This page is considered an official policy on The 100 Wiki.

It illustrates standards of conduct, which are widely accepted among editors and is considered a standard that everyone should follow. Except for minor edits, please use the forums to propose changes to this policy.

This is the official policy page for the The 100 Wiki. These rules apply to the entire website, as well as, The 100 section in the Fandom app. In addition to these rules, there are policies that apply across all of Wikia/Fandom which can be found at Community Central. Also, see the Wikia privacy policy.

Users are expected to follow these rules while participating on this website/app. Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse for breaking them. While we try to cover the most common issues, the below list is not all inclusive. General civility is expected at all times.

General Guidelines

The following guidelines apply to the social and wiki sides of the website and app. The social side includes discussions, forums, page comments, talk pages, blogs, chat, user pages, message walls, etc. The wiki side includes article pages, templates, categories, files, etc.

Breaking the rules may result in your comments being deleted and/or being blocked from the site.

  • General civility applies:
    • Be nice and treat people (including other users, as well as, cast and crew of The 100) with respect.
    • Personal attacks, insults, threats, bullying, slander, inflammatory remarks, and harassment is not tolerated.
    • Assume good faith of others.
  • Contribute positively:
    • Create a positive environment. Avoid starting conflicts. This site isn't here for bickering.
    • Comments and messages are expected to be relevant to the topic. They should also be appropriate, i.e. exclude inappropriate language and inflammatory statements.
    • While negative opinions are allowed, this is a fansite for The 100 series and we aim to have a positive environment for fans. Coming to the site to make frequent complaints is considered trolling.
    • Messages are expected to use decent spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Do not use excessive amounts of caps or chat speak.
  • Prohibited content:
    • Profanity, derogatory terms, slurs, and other inflammatory language is generally prohibited. Direct quotes from the The 100 TV series and books are allowed, regardless of language, however offensive words cannot be directed at other users, the cast and crew, or the characters themselves.
    • Sexually explicit images or content is prohibited.
    • This site is not the place for debates of outside issues. This includes real-world politics, conflicts from other wikis, etc.
    • Do not upload or link to pirated or copyright infringing material, this includes illegal streaming services, pirated copies of the novels, leaked episode scripts, etc.
    • Do not discuss how to get around legal license protection, e.g. how to get around geoblocking, on which illegal streaming services the series is available, etc.
    • Do not spam messages, e.g. repeatedly posting the same messages, advertising another wiki/chat/business/site, etc.
  • Don't be a bad actor:
    • Don't be a troll. This includes intentionally misleading others, stirring up controversies and starting quarrels, posting junk comments, etc.
    • Sock puppetry is not allowed. Don't create multiple accounts to pretend to be multiple people. If you have been blocked, do not create/use another account to evade the block.
  • Also note:
    • Be careful about the amount of personal information (e.g. real name, age, location, etc.) you provide.
    • Please note that this site is not a spoiler-free zone. Content from all aired episodes are allowed without warning. For unaired episodes and leaks, see spoiler policy below.
    • Users are responsible for all images they upload to discussions. Images anywhere else on the website must follow this wiki's image policy.

Wiki Area Guidelines

The following guidelines are focused on the wiki side of the site.

  • Don't be afraid to get started. Go ahead, click "edit", it's a wiki!
  • Above "General Guidelines" apply.
  • Do not call out editors or for lack of content on pages. Wikis are a lot of work and chances are editors are super busy. We are all volunteers (including the admins), so we're working on this wiki in our free time.
    • If you see something missing or something inaccurate, please click "edit" and help us. We're always in need of more volunteers.
  • When in doubt, take it to the article's talk page, the forums, or ask an expedience editor. We don't bite.
    • Big changes (such as deleting sections of articles or removing information from infoboxes) should be run by the community first.
    • Editing conflicts: When there is an editing conflict, the involved editors are expected to first try to solve the issue on their own (i.e. stop editing the page in conflict, communicate with each other, and attempt to come to resolution). If they cannot come to an agreement, they should ask a neutral party or an admin to assist. Edit warring, i.e. repeatedly reverting page instead of discussing, is not allowed.
  • Do not vandalize the wiki. Examples include adding gibberish, editing text to include falsehoods, removing all content, etc.
    • If you see a vandalized page, try to fix it yourself. If you need help, contact an admin. If you see an IP or user regularly vandalize the wiki, notify an admin to ensure action is taken.
  • To avoid too many pages, please do not make a page for subjects until you have a few paragraphs worth of text already ready for it.
    • For characters, pages can be created for all characters for whom cast member received "starring" or "guest starring" credit. For characters for whom cast member received "co-starring" credit, a page may be created if the character is named and appeared in at least three episodes.
    • For cast members, pages can be created for all cast members who received "starring" credit. Pages for cast members who received "guest starring" in seven episodes or "co-starring" in ten episodes may also be created.

Additional guidelines:


In general, do not discuss or add to the wiki information from an episode until it finishes first airing in the United States. As of season 7, The 100 airs Wednesday nights at 8 pm EDT (US eastern daylight time), so do not start editing or discussing the episode until 9 pm EDT. (This is Thursday, 1 am UTC.)

However, there are certain 'spoilers' which are allowed. All info from an unaired episodes must be properly sourced when added to an article.

  • Official promotional information (press releases, promo photos, promo videos).
  • Information released through official sources, e.g. official twitter.
  • Infomation from reliable news sources excluding episode previews or reviews.

Also, all spoilers are allowed within the spoiler board. However, since thread titles show up in Special:WikiActivity and Special:RecentChanges, make sure the title is spoiler free.

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