This page is considered an official policy on The 100 Wiki.

It illustrates standards of conduct, which are widely accepted among editors and is considered a standard that everyone should follow. Except for minor edits, please use the forums to propose changes to this policy.

This Style Guide is an official guide on how all of the The 100 articles should appear. In order to not restrict editors to a specific style, this guide is intended to make the wiki consistent, clear, and precise and to help editors with language, layout, and formatting.

In situations the Style Guide does not cover, please contact an Administrator for guidance. Issues or suggestions regarding the Style Guide can be discussed in the Suggestions forum.

Before editing or posting on this wiki, please review the policies first. Be aware that any content posted here will likely be edited at some point by other users. Everyone is working together to make the 100 wiki better. Please do not take offense.

Additional Guidelines:

General Edit

  • Correct spelling and grammar is to be used on the articles.
  • This is an American television show so American English is used on this wikia.
    • Spelling examples: color instead of colour, familiarize instead of familiarise, offense instead of offence.
    • Commas and periods go inside quotation marks.
    • Dates are written in American format: Month DD, YYYY.
  • The serial comma is used.
  • Numbers under ten should be spelled out.
  • Avoid making multiple edits on an article at a time. Editing errors are understandable. Making edits to boost achievement points is not okay.
    • Use the "Preview" button before making the edit to ensure everything is the way it should be.

Perspective and Tense Edit

All articles are written in third person. Articles should be informative, unbiased, and factual rather than speculative. Articles should not include personal opinion.

  • Use present tense when referring to most articles. Such articles include: Alive Character, Cast, Episode, and the Novel articles.
    • Example: "Clarke Griffin is a character featured in The 100. Clarke is the daughter of Doctor Abigail Griffin and Senior Environmental Engineer and Deputy Resource Officer Jake Griffin."
  • Use past tense when referring to Deceased Character articles.
    • Example: "Jake Griffin was a character featured on The 100. He was the husband of Abigail Griffin, and the father of Clarke Griffin."
    • If a character dies in the show, the tense does not need to be retroactively changed (i.e. Finn Collins).

Special Formatting Edit

  • Titles of pages should be in bold (i.e. Bellamy Blake).
  • Episode titles are used as minor headings in the Throughout the Series and Quotes sections to easily identify episodes and should be written in italics and in bold (i.e. The Calm).
    • Otherwise, when used as a reference, it should be written in quotes (i.e. "The Calm").
  • The show name should be written in italics (i.e. The 100).
  • Trigedasleng words and phrases should always be italicized.
  • Title Case is used on page names and second-level subheadings (Early Life, Throughout the Series, etc...).
  • To establish consistency, "dropship" is one word going forward.
  • To reduce page volume and the need to edit multiple locations, duplicate/redundant information should be linked via {{Main|Page Name}} to the original page with a brief summary (see Trikru section for an example).
  • Proper nouns are capitalized (Sky People, Grounders, Mountain Men, Delinquents, Earth, etc...).
    • Note: "Delinquents" is used as a proper noun in place of "The 100" to avoid confusion between the 102 Sky People initially sent to Earth, the novel, and the TV show.
  • When a proper noun is always referred to with its definite article (the Culling, the Ark, "The Calm"), include it in the article title. Otherwise, omit it or create a redirect to the simplified version.

Linking Edit

  • Avoid linking to the current page.
    • Captions on pictures are excluded.
    • Quotes sections on Character articles are excluded.
  • To prevent over-linking, link something only once per section of the article. A single thing may be linked 1 to 4 times per page.

Referencing Edit

  • If an event occurs in the show, it does not need a reference.
  • Please try to properly cite references and always include a link to the original source.
    • If you do not have a reference or one is missing, please put "[Citation needed]."
  • References must be from a valid source (not a personal blog on tumblr or a spoiler speculation site).
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