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Clarke Madi's sketchbook. He knew that she still has the memories of the Commander. She would never be safe.
Clarke Don't make me do this.
Bellamy I'm sorry.
Bellamy Unh!
Sheidheda It seems you're the key to the transcendence of the human race. They gave me a choice - use these to bring you back peacefully or this if you wouldn't go willingly.
Sheidheda Agh! Unh!
Madi Sheidheda got away. He stabbed himself in the gut and disappeared.
Raven The stone's here. It can't pinpoint the exact location.
Madi Cadogan will just keep sending more people until he gets me. No one else is dying to save me.
Indra [Speaking Trigedasleng] Take up arms!
Miller Bomb!
[Beeping] [Rumbling]
Murphy Unh!
Emori Unh!
Scene 1 - Bunker - Hallway
[Rumbling, cement breaking]
Murphy [Coughs] Emori? Emori! Emori, answer me!
Raven [Distorted] Murphy! [Normal] Murphy, are you ok?
[Raven and Jackson enter]
Murphy I can't find Emori.
Jackson Where was she?
Murphy She was right in front of me! She was right-she was right there.
Jackson Hey, hey. You're probably concussed. How many fingers am I holding?
Murphy Too many. We need to find Emori now.
Raven If she was with you, she won't be far. We'll work a grid.
Emori [Coughing]
Murphy Emori, Emori, say something!
Emori Something. [Coughing]
[Murphy and Jackson start removing the rubble from where Emori's voice is coming from]
Murphy We got you, we got you. We're coming for you! [Groaning]
Jackson [Groaning]
[Murphy and Jackson move two big pieces of rubble and it reveals Emori]
Murphy Thank God. I thought you...
[Murphy sees a rod going through Emori's abdomen, bleeding]
Murphy You're hurt.
Emori What, this? [Panting] It's just a scratch.
Scene 2 - Bunker - Fighting Pits
[Miller hits the door leading to the lower levels of the Bunker with a thud]
Miller Jax, we're coming!
[Miller pulls the door off of it's hinges. The doorway is completely blocked by rubble]
Clarke We can still get to Madi.
[Clarke pulls out the pills from Sheidheda and pours them into her hand. Gaia grabs her hand]
Gaia Clarke, we have to think this through.
Octavia Gaia's right. Only the second pill's for me. We're gonna need an inside man.
Clarke Good. Let's do it.
[Clarke hands a pill to Octavia. Octavia grabs it. Clarke takes a pill. Octavia takes the other]
Clarke Cadogan disappeared right away. Why isn't this working?
Hope Maybe somebody has to be waiting in Bardo to pull you through.
[Clarke goes to the rubble in the doorway and pulls on it]
Clarke Unh! [Grunting] Aah!
Indra Clarke.
Clarke We have to get to Madi! Cadogan could be digging into her brain right now. Aah!
Scene 3 - Bardo - Memory Extraction Room
[Madi, Cadogan, and Guard enter with Levitt waiting for them]
Levitt Sir. And you must be Madi. My name's Levitt. So glad you've chosen to join us. It's ok. Just have a seat right here. I know it looks scary, but don't worry. It won't hurt. Pain interferes with the readings.
[Madi sits in the chair]
Madi It's not too bad.
Levitt Good. Just lay your head back and get comfortable.
[Levitt puts straps on Madi's ankles and a mesh around Madi's head] [Machine chimes] [Machine begins pulsing] [Machine clacking as restraints go around Madi's wrists]
Madi [Breathing quickly]
[Low machine hum] [Thud, machine buzzing]
Levitt We're gonna start by going through a baseline scenario. Imagine you're in an endless desert with a vast, purple sky. A hand reaches out for your own. Whose is it?
[Clarke flashes through Madi's memories] [Machine pulsing]
Levitt Hologram mode. Neural link engaged.
Cadogan Well done, Madi. I know you're afraid, but if your mind contains the final code, it'll all be worth it.
Madi You're wrong.
Cadogan What do you mean?
Madi Gabriel said Jordan studied the texts. You think it's a war because you want a war...but it's actually a test someone has to take.
Cadogan I am sorry, but I find it unlikely that a boy who studied the texts once know better than those of us who have spent generations with them. That said, translation is as much an art as science. After all, what is war but a test of might and will? So if Jordan is right and it is a test of a single individual, then...that's a good thing. Madi, I don't want a war. I don't want to send my children to die. If I could spare all of us the pain of fighting, then I welcome that test.
[Door chimes, door opens] [Disciple enters]
Disciple Forgive the interruption, my Shepherd. We received a signal from Earth. Two nano-tags have been activated.
Cadogan Madi's people are no doubt worried about her, but she'll be with them soon enough. For now, leave them there. They'll thank us after we've transcended, taking them with us.
[Disciple leaves]
Levitt Ready to begin. You doing ok, Madi?
Madi Yes.
Levitt I want to show you something.
[Levitt opens Madi's sketchbook and shows her a picture of her drawing of Callie]
Levitt Think back to this image.
Cadogan Is the system malfunctioning?
Levitt No, sire. Just give me a moment. Madi, I need you to be very still now. I'm going deeper. Just focus on the drawing. What else do you remember about her?
Madi Nothing. I-I don't know.
Cadogan Don't worry, Madi. We'll figure this out together.
Madi I'm not doing this for you. I'm doing this to save my friends, my family.
Cadogan You're very brave.
Levitt Sir, it's strange. This particular memory is not registering in any of the areas that memories are usually stored.
Cadogan She drew things that she couldn't have seen. Those memories are in her mind somewhere.
Levitt Sir, I would have to search much deeper than just the cortex. It's extremely dangerous, and I've never done that before.
Cadogan They tell me you're the best. I trust you. For all mankind.
Scene 4 - Bunker - Fighting Pits
Octavia My inside man is sure taking his sweet time.
Indra We should discuss the plan. Clarke and Octavia bring us over. We get Madi and kill their leader.
Gaia Killing Cadogan won't change anything.
Indra He can't chase us if he's dead.
Gaia You've seen faith, Mother. You kill the Commander, another takes her place. You kill the Fleimkepa, another takes his place. Faith doesn't just die. It gets carried forward. Cadogan's people are no different.
Miller Then how does this end?
Octavia Bellamy asked that question, too. One last war, and then we transcend and we become the light.
Jordan It's a beautiful idea, but fighting is not how we get there. War is a failure of everything, which is why it's a test, not a war.
Hope Test, war, test, war. The Disciple have been studying the Bardo texts for over 1,000 years. You really think you know better?
Jordan Yes. And it's not just that I read some old books. I felt it. That red sun toxin showed me something. I couldn't figure it out, but I knew it was important, and then I read the Bardo texts, and it hit me - the next step in human evolution. I don't claim to fully understand it, my heart, I know there's a purpose to everything, and we don't find out what it is by killing each other in another war. I just wish I could have told Bellamy.
Clarke Nonsense. All that matters now is saving Madi and killing Cadogan. There's no last war or test. Bellamy's dead because he believed that crap, and I've heard enough!
[[Clarke leaves and goes up towards the room by the surface, Gaia follows at a distance]
Clarke What the hell was Madi thinking? She just left without even talking to me.
Gaia Sounds like someone else I know.
Clarke No. All I ever did was try to save people.
Gaia While putting yourself in danger.
Clarke She's doing what I did. Trying to fix everything on her own. Is this how my Mom felt every time? Because I feel like I can't get enough air. Did I do that to her? I didn't mean to.
Gaia And I'm sure your Mother knew that just as Madi doesn't mean to hurt you. It's not easy loving someone who puts their own life at risk. Madi went to Bardo to save us. I'm proud of her for that.
Clarke I killed Bellamy to protect her from the Disciples, not so she could turn herself in. Everyone I love dies. I can't keep doing this, not again. [Deep breath] If I lose Madi, too... I'll have nothing... Be nothing.
Gaia I can show you how to still your mind if you let me, Clarke.
Scene 5 - Bunker - Hallway
Emori [Groaning]
[Jackson saws at the rod in Emori. He breaks through it, freeing Emori]
Murphy This side, this side, this side.
Jackson Ok.
[Murphy and Jackson grab both of Emori's shoulders and pull her from the rubble]
Emori Aah! My leg!
Jackson Why didn't you tell us?
Emori Because I didn't feel it. Now I do.
Murphy Over here. Easy.
Emori [Groaning]
Murphy It's over, it's over, it's over, it's over. It's ok, it's ok.
[Jackson rips Emori's pants where the blood from her leg is coming. He puts both hands over the wound to try and stop the bleeding]
Jackson The rebar can wait. She's losing too much blood. I don't think it severed the artery, but we need to cauterize the wound.
Emori Well, that sounds like fun.
Jackson I just wish I had a proper anesthetic for you.
Murphy Not as much as she does.
Emori It's fine, John.
Jackson Murphy, put pressure on this.
[Jackson and Murphy switch positions]
Emori Unh! How about you distract me?
Murphy Why don't you just imagine we are laying down on Kaylee's giant bed, drinking Jo Juice, just you and me.
Emori You hated playing Primes.
Murphy Yeah, but you loved it. That's enough for me.
Emori Yeah, I did love it. It was the first time that I mattered.
Murphy That's not true. That is not true. You always mattered to me.
[Jackson pulls a blade out of the fire, it sizzles]
Jackson Hey. You ready?
Emori Yeah.
Jackson When I say so, you uncover the wound, all right? 3, 2, 1, go.
[Murphy uncovers Emori's wound and Jackson places the hot blade on it]
Emori [Screaming]
Murphy It's over, it's over, it's over! It's over.
Emori Ok.
Murphy You did so good. You just got to hang on with us now, ok?
[Raven enters with a stretcher]
Raven Hey. I heard screaming.
Emori Did you find Echo or any sign of the others?
Raven No. Whatever that explosion was, the hallway is completely collapsed. For now, we assume they're ok, but I was able to get into the Infirmary. This is all I could find. Maybe it will help.
Jackson I can't do surgery out of my pack. I need an actual surgical theater, sterile equipment, medicine. I need to get to Sanctum.
Raven The helmet showed me the stone was in the Rec Room. We find it, open the bridge, and jump over.
Emori What about Madi? What about the rest of our friends?
Raven We will worry about them later. Right now, you are the priority.
Murphy Yeah. Damn right. We only have one problem. We couldn't find the stone.
Raven Just because you can't see something doesn't mean it's not there.
Scene 6 - Bunker - Rec Room
[Murphy pulls off a tapestry from the wall]
Murphy [Grunting]
[Jackson pulls down a bookshelf. Murphy pulls down another tapestry. Jackson moves the coach. Murphy pulls down a painting. Raven flips a coach. Raven pulls a rug up. Murphy and Jackson move the grand piano.]
Murphy and Jackson [Grunting]
[Raven flips the rug up revealing a symbol on the floor]
Murphy Why is there an Azgeda symbol on the floor?
Raven Don't know, don't care. All I know is "X" marks the spot.
Emori Unh. John, something's wrong. [Moaning]
[Blood falls from the stretcher coming from the rod in her abdomen]
Raven I'll get the gear.
[Raven leaves while Murphy and Jackson rush over to Emori]
Murphy Hey, hey. Stay with us. Stay with us, all right?
Emori Echo's Azgeda. You should be worried about her, too.
Murphy I am.
Emori You're not acting like it.
Murphy Look. Everyone else can take care of themselves for a little while, all right? You are more important than any other person in this universe.
Jackson Murphy, I need to repack this.
[Raven enters carrying two sledgehammers]
Raven Hey, Thor. Let's go.
Murphy Don't go anywhere.
[Raven hands Murphy a sledgehammer]
Jackson I hate to say this, but if we don't get her to Sanctum soon, she's not gonna make it.
[Murphy and Raven take turns slamming their sledgehammers on the ground]
Murphy Agh!
Raven Aah!
Murphy and Raven [Grunting]
Murphy Aah!
Scene 7 - Bardo - Memory Extraction Room
[Cadogan watches Becca's memories play]
Callie Let's just say he believes he can walk on water.
Becca And you don't?
Callie I believe in you.
[The screen becomes static and the memories fade away]
Cadogan No. No. Bring it back. Bring it back!
Levitt I'm trying. It's just a fragment. I had to activate the extra-synaptic gaba receptors just to gain access. It's an entirely different pathway from normal memories.
Cadogan No excuses. I want to see my daughter again.
Levitt If I push deeper, I may be able to find more of Becca's memories, but it's risky.
Cadogan Then be careful. We need her memories intact.
Madi [Breathing rapidly]
Cadogan Are you all right, Madi? I know. You're tired, but you're doing so well.
[Memories from the flame and Madi's own memories start to play]
Lexa ALIE will get the flame either way.
Becca None of ready for this.
Lexa I'll always be with you.
Becca Ready for this. None of-none of us. None of us is ready. We're not ready.
Cadogan I am.
Becca We're not ready. Not you. Especially-especially not you.
Madi No! [Grunting]
[Madi begins to fight against the restraints]
Levitt What's wrong?
Madi I saw everything. Becca went to the other side. She said he's not ready. I'm done helping you.
Cadogan Becca and I had a disagreement. A long time ago. You're only seeing her side of the story, and she may have been right back then, but I've spent centuries preparing us, improving us. Now is our time.
Levitt Let's start again.
Madi I said no!
[Madi begins fighting against the restraint again]
Levitt Madi, stop it. You're hurting yourself.
Cadogan Guards!
Levitt You're hurting yourself!
[Guard enter]
Cadogan Restrain her! We can't let her harm herself.
Guard Step aside, Disciple Levitt.
[Three Guard try to hold Madi down against the chair]
Guard Take it easy! Stop resisting. You'll only get hurt.
Cadogan Again, Mr. Levitt.
Levitt Sir, we need to do this another way.
Cadogan There is no other way. You're too close to this. You're dismissed.
Guard Hold her down!
Cadogan Summon Shoana.
Levitt Yes, sir.
[Levitt takes off his gloves and glasses and prepares to leave]
Madi [Grunting] Leave me alone! Aah!
Guard For all mankind.
Madi [Screaming] [Groaning]
[Levitt takes one last look at Madi and leaves. Levitt enters the hallway, he sees 12 Guards at the door]
Madi [Screaming]
Guard Levitt departing M-Cap.
[Levitt leaves]
Cadogan Madi, stop this. Are you trying to kill yourself? For the good of the many, I have no choice but to continue.
Madi Go float yourself.
Scene 8 - Bardo - Stone Control Room
[Door chimes] [Levitt enters]
Disciple Levitt.
Levitt I just came from the Shepherd. The nano-tags from Earth, he wants those people brought over. Now.
Disciple I thought he ordered us to ignore them.
Levitt I suppose he changed his mind. Who am I to question that? Fine. I'll go tell the Shepherd that you refused his order. He can come here himself.
Disciple Wait. Bringing them over. It'll take me a few minutes to relink to their tags.
Scene 9 - Bunker - Fighting Pits
Gaia Focus on your breath. In...and out. Let all earthly concerns fall away.
Clarke This might work for the Commanders, but mine is the only voice in my head right now, and you don't want to hear what it has to say.
Gaia You don't have to be a Commander to find the stillness in your mind, but you do have to try.
Clarke How do you expect me to focus right now when my daughter is out there, probably being tortured right now?
Gaia You think I don't know that? I love her, too, Clarke.
Clarke I know. I know. I'm sorry.
[Clarke hugs Gaia. Clarke hands begin to glow. Clarke breaks away from the hug]
Clarke It's working.
[Clarke vanishes in a poof of light]
Octavia I'm next.
Hope I don't want to be alone again.
Octavia Sometimes to do the right thing, you have to take a risk. Your Mom knew that, too.
[Hope rests her forehead on Octavia's. Octavia vanishes in a poof of light]
[Jordan takes Hope's hand]
Jordan You're not alone.
Miller What now?
Indra Now we have faith.
Scene 10 - Bardo - Stone Control Room
Levitt Where are they? Where's the Bridge? What is this?
Disciple War preparations. We moved the Bridge to a strategically advantageous location.
Levitt Where?
Scene 11 - Bardo - Forest Room
Multiple Disciples [Shouting]
[Guardsmen surround an opening in the clearing] [Alarm blaring] [All guards point their weapons to the clearing] [Bridge opens in the clearing] [Weapons power up] [Clarke comes through pointing her gun at the Guards]
Clarke No. No.
[Octavia comes through pointing her gun at the Guards] [Bridge closes]
Guard Drop your weapons! Hands in the air!
[Octavia raises her hands in surrender]
Guard Hold your fire.
[Octavia drops her gun on the ground]
Guard [Shouts]
[Clarke sets her gun on the ground and raises her hands in the air]
Scene 11 - Bunker - Rec Room
[Jackson changes the bandages around Emori's abdomen wound]
Emori [Groaning]
Jackson The gauze should keep the bleeding under control until we get you into surgery.
Emori Come on, Jackson. We both know how this ends.
Jackson Hey. Don't talk like that. We are getting your out of here.
[Raven and Murphy continue pounding on the floor]
Raven Agh!
Murphy Faster, Raven.
Raven You try doing this with one good leg. Agh! Unh!
Jackson I'm going to help them. You hang in there.
Raven Ugh!
Jackson You're exhausted. I can take over.
Raven I'm fine.
Jackson [Quietly] I need you to talk to Emori.
Murphy [Grunting]
Jackson [Quietly] Recovery is psychological as much as it is medical. She thinks she's gonna die.
Raven Copy that.
[Raven hands the sledgehammer to Jackson]
Raven Ohh. Hey. Don't get up.
Emori Heh heh.
Murphy Unh!
Jackson Unh!
Emori You always hated being helpless.
Raven Everyone hates being helpless.
Emori Not like you. Our time on the Ring, you hated it. Me...even though we were trapped in a tin can with nothing to do and no way back to Earth, those were still some of the best times of my life. We were together and safe. I love you, you know?
Raven Emori, you are getting through this. We're almost to the stone.
Emori When you get to it, I want you to go to Bardo.
Raven What?
Emori Forget taking me to Sanctum. If I'm right, then by now Madi already turned herself in. Cadogan could already have the code to start the last war. We can't let him doom all of humanity. Stopping him is more important.
Raven Screw that. Jordan claims it's a test, not a war, and for all we know, that's crap, too. I'm not letting you die.
Emori We already lost Bellamy. It's too much, Raven. If it's a choice between saving me and saving everyone, you choose everyone. That's what I want. Please. John - he won't be able to, but you, you're strong. You can make the hard choice like Clarke. Like you did in the Reactor. You can.
Raven Emori, no, I-Emori, I made the wrong call. I treated Hatch like a pawn. I-I should have given him a choice. I...I wouldn't do it again, and I won't do it now. I am done watching the people I love die.
Emori You...
Murphy Come on! Unh!
[Emori holds Raven's hand]
Emori Y-you're being stubborn, aren't you?
Raven Heh. Yeah. It's kind of my thing. I am saving you...and then I'm gonna save everyone else. That's kind of my thing, too.
Murphy Agh!
[Reverberating clang pierces the air]
[Murphy drops his sledgehammer and starts dusting away the rubble with his hands]
Murphy Come on.
[The top part of the stone peaks out of the floor]
Murphy Yes! It's the stone, Emori! We're-
[Emori's eyes close and her head starts to roll to the side]
Raven Emori? Emori! She's-she's not breathing!
[Jackson runs over. Jackson checks her pulse and then starts CPR]
Jackson I can keep her blood circulating, but we need to get back to Sanctum!
[Raven runs over to Jackson's sledgehammer and Murphy picks up his own]
Murphy Work faster. Come on! Unh! Agh! Ugh! Unh!
Scene 12 - Bardo - Hallway To The Entrance Of The Jail
[Levitt attempts to override the lock on the jail door]
Sheidheda [Singing]
[Three Guard enter the hallway]
Guard #1 He's been singing that since we locked him up.
Guard #2 Fortunately, he'll have to shut up to eat.
Guard #1 Stand aside, Disciple.
Sheidheda [Singing]
Levitt Damn thing's broken again.
Guard Since when are Level 11s on Maintenance Crew?
Levitt Since today.
[Levitt tazzes one of the Guards]
Guard [Groaning]
[Levitt rams his shoulder into the second Guard. He punches the third in the face. He disarms the second Guard and slams their head into the door] [Levitt continues trying to override the lock]
Sheidheda [Singing]
[Door opens]
Scene 13 - Bardo - Jail Cell
Sheidheda [Singing]
Clarke Shut up! We did all that just to end up back here, locked up in a cell next to Sheidheda.
Octavia Hey. We'll get Madi back. Think about it. Someone brought us here. That means we have help on the inside. It's just...a matter of time.
Clarke Thank you. For offering to come.
Octavia I told you I get it now, what she means to you. It's what Hope means to me. It's what I meant to Bellamy.
Clarke You were everything to him.
Octavia That's how I'll remember him.
[Door chimes and opens. Levitt enters. Levitt and Octavia hug]
Levitt Sorry it took me so long.
Clarke Hate to interrupt, but we need to get to Madi. What's the plan?
Levitt I don't know. Isn't this your guys' specialty? How would you do it?
Octavia Use the suits, go invisible.
Levitt No. That won't work. Too many Disciples with helmets around.
Octavia Then we come in hot, and we take them all out.
Clarke Or...we create a distraction.
[Clarke, Octavia, and Levitt enter Sheidheda cell]
Sheidheda [Singing]
Sheidheda Well, since no one's shooting, I suppose that means you need me. What would Madi think?
[Clarke lunges for Sheidheda, but Octavia holds her back]
Octavia That's enough, both of you. We need to stop Cadogan.
Sheidheda I tried, and for my troubles, they locked me up here.
Clarke Here's the deal. I'd love to kill you, but you're right. We need you. We set you loose, and you draw the Disciples away from M-Cap.
Sheidheda I'm not some petty distraction. I'm the high king of Sanctum.
Octavia Ok, your highness. Then we walk out of here and lock the door behind us.
Sheidheda Hmm. Distraction it is.
Scene 14 - Bardo - Hallway
Sheidheda Attention, Sheep. I'm here to kill your Shepherd.
Guard Prisoner breach. Send reinforcements to level 4! Go! We have two Disciples in pursuit.
[Sheidheda begins beating up the Guards]
Guard Unh! Agh!
[Sheidheda obtains a gun from the first Guard and opens fire]
Guard Aah!
Guard Ohh! Aah!
Guard He's offline. Attack! Aah!
[Sheidheda successfully starts defeating all of the Guards] [More Guard enter]
Guard Detain on Level 4.
Sheidheda Is that the best you can do?! Raaaah!
Scene 15 - Bunker - Rec Room
Murphy [Grunting]
Raven There's one symbol still covered. That's it! I can see the last symbol now! Get back!
[Raven begins pressing symbols on the Stone]
Raven Jackson!
[The Stone rises from the rubble and floats in the air. Bridge opens]
Murphy We got to go now! Thank you.
Jackson We're not losing anyone else.
Murphy We'll come back for Miller. Let's go.
[Murphy and Raven push the gurney through the Bridge]
Scene 16 - Bardo - Hallway
[Clarke, Octavia, and Levitt see the Disciples that Sheidheda killed splayed around the hallway]
Octavia He's not here?
Clarke We knew that was a possibility. We'll deal with Sheidheda later.
Levitt I grew up with these people.
Octavia That's war, Levitt. It looks exciting in hologram mode, but this is the reality.
Clarke Come on. Right now, all that matters is getting to Madi.
[Clarke, Octavia, and Levitt continue down the hallway to Memory Capture door]
Clarke Looks like our diversion worked. Levitt, you go in first. They won't see you as a threat.
[Octavia opens the door and Levitt enters. Clarke and Octavia follow] [Madi lays unmoving in a chair]
Clarke Madi. Hey.
[Clarke, Octavia, and Levitt loosen the restraints around Madi]
Clarke Madi? Madi? Madi, I'm here. Madi? Ma... Something's wrong. She's breathing. Why isn't she responding?
[Levitt puts on the glass and starts up the machine]
Clarke I'm here. [Crying]
Levitt I'm accessing the history now.
Clarke [Crying] It's ok. [Sobs]
[Clarke hugs Madi] [Octavia begins to cry]
Clarke Madi! Madi, look at me. Hey. Hi. Say-say something. Please say something. Say something! [Sobbing] Oh, my baby. My baby. My baby. Oh, God.
Octavia Well, how is she?
Levitt There's still neural activity, but her brain stem shows evidence of a massive stroke.
Octavia Well, neural activity is good, right?
Levitt She's conscious, but she can't move...anything. She's locked in.
Octavia Clarke, she can hear you. She knows you're here.
Clarke Hey, baby. I'm here. I'm right here. Is it recoverable?
Levitt What? I- No. The areas of her brain responsible for voluntary movement have been destroyed. I'm sorry.
Clarke No. No.
[Clarke looks down at a gun on the floor]
[Clarke picks up the gun from the floor and faces Madi. Octavia places her hand over Clarke's]
Octavia I'll do it. I'm not letting you live with this.
Clarke I love you so much. Don't be scared. Just listen to my voice, ok? [Humming]
[Octavia places the gun against Madi's chest]
Octavia [Speaking Trigedasleng] Your fight is over.
Levitt No. He got the code.
Clarke Oh, God.
Levitt Oh, I'm sorry. Oh, God. I'm so sorry.
Octavia The test code? Are you sure?
Levitt Hologram mode.
[Becca's memories begin to play]
Clarke He got what he needed and left her here?
Octavia We have to stop him. If one man represents the entire human race...
Clarke It can't be him.
Levitt We can still stop him, but we have to go now.
Octavia [Quietly] Are you sure? You've wanted this your whole life.
Levitt Before you, I didn't have a life.
Clarke I'll come back. I'll be back after I stop the test, and I promise I will not let him win.
[Clarke kisses Madi on the forehead] [Clarke holds out her hand for the gun back, Octavia hands it to her] [Door chimes] [Clarke, Octavia, and Levitt leave] [A tear rolls down Madi's cheek]