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The Dying of the Light is the fifteenth episode of the seventh season of The 100. It is the ninety-ninth episode of the series overall.

CLOSING IN - Clarke and Octavia mount a desperate rescue mission as the Disciples close in on what they want.


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Guest Starring


  • Stefania Indelicato as Joanna
  • Alex Barima as Kwame



John Murphy: "Emori, Emori, say something!"
Emori: "Something."
Bill Cadogan: "Well done, Madi. I know you're afraid, but if your mind contains the final code, it'll all be worth it."
Madi Griffin: "You're wrong."
Bill Cadogan: "What do you mean?"
Madi Griffin: "Gabriel said Jordan studied the texts. You think it's a war because you want a war... but it's actually a test someone has to take."
Bill Cadogan: "I am sorry, but I find it unlikely that a boy who studied the texts once knows better than those of us who have spent generations with them. That said, translation is as much an art as science. After all, what is war but a test of might and will? So if Jordan is right and it is a test of a single individual, then... that's a good thing. Madi, I don't want a war. I don't want to send my children to die. If I could spare all of us the pain of fighting, then I welcome that test."
Octavia Blake: "My inside man is sure taking his sweet time."
Indra: "We should discuss the plan. Clarke and Octavia bring us over. We get Madi and kill their leader."
Gaia: "Killing Cadogan won't change anything."
Indra: "He can't chase us if he's dead."
Gaia: "You've seen faith, mother. You kill the Commander, another takes her place. You kill the Flamekeeper, another takes his place. Faith doesn't just die. It gets carried forward. Cadogan's people are no different."
Nathan Miller: "Then how does this end?"
Octavia Blake: "Bellamy asked that question, too. One last war, and then we Transcend and we become the light."
Jordan Green: "It's a beautiful idea, but fighting is not how we get there. War is a failure of everything, which is why it's a test, not a war."
Hope Diyoza: "Test, war, test, war. The Disciples have been studying the Bardo texts for over a thousand years. You really think you know better?"
Jordan Green: "Yes. And it's not just that I read some old books. I felt it. That Red Sun toxin showed me something. I couldn't figure it out, but I knew it was important, and then I read the Bardo texts, and it hit me -- the next step in human evolution. I don't claim to fully understand it, but... in my heart, I know there's a purpose to everything, and we don't find out what it is by killing each other in another war. I just wish I could've told Bellamy."
Clarke Griffin: "Nonsense. All that matters now is saving Madi and killing Cadogan. There's no Last War or test. Bellamy's dead because he believed that crap, and I've heard enough!"
Eric Jackson: "I can't do surgery out of my pack. I need an actual surgical theater, sterile equipment, medicine. I need to get to Sanctum."
Raven Reyes: "The helmet showed me the Stone was in the rec room. We find it, open the bridge and jump over."
Emori: "What about Madi? What about the rest of our friends?"
Raven Reyes: "We will worry about them later. Right now, you are the priority."
John Murphy: "Yeah. Damn right. We only have one problem. We couldn't find the Stone."
Raven Reyes: "Just because you can't see something, doesn't mean it's not there."
John Murphy: "Why is there an Azgeda symbol on the floor?"
Raven Reyes: "Don't know, don't care. All I know is, X marks the spot."
Madi Griffin: "No!"
Levitt: "What's wrong?"
Madi Griffin: "I saw everything. Becca went to the other side. She said he's not ready. I'm done helping you."
Bill Cadogan: "Becca and I had a disagreement a long time ago. You're only seeing her side of the story, and she may have been right back then, but I've spent centuries preparing us, improving us. Now is our time."
Levitt: "Let's start again."
Madi Griffin: "I said no!"
Levitt: "Madi, stop it. You're hurting yourself."
Bill Cadogan: "Guards!"
Levitt: "You're hurting yourself!"
Bill Cadogan: "Restrain her! We can't let her harm herself."
Disciple: "Step aside, Disciple Levitt. (to Madi) Take it easy! Stop resisting. You'll only get hurt."
Bill Cadogan: "Again, Mr. Levitt."
Levitt: "Sir, we need to do this another way."
Bill Cadogan: "There is no other way. You're too close to this. You're dismissed. Summon Shoana."
Levitt: "Yes, sir."
Bill Cadogan: "Madi, stop this. Are you trying to kill yourself? For the good of the many, I have no choice but to continue."
Madi Griffin: "Go float yourself."
Clarke Griffin: "It's working!" (Clarke vanishes)
Octavia Blake: "I'm next."
Hope Diyoza: "I don't wanna be alone again."
Octavia Blake: "Sometimes to do the right thing, you have to take a risk. Your mom knew that, too." (Octavia vanishes)
Jordan Green (taking Hope's hand): "You're not alone."
Nathan Miller: "What now?"
Indra (to Gaia): "Now we have faith."
Levitt: "Where are they? Where's the Bridge? What is this?"
Joana: "War preparations. We moved the Bridge to a strategically advantageous location."
Levitt: "Where?"
Sheidheda (charging a group of Disciples): "Is that the best you can do?!"
John Murphy: "We got to go now! (to Jackson) Thank you."
Eric Jackson: "We're not losing anyone else."
John Murphy: "We'll come back for Miller. Let's go."
Octavia Blake: "Are you sure? You've wanted this your whole life."
Levitt: "Until you I didn't have a life."

Notes and Trivia

  • It's revealed that Gabriel Santiago told everyone about Jordan Green's discovery in the Bardoan texts.
  • Levitt discovers that the memories of the Commanders are not in the part of Madi's brain that typically stores memory.
  • Jordan reveals that his beliefs about the test come not just from the Bardoan logs, but from the vision that he had of the Anomaly while under the influence of the Red Sun toxin in "The Blood of Sanctum."
  • Murphy, Jackson and Raven discover an Azgeda symbol on the floor of the Second Dawn Bunker's rec room over where the Anomaly Stone is buried, suggesting that Azgeda had something to do with the Stone being buried.
  • Madi suffers a massive stroke from M-Cap, destroying the areas of her brain related to voluntary movement. While her mind is still intact, she is essentially trapped in her body and Levitt states that it is irreversible.
  • Bill Cadogan gets the code that he needs from Madi's mind after finding Becca's memory of entering it into the Anomaly Stone.
  • Emori is severely injured in the bunker collapse. At the end of the episode, her heart stops and Jackson is performing CPR as she is transported to Sanctum, leaving her current fate unclear.
  • Echo and Niylah's fates are currently unknown as they aren't seen by either of the groups in the bunker.
  • It's shown that the guns the Disciples carry shoot laser blasts similar to their wrist blasters rather than firing bullets like normal guns.
  • When Raven uses the star map to send herself, Murphy, Emori and Jackson to Sanctum, she shows none of the trouble she had in "Hesperides" and "Nakara" in identifying the correct world. This is because in "Hesperides," she was instantly able to identify Sanctum on the map due it being the only world that was depicted as being located in a binary star system.
  • Goof: When Raven uses the star map as Murphy is uncovering the Anomaly Stone, the symbol visible next to the emerging code is the one previously identified for Bardo, not for Sanctum.

Body Count

Behind the Scenes

  • Even though Chuku Modu did not appear after Gabriel Santiago dies in the previous episode, Chuku’s name still credited in this episode, indicating that he may have been meant to appear in flashbacks or as a corpse and his scenes were cut.
  • Jason Rothenberg stated that the ending scene of this episode, was originally written and directed by him and was to be the opening scene of the finale, but because the finale is too long, they had to pull the ending scene to this episode.[1]



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