External Link: unrecognized site name


This template creates consistently formatted complete links to external sites about people (actors, writers, etc.)

{{person-link |site= |site-id= }}

If site= has an unrecognized entry, the template produces the massage at the top of this page.

There is an optional name= attribute that overrides using the article title as the person's name.

Currently works for:

  • |site=IMDb |site-id=<nm#######>     (from IMDb URL)
  • |site=Wikipedia |site-id=<article title>
  • |site=Twitter |site-id=<handle>     (no @ symbol)
  • |site=Instagram |site-id=<handle>     (no @ symbol)

Using Marie Avgeropoulos as an example, the following on her article:

  • {{person-link |site=IMDb |site-id=nm2955595}}
  • {{person-link |site=Wikipedia |site-id=Marie Avgeropoulos}}
  • {{person-link |site=Twitter |site-id=iamAvgeropoulos}}
  • {{person-link |site=Instagram |site-id=marieavgeropoulos}}

Would result in:

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