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Clarke: Uh, guys...

Bellamy: Remember, we're in their home. Everyone keep calm.

Clarke: Weapons down.

Bellamy: Abby, stay with Murphy.

Clarke: Hey, It's okay. We're from Earth. We come in peace.

TBD: Kaylee, where have you been? Where's your family?

Kaylee: They killed them.

Jordan: That's not good.

Abby: No, not now, not now. He's seizing.

Clarke: Help us, please. Our friend's dying. He's not breathing.

TBD: Move them back.

Abby: What are you doing? He'll die.

TBD: You want my help or not? He's already dead. Fortunately for him, death is not the end. Cillian...he was exposed to the seaweed during the red sun. Do it.

TBD: We call it Kepa-She, means hideous snake in Chinese.

Clarke: Oh, my God.

Cillian: Trust me, I know, but the venom degrades too quickly to deliver it in any other form.

Clarke: It's working.

TBD: Amazing, Isn't it? Its curative properties were discovered during one of the earliest red suns. Poison made the demon Gabriel believe he could walk on water. The Kepa-She bit him, and the toxin from the seaweed had no effect.

Clarke: He's breathing.

TBD: Well done, Cillian. Now lock them up.

Clarke: Wait. Where are you taking us?

Bellamy: Take it easy.

Clarke: We didn't do anything wrong. Get off me.

Bellamy: Why is he not waking up?

Abby: He will.

Emori: I can't beleive I did this to him.

Bellamy: Emori, you didn't. I did.

Octavia: Who cares? We need to get out of this place.

Bellamy: What are you even doing here?

Octavia: I came to save your ass.

Echo: Bellamy, no, not now. If we're gonna fight our way out, we need her.

Clarke: Echo, we're not fighting them. We need them to teach us how to survive down here.

TBD: Welcome, friends. If it's true you survived the red sun, then you need a drink.

Clarke: Thank you.

Jordan: Thank you. That'z amazing. What is it?

Delilah: We call it--

Blythe Ann: Delilah...

Delilah: Relax, Mother. I don't think they'll steal your recipe. We call it Jo Juice after Josephine Prime. Hallowed be her name.

Clarke: Uh, can I ask--it's probably none of our business, but what's a prime?

Delilah: Sanctum was colonized by a team from Earth made up of four families -- the primes. Their blood rules us still.

Russell: Which one's the pilot?

Kaylee: There, that one.

Russell: Stop. Did I say to take her?

Clarke: Look. If this is about what happened on the mothership, your people stole our transport and then boarded us by force. My people were just defending themselves.

Kaylee: Lies. She wasn't there. We hurt no one.

Russell: What's your name?

Clarke: Clarke Griffin. What's yours?

Simone: He is Russell Lightborne, seventh of his line, savior of Sanctum, and you will bow before using his name.

Clarke: I don't think so.

Russell: My wife's a stickler for protocol, but she knows you can't observe customs that you're unaware of. You have questions, understandably, and we'll get to them all, but first, we need your transport ship to be flown into Sanctum. You can land in one of the lower fields.

Abby: Why? What's out there?

TBD: There are worse things in this world than eclipse-induced psychosis. All of them are outside the shield, and the worst of them would love to get their hands on the weapons Kaylee says are on your ship.

Kaylee: Why are we asking for permission? My family is on that ship.

Russell: Which is why you'll be on the team sent to retrieve them. What, now you're afraid to leave the shield?

Kaylee: I told you, we were late for shelter when we saw that ship. Either we took it or we suffered the red sun.

Clarke: Mom, what is it?

Abby: Madi is on the transport ship.

Clarke: What? You woke her? Nevermind. Raven will fly the ship. But we're going too.

Raven: Didn't realize you were giving the orders again, Clarke.

Russell: Fine. Choose your most disposable people. It's time to go. You don't strike me as disposable.

Clarke: None of us are, but my child is out there, so I'm going to get her.

Russell: Please. We have things to discuss. Are you the leader of your people, or not?

Bellamy: She is. She can speak for us.

Russell: Good. You can escort your team to the steps. The rest of you will remain here, well-cared-for till we can decide what to do with you.

Bellamy: Raven, Echo.

Echo: Octavia, let's go.

Bellamy: Hey, Miller, you stay here. Keep an eye on things.

Clarke: Can I talk to you for a second?

Bellamy: What? You said it yourself. We need these people. For some reason, their leader seems to like you, so let's try and keep it that way. Hey, Clarke, we'll bring Madi back. I promise.

Gaia: If your mind is still enough, the commanders will come to you. They will show you what they think you need to know. Keep breathing. Good. Now tell me who you see.

Madi: I see Clarke needing my help.

Gaia: Impossible. A mind can only exist in one place at a time, and Clarke's mind left the flame after the city-- you mean, she needs your help here now. Why am I wasting my time?

Madi: My thought exactly. Should've gone with the others.

Gaia: Clarke will be fine. Your focus should be here learning to master the flame. Once you do that, you won't need to ask for its guidance. The wisdom of the commanders will be yours.

MadI: It's not all wisdom, Seda. In my dreams, I see a commander who frightens me-- one eye, scars like lines on a map. He wants to show me things but--

Gaia: Sheidheda, the dark commander. You're wise to resist him. I told you, the flame amplifies every commander's capacity for good and evil. They're battling for your favor. That's why we must keep training every day. Do you think this is funny?

Diyoza: No. Sad. She's a child. You should let her be one.

Gaia: This child beat your entire army without losing a single follower.

Diyoza: That wasn't my army. You beat a bunch of criminals led by a sociopath in a battle for a valley that burned to the ground, anyway. I call that a total failure to reach mission objective.

Gaia: Watch your tongue.

Diyoza: Calm down, Sensai. I'm too pregnant to argue.

Madi: Right, the child of two mass murderers. Can't wait to meet her.

Diyoza: Everybody on the ship now! Close the door. Poision darts. Move!

Russell: It's okay. She's friendly. Hey, come here. Then it is true. They told me that Earth was destroyed. I suppose I had hope for man's best friend. She also told me you were already here when she arrived. The radiation shield has kept us safe for 200 years. I need to know how you breached it.

Clarke: One of our people, Shaw, was the pilot on Eligius IV. He knew the failsafe code. Radiation killed him, but not before he saved us.

Russell: Thank you. I'll delete the code. Have you ever known peace, Clarke? You're gonna like it here.

Clarke: We can stay?

Russell: I haven't decided. We'll talk about it over dinner at the palace.

Octavia: Wouldn't suck to have a weapon.

Bellamy: He told us, only the guards carry weapons.

Echo: Just don't react. We're trying to make an alliance. She can't screw that up if she's with us.

Bellamy: Wanna bet?

Kaylee: Hold up. There are things and people in these woods that want us dead. You fall behind, you will be.

Raven: Oh. It's a dome.

Jordan: Clarke, I have to get out of here.

Clarke: Not gonna happen, Jordan.

Miller: You've been locked inside for 26 years. What's one more day?

Emori: Hey, hey, You're okay. John, John, the toxin's gone. It's gone. Everyone's okay. Clarke, tell him.

Clarke: It's true, okay? We all made it, thanks to you.

Murphy: No, I didn't. I died, didn't I?

Abby: Your heart did stop, but the people here revived you.

Murphy: I saw something. I f-I felt something.

Emori: Hey, John...

Abby: We should give them a minute.

Emori: Look at me. Talk to me.

Murphy: I'm pretty sure I'm going to hell.

Emori: John...

Abby: He'll be okay.

Clarke: He always is.

Abby: Clarke...Madi wouldn't stay in space knowing that you might be in trouble. I left her on the ship because I thought that she would be safer wherever Octavia wasn't. I didn't know.

Clarke: I would have done the same thing. I'm surprised she listened to you.

Abby: She reminds me of somebody I know.

Woman: By the glory and grace of the primes, daily tai chi is commencing now. May your hearts be filled with love and light as we love as one.

Delilah: Pretty sure you were supposed to stay inside.

Jordan: Right. Sorry. It's just--

Delilah: I'm kidding. The primes want you isolated from us. We're not supposed to answer or ask any questions.

Jordan: Why not?

Delilah: That's a question. They chose us because of our tavern and on account of the fact that tomorrow I become one of them.

Jordan: Wait. What? Does that mean you're a princess?

Delilah: Do I look like a princess?

Jordan: I don't know. Yes.

Delilah: I'm not a princess. I work and live above a tavern, but tomorrow is my naming day. I become Priya the seventh. Hallowed be her name.

Clarke: There you are. You're not supposed to be out here. If they're gonna help us, we need to follow their rules.

Cassius: Back inside, both of you.

Delilah: It's alright, Cassisus. He's with me.

Cassius: Apologies, but he stays out of sight. They're your orders, too.

Clarke: Sorry for interrupting.

Delilah: I can see why Russell likes her.

Jordan: Yeah. She's pretty great. I was actually raised on stories about her. I know that sounds weird.

Delilah: I love stories. Tell me one.

Geo: Nice knife. The man you killed was my friend.

Woman: Geo, Leave her. Get back to position. It's almost second moon.

Geo: Children of Gabriel, gather round.

Diyoza: How many do you see? The dart hit my bulletproof vest. I need to know how many. Blink it out.

Kaylee: Like hell, we are. Let me go!

Bellamy: What are you talking about? Our people are there.

Echo: It's okay. We don't need them. Go. We'll bring our family home.

Octavia: This should be fun.

Murphy: Keep them coming.

Delilah: Good thing we harvest tonight. Gonna need to make more.

Jordan: Hm, you harvest at night? Oh, that is so cool. I've read that it help preserve the purity of fruit. Is that why?

Murphy: Need to work on your game, kid. I owe your pops at least that much.

Delilah: His game is just fine.

Murphy: Yeah? Oh, they grow up so fast, don't they?

Abby: Yes, they do.

Clarke: What? It's just a dress. Thank you, by the way.

Delilah: My pleasure. Your escort's outside.

Abby: You look beautiful. What's wrong?

Clarke: What's wrong? If I don't convince them to let us stay, we die on a moon we know nothing about.

Abby: So convince them.

Clarke: That's it? That's your big pep talk?

Abby: Marcus is the diplomat, not me.

Clarke: Mom, I'm so sorry. I didn't even ask. Is he okay?

Abby: He's back in cryo, and I'm hoping that there'll be medecine here in Sanctum that will help him, but we won't know that unless you get their leadesr on our side. Hey...just be yourself. Don't tell them more than you have to and don't lie.

Murphy: Hm, unless they ask about the end of the world. In that case, maybe don't tell them you fired the first shot.

Clarke: Don't worry, Murphy. Hell's big enough for both of us.

Russell: Welcome, Clarke. Join us, please.

Clarke: Thank you.

Russell: You must be starving.

Clarke: I'm fine, actually. Delilah's family has been taking good care of us. Thank you for that.

Simone: It's rude not to eat when you're in someone's home, Clarke.

Clarke: Alright. Oh, my God. It's really good.

Russell: We like our simple pleasures here.

Simone: We don't like fnding strangers in our home.

Clarke: Oh, I'm sorry about that, but we were running from a swarm. Trust me, It's not the way that we wanted to be introduced. Like your founders on Eligius III, we're looking to start over, do better.

Simone: Yes. I would hope so, considering you destryoed the planet of your birth.

Clarke: Actually, I was born in space, but I take your point. Look. Here's the truth. Without your help, we won't survive here. You know it. I know it. Our ancestors did destroy the Earth, but they're your ancestors, too.

Simone: How many people have you killed, Clarke...or should we call you Wanheda?

Clarke: My friend Jordan likes to talk. What else did he say?

Russell: He said you went to the protected compound not unlike this one and murdered everyone inside, innocent men, women, and children alike.

Clarke: That was different. The Mountain Men were going to kill everyone that I love -- my friends, my mother. I did what I had to do to save my people.

Simone: Would you do it again?

Clarke: We were at wrar.

Simone: That's not what I asked you.

Russell: Simone...

Simone: Please, my darling, let her answer.

Clarke: I will not apologize for saving the people that I love.

Russell: A comfort to them, I'm sure, but we are not your people, and we must protect the people that we love. Kaylee said there are 400 more of you asleep on your ship-- warriors, thieves, killers.

Clarke: All we're asking for is a second chance.

Russell: Second chance. When I was a boy, one of our dogs bit my face. My father loved that dog. Everyone told him he should put it down, but he couldn't bring himself to do it. 'Must have been my fault for startling him' he said. 'He deserves a second chance.' A few years later, that dog attacked my baby sister for crawling near his bowl. She died two days later.

Clarke: We can change.

Russell: I believe you want to, Clarke. I do. I just don't believe you can. Please understand, violence is a contagion. I'm truly sorry, but I can't let your disease wipe out what we must now presume to be the last outpost of humanity in the universe. When your friends return, I suggest you fly back to your mothership because, as you've rightly assumed, you won't survive out of the shield.

Bellamy: Can you tell what they're saying?

Echo: No, but one of them's leaving, and she's taking the guns.

Bellamy: Why would they give up their advantage? Doesn't make sense.

Raven: No, but it makes a fair fight.

Bellamy: Okay. Once the guns are clear, we go in---

Octavia: Don't be an idiot. I'm going for the guns.

Bellamy: O. Damn it, O. Octavia, get back. Do not engage. Octavia, they'll kill our people. Do not engage, O. Hey, don't.

Diyoza: They were withdrawing. Why the hell would you attack?

Bellamy: Are you out of your mind? You didn't have to kill anyone. Why aren't they moving? What's wrong with them?

Diyoza: Paralytics darts.

Bellamy: Look. It's okay.

Echo: How come you're okay?

Diyoza: They missed.

Bellamy: DIyoza, Echo, get the body bags. Raven, would have heard the gunshots. Get us in the air before they come back.

Diyoza: They were waiting for something, kept talking about a second moon.

Bellamy: When you figure out what that means, let me know. Not you.

Octavia: Oh, come on. What are you gonna do, leave me here?

Bellamy: Yeah, for your own good and ours. Monty gave his life so we could have another chance, and I'm not gonna let you destroy that.

Octavia: We saved Madi, Gaia and Diyoza. We got the damn ship back. We lost no one. How is that a bad thing?

Bellamy: Until you can answer that yourself, you're on your own.

Octavia: Fine. Should have died in that gorge, anyway.

Bellamy: sister died a long time ago.

Jordan: Hey.

Delilah: I love second moon. It's only visible for a few minutes at night. Then it's gone again.

Jordan: It's beautiful.

Delilah: We're like second moon. Tomorrow everything changes. I've been waiting for naming day all my life, and now I meet a boy who makes me wish I had more time.

Jordan: I'm not going anywhere. Just because you become a princess, doesn't mean--

Delilah: What's wrong?

Jordan: Nothing. Full disclosure, I--that was my first kiss.

Delilah: Don't let it be my last. Relax. You're gonna suck the first time. Everybody does. Don't worry. We've got all night.

Jordan: Delilah?

Guard: Death to primes.

Murphy: I've done bad things.

Abby: There is no hell, John. Hey, listen to me. At the end of our lives, we're not gonna be judged for the things we did to survive. We'll be judged for the reasons that we did them.

Murphy: What if the reason was to save my own ass? Back in your murder gear already. That's a good sign.

Abby: Clarke, what happened?

Clarke: Jordan told them everything. Where is he?

Murphy: On the roof with the barmaid.

Clarke: Jordan...Jordan. Jordan, hey. What happened? No. Hey. He's hurt. Put him down.

Jordan: No. Wait. There. Delilah.

Cassius: You. Get back here. The children of Gabriel are in the compound. They'll use the night harvest to try to get her out. Follow me, please.

Jordan: Wait.

Clarke: No, no, no. No.

Cassius: Russell's here somewhere. I have to warn him. You keep looking.

Clarke: Stop! Hey!

Cassius: There. She's got him.

Clarke: He's getting away.

Russell: It's okay. He won't get past the shield. We'll get him. Set a guard detail to check on Rose. Tell Cillian to bring his bag to the greenhouse. Go. Here.

Clarke: What was wrong with her? She looked like she couldn't move.

Russell: She couldn't. They used a paralytic derived from a beetle my daughter discovered a long time ago, wears off in a few hours.

Clarke: I didn't know you had a daughter. She died in a fall six years ago.

Cillian: Your friend Murphy has red blood.

Clarke: Most people do.

Russell: We're not most people, are we? We have the same blood, Clarke, royal blood. That's why they went after Delilah.

Miranda: Where's Russell? The children of Gabriel got past Jade and took my Rose.

Russell: We know they're still here. We'll search everywhere in the compound.

Miranda: How did they get inside the compound?

Russell: Keep your voice down, Miranda.

Miranda: That's the second time the shield's been breeched in two days.

Russell: It wasn't breached. The children of Gabriel knew we'd go for the ship. They were waiting when we lowered it for Kaylee's team. Rose is still in Sanctum, and let's go find her. This was their plan all along. They knew we'd lower the shield to let them back in. We have to assume they have Rose. Assemble a team to go after her. Do it now. We'll get her back. We'll get her back.

Miranda: Would you be so calm if it was your daughter's turn?

Clarke: We know their founders on Eligius III were all nightbloods.

Abby: And we know, hereditarily, It's incredibly rare.

Murphy: Princess Clarke. Perfect.

Miller: Not perfect if it makes her a target.

Clarke: It does. Which is why we can't tell them about Madi...unless you already did. Think. You told her everything else.

Jordan: I didn't tell her that. I was just being friendly. I'm--I'm the reason they're throwing us out.

Madi: Clarke!

Clarke: Oh, I'm so glad to see you. You okay?

Raven: You looked better dead.

Bellamy: I'm sorry.

Murphy: It's not your fault, man.

Russell: It's been a long day, so I'll keep this short. Sanctum was created to be a sanctuary for the human race. After seeing you save Delilah, we've decided that you deserve that, too.

Clarke: You changed your mind? We can stay?

Simone: For now, but no more of you. You will follow our rules and respect our traditions, and we will teach you how to survive here.

Russell: What my wife is trying to say is, welcome to Sanctum.

Simone: You're with child. How far along?

Diyoza: 6 months, give or take.

Simone: Through cryosleep, then?

Diyoza: Right.

Simone: That's remarkable. If you'd like, we can have one of our prenatal physicians examine you in the morning.

Diyoza: I like. Thank you.

Madi: You should have seen Diyoza and Octaviav fighting terrorists.

Clarke: Where is Octavia?

Russell: Charmaine Diyoza?

Diyoza: Yes.

Russell: Escort this woman past the shield right now.

Bellamy: Just wait. What is this?

Diyoza: Seems my reputation precedes me.

Russell: You could say that. Your face is in our history books next to Hitler and Bin Laden.

Abby: Please, what about the baby?

Russell: If any of you would care to join her, be my guest.

Clarke: Madi...

Diyoza: It's okay, kid. Stay frosty.

Simone: We better hope the trees get her before the children of Gabriel do because if she joins forces with them, we're gonna need more than a radiation shield to protect us.

Murphy: One way or another, the devil gets his due.

Woman: 3 down, 9 to go. Were you followed? Where's Delilah?

Man: We missed her, but we got Rose.

Woman: What?

Man: A new host intervened before I could get away.

Xavier: What do you mean, a new host?

Man: From Earth. She had the blood. I saw it with my own eyes.

Xavier: Where are the others? They took hostages. We need to question them.

Octavia: The others are dead, and you're about to be.

Man: Careful, that's one of them.

Xavier: We have no quarrel with you.

Octavia: You should pick up a weapon.

Xavier: The forest is my weapon. We call it mace plant. Don't worry. You'll survive. You'll just wish you hadn't.

Woman: Nice work, Xavier. Get her ready to move. 3 primes, a pile of guns, the child with royal blood and a girl from Earth--not bad for a day's work. Let's see the old man reject us now.