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This article is about the series of novels. You may be looking for the television adaptation.

The 100 is a young adult science fiction book series by Kass Morgan. The first volume in the series, The 100, was published on September 3, 2013, by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers. The fourth and most recent volume of the series, Rebellion, was released on December 6, 2016.

Prior to the publication of the first book, television producer Jason Rothenberg became interested in adapting the story for the screen. The eponymous TV series adaptation premiered on March 19, 2014, on The CW Network


The 100

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The series is set three centuries after a thermonuclear apocalypse, wherein the only known survivors of the human race live in a space colony consisting of spaceships joined together in orbit around the Earth and governed by The Chancellor, who leads its legislative council. Resources are so scarce that all crimes, no matter how small, are punishable by death, unless the perpetrator is under 18 years of age.

The 100 begins with Clarke Griffin, a former medical student, being arrested for a crime committed by her parents: conducting illegal experiments on children under threat of the corrupt Vice Chancellor Rhodes. Clarke confides in her boyfriend Wells Jaha, The Chancellor's son. Despite swearing secrecy to Clarke, Wells tells his father, hoping to save the Griffins from Rhodes. His plan backfires, the Griffins are arrested, and his relationship with Clarke disintegrates. Two years later, the Colony decides to send 100 of its teenage prisoners to investigate whether or not Earth is habitable. Among the 100 are Clarke, Wells, Octavia Blake, her older brother Bellamy Blake, and Clarke's friend, Thalia.

The group crashes somewhere on the East Coast in the former United States. Once there, the 100 struggle to survive in a world very different from the past Earth. Clarke tends to the wounded, and Bellamy gradually develops a romantic interest in her. It is revealed that Octavia had become a drug addict while in prison. A few days later, someone sets fire to the camp, killing Thalia. As the survivors investigate, they discover a farm not too far from the site, leading them to the realization that they are not alone.

Day 21

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Twenty-one days after they land on Earth, the 100 continue to face recurring attacks from an unknown enemy. Octavia has been missing since the fire. Wells tries to maintain morale, while Bellamy tries to find his sister. The 100 find an Earthborn girl, Sasha Walgrove, and hold her hostage. Sasha tells them that they have landed in the former state of Virginia and that there are people from the Colony who arrived before the 100. Bellamy believes that Sasha's people are responsible for Octavia's disappearance and demands that Sasha reveal their location. Wells and Sasha bond and Sasha helps Wells find food for the surviving colonists.

In space, the people of the Colony fight to get into their dropships as the space station's life support begins to fail; Clarke and Wells' friends, Glass and Luke, are among the people desperately trying to get to Earth. However, they find themselves at the mercy of Vice Chancellor Rhodes, who is willing to kill to get into one of the dropships.

Sasha leads Clarke and Bellamy to a colony beneath the ruins of Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center. There, they meet her father, Max Walgrove, who is the leader of the colony. Octavia is at Mount Weather, having been rescued by Max and his people from a group of renegades. These renegades are responsible for the attacks on the 100. Max and his people promise that they will continue helping the 100, and will provide further support once the rest of the Colony arrives. At this point, they find dropships from the Colony falling from the sky.

Wells eventually realizes that there is something familiar about Bellamy and Octavia; ultimately, he discovers that their mother was Melinda Blake, the woman his father had loved before marrying Wells' mother for the sake of his career.


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After the dropships crash, Clarke, Bellamy, and Wells lead a rescue party to the crash site, allowing Clarke and Wells to reunite with Glass and Luke. Clarke ponders leaving the camp to search for her parents. The Chancellor, still in coma, remains trapped in the Colony above Earth. Vice Chancellor Rhodes takes control over the community on Earth, planning to force Luke to execute Bellamy, as a warning to anyone attempting to challenge him.

With Sasha's help, Clarke and Wells escape with the wounded Bellamy. In addition, Glass and Luke flee the camp to escape Vice Chancellor Rhodes. One of Rhodes' men kills Sasha when she tries to get more supplies. Rhodes plans to attack Mount Weather to recapture Bellamy, Clarke, and Wells. As Mount Weather prepares for Rhodes' attack, some of the Colonists revolt and join their benefactors against Rhodes. Clarke, Bellamy, and Wells are captured during the initial exchange, but another faction of Earthborns defeat and capture Rhodes before he can execute Bellamy. Later, more colonists from other dropships arrive, and one of the arrivals informs Wells that his father was still in a coma, with only a few hours of oxygen left when their dropship departed.

Before Sasha's funeral, Clarke reunites with her parents at Mount Weather. She reconciles with Wells but will not resume their past relationship because she is romantically involved with Bellamy.


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A month after the previous novel, Bellamy begins showing signs of what Clarke thinks is paranoia when he obsesses over small details in the woods. However, a group of self-proclaimed "Protectors" infiltrates their camp and abducts several of its inhabitants, including Wells and Octavia. As Clarke and Bellamy organize a rescue team to take their new enemy down, their relationship is put to the ultimate test when Bellamy doesn't think Clarke trusts him.

Eventually, the rescue team and prisoners are able to take the Protectors down as a team effort and in the aftermath, Clarke and Bellamy make up and with her parents' blessing, he asks her to marry him.

Books vs. TV Comparison

Book Series TV Series
After a nuclear apocalypse, survivors live on a dying space habitat. To test if Earth is survivable, one hundred juvenile delinquents, known as the 100, are sent to the ground.
Humans survived in space on the Colony and are called Colonists. Humans survived in space on the Ark and are called Arkers. The group is later known as Arkadians, Sky People, and Skaikru.
The Colony is made of three ships: Walden, Arcadia, and Phoenix. The residents are known as Waldenites, Arcadians, and Phoenicians, respectively. The Ark is made of 12 stations, including Alpha Station, Farm Station, and Mecha Station.
People who survived on Earth are known as Earthborns. They survived within Mount Weather and moved to the ground 50 years before the start of the series. Approximately a year ago, the Earthborns split into two groups. The people who survived within Mount Weather and the people who live on the ground are two distinct groups. The Mountain Men survived within Mount Weather but die when exposed to outside air. Grounders survived on the ground and are divided into at least 12 clans.
The nuclear apocalypse is called the Cataclysm (by Colonists) and the Forsakening (by Earthborns). Arkers have no special name for the nuclear apocalypse. The Grounders call it Praimfaya.
Begins approximately 300 years after the Cataclysm. Begins 97 years after the nuclear apocalypse.
Approximately 50 years before the series, Earthborns discovered the ground was survivable and moved out of Mount Weather. Approximately 56 years before the series, Mountain Men discovered Grounders living on the ground. They opened Mount Weather's doors, but had to close them due to the radiation being fatal to them.
Approximately a year before the series, the Colony sent a group of ten adults to Earth. The 100 was the first group sent to Earth. However, Lincoln mentioned finding a Sky Person in a small ship when he was a child. Bellamy called it a "suicide by Earth".
Clarke Griffin, Wells Jaha, Bellamy Blake, Octavia Blake, and their parents are the only characters to appear in both series.
Clarke Griffin, Wells Jaha, Bellamy Blake, and Glass Sorenson are the main characters. Clarke Griffin, Bellamy Blake, Octavia Blake, Monty Green, Jasper Jordan, Abigail Griffin, Marcus Kane, and Thelonious Jaha were main characters for all four aired seasons.
Other main characters included Raven Reyes, John Murphy, Roan, Lincoln, Finn Collins, Wells Jaha, and Callie Cartwig.
Clarke was a medical apprentice. She was arrested for knowledge to her parents' crimes.
On the ground, Clarke primarily works as a medic, even after the adults come down. On the ground, Clarke worked as a medic until the adults come. She serves as a leader, especially when dealing with Grounders.
Clarke's parents are named Mary and David. They were both prominent scientists on the Colony. Clarke's parents are named Abby and Jake. Abby was the Chief Medical Officer and Council member. Jake was the Senior Environmental Engineer.
Clarke's parents were forced to do radiation experiments on unregistered children. They were arrested and supposedly executed. However, instead they were secretly sent to the ground with an earlier expedition. Jake, Clarke's father, was executed for wanting to warn everyone about oxygen issues.
Wells' father is the Chancellor. Wells gets himself purposefully arrested to get sent to Earth with Clarke.
Wells and Clarke met as teens and formed a romantic relationship. Glass is Wells' childhood best friend. Wells and Clarke were childhood best friends. (Glass does not exist.)
Wells betrayed Clarke and gets her family arrested. Wells lets Clarke blame him for her father's execution and her arrest. However, it was Abby who informed the Chancellor, not Wells.
Bellamy and Octavia are maternal half-siblings
Bellamy's and Octavia's mother is named Melinda. Bellamy's and Octavia's mother is named Aurora.
Bellamy's and Octavia's mother committed suicide approximately 9 years before the series. Bellamy and Octavia were put in a Care Center for orphaned children. Octavia was arrested as a teen for stealing drugs. Octavia was discovered when she was 15. Octavia was arrested for being a second child and her mother was executed.

Bellamy's father is Chancellor Jaha, so he and Wells are half-brothers.

Bellamy is not related to Chancellor Jaha or Wells.
Glass, Wells' best friend, is arrested for getting pregnant. She was supposed to go to Earth with the 100, but escaped from the dropship before launch. No comparable character.
Luke is the engineer who goes on spacewalks to fix the Colony. He comes from a poor family. His girlfriend, Glass, was arrested. Raven is the engineer who goes on spacewalks to fix the Ark. She comes from a poor family. Her boyfriend, Finn, was arrested.

Graham is a bully and one of the 100. He comes from a wealthy family.

Murphy is a bully and one of the 100. He comes from a poor family.

Graham tries to take control of the 100's camp. Murphy tries to take control of the 100's camp.
Bellamy cares about his sister and exploring the forest while hunting. He mostly ignores the other delinquents. Bellamy quickly takes charge of the 100's camp.
Wells survives. Wells dies in the third episode.
Clarke undresses and jumps into the water. Octavia undresses and jumps into the water.
Octavia gets kidnapped by unfriendly Earthborns. Octavia is taken by Lincoln when he finds her injured outside of camp.
Sasha, an Earthborn, spies on the 100's camp. She is caught and held prisoner by the 100. Later, she and Wells start a romantic relationship. Lincoln, a Grounder, spies on the 100's camp. He is caught and held prisoner by the 100. Later, he and Octavia start a romantic relationship.
Bellamy and Clarke start a romantic relationship and are engaged by the end of the fourth book.  Bellamy and Clarke become friends and co-leaders.
After catastrophic failure on the Colony, the last six dropships are launched to Earth. Anyone who remained on the Colony died of lack of oxygen within six hours. After catastrophic failure on the Ark, everyone in the Ark came down to Earth within the 12 stations.
Sasha is mortally shot by Colonists guards. Lincoln is executed by Pike.
Bellamy is alive at the end of the novel series. Bellamy is killed by Clarke in "Blood Giant."

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