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This page contains a chapter by chapter summary of The 100. We hope this summary will make it easier to find specific areas of the book, as well as providing a quick plot refresher for anyone who doesn't want to take the time to reread the entire book.

Chapter 2: WellsEdit

Wells Jaha sits across from his father, Chancellor Jaha. His father questions him, trying to figure out why Wells set the Eden Tree on fire during the Remembrance Ceremony. However, Wells refuses to tell him that he did it for Clarke Griffin.

Flashback: Wells left the hospital after visiting his ill mother. He went to the library and looked through the books while thinking about her. Unnoticed to him, a girl came in. She told him how to sneak a book past the exit scanners so he could read it to his mother. Wells asked for her name and learned that it is Clarke.

The Chancellor tells Wells that he is being sent to Earth. When Wells exhales, his father realizes that going to Earth had been Wells' goal. The Chancellor tries to argue that Wells' mother would not have wanted this, but Wells retorts, "She's not who I'm doing this for." His father figures out that Wells had done it for Clarke. Their time is up and a guard comes to take Wells away.

Chapter 3: BellamyEdit

Bellamy Blake waits in the storeroom for Colton, a former friend turned guard whom he has been bribing for information regarding his sister, Octavia Blake. When Colton finally appears, he informs him that the delinquents are being sent to Earth that day. Bellamy knocks Colton out and steals his uniform.

On the launch deck, Bellamy watches the Chancellor give a speech as the prisoners board the dropship. He spots Octavia and after a moment she notices him too. Just as the launch countdown reaches 2 minutes, Bellamy steals a gun and grabs the Chancellor. He tells everyone to back off and let him onto the dropship or he will shoot. The guards point their guns at Bellamy and there are thirty seconds remaining until launch.

Chapter 4: GlassEdit

Glass Sorenson is just getting into her seat in the dropship when there was a big commotion outside near the entrance to the dropship. The guards moved away for a second, and Glass could see that the Chancellor was being held hostage. Seeing this as an opportunity to escape, she unhooks her harness and sprang to her feet. There was a gunshot, and she chose that moment to make a run for it. The guards see her and begin to chase her, but she climbed into an air vent and lost them.

Flashback: Glass was leaving a Partnering Ceremony, and even though it was rude to do so before the final blessing, she did it to see Luke, a boy from Walden that she loved.

Glass knocks Luke's door and he greets her, but he wasn't alone. He is with Camille, his childhood friend. Glass, heartbroken, decides to leave them alone before explaining to Luke about her absence for the past 6 months. Luke eventually finds out that Glass was Confined and invites her in. Luke asks for the reason why Glass was confined, but she refuses, which it upsets Luke. Glass then wishes that she had stayed on the dropship.

Chapter 5: ClarkeEdit

The dropship has been launched and the impostor guard has managed to get in. Everybody is shocked after the Chancellor has been shot, but for Clarke, nothing can be more alarming than seeing Wells on the dropship. Clarke feels an urge to comfort Wells after the incident, but her hatred towards him stops her, as it was his fault that her parents were killed. After a series of turbulence, they finally lands on Earth. Clarke opens the door. The 100 are greeted by the natural green landscape of Earth.

Flashback: Before leaving, Clarke's parents warned her to stay away from the lab as there were risk of radioactivity. While doing her essay, she heard a scream. Clarke decided to investigate. She went to the lab, despite her parents' warning. Inside, she discovered a room filled with beds, each containing a child. At first, Clarke thought that the children were ill. She continued and stopped at a girl named Lilly, who told Clarke that no one had ever gotten better. Clarke finally realized that her parents weren't curing those children, but killing them.

For the first hours, Clarke has been busy attending to the injured with makeshift materials since the medicine chest hasn't been recovered. Clarke goes to look for the medicine chest in the dropship, but on her way, she finds the motionless body of Thalia, who may have been thrown out of the dropship during landing.

Chapter 6: WellsEdit

Wells approaches to the bonfire surrounded by delinquents from Walden and Arcadia. They begin to ridicule Wells, but he decides to not fight back. Graham, a boy from Phoenix approaches to Wells with a scornful attitude towards Wells' advice.

Flashback: Wells was on his way out of a concert, but decided to stay when Clarke asked him to stay. During the concert, Wells commented that he had always imagined the sound of a sunset similar to the music that they were listening to. Clarke replied that she would also love to see a sunset, then Wells proposed to have a date with her on Earth.

Wells continues confronting with the delinquent, and among them, the same one who has shot his father. The impostor guard accuses Wells of being a spy, which Wells rejects, saying that he came to Earth to protect someone he cares about. Without saying anything else, Wells makes his way towards Clarke. The two speaks, Wells says that he came to Earth for her, which Clarke replies that she wishes that he hadn't. The argument gets interrupted when they notices the sunset. Wells is pained by the fact that he has to witness his first sunset alone.

Chapter 7: BellamyEdit

Bellamy witnesses the sunrise next to his sister Octavia, who is sleeping. He reveals that Octavia has been Confined for stealing food for the other children in her unit.

Flashback: Bellamy was a 6-year-old boy from Walden. He had been sent by his mother to get supplies at the distribution center. Bellamy was immediately attracted by the apples, even though they cost 11 credits each, he still wanted to do something nice for his mother, who hadn't gotten out of bed for 3 days. He returned to his residential unit with the lights off. Bellamy showed to his mother the apples, but she only told him to go to his room. Before leaving, Bellamy could see that his mother's stomach appeared huge and round.

Bellamy speaks with Clarke while she checks on Octavia and develops an interest in her. Bellamy plans to leave with Octavia as soon as she can walk again in case the Council comes to Earth. Staring at the sky, he finally feels free for the first time of his life.

Chapter 8: GlassEdit

Glass spends the night in Luke's flat thinking about her friend Wells and how he could be doing on Earth. The next morning, Luke proposes to take off Glass' bracelet. He takes her to the old workshop and cuts the bracelet with a laser cutter. Luke takes Glass back to her flat in Phoenix, where she reunites with her mother Sonja again. Glass tells her mother about the 100 that were sent to Earth and that she is supposed to be one of them. When Glass is about to leave, Sonja stops her daughter and says that she would talk to Vice Chancellor Rhodes, as there is a chance that she could be pardoned. Glass finally gets some sleep, and when she wakes up, her mother sits next to her. Sonja tells her daughter that she has been pardoned as proof that the system is still just on the retrials, and that she couldn't tell anyone about the Earth mission. Glass promises not to do it.

Chapter 9: ClarkeEdit

In the morning, Clarke is greeted by Wells. She recalls that Wells voice once was her favorite sound, but he is also the reason of her parents' death. In a moment of weakness, Clarke had told him their secret, and even though he had sworn not to tell anyone, he ended up betraying her. The argument is just starting when the singing birds interrupt them.

Flashback: Clarke and Wells had been dating for a while and Wells had started officer training. They were standing at Clarke's door before Clarke's family dinner started. Wells wanted to stay with them, but Clarke denied as she had to talk to them about what she had witnessed in the lab. Once Wells left, Clarke confronted her parents and told them everything she knew. Her parents confessed that they had been insisted by the Vice Chancellor to do experiment on human, as they were threatened to have Clarke killed.

Wells is snapped out of the soothing melody when Clarke leaves him alone. Clarke returns to infirmary tent and continues with her daily task of helping the injured. Thalia has spoken again after a long time. She and Clarke speaks about old memories when they used to share the same cell. Thalia lets Clarke know that Wells was there and tried to help the boy that died the day before. Clarke wouldn't believe it at first, but Octavia confirms it. Thalia tries to tell Clarke that Wells loves her since he has risked his life coming to Earth with her, and that those kinds of love are rare. Clarke thinks that, for Thalia's sake, she hopes that her friend would never find that kind of love.

Chapter 10: BellamyEdit

Bellamy observes a group of kids playing together and feels bad that Octavia couldn't have fun with them. He figures out that the food from the dropship is not enough for all of them to survive longer than a month, and added to that, Graham is starting a black-market, trading nutrition packs for blankets. Bellamy discovers a set of weapons, and among them is a bow and arrows which he takes for himself. That morning, he also had discovered traces of animals. Wells, once again, tries to organize the camp, saying that they shouldn't let random people carry weapons as they could be dangerous in the wrong hands. Bellamy reminds the Chancellor's son that everyone there are criminals. Graham shows up and, surprisingly, agrees with Wells, but with the intention of owning all the weapons to himself. Graham upsets Bellamy and the two fight, until they are stopped by Wells. As Wells and Graham continue arguing about control over the camp, Bellamy heads out into the forest to hunt.

Flashback: Bellamy was 8 years old. The guards came suddenly to inspect his unit without knocking. Startled, Bellamy dropped the cup and it rolled towards the closet. His mother wasn't home, and he was on his own. The guards began to question the young boy concerning his unit. As practiced, Bellamy managed to answer all of them without being suspected. When they finally left, Bellamy wondered what would have happened if they'd looked in the closet, but he was too afraid to answer it.

Chapter 11: GlassEdit

To celebrate her pardon, Glass' friends Cora and Huxley invite her to the Exchange. Huxley asks if there were any chance that Clarke could be pardoned, but Glass replies that she doesn't know in order to keep the secret about the Earth mission. As the girls go through the items, Glass comes across one particular necklace that once belonged to her.

Flashback: It was Glass' birthday, and she had decided to spend it at Luke's flat. Luke presented her a golden locket that he had carved a G on it as his birthday present for Glass, as he wanted that even in a thousand years, people would know that it belonged to her. The two consummated their relationship in Luke's bedroom.

Glass is snapped out of the memory when Luke calls her. Glass, uncomfortable, wants to leave, but Luke stops her and asks what she was doing there. Glass informs him that she has been pardoned, but Luke still wants to know why she has been Confined. Glass decides to let him go and tells him that it doesn't matter. Luke tells her to take care of herself then leaves. Glass knows she is doing the right thing, but she wishes that it didn't hurt so much.

Chapter 12: ClarkeEdit

Thalia's condition is getting worse, she has been restless from the fever. Octavia wonders what Thalia is dreaming about, and Clarke answers that she isn't sure. Clarke recalls that Thalia has been Confined for stealing medicine for her father. Her friend's pain reminds Clarke about Lilly, the girl she found in her parents' lab. Bellamy comes in to find out if Octavia is ready to leave. Clarke ultimately decides to let Octavia go. After Octavia walks out, Bellamy informs Clarke that he has found some debris in the woods, and asks if she is interested in checking them. Clarke wants to go right then, but Bellamy advises to do it the next day in the morning, and briefly flirts with her, saying that it would be a date. Thalia wakes up again and speaks to Clarke, once again insisting that Wells truly loves her. In the middle of the discussion, but she starts to choke. Clarke assures her friend that she will be okay.

Chapter 13: WellsEdit

The starvation has largely affected the young delinquents, but luckily, Bellamy has arrived with his latest hunt – a two-headed deer. The group debates whether it is safe to eat the animal, which Clarke affirms that it is. Wells put his resentment aside and thanks Bellamy for providing food for the camp.

Flashbacks: Wells was at the observation deck along with Clarke. She asked him about his day at training, which brought Wells to another memory. Earlier that day, he had seen a woman pregnant with an unregistered child being caught. Due the Colony's laws, the mother would be Confined until she gave birth, and then, she'd be executed as the child would be taken care by the Council. Clarke interrupted Well's thoughts and jokingly asked if he had caught some criminal for stealing books from the library, which he playfully replied they hadn't. The young couple then enjoyed their remaining moment together.

The deer is grilled and distributed to the crowd. Wells hands a piece to Octavia, which she flirtatiously requests him to taste it first. Shortly after the meal, the kids begin to explore the forest and notice a swarm of bio-luminescent butterflies. Wells thinks of looking for Clarke, but she is already there. Watching her, Wells is once again determined to make her love him again.

Chapter 14: BellamyEdit

Bellamy once again roams into the forest in search of a new prey. In the way, he lands onto mud and got his socks wet. He decides to stop, let his socks dry, and meanwhile, he enjoys the stream nearby. While savoring the fresh water, Bellamy startles when he hears a crack. It comes from Clarke, who has arrived to remind him about the medicine chest that he has spoken about earlier. As Bellamy leads the way, the two talk. Clarke makes a reference to the Sherwood Forest and Robin Hood, but Bellamy, coming from a different background, doesn't understand. He explains that in Walden, they didn't get a lot of stories, and he has made them up for Octavia when she was little. Bellamy asks Clarke about Thalia, which Clarke describes her friend as the only person on Earth who really knows her. Bellamy feels the same way with Octavia, and states that she is the only person that he cares about, but with Clarke present around him, he isn't sure about it anymore.

Chapter 15: ClarkeEdit

Clarke and Bellamy are still on their way to the medicine chest. Resuming their chat, Bellamy asks Clarke why she became a doctor. Clarke replies that she simply wanted to, and wonders if Bellamy chose his job, but quickly recalls that she didn't know what his job was. Bellamy explains to Clarke that on Walden, if they had clear records and luck, they'd become guards, or else, they'd have the job that their parents had. Clarke is still curious about Bellamy's job back in the ship, but he refuses to reveal it. They carry on silently until they find a rabbit on the way, and Bellamy shoots it, much to Clarke's perturbation. Moving on, Bellamy asks Clarke about her previous relationship with Wells, and this time, she answers him. The conversation is interrupted again, and for a good reason, as they reach the spot. Fortunately, the medicine chest is still intact. The two happily celebrate, and in the blissful moment, they share a kiss.

Chapter 16: GlassEdit

Glass Sorenson and her mother are trying out dresses for the comet viewing party, which is meant to be Glass' return to Phoenix' society. Glass actually gets a little bit annoyed by her mom's indecisiveness, and finds a welcome escape when they receive a message. The message is from Luke, supposedly addressing her mother for a lost item that needs to be collected. In fact, it is a secret message from Luke to meet him at 1600 in the solar fields that covered the top of Walden. Glass sits down on the ledge of an overview when Luke joins her. He says he has been thinking about what happened and what she could have been confined for. He says he heard a rumor of a girl getting arrested for a certain crime, but says he'd never believe she'd keep something like that from him.

Flashback: It had been a few weeks since the night she spent with Luke. Glass woke up and felt nauseous. Sonja caught her daughter throwing up in the bathroom and quickly deduced that Glass was pregnant.

Glass tells Luke she is sorry. She explains she didn't tell him because she didn't see a reason for both of them to die. Luke asks her what happened, to which Glass gives no direct reply, but that isn't needed. Luke admits she is the one girl that makes him happy, and he tells Glass that Camille is just a friend. They both kiss, and Glass tells him she loves him.

Chapter 17: WellsEdit

Clarke has been gone for a time and Wells gets worried, but he has decided to trust that she would be fine on her own. Wells visits the cemetery that they have made for the deceased delinquents, and later then, he encounters with Octavia. He tells her that he is heading away to get water, and Octavia offers to join him. While in their way, Octavia states that what Wells has done for Clarke was romantic, but Wells denies, saying that it wasn't, as it was him the one who got her Confined in the first place.

Flashbacks: Wells was waiting for Clarke at the library after receiving her message. Tired of keeping the secret, Clarke told Wells about the experiments that her parents had been making on unregistered children of the Colony under the commission of Vice Chancellor Rhodes. Clarke urged Wells to keep the secret, but Wells, believing that his father would do the right thing, decided to report to the Chancellor.

After filling the water jug, Wells and Octavia make their way back to the camp. Wells wonders how she got Confined, and Octavia is surprised that he hasn't heard Bellamy's words about her story, but judging by her voice, Wells could tell that it wasn't the truth. The two got lost, and coincidentally, they are heading to the same direction where Bellamy and Clarke are. Wells catches the girl he loves kissing Bellamy, the one person that has shot his father. Enraged by the scene, Wells turns around and leave.

Chapter 18: ClarkeEdit

As soon as Bellamy and Clarke return to the camp, Clarke rushes to the infirmary tent to treat Thalia. After her friend's condition has stabilized, Clarke finally gets some sleep. The next day, Clarke wakes up and is shocked when she finds the medicine chest empty. She searches everywhere inside the tent, but she couldn't find anything.

Flashbacks: Clarke sneaked into her parents' lab to keep company with Lilly, one of the sick kids that she had befriended with. Clarke asked if Lilly had enjoyed the Dickens anthology that Clarke had taken from the library, which Lilly answered that she only managed to read one story as she had begun to have trouble seeing. Clarke then asked about Lilly's life before being experimented, and the girl told Clarke that in the care center, there were a pair of siblings. While they spoke, Lilly suddenly felt her body aching, and in her agonizing pain, Lilly begged Clarke to end her suffering for once.

Clarke goes to Bellamy, who is chopping wood, to ask for Octavia. Clarke suspects that Octavia is the one that has stolen the medicine since she was the only other person in the tent. Bellamy defends his sister and angrily insults Clarke for thinking that Octavia is guilty. Hurt by Bellamy's words, Clarke runs into the woods and cries.

Chapter 19: BellamyEdit

After getting upset with Clarke, Bellamy goes hunting in the woods to calm himself. When he returns to the camp, everyone stare at him. Bellamy hears an angry shout and quickly makes his way there. Octavia is on the ground and surrounded by Graham and other Arcadians. Bellamy attempts to get Octavia, but he got stopped. Even Wells is there, he also believes that Octavia has stolen the medicine. Bellamy denies the allegation and states that his sister has been injured since they landed. Wells objects, he says that Octavia walked with him the day before just like normal and proposes to keep Octavia under observation until the case gets solved. Bellamy, certain that his sister is innocent, blames Graham for setting everything up. Graham continues insisting that Octavia is guilty by calling her a drug addict, which greatly angers Bellamy. Clarke intervenes and stops the fight. Bellamy and Octavia got released and they stay in the infirmary tent. Bellamy is determined to do everything to keep his sister safe.

Flashbacks: The guard had come to inspect the flat earlier, and luckily, they didn't check the closet, where a toddler Octavia was hidden. When playing with his sister, Bellamy heard a faint crash and his mother, paranoid, ordered him to get Octavia back in the closet again. Bellamy reassured his mother that it wasn't the guards and that she shouldn't worry. His mother, still nervous, then told Bellamy that he couldn't have both mother and sister.

Chapter 20: GlassEdit

Glass returns from her earlier encounter with Luke and is met by her mother the moment she enters her flat. Sonja asks her daughter if she has been with Luke, which Glass doesn't hesitate to tell the truth. Judging by her mother's appearance, Glass also notices that Sonja has been outside. Sonja warns her daughter to stay away from Luke, and even refers to him as "some Walden trash who seduces Phoenix girls and then abandons them". Glass disagrees, stating that Sonja doesn't even know him. Sonja then reminds Glass how he has probably forgotten about her while she was in Confinement, which Glass acknowledges that it might be true, but she doesn't blame him as it is her fault in the first place. Sonja once again urges her daughter to do the right thing and recalls what happened the last time.

Flashbacks: Glass headed to Luke's flat to talk to him. Luke wasn't home, but his roommate Carter was. Carter acted hostile towards Glass, he refused to let her go and attempted to molest her. Before Carter could do it, Luke returned. Glass held back her urge to run to Luke and did what she had came for. She told Luke that their relationship was only a game, and that she never truly loved him. Luke didn't believe Glass' words, and for a moment, she hesitated, but the thought of Luke being executed pushed her to continue. Glass took off the locket that Luke had given her and returned it to him. When she was done, she left the flat. She hid on a corner and began to cry, saying sorry.

Chapter 21: ClarkeEdit

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