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Bellamy Previously, on "The 100"...
Kane You left me no choice.
Pike Marcus Kane, for the crimes of treason, I hereby sentence you to death.
Lexa Aden is the most promising of my novitiates. If I should die today, he will likely succeed me.
Clarke I won't just sit there and watch you die.
Lexa If you're right, today's the day my spirit will choose its successor.
Clarke I thought you said there were nine novitiates at your conclave. What happened to number eight?
Titus I'm sorry it had to come to this, Clarke.
Clarke What is that?
Titus It's the spirit of the Commander. Let the conclave begin. The Commander is dead.
Scene 1 - Polis
[Distant sound of a horn]
[Clarke and Murphy are still locked in the room.]
Clarke The Conclave must be starting.
Murphy Cool. You see anything? Oh, come on. What? Bunch of Grounders fighting to the death to see who gets the A.I. drilled in their brain, that doesn't sound fun to you?
[Clarke looks at all the blood on the bed and bangs on the door trying to open it.]
Murphy Hey... Clarke... I'm sorry. I know how much she meant to you.
Clarke This has nothing to do with me. We need to make sure that Aden wins.
[The door opens and Titus walks in.]
Murphy What, you come here to finish the job?
Titus No. I'm here to fulfill my vow to Lexa. Put these on.
[Titus gives them some coats to wear.]
Murphy Look, the door we were banging on for the last 24 hours is open. Let's use it.
[Clarke throws back the coat to Titus.]
Clarke You killed your commander. How are you still free?
Titus I'm the only Fleimkepa. Now, please. If you go now, you can slip in with the crowds arriving for tomorrow's conclave.
Murphy You heard the man. All right. Let's...
Clarke I need to see Aden first.
Titus That's out of the question. The Natblidas have begun the Purification Ritual.
Murphy That sounds kind of private, Clarke.
Clarke Where?
[Murphy and Clarke enter the room where the nighbloods are conducting the Purification Ritual.]
[Aden scatters some red powder on Lexa's dead body.]
Aden May the Spirit of the Commander choose me.
[Titus, Clarke, and Murphy walk in.]
Murphy They're just kids.
[Titus signals Aden that Clarke wants to talk to him.]
Clarke I'm sorry to disturb you.
Aden Would you like a moment with her [Lexa]?
Clarke No. I'm here to see you. You made me a promise to support my people.
Aden If Heda's spirit chooses me.
Clarke Yes. Will you still?
Aden We all will. Lexa made each of us vow it. We loved her.
[All the other Nightblood rise up.]
[Roan and Ontari enter the room.]
Roan Out of our way.
Ontari You.
[Ontari charges at Clarke and Aden tries to prevent it but gets pushed off instead.]
[She pulls out a knife but Titus stops her.]
Titus No.
Roan Put the knife down, Ontari.
Ontari Your mother is dead because of her.
Roan You will obey your king.
Ontari An unfortunate fact we have her to thank for, as well. No matter. When I am Heda and the king bows to me, you and every last member of Skaikru will die.
- Credits -
Scene 2 - Arkadia
Lincoln Nyko taught you well.
Grounder woman Nyko got out just in time.
Lincoln Stay strong.
Kane You inspire them.
Lincoln I'm not gonna let you give up, either.
[The door opens and Pike, Bellamy, Bryan and some guards appear.]
Guard Chancellor on deck.
Kane I thought I had more time.
Pike I'm not here for you. Each of you is guilty of the same crimes as Kane, and as such, you will share the same fate... death.
Grounder woman What is he saying?
Lincoln Don't worry. My people are innocent. They know nothing. Don't let them suffer for my crimes. Please.
Bellamy Sir. Lincoln's right. All the others did was run through an open door, same thing we would do if we were in there.
Pike I believe that's true. Kane, Lincoln, Sinclair, as the leaders of this coup, you will pay for your crimes with your lives. Execution is set for dawn.
[All leave but Bellamy stays back for a while before leaving himself.]
[Miller and Harper are in a room.]
[Pounding on door]
[Miller goes to open the door to reveal Bellamy with Monty in tow.]
Miller What do you want? What do you-
Bellamy Shh.
[Bellamy takes out a knife. Harper and Miller go for their guns.]
Miller Whoa, whoa, hey.
Bellamy It's ok.
[Bellamy cuts open a part of Miller jacket to reveal the microphone and Monty puts it in a pocket.]
Monty The bag blocks the signal. Now we can talk.
Miller Who put it in there?
Bellamy That's not important right now. Pike just sentenced Lincoln and Sinclair to death alongside Kane.
Harper Hmm. Are you trying to scare us?
Monty No. We're here to help. I'm sure you have a plan to break them out. What can we do?
Harper What are you talking about?
Monty Harper, come on.
Bellamy Look. We can help from the inside. To pull this off, we need people to hand them off to on the outside.
Miller We seriously don't know what you're talking about.
Monty You think we want them to die?
Bellamy You know what? Forget it. If my sister wants to save Lincoln's life, you tell her to meet me at the Dropship in an hour.
Monty Bellamy!
[Bellamy leaves.]
Monty After everything we've been through, you don't trust me?
Harper Does your mom know you're here, Monty?
[Monty then leaves.]
Scene 3 - The Dropship
[Octavia arrives on horseback.]
Bellamy Glad you came. I'm alone, O. I'm here to help.
[Octavia goes to hug her brother but plunge a syringe in him instead.]
Octavia Sleep well, big brother.
[Octavia catches her brother's body.]
Scene 4 - Polis
[Clarke and Murphy enter the Titus' room.]
Titus You do not belong here.
Murphy Really? Why is my blood decorating your floor?
Titus There's nothing left for you in Polis. Why have you not gone?
Murphy Yeah. That's what I'd like to know.
Clarke We need to talk about Ontari. She wasn't trained here. Why would you let her into the Conclave?
Titus Ontari has the blood of the Commanders. It is her birthright to compete for the Flame.
[Clarke eyes the chip.]
Clarke Is she really in there?
Titus Of course she is.
[Titus puts the chip inside a container that is then wrapped around by a blanket with "Commander" on it.
Murphy What does it matter who wins, huh? I mean, listen to me. If your girlfriend really is in that thing, then we have nothing to worry about, right? Clarke, let's just get out of here while we can.
Titus It matters. I've served 4 Commanders as Fleimkepa, none of them half as wise or strong as Lexa kom Trikru. The truth is, she was all those things even before Ascension. The Flame deepens what's already there. If the spirit of the Commander should choose Ontari, the Ice Nation will control everything, and Skaikru will face her wrath.
Murphy Not really a silver-lining type of guy, is he?
Clarke So how do we make sure Aden wins? He was Lexa's choice. You know that.
Titus And she will choose him.
[The sound of a horn is heard]
Murphy What's that?
Titus The victory horn.
[People are gathering in the Polis tower.]
Grounder Who sounds the victory horn?
Clarke What's going on.
Roan Shh...
[Ontari is sitting on the throne.]
Titus What is the meaning of this?
[She pulls a head out from a sack.]
Clarke Aden!
Roan If she sees you, she'll have your head too.
Murphy Clarke, I think we should get out of here.
[Ontari spills over the sack to reveal she decapitated all the other nightbloods.]
Ontari I win.
Scene 5 - Lincoln's Cave
Indra It was a mistake to bring him here.
Octavia He was out the whole way. And I searched him for bugs.
Bellamy You think I'd let them hurt you?
Indra Shut your mouth-
Octavia Indra, we talked about this.
Indra You waste time. You should be in their camp by now.
Bellamy No, it's suicidal. Pike will be expecting you. You won't get close. I can. We can save them, but we have to work together.
Octavia You're the reason they need saving.
Bellamy Maybe, but that doesn't change the fact that you need me.
Octavia For the first time in my life, that's not true.
Bellamy O...
[Octavia leaves.]
Bellamy O!
Scene 6 - Arkadia
[Miller is awaiting the return of Bryan.]
Bryan Hey. I got your message. What's wrong?
Miller I, uh... have a confession to make. I'm a spy Bryan, I'm passing information-
[Bryan leaps toward him.]
Bryan Hey. Shut up.
Miller I found the bug. You put it there? You? Why are you so afraid of what I might say, Bryan?
Bryan We execute traitors now, huh?
Miller Yeah, you do. You have a problem with that?
Bryan Nate, I...
Miller What? Pike? I know he saved your life out there, you owe him.
Bryan Okay. But...I love you.
Miller Yeah, well, you can't have both of us.
[Kane is visiting Abby before his execution.]
Guard You can thank Chancellor Pike for this, you've got five minutes.
[He notices Abby and steps towards her.]
Kane Are you alright?
[She nods.]
Abby I won't let this happen to you.
Kane Abby, listen. Anyone caught helping us will be condemned to death, too.
Abby Then I won't get caught.
Kane Look, I'm begging you. I'm begging you just don't. Don't do it. Our people need someone here. To show them the way out of the dark.
Abby I can't do this again.
[She caresses his face before pressing her forehead to his and running a hand through his hair. He slowly pries her hands off of him.]
Kane Please. Don't make this any harder than it already is.
[He looks at Abby.]
Kane Guard.
[The guards arrive and take Kane away.]
Scene 7 - Polis
[Clarke and Murphy are walking with Roan.]
Clarke Slow down Roan, we need to talk to Titus.
Roan Trust me, right now your friend Titus is on his knees in front of Ontari.
Clarke No, there's no way he'll support someone who hacked the heads off children while they slept.
Roan Yeah, those children were marked for death anyway.
Clarke You'll support her, too.
Roan She's Ice Nation.
Clarke Whatever's best for your people. Is that it?
Roan That's it. Kind of like how killing every man, woman, and child in Mount Weather was best for yours.
Murphy It's not a bad point.
Clarke Shut up, Murphy.
Roan Tunnel's through here.
Murphy Oh, great. Thank you.
Roan I saved your life again. My debt to Lexa for sparing mine's now paid. Next time you see me, it won't be as friends.
Murphy We are not leaving, are we?
Clarke Not without the flame.
Scene 8 - Arkadia
[Kane is looking at the brand mark of the Coalition on his forearm.]
Lincoln Could have worked.
Kane Death can be an act of unity, too. We don't break. We don't show fear. The people will remember.
Guard Chancellor on deck.
Pike It's time.
Lincoln They've come to take me away. You must not resist.
Grounder woman I can't protect them without you!
Lincoln Listen to me, you are a warrior. Stay strong.
Pike Back up. Back up. Against the wall. Now. Come on, let's go. Go, go.
[Handcuffs are tied around Lincoln, Sinclair, and Kane's wrists.]
Pike Make way!
Harper Yes, sir, Mr. Chancellor.
[Kane looks at Harper.]
Harper Package is on the move. I repeat, package on the move. We are a go.
[Monty and his mother are listening in.]
Hannah She's talking about the prisoners. Who's voice was that?
[Monty shakes his head.]
Harper Okay, S, is your team in position?
Hannah "Okay, S..."
Octavia Roger that. We're in position and ready to intercept.
Hannah Octavia kom skaikru
Hannah Sir, you were right. Octavia Blake is here and she's not alone.
Pike On their knees!
[Sinclair, Lincoln, and Kane are forced onto their knees.]
Pike [to Hannah] Can you confirm a location?
[Monty shakes his head.]
Hannah Negative sir.
Bryan Sir, we can assume her friends already have told her where were taking them. We shouldn't move until we know the route's secure.
Pike Put them in there. Let's go, move! I want two men on the door.
Bryan You got it.
Pike Good. Anyone comes out of there, shoot to kill. Anyone enters this corridor, one warning then, shoot to kill. Everyone else, on me.
Scene 9 - Lincoln's Cave
Bellamy Indra please, she has no idea what she's facing in there. Pike has tripled his security everywhere he'll see her coming.
Indra Good, we're counting on that.
Bellamy He still trusts me. If anything goes wrong we can use that trust.
Indra I saw where you earned that trust. On the battlefield where you massacred my brothers and sisters.
Bellamy Should I have let Pike kill you?
Indra Why didn't you?
Bellamy Same reason you haven't used that sword on me.
Indra Octavia.
Bellamy We are running out of time. Cut me loose. She could die in there.
Indra Then Okteivia kom skaikru will earn the warrior's death you denied me.
Scene 10 - Polis
Murphy Have a mentioned that I hate this idea?
Clarke We can't let Ontari get the flame. Come on. He keeps it in the pod. Just stay there, I'll be quick.
[Clarke enters the order of the flame and takes the flame kit.]
Titus You killed her. I pulled the trigger, but it was you.
Clarke Titus. You made Lexa a promise, remember?
Titus Give me the kit.
Clarke I know you don't want Ontari to get the flame. She murdered those kids, children, you raised. Lexa's spirit would never choose to do something like that-
Titus Yes she did.
Clarke You don't believe that.
[Titus takes the kit.]
Titus I have to. Ontari kom azgeda is the last natblida.
Clarke Then put the damn thing in someone else!
Titus You stupid girl! After all you've witnessed here you still think this is some superstition? When someone without the blood takes the flame, the flame takes their life.
Clarke I don't understand, if night blood is so rare then why do you let them kill each other? That has to be the dumbest succession plan I have-
[Titus grips Clarke's throat.]
Titus We honor those who died in the conclave.
Clarke Wait, the eighth circle. Lexa had markings on her back for every life she took at her conclave. Seven circles. Only she told me that there were eight novitiates in her class. What happened to number eight? There's another natblida isn't there?
Titus Yes. She fled. She's a coward and traitor to the blood. Lexa refused to let me hunt her down. She's unworthy of the flame.
Clarke More unworthy than Ontari?
Ontari Out of my way!
Murphy She's here.
Titus [to Clarke] Hide.
Ontari How dare you bring Skaikru into the Order of the Flame?
Titus It's what Lexa wanted.
Ontari Well Lexa's not heda anymore. Thanks to you. Let's get this over with.
Titus You must be cleansed before you ascend. Take her to the Commander's chambers. Perform the ritual.
Murphy Are you sure I'm ready for that?
[Ontari thrusts her sword towards Murphy.]
Ontari Stop talking, worm
[Ontari and Murphy leave.]
Clarke Thank you.
Titus Even Luna would be better than her.
Clarke Did you just say, "Luna"?
Titus Yes, you heard the name before?
Clarke From my friend, Lincoln.
Titus Can you find her?
[Clarke nods.]
Titus Then, perhaps the spirit hasn't chosen one, after all.
Clarke I'll take you to him.
Titus Luna will never allow me near her.
[Titus gives Clarke the flamekeeper mark and hands her the kit.]
Titus This is yours now.
Clarke I'll protect it with my life.
Titus There's a book inside. It's the journal of the first commander. When you find Luna, you'll need it to perform the ascension ritual. Come. Armor of past commanders. Choose something. Take the hidden passage. The tunnel will lead you to the stable. They're expecting you.
Clarke What about Murphy?
Titus I'll get him out. Your duty is to the flame now. Fleimkepa
Scene 11 - Arkadia
[Pike's guards are patrolling the hangar bay.]
Pike Same drill. Sweep in pairs. Watch the blind spots.
Guard Sir, the hangar bay is secured. They're not here.
Pike Something's not right. Unit 4, what's your status? Are the prisoners secure?
Pike Unit 4!
Guard Let's go! Watch the corridors!
[They find the two guards knocked out on the floor.]
Pike Check them and call medical!
Guard Yes, sir. Medical, two guards down. Alpha Station corridor. Need assistance now.
[They enter the prisoner's room to find it empty.]
Pike Damn!
Guard The guys are alive sir. They must have drugged them.
Pike We did what they wanted us to do. That won't happen again.
[The prisoners are revealed to be under the floorboards.]
Octavia All clear.
Kane It's a little bit tight in there.
Octavia Try doing it for 16 years. [to Lincoln] Hey, we'll come back for Denae and the others. I promise.
[Miller and Abby arrive and tend to the drugged guards.]
Miller Hey, Hey. You ok?
[Abby glances at Miller and Bryan then runs off to find the other prisoners. She enters and Kane immediately sees her.]
Kane I told you not to do this.
Abby Why would I start listening to you now?
Harper Okay, S, come in.
Lincoln What is it?
Octavia This wasn't the plan. We used their frequencies so they could hear us. Go ahead!
Harper Stay where you are. Repeat, stay where you are. The exit is not clear.
Octavia How many guards?
Harper Too many. I said "stay put".
Hannah They're trapped.
[Harper seals the hatch.]
Monty Calling all guards. The prisoners are headed for the main gate. The prisoners are headed for the main gate! Over!
Hannah Monty, what are you doing?
Monty Saving my friends.
[Harper reopens the hatch to reveal the exit is clear.]
Octavia That was Monty?
Miller Guess he's with us after all?
Kane Pike will find out?
Abby We don't know that. What we do know is we have to move.
Hannah Your friends are traitors!
Monty Then I guess I'm one, too.
Pike How many men do we have at the main gate?
Hannah Sir, we just got word. That was another false report.
Guard [on radio] Team two. We're at the main gate there's nothing here.
Pike Lock this camp down, we're going door to door. Go! In the meantime, let's see if we can't bring them to us.
Kane Go, go, go, go. Go, come on.
[The prisoners all escape through the hatch.]
Hannah Green [over PA] Attention all citizens. Emergency lockdown is in effect, return to your quarters immediately.
Kane Okay, Abby come on, you're next.
Abby I'm not going. They need someone to show them the way out of the dark. Besides, I-
[He kisses her passionately.]
Kane May we meet again.
Abby We will.
[Abby exits.]
Pike I have a message for the traitors of this camp. There will be an execution today. Either turn yourselves in or the other grounder prisoners will die in your place.
Octavia Please don't! No, wait!
Lincoln I can't let them die because of me.
Octavia Lincoln no, please we're almost out.
Kane I know what your feeling but they're searching the station we need to go. Now.
Lincoln You should.
Octavia Fine I'm going with you. We fight together.
Lincoln I love you.
[He gives her a goodbye kiss then sedates her.]
Octavia No!
[Lincoln catches her and hands her to Kane.]
Kane What are you doing?
Lincoln Same thing you'd do for your people. Just get her out of here.
Kane Ste yuj. [Stay strong.]
Lincoln You too.
[Lincoln leaves and surrenders.]
Guard Freeze!
[He raises his hands as Pike approaches him.]
Scene 12 - The Commander's Chambers
Ontari How much longer?
Murphy Purification is a process.
Ontari You're not afraid of me.
Murphy I don't scare easily. The truth is, I think what you did is smart. Little crazy maybe but we do what we have to do to survive, right?
Ontari You know I plan to wipe out your people?
Murphy So I've heard. Sucks for them.
[A knock is heard]
Ontari One moment.
[She steps out of the bath and dresses, looking at Murphy.]
Ontari Enter.
[Roan enters with Titus.]
Ontari What is this?
Roan The flamekeeper claims he lost the flame. You, where's Wanheda?
Murphy How would I know?
Roan Don't play games with me. I know she stole the flame, where is she?
Titus She didn't steal it, I gave it to her.
Roan Where's she taking it. Your mission is to pass the flame, you wouldn't give it to her without a natblida to pass it to.
[Roan puts a knife to Titus' throat.]
Murphy You can't kill him he's the only one who can perform the ritual.
Titus This abomination will never ascend.
Ontari Kill him.
Roan He's right. We need him.
[Titus slashes the blade across his throat.]
Titus For Lexa.
[He falls into the bath and dies.]
Ontari And now for my accession.
Roan You don't have the flame Ontari.
Ontari Don't talk to me as if I'm a fool, Roan, no one knows that.
Roan He does.
Murphy He happens to like his head.
Ontari Light the pyre, burn the bitch who killed your mother. Let the people know they have a new commander. And find Wanheda. That's an order.
[Roan exits.]
Scene 13 - The Forest
[Clarke is seen riding on a horse to escape Polis. She hears the victory horn and checks to see if she still has the flame. Then continues riding off.]
Scene 14 - Lincoln's Cave
[The victory horn is heard]
Indra Heda...
Bellamy What is it?
Indra A new commander has risen.
Bellamy And you go running just like Mount Weather huh? Well maybe, this time, Octavia will get it, your loyalty will always be with your people.
Indra Octavia is my people.
Bellamy Than take these chains off me and we can help her together.
Indra Tell her I'm sorry.
Scene 15 - Arkadia
[Kane, Sinclair, Harper, Miller, and Bryan are leaving Arkadia. Octavia is asleep on a horse before she wakes up.]
Octavia Lincoln.
[Lincoln is brought towards a puddle of mud by two guards. Octavia gets off the horse and crawls closer towards Arkadia.]
Pike I can't free your people, but I can promise they'll be cared for.
[Lincoln kneels down in the mud. Octavia watches, Kane is standing behind her holding onto her.]
Pike Lincoln of Trikru, you have been sentenced to death by the rights of the Exodus charter. Any last words?
Lincoln Not for you.
[A gun is aimed at Lincoln's head and he catches sight of Octavia.]
Lincoln Meibi oso na hit choda op nodotaim [May we meet again.]
[Pike pulls the trigger killing Lincoln. Octavia watches and is devastated but as she looks at Pike her devastation is replaced by rage.]
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