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Kane Previously on "The 100"...
A.L.I.E. Version two of my code isn't on any of the twelve stations that made up the Ark.
Jaha There was supposed to be thirteen.
Monty Is this where we're going?
Bellamy The people there are not a threat.
Pike We need that land. With the loss of Mount Weather's resources, Arkadia will be starving in less than a year.
Octavia I'm here to warn you. They want your land, and they will kill all of you to get it.
Pike We need to talk about your sister. Someone in this camp is giving her information.
Bellamy We both know who.
Titus Skaikru attacked their village.
Lexa We will blockade the Thirteenth Clan. We will give them time to take out their leaders from within. Any Skaikru caught across the line will be subject to a kill order.
Scene 1 - Arkadia
(Bellamy and Pike go to the lookout tower)
Man (on radio) That's a negative. Still no response from Recon Team B. Over.
Hannah Let me know if the status changes.
Man (on radio) Copy that.
Pike Hannah?
Hannah Sir, we lost contact with one of our recon teams.
Bellamy There were four men.
Hannah Three teams departed Arkadia at zero eight hundred hours on routine patrol. Each of them reported Grounder contact less than a mile outside of camp. As per your orders, two teams retreated and made it safely back inside the walls.
Pike Third?
Hannah Was forced to engage. I believe they were attempting to secure a defensive position when- they ceased transmissions.
Pike Grounders are close.
Hannah Gathering from the north and west. It appears they're establishing a blockade. There's no way through it.
Pike Something's changed.
Man on lookout Sir? You need to see this.
(2 Grounders appears from a distance)
Pike What do they want?
Bellamy They brought a message. I've seen this before. Open the gate.
Pike Do what he says.
Man (shouting) Open the gate.
(2 Grounders are at the gate)
Bellamy Talk.
Grounders We seek the one you call Pike.
Bellamy Why?
Grounders An army has fallen. Blood soaking the earth where he took their lives one by one.
Bellamy Welcome to the war against Skaikru.
Grounders Life was taken. We demand life in return.
Pike My life? What are your terms, sir?
Grounders Come with us. And we walk away.
Pike Walk away. From what?
Grounders By order of the Commander, you have been surrounded by an army of the twelve clans. In every direction, warriors wait to kill anyone who attempts to cross the blockade. To greet them as we greeted those we caught outside your walls today.
(The Grounder throws down a pile of an Arkadia Guard's armor)
Grounders We left the bodies for the animals.
Bellamy That's enough.
Pike Let's go.
Bellamy They won't leave. I have seen this before.
Grounders The men who wore those uniforms took a long time to die.
Pike Bellamy, fall back. That's an order.
Grounders If you do not give up your leader, you will all take a long time to die.
Pike Bellamy!
Grounders Choose the side that's best for your people.
Bellamy I do that every day.
(Bellamy shoots the Grounders in the head)
Bellamy Blake So far, nothing has changed my mind.
(They walk back into camp)
Man Shut the gate.
Scene 2 - Arkadia
(Pike's crew is doing calculation in a room)
Bellamy Go. Our lookouts confirm another three encampments just over that ridge.
Pike Well, they're not hiding from us. That's for sure. How many days can we keep our population fed without being able to send out hunting parties?
Hannah Food and water stores were already at less than sixty percent. Now, maybe a week before we go critical. Two if we start rationing immediately.
Pike Immediately it is.
Hannah What about breaking the blockade?
Pike After Bellamy's theatrics this morning, they'll expect that. Regardless, we can't engage the Grounders until we've got our own people under control, and that starts with Kane. I need you to suspend access to the prisoners. No contact with anyone in camp. For all we know, they've been providing intel on grounder villages to Kane.
Bellamy Yes, sir.
Pike And I want you to take over coordination of camp surveillance. We'll need new security protocols at all camp entrances.
Monty Maybe, uh, changing critical passwords every twelve hours.
Pike Good. Coordinate with your mom but keep the circle tight. Then there's the matter of camp-wide surveillance.
Monty You want us to spy on our people?
Pike We can't do what's needed to defend this camp if every order I give is leaked before it can be executed. It's an old saying, but it's true. The walls have ears-
(The camera goes to show the hearing piece that Kane placed in the room)
Pike (through the radio) ... and we can't afford any more assumptions about who's a friend and who isn't, not your oldest acquaintance. Not your husband, wife, or lover. We're fighting two wars now, and the more dangerous one is here inside this camp. We can't prove it yet. But Kane and his accomplices passed information to Octavia. I know none of you signed up to investigate your neighbors. But Monroe and Lacroix died because the traitors in this camp sold them out to the Grounders. Whoever did that will be hunted down and exposed for what they did to their own. For what they did to us. Now you get whatever resources, whatever personnel you need to make that happen. Dismissed.
Kane If they're gonna play that game, we need to play it too.
Harper Meaning?
Kane We don't meet here again, for starters. We change our patterns. Forget our habits. Take a different route through camp each time we go out. Assume that there are eyes on us at all times.
Harper Or we could just shock-lash Pike's fascist ass and hand him to the Grounders.
Kane That would be murder. Not to mention treason. And that's not who we are.
Miller Maybe it's who we need to be.
Kane Not yet.
Miller All right, then what's the plan?
Scene 3 - Arkadia Mess Hall
Jasper What do you mean, there's no more alcohol? What kind of a bartender are you?
Sinclair First off, I'm not a bartender.
Jasper You could say that again.
Sinclair Second, according to Pike's order, all resources are to be rationed until the Grounder blockade is lifted. That means food...
Jasper I'm not hungry.
Sinclair And water.
Jasper Well, we live next to a lake.
Sinclair Which the Grounders have poisoned. We're filtering at the pump, but that can't keep up with demand, so that means no alcohol.
(Jaha and Raven are seated nearby)
Jaha How sure are you that the debris from the Thirteenth Station fell into the ocean?
Raven A.L.I.E. and I ran the trajectories a thousand times. Literally a thousand times.
Jaha But what is the actual probability that you're right?
Raven Between seventy-five percent and eighty percent.
Jaha Not good enough. Keep looking.
Raven I told you, this is as good as it gets.
Jaha Then you need more resources.
Raven How?
Jaha We need to increase the population in the City of Light. The more minds turned to the task, the more powerful A.L.I.E. becomes. And the closer we get to finding that second A.I...
Raven One problem. When Abby shut us down, Pike confiscated our chip-maker.
Jaha Then we need to get it back.
Raven How? Who's gonna be crazy enough to...
(Jaha and Raven looks over to Sinclair and Jasper.
Jasper I don't even need a whole bottle. Just give me a glass.
Sinclair You got a problem, Jasper.
Jasper Go float yourself, Sinclair.
(Jaha and Raven smile. They've found their ideal person)
Scene 4 - Arkadia
(Pike's crew is examining some crates)
Pike I need every crate checked, not just counted. We need all the ammo we can scrounge.
Bryan Well, most of these crates are less than third capacity.
Pike I don't know what kind of outfit Chancellor Griffin was running around here.
(Kane arrives from behind them)
Kane The kind that wasn't planning on a war footing for life. A word?
(Kane and Pike go for a walk)
Kane You don't really believe you can make enough bullets to stop all the Grounders, do you?
Pike I have to.
Kane No. You need to turn yourself in. And end this blockade.
Pike Is that why you're here, to run this plan by me?
Kane No, I'm here because I have a responsibility to speak to you like someone who understands this world in a way that you don't. The only way this doesn't end with us dead, is you doing the right thing.
Pike Like you all did the right thing when you turned in that boy, Finn? You surrendered one of the young lives you swore to protect. And the Grounders did what they always do. They betrayed you. There's only one way for this war to end. We put the Grounders down and keep them down until they know better than to take one more step in our direction.
Kane You've become a dictator, Charles. You realize that, don't you?
Pike I am the chancellor. I'm doing what's necessary. Nothing more, nothing less.
Kane When this ends with our camp in ruins, you won't be able to say no one told you there was a better way out.
Pike No. When this ends with Arkadia victorious, you'll only have yourself to blame for choosing the wrong side.
Sene 5 - Unknown Room in Arkadia
(Raven and Jasper walks into a room)
Jasper You said there'd be booze.
Raven I lied...
Jasper Oh, damn it.
Raven But I brought you here to talk about something you might find even more interesting... the City of Light.
Jasper Go on.
Raven I hear you have experience breaking into offices of elected officials.
Jasper That I do. Pike's office. Chipmaker?
Raven You'll need to distract the guards. They know I'm with Jaha but they think that you're just a-
Jasper Drunken idiot. I know.
Raven For what it's worth, I think you're more than that.
Jasper Thanks.
Raven If we're lucky enough to get to the door, Pike's changed his access code. Five-digit numeric.
Jasper Ha ha! That's gonna have, like, a trillion different combinations.
Raven A hundred million, but yeah.
Jasper Who is gonna figure that out?
Raven I was thinking you.
Jasper Aha. Well, we were just talking about how I'm a drunken idiot.
Raven Pike put Monty in charge of internal surveillance. My guess is, he's got him in on electronic security, as well. Which means we don't have to crack Pike's password, just Monty's. And who knows more about Monty than you?
Jasper Sounds like a terrible idea. I'm in.
Raven Ha ha! All right.
Scene 6 - Arkadia
Kane Hey, anyone followed?
Miller No. What about you?
Kane No. No. I'm good. Any word from Octavia?
Harper Been scanning different channels all morning. Nothing. I mean, either she's out of range-
Miller Or they already got her.
Kane Or she ran her battery down. Or she needed the radio silence to run the blockade. There are a lot of reasons why she might have gone dark.
Miller I've been out there patrolling for the last three months. I know this area better than any Grounder. Just let me go out-
Harper Guys. Listen to this.
(They listen in the conversation between Pike, Hannah, and Bellamy)
Pike Results of this morning's missions inventory was sobering. In no way do we currently have the ammo for an extended series of firefights. Not even close.
Bellamy So what's Plan "B"?
Pike Our lookouts say the largest Grounder encampment is in this valley. So we deploy an assault team in Rover One, and we do as much damage as we can with automatic weapons.
Hannah And they'll just fall back and make a run for reinforcements.
Pike I'm counting on that. The only way there and back is over this ridge. Now we can bottleneck their warriors and pick them off.
Bellamy We got the firepower for that?
Pike We won't need it. We have a dozen concussive antipersonnel devices in our armory. I've already got a weapons man rigging them with a remote trigger. We load the APDs into the rover and mine the field before we attack. After we strike, we lure their reinforcements onto the ridge. And once we have enough Grounders in the killing box-
Bellamy We detonate. It'll buy us some time, but-
Pike Time's what we need. We move at dawn.
Kane All right. We need to disable that rover. If they take it out, it doesn't matter how many Grounders they kill. Ten times that number will descend on Arkadia and no one'll survive.
Harper You got any idea how we're gonna stop them?
Kane I might.
Scene 7 - Arkadia
(Kane walks to Sinclair)
Kane Last chance to pull out. This plan has a high probability of going south.
Sinclair Right. Yeah. I wouldn't miss it.
Kane Be ready in an hour.
(Monty is watching the conversation from afar)
Monty Bellamy, you were right. I've got eyes on Kane.
Monty Yeah. He's got something going. And I think Sinclair's part of it.
Bellamy Copy that. We'll stay on Sinclair.
(Sinclair goes to "fix" something with the rover)
Kane Bellamy's heading towards you now.
(Bellamy eyes Kane, who is reading a book)
Bellamy Sinclair, what are you up to?
Sinclair Raven said the solenoid is acting up, so I thought I'd swap it out.
Bellamy You got a work order for that?
Sinclair Sure... I think it's on my desk.
(Sinclair starts running)
Bellamy Go.
Man Go! Right there.
Man 2 Right there. Turn around.
(Guards capture Sinclair)
Bellamy There is no work order and there is nothing wrong with the rover, Though if you had another ten minutes, I'm sure there would be. You're under arrest. Charge is treason. That's one down.
(Sinclair is tied up)
Pike Anything?
Bellamy Not a word.
(Pike walks over to Sinclair)
Pike Perhaps you'd like to talk about that.
(Shows the hearing piece)
Sinclair Never seen it before.
Pike Really? I thought you engineers like to take credit for your work. Give me your gun.
(Pike takes Bellamy's gun and smashes the hearing piece)
Sinclair You planning on using that on me, too?
Pike Will it help you give up any names?
Bellamy He'll talk eventually, let's put him in lock-up.
Hannah He's a traitor. On the Ark,-
Pike We would have floated him. But we're not on the Ark. Lock him up.
Guard Move.
Scene 8 - Arkadia's Security and Electrical Room
Raven What else could Monty have used as a password?
Jasper You mean other than the five hundred ideas I've already come up with?
Raven Just think. Don't overanalyse.
Jasper Right, speaking of which, how, exactly are you connected to the computer here? I mean, how do you know every idea I've had is wrong without even trying it?
A.L.I.E. We don't have time for questions. There will be a guard checking this room in approximately five minutes.
Jasper Raven?
Raven It'll be easier for you to see for yourself than for me to explain it.
Jasper Huh, the old carrot and stick, huh?
Raven Whatever it takes, Jasper. Just keep trying. What's Monty's favorite color?
Jasper Green. It's a joke.
A.L.I.E. Two hundred and seventy-five iterations. Not it.
Raven Favorite book.
Jasper "Catcher in the Rye." Where do those ducks go, anyway?
A.L.I.E. Keep trying.
Raven Favorite place.
Jasper Down here or up there?
Raven Either. Both.
Jasper Starboard window bay. It has the best view of the moon on the whole damn ship. We used to get a little baked, just sit back, watch the sky playing, um, "On Which Planet Would You Rather?" Answer was always Earth. We were such dumbasses.
A.L.I.E. That's it.
Raven What?
Jasper What?
A.L.I.E. The code is an alphanumeric sequence representing the word "Earth."
Raven Good job, Jasper. Looks like Monty was thinking about the same window you were.
Jasper Hey, uh, presuming we don't get caught or killed, I'm first in line for a chip, ok?
(They leave the area)
Scene 9 - Arkadia
Hannah Find anything?
Monty Electronics are intact. We must've caught Sinclair before he could do any damage.
Hannah I know this must be hard for you.
Monty Sinclair recruited me into engineering. He was my mentor and now I just helped lock him up.
Hannah You did the right thing.
Monty Yeah? I'm not so sure about that.
Hannah Monty, being down here, I've learned that if something helps you survive, it's always the right thing. Pike taught me that. Taught all of us. It's what kept us alive. You do what it takes.
(Monty nods)
(Guards brings Sinclair to lock up)
Guard Come on. Good?
Sinclair Yeah.
(Sinclair gets thrown into the lock up)
Lincoln Locking their own up now. What'd you do to get in here?
Sinclair Whatever it took. I have a message for you from Kane. Get ready. Tonight's a go.
(Bellamy and Kane talk)
Bellamy It Wasn't much of a plan. Sabotaging the rover. Keeping an eye on Sinclair was an easy call.
Kane Was it? Spying on your friend. That was easy?
Bellamy People here in camp are losing focus. There's a threat outside these walls-
Kane The threat's inside the walls. Can't you see that? Pike's turning us against each other.
Bellamy He's the chancellor. Have you forgotten that?
Kane No. No. I haven't.
Bellamy Then do the right thing.
Kane That's the problem. No matter how I look at it, I am.
Bellamy Really? Because the way I see it, Monroe died because of you.
Kane And now Pike's locked up Sinclair. You don't think he'll be the next to die?
Bellamy Of course not.
Kane Think about where this ends. Half the camp behind bars while the other half starves. People won't stand for it. They'll turn against Pike. But by then it'll be too late.
Bellamy Pike has a plan.
Kane Pike's always got a plan, and it's always the same one. Take the fight to the Grounders. That's what got Monroe killed.
Bellamy You're crossing a line, Kane.
Kane No. No, I crossed it. I asked you here because I hoped you'd join me. It's still not too late. To choose the right side.
Bellamy That's exactly what I came here to tell you.
(Bellamy walks away)
Scene 10 - Arkadia Miller and Bryan's Residence
(Bryan enters the residence he shares with Miller.)
Bryan Hey.
Miller Hey.
(They kiss. Miller goes to sit on the couch. Bryan starts taking off his Guard uniform.)
Bryan You want to explain to me why we don't work the same detail anymore?
Miller Well, you like days. I like nights.
Bryan I told you I'd switch. Didn't you say you're gonna talk to Bellamy?
Miller Yeah. Just haven't had the time.
Bryan Yeah. I noticed you haven't been around much lately. Nate. What's going on?
Miller Nothing.
Bryan Something.
Miller You know what it is.
Bryan Pike? Again?
Miller You asked.
Bryan Hey, I keep telling you, if you don't like the man's policies, just get off the Guard.
Miller Now is not the best time for that.
Bryan Yeah? Why not?
Miller There's a blockade outside of camp. Food rationing inside, jail full of Grounders. There's a lot for people to be upset about right now.
(Bryan joins Miller on the couch.)
Bryan This- this is- this is all the more reason to stand behind your chancellor.
Miller I got to go.
(Miller gets up to leave for work.)
Bryan Here.
(Bryan hands Miller his Guard jacket and the two kiss.)
(Bryan joins Bellamy and Monty in another room.)
Bellamy So the bug's in place?
Bryan It's in his jacket. I don't think he knows.
Bellamy Good man.
Bryan Am I? Is this– is– is any of this worth lying to someone I love?
Bellamy It is if you're protecting him.
Bryan Unless the person he needs protection from is me.
Scene 11 - Arkadia Pike's Office
Jasper South hallway's clear.
Raven East is, too.
Jasper Knowing Monty, that password will automatically reset in five minutes, so...
Raven Let's make the most of it.
Jasper Yeah.
Raven Yeah.
Jasper Guess we are as smart as we think we are.
Raven Right. Pike doesn't have a safe, so...
Jasper Jaha's little chipmaker's got to be here somewhere. This is all pretty crazy, huh? Grounders at the gate, an ultimatum, one life to spare us all.
Raven How's that different from any other day around here?
Jasper It's just, we've been here before. You know, with Finn? You remember that, right? I mean, I... I was in Mount Weather, but you- you remember Finn dying when Clarke killed-
Raven I entered the City of Light to relieve my pain. Why would I remember that? Less talking, more looking. Ok, Jasper?
Jasper I think it's a good thing you can't remember the bad stuff. That's what I want to forget. If I could wake up one morning without thinking about Maya dying? You know, if I could only remember the good stuff, like holding her hand for the first time. Listening to our favorite music, you know, like when Finn gave you that necklace.
(Raven looks at her raven necklace)
Jasper Is that how it works? You can think of your first kiss and just be happy?
Raven Of course. My first kiss?
A.L.I.E. That's not important now. Our mission is to-
Raven When was my first kiss?
Jasper What? I don't know. Don't you?
Raven I can't remember.
Jasper I got it.
Raven All right. Give it to me.
A.L.I.E. Good work. And go. Take it and go.
Raven I don't remember.
A.L.I.E. Raven?
Raven Finn was real. I-
Jasper Loved him, right? What's going on?
A.L.I.E. Raven, you need to go.
Raven I don't remember anything about him at all. We can't let her have this! Run!
(They leave the place)
Scene 12 - Arkadia Hangar Bay
(Pike arrives at Kane's location.)
Pike Give us a minute. Marcus.
Kane Thank you for meeting me.
Pike I hope you're ready to negotiate the terms and conditions of your surrender.
(Bellamy arrives at the lock up)
Guard He says he's ready to talk.
Bellamy You have something to say?
Sinclair What do you want to know?
Bellamy Everything.
(The camera flips back and forth between Pike and Kane and Bellamy and Sinclair.)
Kane On the Ark, you taught your students about the promise of our future. About the responsibility our descendants would bear when they finally set foot on the ground.
Pike We didn't start this war. But you can be damn sure I intend to finish it.
Sinclair I want immunity. I'm the chief engineer and this camp needs me.
Bellamy That's up to Pike but it shouldn't be a problem.
Kane What happened to you, Charles?
Pike You committed treason. You acted against your own people! Don't stand there and try and take the high road with me! It's demeaning.
Kane I did nothing wrong.
Pike Nothing that I can prove yet. Sinclair will give you up. It's only a matter of time. It's over, Marcus.
Kane Is it?
Bellamy What do you got?
Lincoln So... the cowards make their deals to save their own skin.
Bellamy Quiet.
Lincoln Can't defeat the army at the gate? So you turn on your own? Make you feel strong?
Bellamy I said, be quiet.
Lincoln I'm not the one who needs to be silenced. He'll tell them nothing.
(Lincoln throws Sinclair on the ground and starts hitting him)
Bellamy Lincoln! Cover me.
Lincoln Kom nau!
(Bellamy and the guards realized that it was a trick)
(People start fighting)
Man (on P.A) All available guards to lock-up.
[Alarm sound]
Pike Go. I don't suppose you know anything about this?
Kane As a matter of fact, I do.
(Kane shock-lashes Pike)
Kane You left me no choice.
Harper It worked. We're clear. The guards have their hands full.
(Little does she know, Monty is listening in)
Kane Is the gate open?
Miller (on radio) Waiting on you.
Monty Bellamy, come in. Bellamy!
Miller (on radio) Cargo locked and loaded?
Kane Affirmative. On the move.
(Kane starts to drive)
Monty (on radio) Bellamy! The riot's a distraction. Kane's going in for Pike.
(Kane speeds up near the gate but stops when Bellamy shows up in from of it)
Kane Get the hell out of the way, Bellamy!
Pike Should've killed me yourself.
(Kane gives up and stops the rover letting them get to Pike)
(Jaha is near a campfire with A.L.I.E. joining him)
A.L.I.E. This has never happened to me before. When I communicate with someone, they listen to me. They agree with me. Raven...
Jaha Is strong. And she's not alone.
A.L.I.E. Free will and the need for consent are part of my core programming. I cannot override them.
Jaha I know that. But maybe I can.
(Pike brought Kane into the interrogating room)
Pike As you know, the terms of martial law and of the Exodus Charter give me both latitude and ultimate authority in determining your punishment. Do you have anything to say for yourself?
Kane I admire your adherence to the rule of law. I really do. But these are times when we have to look beyond the rules. To realize they were established to serve a world of the past, Not of the future. I beg you one last time to see the world as it is. Not as it was. Or as you want it to be.
Pike And I hope you believe that if I thought for one minute that turning myself over to the enemy would secure the safety of our people, I would do it. But only a deluded man would believe that. And only a guilty man would try and tell him so. Marcus Kane! For the crimes of treason, kidnapping, and attempted murder, I hereby sentence you to death. Take him.
(The guard brings Kane out of the room and Bellamy is disappointed)
Bellamy Sir, are we really killing our own people now?
Pike We're at war. Crimes against our leadership can't be tolerated.
Bellamy So Kane dies to be an example.
Pike Kane's actions put this whole camp, everyone's lives at risk today! He cost us lives in his misguided zeal to appease our enemy! people you knew, your friends died because of him. Am I making him an example? You're damn right. And I hope his execution makes it clear once and for all where people's allegiances need to lie. Do you understand that?
(Bellamy hesitantly nods)
Pike Good man. You're dismissed.
(Bellamy walks out the room to meet Monty)
(Kane is brought to the lock up cell)
(Raven tries to remember things about Finn)
(Jasper is listening to music by a tree with Maya's mp3)
(Bryan, Miller and Harper sits by the campfire. Miller and Harper's hopes are down)
(Lincoln and Sinclair finds Kane arriving at the lock up)
(Monty and Bellamy talk)
Monty What about Miller and Harper?
(Hannah arrives)
Hannah Nicely done today. I'm proud of both of you.
Monty Thanks, Mom.
Hannah Were you able to identify anyone Kane was working with?
Bellamy No.
(Monty shakes his head)
Hannah Let's hope today's actions make it clear to the people of Arkadia which side they should be on. It's not really that hard choosing what's best for your people, is it?
Bellamy No. I do it every day.
(Hannah leaves)