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Let's just say that not everyone in Sanctum believes in the divinity of the Primes.
Cillian (to Clarke)

The Face Behind the Glass is the fourth episode of the sixth season of The 100. It is the seventy-fifth episode overall.

CLARKE MAKES AMENDS - Clarke embraces the traditions of Sanctum and tries to make amends for her past actions.


After being banished from the Sanctum settlement, Diyoza goes to live in the woods. She lights up fire to stay warm and starts comforting her unborn child. She is interrupted when two motorcycles approach her. It's guards from Sanctum, led by Jade. Jade asks Diyoza to help bring Rose back; in return they would raise Diyoza's child in Sanctum where it would be safe. Diyoza accepts the deal. She takes on a motorcycle and goes after the Children of Gabriel.

Elsewhere in the woods, the Children of Gabriel have both Octavia and Rose. They are torturing Octavia to force her to tell them if any of her friends from Earth besides Clarke is a host. Octavia refuses to tell them anything. Rose asks Octavia to tell them so that the Children of Gabriel don't kill them because they're monsters, but Octavia says she's a monster too. Tosh proposes killing both Octavia and Rose but Xavier wants to take them alive to "the old man." Tosh's primary goal is to stop the naming ceremony even if it means not turning the royal child and the heads of the Primes to the old man. To settle the argument, they meet up with more of their teammates. They leave Rose and Octavia tied up with ropes. While the Children of Gabriel are arguing, Octavia manages to free herself and Rose.

The Children of Gabriel run after Octavia and Rose. On the run, Octavia promises Rose that she will take her home safely to be with her friends. Unfortunately, it doesn't take long before the Children of Gabriel catch up to them. Octavia is surrounded, outnumbered and outgunned. Luckily, Diyoza and Jade arrive. Diyoza instantly shoots down all of the Children of Gabriel in sight. When Jade goes to get Rose, Diyoza warns that some of them could be still alive. Before they can do it, Tosh quickly shoots Rose and kills her. Octavia kills Tosh but it's too late for Rose. With Rose dead, Diyoza's deal with Jade is off.

Octavia is so enraged by Rose's murder that she vows to go kill every last one of the Children of Gabriel. When she mentions that she knows one of them who isn't dead, Jade asks if he's the leader but Octavia explains that the Children of Gabriel's leader is "the old man." Jade becomes interested and worried that "the old man" might still be alive. Since the old man is a threat to Sanctum, Diyoza offers to go kill him if Jade promises they would honor their original deal to raise her child in Sanctum. Jade agrees and carries Rose's body back to the castle. Octavia and Diyoza team up to go hunt the Children of Gabriel and kill "the old man." As Octavia hops on Diyoza's motorcycle, Diyoza jokes about how they used to be the worst enemies back on earth and now they're working together.

Meanwhile, back in Sanctum, it's Delilah's naming day. As Russell and Simone Lightbourne reflect on the timing for Delilah and Rose's kidnapping, they become suspicious that the Children of Gabriel have a spy within Sanctum. Nevertheless, it doesn't stop Delilah's naming day. Delilah is trying her best to live life to the fullest before the naming ritual. So, she keeps making out with Jordan from time to time. Jordan tells her stories about how sad it was growing up alone, with no people around but his parents and the faces behind the glasses of the cryogenic chambers.

During the celebrations, Madi comes to talk to her and says that she loves their new life. She says she wants to go to school like other kids but Clarke refuses because it could risk exposing has as Nightblood. She says that Gaia told her about Madi hearing voices from Sheidheda - the Dark Commander. She wants Madi to be careful, even if it means removing the Flame. Madi agrees and leaves to continue celebrating. While everyone else is celebrating, Raven keeps to herself. She sees pictures of Priya with a motorcycle and becomes interested in checking out the machine shop.

Russell gathers everyone around for the second part of the naming ceremony - repentance. During this stage, the people of Sanctum repent their sins and make amends with anyone they've hurt. Russell leads the way by apologizing to Kaylee for turning on the radiation shield too soon before Kaylee and her family could return safely before the red sun eclipse. He admits that he's been broken ever since he lost his daughter. The crowd then disperses to go make amends before the final part of the ceremony.

To make amends, Clarke goes to Raven to apologize for betraying her and Shaw to McCreary and for the rest of her actions back on Earth. Raven refuses to accept the apology but Clarke tells her that, before dying, Shaw wanted her to be happy. She then angrily blames Clarke for her selfish actions back on Earth. Raven says Clarke's problem is that she apologies all the time but repeats the same thing over and over. She points out that unlike Clarke who sacrificed everyone for Madi, Bellamy had the courage to leave his beloved sister, Octavia in the woods because he perceived her as a threat. Raven argues that Octavia is a better person because at least she doesn't pretend like Clarke. After that, Raven goes to the machine shop and starts checking out the tools. While in there, she runs into Ryker and helps fix his motorcycle's engine. Both Raven and Ryker admit that they don't care much about parties and the celebration. They easily warm up to each other and spend the rest of the time hanging out in the shop.

To complete the repentance part of the naming ceremony, everyone writes their sins and lets them float in lanterns. Bellamy tells Echo that he will not participate because it doesn't wash away everything they've done. Echo figures out that Bellamy is still feeling guilty about abandoning Octavia. Bellamy admits that there's so much to process including Monty and Harper's deaths and he can't just float away feelings. He has to struggle and keep trying throughout for a while. He thinks that Echo is easy to move on, but Echo reveals that she has been holding it all in. She surprises Bellamy by telling him her sad backstory where they were tortured. She was only eight when she saw her people being killed and driven out with fire like rats. She was taken into harsh training with Nia, the queen of Azgeda to help with the fight. After hearing Echo's story, Bellamy sympathizes with her.

The time for final stage of Delilah's naming ceremony arrives. Russell invites Delilah to the stage. Before going in, Delilah gets a little scared and returns to Jordan. She gives him a kiss and asks him not to let her be another face behind the glass. After that, she goes to the stage and enters a room. Some time later, she comes back outside, as Priya the Seventh. Jordan is shocked when she tries to talk to her but she doesn't remember him. She is acting like a completely different person - Priya.

Meanwhile, Clarke and Cillian go to make out while everyone else is at Delilah's ceremony. Cillian mentions how the devil was kicked out of heaven and tries to compare the devil to Gabriel. He starts talking about the Children of Gabriel's cause. He says that not everyone within Sanctum believes in the divinity of the Primes. When Cillian gets up, Clarke notices his drawing book. There's a drawing with every member of Clarke's group. Clarke's image is circled while some like Bellamy and Murphy have an X. Clarke easily figures out that Cillian is keeping track of those with Nightblood. Based on the drawing, Cillian hasn't figured out that Madi is a nightblood yet. Cillian returns and notices Clarke with the drawing. He admits that he's identifying those with Royal Blood. As things get tense, Cillian shoots Clarke with a paralytic dart. The guards outside hear the commotion and come to check in. When they try to arrest him, Cillian commits suicide by slitting his throat. Before dying, Cillian begs Clarke to not give the Primes another host.

As they come to rescue Clarke, Russell and Simone realize that Cillian was the spy for the Children of Gabriel, all along. Since Clarke is still paralyzed, they carry her for an antidote. They take her to the room where Delilah went to be named. While in there, Russell and Simone talk about how desperate they are to get a host for their daughter now that Rose is dead. It could take a lot of years before they have another Royal Blood. They conclude that Clarke's ship landing there just when it did was a sign. Russell and Simone agree that Clarke would be the perfect host for their daughter. As Clarke lies there paralyzed, Simone opens up her necklace to reveal a Mind Drive implant which contains Josephine's consciousness. The Mind Drive implant looks similar to and is the precursor to the A.L.I.E. 2.0 A.I. (the Flame). Before proceeding, Russell apologizes to Clarke and tells her that her mind would be erased. They then inject her with a mind-wiping drug that knocks her out.

Later, Clarke wakes up in a lab, confused and scared. However, it's not Clarke but Josephine Lightbourne in Clarke's body. Russell and Simone rejoice to be reunited with their daughter. On the back of her neck, there is now a stitched up wound, similar to what Becca had after inserting A.L.I.E. 2.0. Josephine gets ups and looks into a mirror. She starts playing with her hair, just like the original Josie used to, and says she likes Clarke's body.



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Bellamy: I know what it's like to risk everything for one person. I know Madi's your family.
Clarke: You are my family, too. I lost sight of that. But I promise I will never forget it again. You're too important to me.

Russell: (to Simone) We can wait 56 years for our baby girl’s Naming Day.... or we can get her back tonight.

Notes and Trivia

  • The episode's title is retrieved from a line used by Jordan Green talking to Delilah about cryosleep: "I became the face behind the glass."
  • At the end of the episode, Clarke is apparently killed when she is mind wiped to become the new host for Josephine Lightbourne. As revealed in "Memento Mori" and "Nevermind," Clarke actually survived.

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Behind the Scenes

  • In the scene when Clarke is brought into the reliquary, you can see the crew member in the background.



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