The Colony is a space habitat and it is one of the main locations in The 100 book series. Its TV series equivalent is the Ark.

The Colony holds the survivors of the Cataclysm and the human race. The space habitat consisting of three ships: the central ship, Phoenix, and two outer ships, Walden and Arcadia. It was built by the company Trillion Galactic. After three hundred years of facing the extreme conditions of space, the Colony was on its last breath.

The Colony is governed in accordance with the Gaia Doctrine. The colonial government consists of the Chancellor and his legislative council. The currency of the Colony is the "ration credit" or the "ration point", more commonly known as the "credit".

Throughout the series

The 100

In The 100, the ship is described mainly through Glass Sorenson's point of view, as she travels often from Phoenix to Walden. Wells Jaha and Clarke Griffin describe the Phoenix facilities such as the library. Through Clarke we learn that her parents had a lab hidden in their apartment where they conducted experiments. In the first book we also find out the ship is starting to show defects because of old age, and we find that oxygen will reach critical levels soon. Wells speeds up this process after Clarke's conviction, urging the council to send "the 100" down to earth. 

Day 21

In Day 21, it was revealed that inhabitants of the Colony has previously been sent to earth. They caused conflict with the Earthborn, which is why the delinquents weren't received with open arms by the earth natives.


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Walden is one of the two outer ships of the Colony. Residents of this ship are called Waldenites. Along with Arcadia, their inhabitants are the poorest and suffer from malnutrition. Walden was affected when the Colony lost oxygen. Walden is known to have the bare minimum of luxury, and this part of the ship does not have reserves like spare oxygen, lights or water.

Notable Residents:

  • Carter Jace
  • Lila
  • Antonio
  • Lilly Marsh


Arcadia is one of the two outer ships of the Colony. Residents of this ship are called Arcadians. Along with Walden, their inhabitants are the poorest and suffer from malnutrition. Arcadia was also affected when the Colony lost oxygen. It is the home of many of the delinquents on Earth.

Notable Residents:

  • Asher
  • Eric
  • Azuma
  • Dmitri
  • Darcy


Phoenix is the richest ship on the Colony. People from this ship are called Phoenicians. It house the Council chambers, Eden Hall, and many of the Colony's primary facilities.

Notable Residents:

  • Cora Drake
  • Sonja Sorenson
  • Mary Griffin
  • David Griffin

Other Residents

The following delinquents were either from Walden or Arcadia:

  • Thalia
  • Priya
  • Felix
  • Tamsin
  • Molly

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