This page is historical.
For current roles, see The 100 Wiki:Moderators and The 100 Wiki:Rollback.

The Enforcers are a team of users with rollback rights. They are responsible for making sure that the wikia is spam and vandalism free, as well as keeping an eye on trolls and their contributions to the wikia. Following this, all members of the Team must respect the edits of other users and are not allowed to delete good content made by another member without a valid reason.

Note: You don't have to be a member of The Enforcers to alert the rest of the wikia of vandalism. If you see any spam or vandalism you should always contact an admin, as soon as possible.

Current EnforcersEdit

Name Talk Page Status
TotallyTinkerbell Talk Active
Panorama500 Talk Active
Milks26‎ Talk Active
Thewritersdiary Talk Active
Amethystkitten‎ Talk Active

Applying for EnforcersEdit

Application rules: 

Please make sure to follow these carefully. Any application that does not follow these rules will not be taken into account for the position.

  • No apllications when they're not open: There will be a highlighted post whenever the applications for update team positions are open, and it will be on top of this page. If they're not open, please do not apply.
  • No spamming of other members of The Enforcers. (I think this rule speaks for itself)
  • Applying can be done in the comment section of this page. Make sure you meet the requirements below and mention the following things ;
    • Edit count (to be found on your profile, needs to be at least 50).
    • Motivational reason of why you would be a good member of the Update Team


The 100 wikia has a few requirements for aspiring members of The Enforcers :

  • 50 edits : We require at least 50 edits before you can become a member of the team.
  • A member of the Update Team : We choose people who are active members in our community. Being on the Update Team assures you are doing great work, so you'll be far more likely to be chosen. (THIS IS A COMPLEMENTORY REQUIREMENT, it does not have to be met in this series of auditions).
  • Support: We find it important that other members of the community agree. Therefore you should have at least 3 people supporting your application. You can either make a blogpost and a forum. You can link it to one of the admins if you have several supports.
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