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Note: The template above may sometimes be partially or fully invisible. Below is the template's documentation and contains usage information, categories, and other content that is not part of the actual template.

This infobox is used to provide "at a glance" information on articles about characters.

Entries are encouraged to be short and clear. Complicated or contentious points of information are best dealt with in the prose of the article. Additionally, information added to the infobox deserves the same level of scrutiny one would give to the article's lead section. Where inclusion of a detail in the infobox either elides subtleties or overstates significances, it is best avoided altogether.


To use this template copy and paste the blank template below into the article (placing it at the top, above the lead section). Fill out the fields in accordance with the instructions in the parameter table below, as demonstrated in the example.

  • Fill in the desired fields. Any parameters left blank or omitted will not be displayed.
  • Separate entries within a field using <br>.
Parameter Explanation
title Character name displayed in infobox header. Use only if different from article title.
image The file name of the image to use in the infobox. Preference is given to an image with a clear view of the face.
title/alias Titles, aliases, and nicknames for the character.
born Date of birth. The date or year when the character was born. See also Timeline.
age Characters current age or age at death.
gender Either "Female" or "Male".
status Either "Alive" or "Deceased".
cause of death Cause of death, e.g. "Stabbed", "Shot", "Floated", etc.
killed by Person who killed this character.
occupation Occupations, jobs, and roles.
affiliation Groups or people this character is affiliated with.
home Location(s) where the person resides/resided.
family Family members of this character. Include relationship in parenthesis, e.g. "Thelonious Jaha (father)"). If know to exist, but unnamed leave blank.
significant kills Significant kills made by the character.
portrayed by The actor/actress who portrayed the character. Link to the cast member's page if it exists. Otherwise link to person IMDb profile.
seasons Seasons in which the character appears.
first appearance The first episode the character appeared in.
last appearance The last episode the character appeared in.


|image             = Wells Jaha.jpg
|title/alias       = Prince<br>Chancellor of Earth
|born              = 
|age               = 17
|gender            = Male
|status            = Deceased
|cause of death    = Stabbed
|killed by         = [[Charlotte]]
|occupation        = 
|affiliation       = [[Delinquents|The 100]]
|home              = [[Earth]] <small>(current; buried)</small><br>[[The Ark]] <small>(former)</small>
|family            = [[Thelonious Jaha]] <small>(father)</small>
|significant kills = 
|portrayed by      = [[Eli Goree]]<br>Ty Benefield <small>(child)</small>
|seasons           = [[Season One|One]]<br>[[Season Two|Two]] <small>(guest)</small>
|first appearance  = [[Pilot]]
|last appearance   = [[Earth Kills]] <small>(alive)</small><br>
[[Inclement Weather]] <small>(hallucination)</small><br>
[[Join or Die]] <small>(flashback)</small>

Blank Template

The blank form below shows the most commonly used fields for quick copy&paste use.

|image             = 
|title/alias       = 
|born              = 
|age               = 
|gender            = 
|status            = 
|cause of death    = 
|killed by         = 
|occupation        = 
|affiliation       = 
|home              = 
|family            = 
|significant kills = 
|portrayed by      = 
|seasons           = 
|first appearance  = 
|last appearance   = 
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