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Clarke Previously on "the 100"...
Lexa Blood has answered blood. The body will be given to the people of Tondc, only then can we have peace.
Clarke When it's over we talk about how to get our people out of Mount Weather.
Lexa We want the same things, Clarke.
Kane Peace with the grounders is the only way we'll survive.
Abby They're being lead by a child.
Kane So are we.
Clarke We need their army to get to Mount Weather, Bellamy.
Bellamy What we need is an inside man, someone to be our eyes and ears.
Monty Found something. That leads to an antenna on the ground if we can access the radio was can send a message of the Ark wide channel. Then they can hear us.
Raven Listen to this.
Radio 47 of us are trapped in inside Mount Weather, please hurry.
Clarke You were right, without someone on the inside to lower their defenses, turn off the acid fog an army is useless.
Lincoln I can get you through the tunnels.
Scene 1 - The Woods
(Lincoln and Bellamy are walking through the woods before discovering an animal carcass. Lincoln cuts it and uses the blood to disguise himself and Bellamy as reapers.)
Bellamy Ok so we make it to the intake door without any of the real reapers seeing us, what happens then?
Lincoln I kill everyone and you slip inside. Limestone.
(Bellamy passes Lincoln a packet and Lincoln rubs the limestone on his face.)
Lincoln Let's go, we got a lot of ground to cover before dark.
Bellamy Hey, I need to know what happens beyond the intake door.
Lincoln They remove your clothes, blast you with warm water and douse you with something that burns even worse. Then we were sorted, the other were tagged Harvest I was tagged Cerberus and turned into a reaper.
Bellamy Cerberus, the three-headed dog who guards the underworld. My mom read mythology to us all the time, Octavia loved it. You're good for her, you made her strong.
Lincoln She was already strong.
Bellamy Hey, I need to ask you something. You protected my sister before you even knew her, why?
Lincoln When I was a boy, I saw a ship fall from the sky like Raven's. The man inside was hurt, his body broken, I couldn't get him out.
Bellamy Suicide by Earth, I heard the stories in the Guard I just didn't know they were true.
Lincoln I brought him food, water. I couldn't speak the enemies language yet so I couldn't understand him but I wanted to. So on the third day, I told my father. He made me kill him. The war's been trying to turn me into a monster for as long as I can remember. Let's keep moving.
Bellamy Wait, parking garage where we found you is north, that way.
Lincoln There's a mine entrance closer to where the reapers end. We go into the underworld when we have to, not before.
Scene 2 - Camp Jaha
(The gate is opened to reveal Indra and army of Trikru warriors.)
Indra Eyes up. Heads high. Remember we're the ones with a thousand warriors in the woods.
Kane Welcome. I thought we'd start with a reception then move on to training. We have a lot to learn from each other. Weapons there, please. Only Ark guards are here.
(Indra throws her weapons into the bin and Kane gestures her to enter.)
Kane Thank you for agreeing to this, Indra.
Indra We're here on the commander's orders. I agreed to nothing.
Kane Please, we'll begin in a moment. (to Jaha) They want us to start.
Jaha This is a mistake.
Kane I convinced Abby to release you, don't make me regret that.
Jaha Let me tell you how this ends, Marcus. Either we lose and Mount Weather kills us all or we win and our new friends do.
Kane I thought you had faith.
Jaha This is their land, and believing that they'll let us live here happily ever after isn't faith, it's stupidity.
Kane You're wrong, it's common sense. There's enough here for everybody, we just need to make them see that it's in their best interest to share. And that starts today.
(The council meeting room is full of grounders.)
Kane Alright, quiet down. Indra, please.
Guard Don't worry my sharper tongue's got your back.
Octavia How about you stick it up your ass instead.
Kane I know we don't have a lot in common. But we do have a common enemy and a common goal. And for us to reach it, to get our people out of Mount Weather we need to work together. Ogeda. Skaikru and Trikru. Our survival depends you sharing your knowledge of this world...
Murphy You got a problem.
Penn You stood there watching while my village was massacred.
Murphy I'm sorry man, I don't speak grounder.
(Penn moves towards Murphy and Murphy shoves him back.)
Kane Mr. Murphy, apologize to that man.
Murphy For what? He was the one who came to me.
Kane Two days work detail.
Murphy Work detail? I just told you I didn't do it-
Kane Care to make it three?
Penn You can burn just like your friend.
(Murphy punches Penn in the face.)
Kane Murphy! Murphy! Murphy, stop!
(A full riot breaks out.)
Octavia Stop this!
(Kane looks at Jaha who leaves the room seeming satisfied.)
- Credits -
Scene 3 - Tondc
Quint This argument is useless. If they can't breathe our air then why not open the door and let them burn?
Grounders Let them burn! Let them burn!
Clarke No! Because they have a containment system, multiple airlocks just like we had on the Ark. Our inside man can shut that own.
Quint If he gets inside.
Lexa What if we shut it down from the outside. You say the dam gives them power, take that away.
Clarke That dam withstood a nuclear war, commander. I highly-
Quint All she offers is no.
Lexa Quint.
Quint Apologies, commander. But the biggest army we've had waits for us to give it a mission, the longer that takes the more of our people die inside that mountain.
Clarke It's the same for all of us.
Quint We've lost thousands, how many have you lost, girl? She says she has a plan, I say waiting for one man to get inside is not a very good one.
Grounder I agree with Quint, we have an army let's use it.
Clarke We will, after Bellamy lowers their defenses, turns off the acid fog. I don't care how many men you have! If you can't get to your enemy you can't win.
Quint You are the enemy.
Clarke I'm sorry, have I done something to offend you?
Quint Yes, you burned my brother alive in a ring of fire.
Clarke He shouldn't've attacked my ship.
Quint You're very brave under the commander's protection.
Lexa Enough.
Quint I can't be in an alliance with these people.
Lexa Quint's right. Waiting for Bellamy isn't a plan, it's a prayer. One that's not likely to be answered.
Clarke Excuse, me I need some air.
(Clarke leaves the room, Major Byrne following.)
Scene 4 - The Woods
(Bellamy is looking at a map recognizing he has neared Mount Weather.)
Bellamy What if we run into real reapers won't they wonder where you've been?
Lincoln All they see is the red. Once you take it, nothing else matters just how you get more.
Bellamy How much do you remember from when you were on it?
Lincoln Everything. Turn around.
(He rests a log on Bellamy's shoulders as if he is his prisoner.)
Scene 5 - The Woods
(Clarke is walking through the woods when she notices Quint with a bow and arrow.)
Quint Not so brave now are you, Skygirl?
(She watches the woods and sees an arrow hit the tree she was just standing near. She sees Quint again, he's hoisted his weapon and is ready to shoot once more. She runs as Quint continues shooting.)
Scene 6 - Camp Jaha
(Grounders are doing hand to hand combat outside. Kane is watching with Octavia.)
Kane Impressive, aren't they? What doesn't kill them makes them stronger.
Indra Good, Fio. Who's next?
Octavia I am. We're supposed to train together right?
Indra Only warriors train here.
Octavia I saved your life.
Indra And now I'm saving yours. You, attack!
Scene 7 - The Woods
(Clarke is running away from Quint. She sees someone in the distance and raises her gun. She lowers it realizing the person is Byrne.)
Clarke Byrne, thank god! Quint-
(Byrne turns around and Clarke can see her left arm has been severed.)
Major Byrne Save yourself.
(She drops dead.)
Scene 8 - Camp Jaha
(The training continues in Camp Jaha. Murphy is watching from Work Detail.)
Murphy Save your bullets for the grounders.
Jaha I take it you don't approve.
(Murphy ignores him.)
Jaha I asked you a question.
Murphy Who cares what I think?
Jaha I do. Or I wouldn't've asked.
Murphy I think the grounders can go to hell.
Jaha I got you off work detail.
Murphy Why?
Jaha You knew my son and I'd like you to take me to his grave. Now that there's a truce, it's safe for me to go see the body.
Murphy Then you can go get someone else to take you.
Jaha I'm told the graves are unmarked. You can show me which is his. You can hold a mop, you can hold and gun.
(Jaha offers Murphy and gun and he takes it.)
(Indra is watching her warriors fight while Kane watches the Guards practice shooting.)
Kane Easy. Control your breathing. Squeeze the trigger, don't pull it.
Guard Sir, we've got an audience.
(Kane looks behind him to see grounders watching.)
Kane Hold your fire.
(A guard hands Kane a gun.)
Kane Solid stance.
(He shoots, landing right on target.)
Kane Would you like to try.
(He offers the gun to the grounders.)
Kane I could teach you, your enemy has guns. So should you.
Indra Penn, stand down! You know better
Kane It's alright, I offered.
Indra We don't need your weapons. Back to training all of you!
Kane Guns could keep them alive. It's like they're afraid of them.
Octavia They are. Legend has it if a grounder picks a gun even to shoot another grounder, Mount Weather will wipe out their entire village. Can't have your blood supply defending themselves right?
Kane They're unarmed. We can't win.
Octavia Like hell we can't.
Kane We don't know enough about these people.
Guard She sure seems to.
Scene 9 - The Woods
(Clarke is still running before she is tackled by Quint.)
Quint For my brother!
(He prepares to stab Clarke before Lexa throws a knife into his hand.)
Lexa Attack her and you attack me.
Clarke Thank you.
Lexa Where's your guard?
Clarke He killed her.
Quint She lies. My fight is only with her.
Lexa Yu gonplei ste odon The kill is yours Clarke.
(Clarke prepares to fire before hearing a strange noise.)
Clarke What is that?
Lexa Pauna.
(She stabs Quint in the leg leaving him as bait.)
Lexa Run!
Clarke We need to hide! This way, I found something.
(Clarke and Lexa enter and find bones and human remains.)
Clarke What is this place?
Lexa It's her feeding ground.
Clarke Let's go.
(They climb up trying to find a way out.)
(The Pauna jumps into the feeding ground and sees Lexa's guard. He begins eating it and throws the body. Clarke fires her gun towards it but no damage is done. Clarke fires again knocking the creature down, Lexa and Clarke breath a sigh of relief. However, as soon as they do the Pauna comes back up to attack them. They run before jumping into a pit but Lexa injures her leg during the fall.)
Lexa Leave me!
Clarke No way!
(They enter another part of the cage and Clarke uses Lexa's sword to stop the Pauna from getting in.)
Scene 10 - The Dropship
(Jaha and Murphy are walking towards the dropship to find the graveyard.)
Jaha It's extraordinary isn't it?
Murphy Oh just give it a few days.
Jaha I don't know everything that happened before a got down here but I do know something what you're feeling son.
Murphy Don't call me that. I'm nobody's son, you made sure of that.
Jaha I remember your father.
Murphy Yeah right.
Jaha Alex Murphy, convicted of theft of rationed medicine. He stole it to take care of you. I remember them all.
Murphy We're here. Home sweet home. Graveyard's this way.
Scene 11 - The Woods
(Bellamy and Lincoln are making their way to the Mount Weather Mines.)
Bellamy Come on, let's do this.
Scene 12 - The Dropship
(Jaha is kneeling before his son's grave.)
Murphy Are we about done? We got to be heading back.
Jaha How well did you know him?
Murphy Well enough to be hung for his murder. Clarke sugarcoated it for you didn't she?
Jaha What happened to my son?
Murphy Twelve-year-old girl stabbed him in the neck with a knife she took from me.
Jaha Why would she do that?
Murphy She couldn't kill you. Yeah, so you got a lot of blood on your hands, Chancellor. Every single one of them including your son would still be alive if you hadn't sent us down here.
Jaha If I didn't send you, they would've died on the Ark with the rest of us and we would've never known that Earth was survivable. Their sacrifice is why were are here. Good can come out of even the darkest acts, John.
Murphy Camp you is that way.
Jaha We'll rest at the dropship for a while.
Murphy Suit yourself.
Scene 13 - Camp Jaha
(Warriors are continuing to train at Camp Jaha.)
Indra Enough! Enough! I hope you've saved some energy for a hunt. I'm told our hosts have no food.
Octavia Time for one more?
Indra Step aside, Skygirl. We're hungry.
Octavia Make me.
Indra Fio, give this girl what she wants.
(Octavia prepares to attack Fio.)
Guard Sir.
Kane It's alright. Let her go.
Octavia Let's do this.
(They begin fighting. Fio easily overcomes Octavia knocking her down. )
Octavia Hey you gonna give up that easily?
Indra She wants more. Oblige her.
(They continue fighting and he knocks her down once more.)
Kane Indra, stop this.
Indra Finish it.
(Octavia knocked down once more and Fio turns to the other grounders as Octavia rises again ready to attack but he takes her down again.)
Indra Enough, even a fool knows when to surrender.
(Kane steps towards Octavia and grabs her arm to pull her up.)
Kane I got you.
(He pulls her onto her feet.)
Kane I got you. What are you trying to prove?
Octavia What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.
Scene 14 - The Panau's Cage
(Clarke is tending to Lexa's wounds.)
Lexa You should've left me behind, now two will die here instead of one.
Clarke I'm still new to your culture but when someone saves your life, my people say thank you.
Lexa I'm serious Clarke, to lead well you must mark hard choices.
Clarke Hard choices? You're telling me that.
Lexa I've seen your strength, it's true but now you waver. You couldn't kill Quint, you couldn't leave me to die. That was weakness.
Clarke I thought love was weakness.
Lexa Mockery is not the product of a strong mind, Clarke.
Clarke You wanna know why I saved you? Because I need you. God forbid one of your generals becomes commander. You may be heartless, Lexa but at least you're smart.
Lexa Don't worry, my spirit will choose much more wisely than that.
Clarke Your spirit?
Lexa When I die, my spirit will find the next commander.
Clarke Reincarnation, that's how you became commander.
Lexa How are your leaders chosen?
(The Pauna begins banging on the cage.)
Clarke It found us.
Lexa Don't be afraid Clarke, death is not the end.
Clarke We are not dying here! I need your spirit to stay where it is!
Lexa Get ready to fight, it's coming in.
Clarke Maybe we let it in. Come here!
(Clarke removes Lexa's sword, freeing the door.)
Clarke Now!
(Clarke and Lexa escape the cell and run.)
Scene 15 - Camp Jaha
(Octavia is being treated in medical. Indra enters.)
Octavia What do you want?
Indra You fought like a child today. All aggression no thought, no defense. Always leaving yourself open revealing your next move even before you strike.
Octavia Okay, I know, I got my ass kicked. That should make you happy.
Indra It does. Because you did not give up. Strength of spirit like that is rare. It must be guided. Do you know what a warriors second is?
Octavia An apprentice.
Indra I can make you a great warrior, Octavia of the Sky People. If you're willing to do what it takes to become my second.
Octavia What's in it for you?
Indra First lesson, never question me.
(She gets up to leave.)
Octavia Ok. I'm in.
Indra Good, we'll start tomorrow.
Scene 16 - The Dropship
(Jaha and Murphy are in the dropship and Jaha offers Murphy food.)
Jaha You sure? You must be hungry?
Murphy No one gives anything without expecting anything in return.
Jaha That's a cynical way to go through life, John.
Murphy You pull me off work detail, you offer me food. Why are you being so nice to me?
Jaha Everyone deserves a second chance. That's why we sent the hundred to the Earth in the first place.
Murphy What a load of crap. You didn't give a damn about us. You still don't that's why you're not fighting for those kids in Mount Weather.
Jaha I have to think of everyone. I know you don't want to hear this but sometimes you have to sacrifice the few to save the many. Like I said, good can come out of even the darkest acts.
Murphy Then you can take it from me, I was pardoned, slate wiped clean I'm still treated like dirt.
Jaha You made mistakes, so have I.
Murphy I'm nothing like you, Chancellor.
Jaha No, we both should have died several times over. We both suffered at the hands of the grounders. We both have been betrayed and imprisoned by our own people.
Murphy So there's no place for us, great thought you were supposed to be inspiring.
Jaha There is a place for all of us. When I first landed on Earth I met a woman who spoke of a place beyond the dead zone a place where everyone is accepted, a city of light.
Murphy Sounds like a fairytale.
Jaha Or a second chance.
Murphy You don't even know if it's real.
Jaha You're right I don't but I believe.
Murphy Ok, well that's good for you, Chancellor, very good.
Jaha I'm gonna find it John. And once I do, I'm gonna come back and lead my people home.
Scene 17 - Mount Weather Mines
Bellamy Why are we stopping?
(Lincoln sees a vial of the red drug and crushes it.)
Bellamy You ok?
Lincoln As soon as they open the intake doors we attack. Once they close I'll make it look like you escaped.
Bellamy Then what?
Lincoln The raiding party.
Bellamy What are you doing?
Lincoln We have to go back it's the only way.
Bellamy Go back! No way!
Lincoln We have to leave before we can fight our way through.
Bellamy We'll never get a better chance than this.
Lincoln I thought I could do this but I can't ok, it's over.
Bellamy No it's not! You can join them. Listen to me when they bring out the red you grab it and you run like hell. The reapers will go nuts, the grounders will run and the Mountain Men will have to deal with it. No one is looking for a grounder running into the mountain.
(Lincoln puts a sack over Bellamy's head.)
Bellamy They'll think I'm trying to escape.
Lincoln This one tried to wander off.
Reaper He's mine. Put him on the log.
Scene 18 - Camp Jaha
(Indra is getting food.)
Indra Eat, get strong. Only then will we win this war.
(Kane steps forward. He takes some food.)
Kane Thank you.
(He sits next to Octavia.)
Kane You did this.
Octavia You're welcome. Don't blow it.
Grounder The boar put up a better fight than you.
Kane I see you're making friends.
Octavia What do you want from me?
Kane What do you think is going to happen once we get your friends back? For now, we have a common goal but one day this war is gonna end. What then?
Octavia Just get to the point.
Kane We know so little about them, you've earned their respect. I need you to be our eyes and ears.
Octavia You're asking me to be a spy?
Kane I'm asking you to look out for your people.
Octavia I am.
(She stands up and leaves and goes to sit near Indra.)
Scene 19 - The Dropship
(Voices are heard outside calling for Jaha.)
Murphy Hey what the hell is this?
Jaha We're going to the City of Light.
Murphy You're going now. There's a million ways to die out there.
Jaha If it's not your time, nothing can kill you. If it is your time it only takes one.
Murphy Do you even have a map?
Jaha Nope.
Murphy Then how do you know where you're going?
Jaha I don't, but I won't be moved by fear. You want to stop being treated like a criminal you gotta stop thinking that's what you are. Take this leap of faith with me, John Murphy and let me show you there is so much more for you than this.
(Murphy watches them leave before following.)
Scene 20 - The Woods
(Clarke is sleeping next to a fire when a noise awakens her.)
Lexa It's ok, you're safe.
Clarke How's your arm?
Lexa Hurts.
Clarke We should go, that cage won't hold forever.
Lexa Wait, I was wrong about you, Clarke. Your heart shows no sign of weakness.
Clarke The cage won't hold. I think I know how to take Mount Weather. We've been trying to get inside but they've already let us in.
Lexa What are you talking about?
Clarke Your army is already there, locked in cages. We just need someone on the inside to let them out.
Lexa Bellamy? You have faith in him.
Clarke I do.
Lexa I hope your faith is well placed. Because if he can't get inside we can't win.
Clarke He will. Lexa, this is gonna work come on.
Scene 21 - Mount Weather Mines
Reaper Hurry up, we get the red then we eat.
(Lincoln then turns Bellamy in for another dose of the red.)
Dr. Tsing Harvest
Guard Next
Dr. Tsing Harvest.
Guard Next.
Dr. Tsing Harvest.
(Lincoln is injected with the red drug. Dr. Tsing passes Bellamy.)
Dr. Tsing Harvest them all.