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Monty Previously on "The 100"...
Clarke Something's coming, a wave of radiation that will kill everything in its path.
Jaha What if I told you there might be a fallout shelter built to sustain thousands?
Roan A final conclave - one champion per clan, one death instead of thousands. Then whoever wins gets the Bunker.
Luna Huh! Uhh...
Octavia I was fighting for us all. Skaikru will not take the Bunker alone. We'll share it. We are one clan.
Kane Uh! How could they do this?
Indra Skaikru have betrayed us all.
Clarke Bellamy, stop.
Bellamy The radiation is getting worse, and people are dying up there.
Bellamy Ah! You're gonna have to make it a kill shot. It's the only way you're gonna stop me.
Kane We have a hundred spots. The other clans have all chosen their survivors. We have to do the same.
Octavia The death wave comes in 24 hours. You've got 12 to decide.
Scene 1 - Bunker