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Note: The template above may sometimes be partially or fully invisible. Below is the template's documentation and contains usage information, categories, and other content that is not part of the actual template.

This infobox is used to provide "at a glance" information on articles about crew members.


To use this template, copy and paste the blank template below into the article (placing it at the top, above the lead section).

{{Infobox crew
|image      = 
|birthdate  = 
|birthplace = 
|position   = 
|season     = 
|imdb       = 
|wikipedia  = 
|twitter    = 

Fill out the fields in accordance with the instructions in the parameter table below, as demonstrated in the example.

Parameter Explanation
name Common name of the crew member. Use only if different from article title.
image The file name of the image to use in the infobox. Preference is given to an image with a clear view of the face.
birthname Full name given at birth (use only if different from name)
birthdate Date of birth: you can use {{birth date and age}}
birthplace Place of birth
position The position of this crew member
season seasons, e.g. "2, 4" or "2-5"
imdb IMDb id, e.g. "nm1343638"
wikipedia wikipedia page name
twitter Twitter handle, no @ sign

Additional notes:

  • Any parameters left blank or omitted will not be displayed.
  • Separate entries within a field using <br>.


{{Infobox crew
|name       = Eliza Taylor
|image      = Eliza Taylor at Thumper prem.JPG
|birthname  = Eliza Jane Taylor-Cotter
|birthdate  = {{Birth date and age|1989|10|24}}
|birthplace = Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
|position   = Actress
|season     = 1-6
|imdb       = nm1343638
|wikipedia  = Eliza Taylor
|twitter    = MisElizaJane
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