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Diyoza: Don't worry. I'll show you how. Improvise, adapt. Overcome. Good thing there's no marines left. I'd never hear the end of it for stealing that. Cocky bastards. Anyone ever teach you it's rude to shine a light in someone's face? 

Jade: You should be more worried about yourself right now. 

Diyoza: You're gonna need more than 3 people to take me out. 

Jade: Your baby needs a safe place to live. I can offer you that. 

Diyoza: I'm listening. 

Jade: Help us return the child -- Rose -- and the 3 heads of our fallen primes, and Russell Prime -- hallowed be his name -- will let your child be raised in Sanctum. 

Diyoza: My child but not me. 

Jade: That's the offer. Take it or leave it. 

Diyoza: Let me guess. The kid's yours. 

Jade: Not exactly. It's my duty to serve and protect the next prime. 

Diyoza: Bodyguard. Got it. Bang-up job you did there. 

Jade: You know, I, um, retrieved this taken from your belongings. The people who took Rose now have guns, and so will you. So do we have a deal or not? 

Diyoza: One condition. I get a bike. 

Simone: Yes. This one's ready, too. 

Russell: You think they've harmed her? 

Simone: Jade will bring Rose back to us. And until she does, I wish you'd reconsider cancelling Naming Day. 

Russell: The shield is up. They won't get back in. 

Simone: I'm not worried about what's outside. They had sketches. They knew exactly who to target and where they lived. We need to tell the people so that they can be on guard. We need to accept that they have spies inside Sanctum. We lost 3 primes. They took Rose, attacked Delilah. 

Russell: What do you want me to do? 

Simone: We both know that the timing was no coincidence. They knew today was Naming Day. Cancel, Russell. Priya can wait. 

Russell: Would you say that if it was Josephine? No. If we cancel, Gabriel wins. 

Simone: We don't even know if he's alive. 

Russell: His cause clearly is. 

Simone: I'll post extra guards around Delilah just to be safe. 

Russell: Fine. But not too close. It's her day, and I won't have it ruined by fear. 

Jordan: My parents would have loved it here. 

Delilah: Hey. It's my Naming Day. Unburden. That's what we do today. On Naming Day, we make amends for the things we feel guilty for. 

Jordan: Okay. I told you about how I spent my whole life on the ship. 

Delilah: Mhm. 

Jordan: All that time, it was just us...and faces behind glass...people I couldn't talk to, friends I couldn't have. I wanted to know them so badly. I wanted...this. When I decided to go into cryo, my parents said they understood, even though it meant I'd never see them again. 

Delilah: All parents have to let their kids go sometime. 

Jordan: Except they weren't letting me go 'cause I wasn't gone. I became the face behind the glass. I taunted the, and I feel guilty because it brought me you. 

Delilah: Do you know what I think? We should take happiness while we can. 

Jordan: Won't you be late?

Delilah: Oh, I'll make amends. 

Clarke: That's beautiful. 

Jae: Without you, none of this would have been possible today. To the great hall. Quickly. And be careful. That's Simone's favorite. 

Madi: What's going on? 

Clarke: I think it's some sort of celebration. 

Jae: What's going on! It's naming day. And you're the guests of honor. I know. A good cookie can change your life. 

Delilah: My hero. 

Clarke: How are you feeling?

Delilah: I feel great. 

Cillian: I'll be the judge of that. This way. Let's have a look at you. You, too. Let's go. 

Jordan: This is really good. 

Raven: You recovered fast.

Jordan: I know. A good night's sleep. 

Raven: Sleep, huh? Is that what they call it here? 

Blyth Ann:: Priya I. Hallowed be her name. You're the pilot, right?

Raven: Yeah. 

Blyth Ann:: I think you'll like her. 

Raven: They had motorcycles? 

'Blyth Ann:': Still do. The machine ships kept them running for over 200 years. 

Josiah: Coming through! 

Blyth Ann:: Josiah, be careful with that. 

Raven: Wait. Where's the machine shop? 

Cillian: Last question. What do you remember from when you were paralyzed?

Delilah: Only everything. 

Cillian: Well, don't worry. After tonight, It'll be like it never happened at all. You're good. 

Delilah: Thank you.

Cillian: Now, for you.

Clarke: I told you, I'm fine. 

Cillian: Well, I told your mother I'd make sure of that. Damn. I'm good. She's fairly intense-- your mother. I granted her access to our medical library, and I'm told she asked for a bed to be brought in. You best keep this covered...unless you want people to worship you. 

Clarke: Yeah. That would suck. 

Cillian: I hope I see you later. 

Madi: He's cute. 

Clarke: Stop. 

Madi: So is this what it'll be like from now on? 

Clarke: Why not? I think we deserve a fresh start, don't you? 

Madi: Does that mean I can go to school? 

Clarke: No, Madi. 

Madi: Clarke. 

Clarke: Hey, we've talked about this. You chose to be commander. That comes with responsibilites. 

Madi: What do you think's gonna happen? No one's gonna find out I'm a nightblood. 

Clarke: Quiet. Now, Gaia's waiting for you at the ship with Miller and Jackson. She told me about Sheidheda. You know you can step down, right? Take out the flame? No one would blame you. 

Madi: I will. I'll go train. 

Blyth Ann: Come. Everyone. We don't want to miss the opening ceremony. 

Bellamy: Murphy and Emori?

Jordan: Went to guard the ship with the others. 

Echo: Murphy missing a chance to act like a drunken fool? Now I'm worried. 

Raven: He'll be fine. Maybe the rest of us should go there, too. 

Jordan: What? No. I need this. 

Clarke: We're guests of the primes. If we isolate ourselves on the ship, they may take offense. 

Delilah: Jordan? Guys, come on. 

Raven: I'll be at the bar. 

Delilah: Come on! You don't want to miss first confession. 

Russell: Welcome to Naming Day. Today we observe the 4 pillars of Sanctum. They are? 

Spectators: Repent, Renew, Rejoice, Rebirth. 

Russell: Correct. Rebirth. Rebirth! Today we mark the return of our beloved Priya...

Spectators: Hallowed be her name. 

Russell: Indeed. As we bequeath her name to our equally beloved Delilah. As is tradition with every Naming Day, I will begin the process of making amends. As your leader, it's my job to keep us safe during the red sun. Kaylee...I failed you in this when I realized you and your family didn't make it to Ryker's keep before the eclipse. I closed the door. I kept it open as long as I could until the life of everyone else was at risk. It was a decision with tragic consequences. I know the heartbreak you feel. I know your pain. I miss Josephine every day. And the fact that I'm the cause of this pain for you....thank you. And now it's your turn. Tell your neighbor that you love them. Make amends for those you've hurt. Free yourselves. 

Clarke: Hey. Can I talk to you?

Raven: Let me guess. I'm the first stop on the apology tour?

Clarke: Raven, listen to me, please. I'm sorry...for the gorge, for McCreary and his army, for Shaw. 

Raven: Shut up. Keep him out of this. 

Clarke: He wanted you to be happy, Raven. His last words were that you deserved happiness. 

Raven: You turned us in. Good people died because of you. Shaw was tortured...because of you. Do you know what? Your problem isn't making amends, Clarke. Every time that you do something horrible, you say you're sorry. And then you do it again. Clarke Griffin and her impossible choices. At least have the balls to stand by them. Bellamy, the guy that you left to die in a fighting pit, left his own sister to die in the woods because she was a threat to everything and everyone she comes into contact with. Well, guess what. The only difference between you and her is Octavia doesn't pretend to feel bad about it. 

Tosh: Stop lying. We know the one called Clarke is a host. Shut up. She's gonna talk. How many more black bloods came with you? 

Xavier: No. 

Tosh: So help me God, Xavier, if you say the old man wouldn't approve one mo--

Xavier: No he would not. 

Woman: He's right. The old man will get her to talk once we get back. 

Tosh: The old man won't even talk to us. We don't even know if he's alive. What are we gonna do, walk into the anomoly to find him? I'm not. Are you? How about you, errand boy? I didn't think so. No more walking. We burn the heads and kill the host child and the Earth girl so we can get -- you're gonna shoot me now? 

Xavier: I'd really rather not. The rest of our unit is expecting you. 

Tosh: Move out! 

Xavier: You're welcome. 

Rose: Talk to them, please. They'll kill us if you don't. 

Octavia: I won't let that happen. 

Rose: But they're monsters. 

Octavia: So am I. 

Woman: Look lively. They should be here any minute. 

Xavier: Go on. It tastes better than it looks. 

Octavia: She said no. 

Xavier: You've got a gratitude problem, you know that? Stay quiet, and maybe you'll live. Oh, and you'll tear through your radial artery before you tear through that rope. 

Tosh: Yes, she's a child. Xavier wanted to keep her alive as a little pet. I say she dies now. 

Octavia: Shh. You'll be with your friends soon. 

Clarke: Apparently, the lanterns float, taking your sins with them. 

Bellamy: Hmm. If only it were that easy. 

Clarke: Maybe it is. I wrote down leaving you in Polis. 

Bellamy: Clarke, stop. Let's not do this. 

Clarke: What I did--leaving you like that--I'm so sorry, Bellamy. 

Bellamy: I know what it's like to risk everything for one person. I know Madi's your family. 

Clarke: Hey. You are my family, too. I lost sight of that. But I promise I will never forget it again. You're too important to me. 

Bellamy: Clarke.

Clarke: Are you gonna try it? 

Bellamy: Too many sins. My lantern wouldn't float. 

Clarke: Octavia? 

Bellamy: No more amends today. 

Clarke: Okay. 

Man: We've debated long enough. I agree with Tosh. Kill the black blood. One less naming day to stop. 

Tosh: You gonna shoot him now, too? 

Xavier: I'll say it again. We save them. We don't kill them. You know that. But fine. You can tell the old man we've become murderers. 

Tosh: They're gone! 

Xavier: Have it your way. 

Ryker: Okay. Come on. Start. 

Raven: Lover's spat? 

Ryker: Yeah. We'll work it out. 

Raven: Sounds like. a fuel intake problem. 

Ryker: Very good. 

Raven: You mind?

Ryker: Please. 

Raven: I've had my fair share of fights with cranky engines. What's your propellant? 

Ryker: Uh, Ethanol, distilled from Earth corn. We just let this one sit too long. It's my mothers. She taught me everything I know, so, I figured it was the least I could do for her today. 

Raven: Sounds like you're missing a hell of a party. 

Ryker: Yeah. Somebody just opened the palace. First we party, then we pray. Not really my scene. Besides, it's nice to be alone for a change. 

Raven: Um, well, yeah, I'll leave you to it, then. 

Ryker: Oh, I didn't mean you. Ryker. 

Raven: Raven. 

Ryker: Omen of death. Cool. 

Raven: Actually, that's a misconception. 

Ryker: I hope so. Listen, I could use the hands that go with that brain, so...stay here, okay? 

Echo: Hey. What's wrong? 

Bellamy: So the last time I was at a party, my sister was arrested. 

Echo: Bellamy, if you're gonna tear yourself apart over leaving her, let's go get her. 

Bellamy: No, this isn't me tearing myself apart, okay? This is me being human--feeling things when people I love are in trouble or die. The Echo I knew on the ring did that. Why don't you? 

Echo: This isn't about me. 

Bellamy: No? We lost Monty and Harper 3 days ago. How do you feel about that? 'Cause I have no idea. I lost my sister yesterday. It's gonna take me a little while to feel nothing, like a good Azgeda spy. But I'll keep trying. 

Octavia: Come on. 

Rose: I can't run anymore. 

Octavia: Rose, they're trying to kill us. If you stop, you die. Rose, listen to me. I know you're scared. But fear is a demon. Close your eyes and just tell yourself you're not afraid. 

Rose: I'm not afraid. 

Octavia: Good. Good. See? That's how you slay the demon. So no matter what you hear, you keep your eyes closed, and you keep saying it, okay? Do it. 

Rose:  I'm not afraid. I'm not afraid. 

Octavia: Come on. I'm taking you home, I promise. 

Rose: I'm not afraid. I'm not afraid. 

Diyoza: Nice stick. 

Jade: Rose, thank God. 

Diyoza: Not yet. Make sure they're all dead. 

Jade: They're not. 

Octavia: No. That one's mine. 

Jade: Rose! 

Diyoza: I suppose our deal is off. What are you doing now?

Octavia: One of them wasn't here. I'm gonna find him, and I'm gonna kill him. 

Jade: Was he their leader? 

Octavia: No. Their leader is--some old man who--

Jade: You saw him? The old man? 

Octavia: No. From what I heard, they don't even know if he's dead or alive. 

Diyoza: But if he is alive and I kill him...

Jade: The primes will honor the deal. I'm sure of it. 

Diyoza: Then consider it done. 

Jade: Good luck. 

Diyoza: Looks like you got a partner. Come on. I'll teach you how to ride this thing, we kill some terrorists. The devils from Earth become the heroes of Sanctum. Easy peasy. What do you say? 

Octavia: I'm in. 

Diyoza: Dress like the enemy. Smart. 

Octavia: Shut up. 

Diyoza: See? The beginning of a beautiful friendship. 

Raven: Okay.

Ryker: Ah. You got it started. I guess you're pretty proud of yourself. 

Raven: I thought you were a mechanic. 

Ryker:  I am, but I'm also a prime who's late for the naming. We should take her out sometime. Don't tell me you don't ride. 

Raven: No, not yet, but I'm sure I can figure it out. 

Ryker: Of that I have no doubt. Well, for now, go clean up. We'll head to the palace. It's time for that good wine. Oh, I can probably get you on the list. 

Clarke: Shouldn't we be down there?

Cillian: I'm exactly where I should be. 

Russell: Glad you could join us. Rise. Delilah Janice Workman, you have been chosen, like each of us, to recieve the great miracle of Sanctum. Do you accept this honor?

Delilah: Yes, Holiness, I do. 

Russell: Very well. Then come forward and be so named. 

Delilah: Kiss me. Don't let me be a face behind the glass. 

Clarke: Is it over? 

Cillian: Not yet. Sorry if I woke you.

Clarke: I'm not. God. It's beautiful here. 

Cillian: Until an hour before the devil fell, God thought him beautiful in heaven. It's from the Crucible. It's Gabriel's favorite play. Banned by the primes, so don't quote me. 

Clarke: What does it mean?

Cillian: Well....I suppose it means that there's two sides to every story. 

Clarke: So tell me the other side. 

Cillian: Let's just say that not everyone in Sanctum believes in the divinity of the primes. 

Clarke: Divinity. I have to see this.

Cillian: It's a hobby. You'll have to forgive me. New faces are so much more interesting to draw. You're wondering why I circled yours. 

Clarke: I'm guessing it's because of my blood. 

Cillian: Very good. You can save me some time and tell me how many others are like you. 

Clarke: None. Now, if you'll excuse me--

Cillian: Clarke. I'm not the one you should be afraid of. 

Clarke: Then get out of my way. 

Cillian: Clarke, listen to me! Don't worry. It's a temporary paralytic. By the time we get you to the children of Gabriel, you'll be fine. 

Russell: It is my great honor to present Priya, seventh of her line. And now through fire, we purify Sanctum and release our sins. 

Jordan: Delilah, hey. 

Delilah: My beautiful baby boy. 

Cillian: I wonder how many of them wrote down murder. I know you're scared. The children of Gabriel won't hurt you. Hopefully, this gel will keep me alive long enough to get me through the radiation shield. If my death can put an end to the primes, then it's worth it. 

Cascious: Going somewhere? 

Cillian: You can't let them have another host. I'm sorry, Clarke. They'll get nothing from me. Death to primes. 

Bellamy: Hey. Look, I'm a jerk. I was taking my feelings about Octavia out on you. And I'm sorry.

Echo: I do miss them. Monty and Harper. I may not show it, but I do. 

Bellamy: I know. I know. 

Echo: You were right. I feel myself closing down again. 

Bellamy: Of course you are. We've been fighting to survive since the moment we left the ring. 

Echo: I've been fighting to survive all my life. I was 8...when Queen Nia taught me to take over her land. My father resisted. They killed him while my mother hid with me in the cellar. 'If you cry, they'll hear you', she said. So I didn't. 

Bellamy: You told me you didn't remember your parents. 

Echo: Best way to get rats out of their hole-- start a fire. I remember the way it smelled. But...the smoke...her hair...when Nia heard what happened, she executed the men who did it, had me brought to Troy and started my training. 

Bellamy: Come here. I hate that that happened to you. But everything we've been through has brought us here. From now on, we look forward, not back. 

Russell: Lay her on the table and leave us. 

Simone: What is this?

Russell: Cillian was the traitor. He killed himself but not before using the paralytic on Clarke. 

Simone: Russell, why haven't you used the antidote? 

Russell: You know why. She has the blood. Tell me not to do this, and I won't, Simone. 

Simone: Jade is back. Rose is dead. 

Russell: Okay. So here's the math. There are no more hosts. It was 14 years between Rose and Delilah--14 years. Josie's still third in line. That means her host won't be born for at best 35 years. Another 21 until her brain is ready. We can wait 56 years for our baby girl's naming day, or we can get her back tonight. All we have to do is kill this innocent girl. 

Simone: I'll prep for insertion. You clear the host. 

Russell: I'm sorry, Clarke. I truly am. Shh. Please don't cry. Please. I promise you won't feel pain. The mind of the host is erased, but the brain is left unharmed. You're giving us such a gift, Clarke, sacraficing your body so that someone else might live. 

Simone: Hey. Listen to me. This was meant to be. After 236 years, just as we're on the brink of mortality, a ship arrives carrying this perfect vessel. This was meant to be. 

Russell: No more fighting, Clarke. Be at peace. A better place, just like you said you wanted. Thank you for this. 

Simone: Here she comes. Brain activity returning. Administering the antidote to the paralytic now.

Russell: Josephine? Josephine, can you hear me? Blink if you can hear me, sweetheart. It's okay. You're not falling. You're safe. 

Simone: I hate this part. It never gets any easier. 

Russell: Breathe. Breathe, my beautiful baby girl. In. 

Clarke: Dad?

Russell: Yeah, yeah. 

Clarke: Mom?

Simone: Oh, my God. 

Russell: Welcome home, baby. 

Simone: The sutures are holding. But take it slow. 

Russell: Stop with the hair. 

Josie: Now this, I can work with.