I already shut down the fire-suppression system. It'll be an inferno. We'll end Bardo today. 

Echo: Hope... wait. Hope! What about your mother and Octavia?

Hope: Level two. The alarms will create chaos. We'll have time to get to them, and through the confusion, we'll get to the stone room and get off this planet. 

Echo: I don't think you thought this through.

Hope: I thought you wanted this. They took Bellamy from you. They stole my life. 

Echo: Yes, but this isn't the right way. Let's go get your mom and Octavia, run this plan by them.

Hope: Don't you understand? They'll try and stop us. They've bought in. We have to save them from themselves. 

Echo: Hope! Hope, let's talk about this. 

Hope: Talk? That is not the Echo that I spent five years with on Skyring. I guess they got to you, too. I'll do it myself. You know, I thought Bellamy meant something to you. 

'Echo: I can't let you kill everyb--' Hope, stop! 

Hope: I have to save you from yourself, all of you. 

Echo: I'm sorry.


Echo: I killed her. 

Levitt: Yes. You saved everyone else in Bardo. You passed the final test. 


Diyoza: Hope... Come on. Hurry up. We torch the oxygen farm, we can end these jackals. 

Hope: Well, are you sure? Won't this kill everyone here?

Diyoza: Yeah. So?

Hope: Wait. What about our people?

Diyoza: You're trying to kill your own mother to save who, exactly?

Hope: Octavia, Echo, and Gabriel. 

Diyoza: Waiting for us in the stone room. You done? Can we do this?

Hope: Do it. They deserve it for what they did to us. 


Levitt: I'm sorry, Hope. You failed. 


Diyoza: I won't let you do this. 


Octavia: Your fight is over. 


Anders: You should all be proud. Each of you has shown commitment to the cause. I'm sure you will serve well in the last war, but sadly, one of you has not been able to grow for the cause. The shepherd is merciful. We don't expect perfect emotional control so soon, certainly not from level 2s. Echo... you have been our star student. You fully intergrated into our culture, so I'm giving you the honor of deciding Hope's fate. 

Echo: We have to break her spirit, rip apart her bonds. 5 years on Penance. 

Anders: A fair sentence. Guards. 

Hope: No. No. No. Echo, what are you doing? What are you doing? Mom, please! No! Please! Stop!

Anders: Her penance begins soon. Your celebration begins now. For all mankind. 

All: For all mankind.


Indra: Did Nelson give you any trouble?

Man: No. He's secure.

Indra: Good. Now position your men outside the door outside this hall and await my orders. 

Alyssa: Why are they all telling lies about you, your grace?

Sheidheda: They don't have the strength of your faith, Alyssa. Thank you for leading Indra here. You served me well. 

Alyssa: Anything for you, your grace. 

Zev: I was right. I told you. They are not our Primes. They are liars and manipulators.

Alyssa: How dare you say that, Zev?

Zev: They preyed on our faith, and they should pay for that. 

Murphy: They're getting rowdy. We should get them out of here. 

Indra: I got it handled. You should go. Do not open these doors. You might hear disturbing things, but these are my orders. Is that clear?


Zev: He lied to us. 

Alyssa: Zev, stop. 

Zev: God slayer!

Alyssa: Zev, no. Stop. What are you doing?

Sheidheda: Shut up, fool. There is an ancient saying-- what is a king without subjects? But I ask, what are subjects without a king? They are but lost sheep-- confused and scared... needing guidance and protection from the wold who delights in their slaughter. 


Murphy: Indra, what are you doing?

Indra: Killing a demon. Do you have a problem with that? Good. Get some rest. You've both had a long day.

Emori: We should go before they come for us. What?

Murphy: This is what he wanted. Open the door! 

Guard: Only on Indra's word. 

Murphy: Listen. It's not one man screaming. Sheidheda's killing them. 

Guard#2: What did you just say?

Sheidheda: Open the door! My fight is just beginning.