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Finn Previously on "the 100".
Anya You started a war that you don't know how to end.
Lincoln You have no idea what your people have done, the forces you unleashed.
Octavia We had to stop the attack.
Lincoln You stopped nothing.
Murphy We have to get out of here while we still have the chance.
Finn I love you.
Raven Not the way that I want to be loved, not the way that you love Clarke. It's over, Finn.
Sinclair The dropship is still tied into all of our major systems. If it launches, the Ark will be crippled, and everyone left on board will die.
Diana Sydney Launch!
Bellamy Your mom is early.
Clarke Something is wrong.
Scene 1 - The Camp
Bellamy First watch is over. Go relieve Monroe on the south wall. Keep your eyes open. Anything?
Clarke It's been two days. Maybe the bomb at the bridge scared them off for good.
Bellamy You believe that?
Clarke No. They're coming.
Bellamy Jasper thinks he can cook up some more gunpowder if he gets some sulfur, and Raven says she can turn that into landmines. So be careful where you step.
Clarke Ha! Funny.
Bellamy What I really need is a thousand more of her tin can bombs I can roll into their village and blow those Grounders to hell. That's what they want to do to us.
Clarke Can't believe we survived a hundred years just so we could slaughter each other. There has to be another way. Any word from the Ark?
Bellamy Radio silence. Finally ran out of air.
Clarke Maybe my mom was lucky being on the Exodus ship. At least it was quick. No one is coming down to save us.
Scene 2 - The Ark
- [The Ark has been crippled by the launching of the Exodus ship and Kane is seen lying on the floor. He pulls himself up and looks around the seemingly deserted Ark.]
Kane Hello? Is anyone there? Hello?
Scene 3 - The Camp
Del Let's get this party smoking.
Octavia You don't want the fire too big. So maybe just try to knock it down with some wet leaves.
Del You get that from your boyfriend, Grounder pounder?
Murphy She's right. A hot fire is not gonna preserve the meat as well.
Del You can't take the heat, get out of the smokehouse. Should be kissing our asses for being allowed back in this camp. Just keep working.
Murphy Your brother couldn't get you a better job? Would think anything would be better than working in the meat furnace.
Octavia Oh, probably. That just means someone else would have to do it.
Finn What's for dinner?
Raven Split loads, turning one bullet into two. It's all I can do until we get more gunpowder. Jasper has a recipe. Yesterday I saw him taking buckets from the latrine. I didn't ask.
Finn Is one of those for me?
Raven Maybe. Still deciding.
Finn I keep wanting to apologize again.
Raven You don't have to. We're good. I got to get this done.
Finn That's bad.
Raven What?
Finn When you're really pissed off, you always find a project, something to keep your hands busy so you don't punch someone in the face.
Raven I'm not keeping busy, Finn. I'm keeping us alive.
Finn Yeah. You're right. That was a dumb thing to say. See you later.
Raven Wait. We're good. We're good. We are. I just want you to be happy.
Male delinquent Whoa! Guys! Fire!
Another male delinquent Go, go, go! All right.
Raven Come on.
Bellamy Are you okay?
Octavia [Coughs and nods in reply]
Murphy This is all your fault! We told you it was too much wood.
- [Murphy runs towards Del and begins punching him.]
Del Get the hell away from me.
Bellamy Hey! Hey! Hey, stop! Save it for the Grounders.
Octavia Well, now what the hell are we gonna do? That was all the food.
- The 100 Logo
Clarke Any idea what happened?
Bellamy Murphy says that Del kept feeding the fire, mostly because Octavia told him it was a bad idea.
Clarke And we believe Murphy?
Bellamy I do.
Clarke Yeah. We have some wild onions and nuts in the dropship. It's only enough to last us maybe one or two weeks. What's left here?
Bellamy Nothing. It all burned.
Clarke Then we have to hunt. Anyone we can spare goes out.
Bellamy With the whole Grounder army out there?
Clarke Look. We can't defend ourselves if we're starving.
- [Bellamy is briefing the Delinquents about hunting.]
Bellamy Each group takes someone with a gun, and they're for killing Grounders, not food. We don't have the ammo. Use the spears for hunting. Get what you can. Be back by nightfall. No one stays out after dark.
Myles Hey Clarke. You alone? You maybe want to go together?
Clarke Sure. I'll get some gear.
Finn You ready to go?
Clarke I don't think so.
Finn Come on. I'm a good tracker. You're lousy with a spear, but you're sneaky. We make a good team.
Myles Hey, partner, we're wasting daylight. Oh, Finn, you're joining the band?
Finn Sure.
Myles Awesome. Haven't really got a chance to hang with you guys much. Hey, do you even know how I got arrested on the Ark?
Finn I'm dying to hear about it.
Bellamy We need more ammo.
Raven That's it till Jasper gets back. Now get out of my tent.
Bellamy Where you going?
Raven The hell out of here.
Bellamy No way. You're not leaving.
Raven Really? And what makes you think you can tell me what to do? Aren't you a janitor?
Bellamy Where you gonna go?
Raven Into these damn woods. Don't worry about it. I'll find someplace safe.
Bellamy Just wait. Don't be an idiot. You go alone, and you're dead or worse.
Raven So what's your plan, sit here until you run out of bullets?
Bellamy Yeah. Or until you come up with something better. Come on, Raven. You came down here in a pod you rebuilt yourself. You made a bomb out of a tin can. What else you got in that head of yours?
Raven Radios. We can't defend ourselves if we can't communicate. If we can build radios, walkie-talkies- Then we can fight as a team. We'd have a chance, at least.
Bellamy See? We need you. You may be a huge pain in the ass, but you're smart.
Scene 4 - The Ark
- [Kane is looking for survivors.]
Kane Anybody there? Hello?
Wick Fifty-six bottles of beer on the wall - fifty-six bottles of beer -
Kane Hello?
Wick Take one down and pass it around - Fifty-five bottles of beer on the wall - fifty-five bottles of beer on the wall
Kane Hello?
Wick - Fifty-five bottles of beer - take one down and pass it around -
Kane Hey, hey, can you hear me?
Wick What do you want? Councilor, sir?
Kane It's Wick, isn't it, from engineering, Sinclair's apprentice?
Wick Yeah, yeah. He had me come down here to override the containment codes to keep the doors open. Don't tell him I messed up.
Kane Hey. You didn't mess up. We need to get your arm free.
Wick Yeah. Let's do that. That sounds like a good idea.
Kane Rrgh! Ah! [panting] Did you see anyone else around here?
Wick No. Heard there was a hull breach in engineering. It was a breach? What the hell happened, anyway?
Kane We were betrayed. Councilor Sydney, she took the Exodus ship by force. Damage to the Ark was catastrophic.
Wick What a bitch. My mom voted for her.
Kane I'm not gonna be able to open these doors without some help. I'll be right back.
Wick You can't leave me, man.
Kane I won't leave you here.
Wick All right. [Clank as the door opens] Rrgh! Aagh! Dude! Aagh! Ah, my God, thank you. That was- Gr! Aah! - Easy. I can hear the pumps. I think the vents are working up ahead.
Kane Let's go. If you survived, there could be others.
Wick It's like a ghost ship.
- [Kane and Wick continue exploring the Ark ship before finding a large amount of people huddled together.]
Scene 5 - The Woods
Myles One of those scaly panther things?
Finn Boar.
Myles Good, because that panther meat is nasty, but I could eat a whole boar by myself, no joke. You know what the best part is of the boar? It's gonna sound gross.
Clarke Myles, quiet for a second. What is it?
Finn These tracks.
Clarke They're perfect.
Finn Too perfect. We're the ones being hunted.
Myles I don't see anything.
- [Arrows fly and hit Myles in the leg and chest.]
Myles Aah! Ah.
Clarke Myles!
Finn Clarke, come on. We got to leave him.
- [A Grounder comes from behind a nearby tree and hits Clarke in the face with a club. Clarke falls to the ground.]
Clarke Ah!
Finn Clarke! No.
Scene 6 - The Ark
- [Wick and Kane are distributing oxygen to the survivors.]
Kane Here. Hey, how's the air in here?
Wick Crappy.
Kane I'm gonna check the next few compartments.
Wick Whoa, hey, are you sure you want to do that? This ship took a lot of damage. You walk through the wrong door, you could be stepping out into space.
Kane We need to keep moving. The air in here can turn bad at any time.
Wick At least we're breathing. The CO2 scrubbers down here have kicked back on.
Kane They can restart themselves?
Wick No. The electrical fires blew out a DCDU. Everything is on manual.
Kane Is it getting cooler in here?
Wick I don't feel it.
Kane Could someone restart the central cooling exchanges on this level?
Wick No. That runs through the primary board.
Kane Earth monitoring. We need to get these people moving now.
Wick Move them where?
Kane The cooling air is a message. See, I think... I think there's someone alive in Earth monitoring.
Wick The air is a message.
Kane Yeah.
Wick Okay. You have hypoxia, all right? So you're working with about ten percent of your brain.
Kane We need to get them moving, now. I am not gonna let these people die here.
Scene 7 - The Cabin
- [Finn and Clarke are brought into a cabin with bags over their heads.]
Finn We walked for about three miles after crossing that creek, another two or so before we got to the road.
Clarke I don't think it matters, Finn. They didn't blindfold us, which means they don't care what we saw. They're probably gonna kill us. What do you want from us?
Anya Help her. If she dies, he dies.
Scene 8 - The Ark
- [Kane, Wick and the other survivors are walking around the Ark trying to access Earth Monitoring.]
Wick Rest in peace, Earth Monitoring.
Kane Let's check passageway four.
Wick No. We got a jammed pressure door between us and pass. four, and we can't get through here. It's game over, man.
Kane I need to talk to whoever is in there.
Wick "Please" would be nice. Watch this. Aha.
Kane Earth Monitoring, do you read?
Jaha We read you. Who is this? Where are you?
Kane Sir, it's good to hear your voice.
Jaha Of course it's you, Kane. You're too stubborn to die.
Kane I could say the same for you.
Jaha What is your situation?
Kane We have about a dozen survivors.
Jaha That's good work, Councilor. Sinclair is rerouting power and air to the mess hall. Lead your people there.
Kane After we get you.
Jaha No. A fire burned through most of our oxygen. We put it out, but we don't have very long. No. A fire burned through. All access is blocked. We are reviving as many Ark citizens as we can before our oxygen runs out.
Kane I won't leave you to die.
Jaha As your Chancellor, I am ordering you to gather as many survivors as you can and lead them to the mess hall. Jaha out.
Kane Lead them to the mess hall, and when you get there, organize a search station by station. Look for survivors.
Wick Let's go to the mess hall. Come on. Hey, the Chancellor is right. We all got to get out of here. This whole deck is an electrical fire waiting to happen.
- [The system creates sparks.]
Kane That's why you have to lead these people out of here, please.
Wick So, what, you're got to save everybody else but yourself? This is nuts.
Kane No one else can die because of me. Go. Go. Get yourselves to safety.
[Kane tries to get wreckage away but it's too heavy for him and Wick joins him but still too heavy.]
- [Some survivors help move the wreckage away.]
Kane On three.
Scene 9 - The Cabin
Anya Her name is Tris.
Clarke I can't do this. I don't have any equipment.
Anya We'll provide you with what we can.
Clarke Why do you think I can save her?
Finn Lincoln told her.
Anya Yes. Our healer is gone. There's nothing we can do for her. For his sake, I hope you can.
Finn Clarke, you can do this.
Clarke Wait. What happened to her?
Anya She was on the bridge when your bomb exploded. You did this to her.
Scene 10 - The Dropship
Raven I found some good antenna wire for the radios. This guy was using it to fix his bed. You find anything else from the Exodus ship wreckage?
Monty Yeah, data log. Want to hear something weird? [Radio static]
Raven Sounds like interference.
Monty Wait. It gets weirder. When the signal hit, their nav system went nuts. They never got it back, and then boom. It's like something was jamming the signal.
Raven That is weird. It also makes no sense whatsoever. Pull the drive-in speakers.
Monty You want to strip it? We'll never find out where they crashed.
Raven We need every component we can get our hands on if we're gonna make walkies and I need the radio.
Monty No way. How are we supposed to contact the Ark?
Raven The Ark is not there. You're listening to a hole in the sky.
Monty Hey! My family is up there.
Raven I'm sorry.
Raven The hunters are back? Is Finn with them?
Murphy I don't think so. Hey, relax. I'm sure Clarke is keeping him out of trouble. What are you doing in here?
Raven They don't waste time. I'll get them that. What's it been, a day and a half?
Bellamy Mistaken me for someone who cares. Time to move on. What are you doing?
Raven Moving on.
- [Raven begins to strip.]
Raven I've never been with anyone but Finn. Take off your clothes. Fine. I'll go first.
Bellamy If you're looking for someone to talk you down, tell you that you're just upset and not thinking straight, I'm not that guy.
Raven Good.
- [They begin kissing and proceed to have sex.]
Scene 11 - The Cabin
Finn She's getting worse.
Clarke Help me lift her up. Oh, my God, here we go. She's not moving any air on the left. There's fluid pressing on her lungs.
Finn I don't see an entry wound.
Clarke No. It wasn't shrapnel. It was trauma. The force of the explosion, it hit her in the chest. She's drowning in her own blood. She can't breathe. I have to relieve the pressure. I need a small tube, something rigid the size of my finger.
Grounder Here.
Finn Thanks.
Clarke Fifth intercostal space. This better work. You're okay. Attagirl. Breathe.
- [Clarke cuts into her to allow some of her blood to be sucked out so she can breathe.]
Anya What have you done?
Clarke No. You don't understand. She couldn't breathe.
- [Anya shoves Clarke to the ground.]
Finn Back off!
Scene 12 - The Ark
Kane Everybody gets oxygen now. Sir. Sir, are you alright?
- [Kane gives Jaha an oxygen mask.]
Jaha I gave you an order. You're bound by law to follow.
Kane The people in this room are our best chance to save the Ark. Besides, a wise man once told me I needed to learn when not to follow the law.
Jaha Heh heh. A wise man. Thank you.
Scene 13 - The Cabin
Finn So what do we do now?
Clarke She's breathing a little better, but even if we can save her, what happens then?
Finn Then maybe we don't die today.
Anya She's hot.
Clarke Her heart rate is way up. She's probably septic.
Anya What does that mean?
Clarke It means her blood is poisoned.
Finn What about this stuff?
Caliban That slows bleeding.
Clarke Coagulant. No. Lincoln had that same stuff at the dropship.
Finn I don't see any antibiotics. Maybe that lake seaweed?
Clarke She doesn't need seaweed. She needs real medicine. How could you send a little girl into battle? What is wrong with you people?
Anya She was with me. She was my second. It's how we train them to be warriors.
Clarke Oh, so the killing can just go on and on.
Finn Clarke-
Anya You put the bomb on the bridge. You did this to her.
[Tris coughs and wheezes violently.]
Clarke She needs clean blood.
Finn Transfusion?
Clarke Okay. There's no tubing. So we need a syringe, the biggest one you can find, and I need a cannula. It's like a hollow needle.
Scene 14 - The Camp
[Bellamy and Raven are in Raven's tent after having sex.]
Bellamy Did that help?
Raven No.
Scene 15 - The Ark
Jaha Any word yet on casualties?
Kane No. Sinclair still has teams out assessing the damage, but whole stations may have been lost. I estimate no more than 1,000 survivors at least 1,500 dead.
Wick Hey, guys, I found something.
Sinclair I'm sorry sir. Mr. Wick has trouble with protocol.
Jaha What did you find?
Wick Data from the Exodus launch. The monitor says that service hatch beta was manually sealed before the launch from our side.
Kane There was someone in the service bay.
Jaha But there are survivors? People jumped ship at the last moment?
Kane Maybe Sydney threw them off. Maybe they were a threat. Could they still be alive in the service bay?
Wick Well, sir, if they hunkered down and got lucky, yeah, they could still be ticking, but they won't be for long.
Kane Well, how do we get to them? How can we get to them?
Wick We could try the maintenance shaft. It's sealed on both sides, so you'd have pressurization.
Sinclair And it's pressed right up against the fuel pods. Without power to the coolant system, it'll be hot as hell in there.
Kane I have to try.
Scene 16 - The Cabin
Finn It's as sharp as it's gonna get.
Clarke All right. Thanks. Bleach.
Finn Guess there's no moonshine.
Clarke [to Anya) Okay. I'm gonna need your blood.
Anya No.
Clarke You're from the same tribe. It's the best match we're gonna get.
Finn Clarke, if you're gonna do something, you have to do it now. Just use mine.
Clarke I can't find a vein. She's clamping down. She's lost too much blood.
Finn Clarke-
Clarke Oh, come on. She's not breathing.
Anya Take him away and kill him.
Clarke No. No. No. No! No. No. Please! No! I did everything I could. No!
Finn Clarke, stop. They'll hurt you.
Clarke No. Get off. No.
Scene 17 - The Ark
- [Kane and Wick are before the maintenance shaft.]
Wick Hey. You'll need this battery to open up the door to the bay. Good? Yeah? It's not that hot. Sinclair doesn't know what he's talking about. It's a little warm.
Kane So, you're not gonna talk me out of going?
Wick Nope. When you die, can I have your shoes?
Kane They're much too stylish for you.
- [He enters the maintenance shaft and begins to crawl through it.]
Scene 18 - The Camp
Monty You finished the walkies.
Raven Hey. I'm sorry about before, really, and about your family.
Monty Thanks. So all the hunters are back except Clarke and Finn.
Raven Okay.
Monty Raven, they were with another kid Myles. They all left camp together.
Raven All three of them are still out there?
Monty Yeah. We're going to look for them. Bring the walkies.
Scene 20 - The Ark
- [Kane still crawling through the maintenance shaft. He eventually reaches the service bay and uses a key to power the rooms oxygen supply. Everyone begins to stand up, except for Abby who is lying in a corner.]
Kane Come on. Hey hey, wake up. Hey, Abby? Abby, wake up.
- [He takes her face in his hands and lets her rest against him.]
Abby It's so hot.
Scene 21 - The Cabin
Grounder Anya will take no pleasure in your friend's death. Prove your worth, and you'll be welcome here.
Clarke I couldn't save Tris. Why would you want me?
Grounder We told you. Our healer is gone.
Clarke Will I be able to go back to see them my friends, my home?
Grounder Tomorrow there'll be nothing to go back to.
Clarke Those marks on her shoulder, what were they? Lincoln has them, too.
Grounder Each scar marks a kill in combat.
Clarke Five kills? She was a little girl.
Grounder She was brave.
Clarke How many do you have? That's a lot.
Grounder And half were after I hurt my knee. Aagh!
- [She knees the grounder then stabs him.]
Clarke Shh shh shh shh shh.
Scene 22 - The Woods
Raven Where are they?
Octavia We'll find them.
Monty [on radio) I thought you said you were heading west. Where are you?
Bellamy [on radio) Just keep the moon to your left, and you'll find us.
Raven This morning, all I could think about was how much easier this would all be if Finn was just gone.
Octavia You didn't wish this into being, Raven. Stop torturing yourself.
Monty [on radio) Is anyone else hearing this signal?
Raven Just keep your eyes open.
Monty I think it's the same thing we heard in the black box.
Bellamy [on radio) Damn it, Monty, pay attention. Do you see anything? Report.
Raven Oh, my God. There's someone in the bushes.
Octavia Myles?
Raven Myles, what happened? Where are they? Clarke and Finn, where are they?
Myles Grounders took them.
Bellamy Take it easy. We have to get him back to camp.
Raven Bell, what about Clarke and Finn?
Bellamy Raven, I'm sorry.
Raven We need to make a stretcher.
Bellamy Monty, we're heading home. You copy? Monty, can you hear me? Monty, Monty where the hell are you? Report.
- [Monty's walkie-talkie is on the forest floor and he is nowhere to be seen.]
- [Clarke is running through the forest when she gets caught in a grounder trap.]