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Spacekru, you're with me.
Echo [src]

Spacekru are a survivor group of five Sky People and two Grounders, who were forced back into space to escape the Second Nuclear Apocalypse. After the Damocles Event they returned to space on Eligius IV. After 125 years in cryosleep, they made it to Sanctum. Although some of the members have gone to the planet Bardo but they all met again or died. They have merged into Wonkru and later on into Finalkru.


Going to Space

A small group, consisting of Raven Reyes, Bellamy Blake, Monty Green, Harper McIntyre, John Murphy, Emori, and Echo, along with Clarke, make a risky plan to survive Praimfaya in space. In Becca's lab, the group watches drone footage of the death wave moving through Polis, destroying everything in its path. They have ninety minutes to liftoff or the death wave will be too close. They successfully retrieve the oxygen generator and prepare the Vesta IV rocket, but Clarke gets delayed at the satellite tower. The other seven are forced to launch without her and hope that Clarke can successfully send the satellite signal to open the Ark's hangar door.

Spacekru restoring oxygen in Go-Sci Ring

The seven arrive at the hangar door, but the Go-Sci Ring, the only remaining part of the Ark still in space, is still powered off. They wait but they only have ten minutes of oxygen left. Suddenly, the Ring's lights turn on – Clarke succeeded. The group embarks the Ring and manages to install an oxygen generator just in time. They mourn Clarke, believing she died for them, not knowing that she made it back to Becca's lab in time and that her Nightblood will allow her to survive.

Six Years

In the aftermath of Praimfaya, the seven lived on the Go-Sci Ring waiting for a chance to return to the ground. They intended to stay there for five years, the time needed for the atmospheric radiation on Earth to drop to a survivable level, but due to lack of fuel they remained on the Ring for six years. They knew when going up that they lacked the fuel to come back to the ground, but they hoped they would solve the problem in the five years.

Harper next to the algae farm.

At first, it's all about survival. Monty tries to get the algae farm working but his first batch puts Murphy into a coma for almost a week. His later batches are more successful and he creates algae soup. They get the water reclamator working to recycle urine into drinking water.

The group, now calling themselves Spacekru, keep themselves occupied. The group established rules, breaking of which results in the offender doing chores. They train in combat, learn Trigedasleng and work on the Ring. Emori becomes Raven's apprentice, learning how to use and engineer various technologies. She assists Raven on spacewalks and learns to pilot the Vesta IV. Murphy gets frustrated since they don't have a way to return to the ground.

Their relationships develop in various ways over the years, most of them coming closer together and considering each other family. It took Bellamy three years to forgive Echo for her past actions, specifically almost killing his sister, Octavia. However, at some point, the pair started a romantic relationship. Monty and Harper's relationship remains strong while Murphy and Emori's relationship falls apart. About 5.5 years after Praimfaya, Emori moves from the quarters she shared with Murphy to bunk with Raven instead.

Spacekru watching Eligius IV.

Throughout, the group continues to monitor Earth. Emori makes regular radio calls, trying to tell everyone on the ground about the spot of green, even though Raven says it is waste of time due to atmospheric radiation blocking radio signals.

Six years and seven days after Praimfaya, they spot Eligius IV orbiting Earth. When they see Eligius IV send a transport ship to the ground, they use their rocket to get to Eligius IV hoping to find fuel they can use to go back to the ground. After realizing Eligius IV contains 283 cryosleeping prisoners, Raven and Murphy decide to stay on board, while the other five successfully descend to the ground.

Raven and Murphy eventually get picked up by the Gagarin and also return to Earth.

Back on Earth

Madi saves Spacekru.

The five on the ground are held gunpoint by a couple Eligius prisoners, but are saved by Madi from whom they learn that Clarke survived.

As of "The Dark Year", the group is separated, with Bellamy, Monty, and Harper marching with Wonkru towards Shallow Valley and Echo, Raven, Murphy, and Emori already in the Valley. At the end of "Damocles (Part 1)", Echo, Murphy, and Emori reunite with Bellamy, but Raven is being held hostage in the Gagarin and Monty and Harper are at the Wonkru tent in the middle of the desert.

Back to Space

At the end of "Damocles (Part 2)", the whole group was finally reunited. However, after everyone was put into cryosleep, Monty and Harper decide not to, and they both later have a son named Jordan Green. After Jordan was put into cryosleep, Monty and Harper both died of old age. Monty, however, manages to bring the survivors to a new world, where they will begin their new lives there.

They have since become part of Wonkru.

Returning to Earth

Following the transcendence of the human race, the four surviving members of Spacekru make up part of Finalkru, settling on the regenerated Earth.





  • Raven is the only member of Spacekru who has not been in a serious romantic relationship with another member of Spacekru. However, she had slept with Bellamy back in season 1.
  • Clarke Griffin was supposed to be a part of Spacekru but she was left behind while aligning a satellite dish to the Ark to give it power.
  • After the deaths of Monty Green, Harper McIntyre and Bellamy Blake, Murphy and Emori is the only remaining romantic relationship from Spacekru.
  • As a result of her time in Spacekru, Emori has become a decent engineer capable of maintaining Sanctum's nuclear reactor without Raven's help.


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