Your blood or the blood of Sanctum!
— Tory (incantation)

The Blood of Sanctum[1] is the thirteenth and final episode of the sixth season of The 100. It is the eighty-fourth episode of the series overall.

SEASON FINALE - Sanctum becomes a battleground between the devout and the non-believers. Clarke and co fight for control over the Mothership. The mystery of the anomaly deepens.[2]


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Guest Starring


  • Dakota Daulby as Sheidheda
  • Kat Ruston as Sierra Royal Guard / Miranda Mason IX
  • Megan Danso as Layla
  • Ian Butcher as Bryson / Caleb Mason VIII
  • Karen Holness as Blythe Ann
  • Dean Marshall as Jae
  • Camden Filtness as James
  • Melanie Rose Wilson as Sanctumite Woman
  • Tricia Collins as Tory
  • Tony Stevens as Trey
  • Miles Chambers as Zev
  • Cameron Andres as Teenage Boy


Bellamy: "I don't understand. We told them the truth. Why are they still doing this?"
Octavia: "If they accept the truth, their lives mean nothing. That's why I burnt the farm."
Octavia: "I can't let these people die, Bell."
Bellamy: "Side by side, like it's meant to be."
Echo: "I guess it's time to do better."
Emori: "Kaylee Prime, at your service."
Murphy: "Emori…"
Emori: "John, it's okay. Someone needs to stay behind and look after Miller and Jordan."
Gabriel Santiago: "Excuse me. Sorry. Kaylee was against the Adjustment Protocol, that's why they believed it when you took them all away. It has to be Daniel."
Murphy: "Fine. But if I die, you're bringing me back."
Gabriel: "No, I'm not."
Murphy: "Please lie to me. Being a god should be more fun than this."
Bellamy: "I heard about Abby."
Clarke: "I tried to do better. I did, and then I lost my Mom. Tell me it was worth it. Tell -- tell me it was worth it."
Bellamy: "Hey, hey. We did... we did do better. I have to believe that that matters."

Notes and Trivia

  • This episode picks up right where "Adjustment Protocol" left off.
  • The other planets in Eligius III's path are revealed to have been called Beta, Gamma, Delta and Epsilon, named after the letters of the Greek alphabet. The Primes are unsure if they are habitable or not.
  • Russell informs Clarke that he made sure Abby's neural mesh was gone before putting Simone's consciousness inside of her body. He confirms that the EMP in "Perverse Instantiation (Part 2)" did in fact get rid of it along with the chip.
  • Daniel Lee is revealed to have been LGBT. Murphy's comments to Daniel's lover Zev suggests that Murphy may not be strictly heterosexual himself.
  • The Flame is destroyed by Raven to save Madi, though Sheidheda is uploaded to an unknown location. It is left unknown if the other Commanders were deleted as well or were uploaded with Sheidheda.
  • Diyoza is revealed to be alive in the anomaly, trapped with an unknown male. Octavia's fate is also left unknown, being stabbed by Hope and then disappearing with the anomaly.
  • All of the Primes except for Russell Lightbourne and Gabriel Santiago are now deceased. Simone, Caleb, Jasmine and Miranda are all beyond future resurrection as Clarke floated them, sending their bodies out into deep space. Priya Desai can also be resurected.
  • Raven is confirmed to retain the intellect she gained by going to the City of Light when she explains how she was able to hack the Flame.

Body Count

Behind the Scenes

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